Joe Rogan - The Mindset of Winners

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1265 w/Andrew Schulz:

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I love Andrew, but he kind of implied MMA athletes are not elite athletes. That's dead wrong. There is more than just jumping high that makes a great athlete. The mental part, agility, power, etc... Excel at any of these and you are an elite athlete. Excel in multiple, even greater


Reminds me of my ex - the competitive psychopath that needs to win all the time. Egotistical, gets jealous and angry if you're doing better that her. And keys your car when you do move on.

“In his mind he thinks he’s great but there’s also a voice saying you might not be that great.”

LMAO. Schultz has no clue what he's talking about when it comes to Jordan lol. (I mean Andy can talk his way out of a paid lapdance smh) Anyhow, Jordan doesn't go all out to prove to himself that he's "that great" or to squelch any doubt he may have. Jordan is who he is because he wants anyone competing with him to know he's that great and wants to leave no doubt in their mind. And if it's something that he is not great at, he wants to GET great at it and he knows that he needs to beat you to be at your level or higher. Beating you is his "right of passage" to being great at something he's not. As far as Basketball, he never had a doubt. He wanted to make sure YOU had no doubt who the greatest was and still is.

The hardest thing in sport is hitting a baseball? Fuk out of here.

Strong visualization is key!

Imagine Michael watching this like: these guys trippin

So sad that Ben Askrin died in that horrible flying knee incident.

The mindset of winners is a perfectionist you always think you suck the same as someone who has bulimia

You got to be a champion with grace and not a chump.

Chad Ocho Cinco has been playing soccer

The perfect mma - boxing comparison.
In mma. Say that, I paint, you sculpt, Jamie draws with crayons and the 4th gentalman finger paints.

In boxing, every competitor is painting the Mona Lisa. Who's Mona Lisa is the best? The sweet science. #teamloma

I hate to lose. Sometimes I win sometimes I lose but I don’t understand why can’t I win all the time

Schulz is on coke man I swear

2 home runs 2012 river dogs

when Rogan and his guest are looking at a picture on the internet or a video, it should also appear in the corner on screen for us to see, always , then it would be perfect

Traits of a PSYCHOPATH. That is a western type of thought pattern to dominate and defeat. Consider a eastern type of thought pattern. Where we find HARMONY in the manifestation of what we call reality. Not to dominate or conquer, but to find our place to help promote existence. To truly understand we are not in control. Just a suggestion.

Joe“could act gay at times”Rogan

joe looks extra bald here

qbs aren't overrated.

Tyson fury

"The hardest thing in sports is hitting a baseball"....I guess landing a quadruple axle in ice skating, a 900 in skate boarding, a double back flip in motocross, any Olympic level gymnastics, the Iditarod in Alaska, chess boxing, or free hand mountain climbing is somehow inferior to standing still and swinging at a ball.

Should of said Romero genetics I reckon he’s got real good genetics

Without a doubt in my mind prime Jordan would bring Lebron to school 1 on 1.

Joe moved down a notch when he said he doesn’t like football

But hes got a 20" inch vertical

Joe... erm yeah so?

Whats bolts, Phelps and tiger woods vericals? Dumbass

If you mentioned that Andrew Schulz was in the video, I would have clicked sooner.

My dad says everything Joe Rogan says comes down to Conrad

3:40 oh boy only if he knew what Askren would become

Andrew rubs me the wrong the way

I disagree with the first thing Joe says. It's more about diet than exercise. You can change your diet and not really your exercise and lose weight. Other way around not so much

When they comment on those who get a natural advantage all i can think about is the body builder flex wieler

Strange how his accent changes when he goes around Charlemagne

Lol you don’t need a high vert 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Peyton Manning has the mindset they are referring to, where he loves the process and the outcome is winning.

Andrew Schulz knows nothing.

12:22 the silence 😂

this guy kinda shitting on everyone that achieved great things and was or still are number 1

"Im always amazed by Tom Brady's body"
Automatic respose: "What, how regular it is?"
Joe: "yes"

Reminder MJ was so competitive he cheated in a card game against his teammates mother.

Joe “knuckle sandwich “ Rogan

The ben askren comment didn't age well

I think Joe subconsciously hates Jon Jones calves 😂

Talking about b-ball and comparing it with football
Joe Rogan: “I think Tom Brady has a nice body”

Great break down of tactics rather than saying one tactic is better than the other.

A book by Wright Thompson suggests that Jordan's competitiveness stems from his childhood belief that his dad loved his brother more than him. Something deep like that would make sense because Jordan is so psychotically competitive you could probably say he has a problem. Like a competitive disorder.

1) hitting a golf ball
2) hitting a baseball

You DO NOT need big calves to jump high. Look at the biggest jumpers/dunkers in the NBA. They have what a typical “bodybuilder” would call “chicken legs”.

Small calf’s are made for jumping

Who else is on that Joe Rogan motivational and working out discussion part of YouTube?

It's so cringe hearing joe talk about Askren

another example of an elite athlete is cristiano ronaldo, guy is so good that he even convinced us that he better than messi for a few years

The hardest thing in sports is the butterfly stroke In swimming , it’s proven it is the most physically demanding action

Jordan’s is on record saying — the fire was lit when he hit the game winning shot in the1982 finals

I thought M.J. wanted to be recognized as great in two pro sports like Bow Jackson.

LOL. Joe Rogan doesn't get football at all. It's a great sport because Tom doesn't need to be in freak physical condition to play his position optimally. He spends countless hours studying and working on his mental game, and that's why he's the greatest of all time. It's mind over matter.

Jordan watching this practicing his ping pong skills

Champions is the understanding of self control. Which is confidence in your own gains. Self esteem and self assurance. Comparisons are based in you to the betterment of the same. Nothing in your way, a winner

Mans got a point

Play FIFA against me 😂

You do have be obsessed with come to some extent to be better than everyone else, because the only way you get better than everyone else is to intentionally aim at being proficient and exceptional at the relevant skills to whatever it is you are doing. There is not talented or gifted person in the world and we all tend to want the same things. What's good for me is usually good for you, more times than not, such that the world is a competitive place. You're not the only person and everybody else wants it. You better be concerned with outcome if you want to be a high preformer.

Yeah MJ also tied for most errors in the MLB😐🤷🏿‍♀️

The ones that dont have thst lil shadow of doubt are the ones that get KTFO

"I think the quarterback is overrated " get this clown off here lol

A lot of the best athletes in the world are great in spite of some of the things they do, like eating McDonalds, not because of it. Now Bruger King on the other hand...

Ben Askren never made it out of step 1 with

Where can I get that shirt Andrew Schulz is wearing?

Jon Jones vert is 40+ inches

Who is this guy? There’s no game changing position... uhh the last few years it’s been tightened. What an idiot

talkin shit about Tom Brady? low.

Joe “he plays nfl” Rogan

Weird seeing rogans head without headphones

Andrew “Furnace” Schulz

Get Michael Jordan on the show!

dr evil is pretty deep...

The future predicted, Ben askren isn't very elite. He became the biggest loser in the present, by the losing faster than any MMA fighter in history. If he returned with avengeance, that would kool, but let's keep him out of the conversation of MJ, and Mayweather for now.

Not confirmation... validation


Joe: out of nowhere


It’s like bunch of wannabe’s talking shit in the corner of class room about the schools starting QB

He’s great to follow on Twitter - he picks on women 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 haha bullying is fun right? 🙄🙄🙄 STFU childish POS

And calves are not responsible for how high you jump HHAHA. They’re shock absorbers. Your glutes, how strong and how rapidly your nervous system can recruit the fibers within them, determine how high you jump.

It’s not about how much you exercise. It’s entirely your genetics.

All the champions I know fear losing more than they want to win. It's as if they're going to die if they don't win. Therefore, winning becomes a collateral benefit of not losing

Joe please stop with the Ben askren he fucking sucks

Ben Askren is now retired. Haha

do the rock

Brady is not an elite athlete? What the fuck is wrong with you?! Lost all credibility right there

2:23 that look like the cut Max Holloway suffered against Poirier the second time

2:23 that's look like the cut Max Holloway suffered against Poirier the second time

Saying kamaru is not an elite athlete si insane.

Got to say Masvidal was two steps ahead of Askren .

One of the best segments of JRE ever. Thank you Andrew guy.

Comments about ben didn’t age well lmao

The Ben Askren comments don’t age well.

What a dumbass



7:03-7:06 WWTTFF WAS THAT? lmao