Joe Rogan | The Truth About Living in Hawaii w/Gabrielle Reece

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1277 w/Gabrielle Reece:

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I visited Hawaii for the first time. Was not impressed by the beaches or weather at all. I live in LA and would rather go to the Caribbean where the people are kinder, the food is better and beaches are better. Overpriced and rude people.

Hawaii seems beautiful, but I have no desire to go there. I am not asking permission to "hang out" somewhere.

Aloha from Big Island, I’m on my 2 acre lot across street from ocean. Getting my self sustainable farm going, Blessings

I live in Hawaii. I’m not white, but here’s what I’ve noticed. If you are a rich white person, you will probably be surrounded by other wealthy people who are most likely Asian and white. You will go to a private school. The only white people who experience racism here are the poor ones who live in a poorer geographical location where they are a minority.

i worked with some hawaiians in anchorage, they were cool af. then again, i'm a native from the southwest.

Hawaii sucks. your stuck on an island and know where to go.

a night with her is #1 on my to not do list

This is absolutely NOT a normal average Hawaii person point of view. This is someone who isn’t part of the real world. She is a celebrity. If you want to know what it’s really like living in Hawaii you should actually talk to a normal person.

Stop rambling. OMG

Too much "you know"

"Warrior culture" lol. When's the last time those fat spam eating fucks fought a war?

This lady can’t speak coherently.

Go back to Europe


Fucking howlees or intruders

Native Hawaiians HATE mainlanders or non-natives is what she is dancing around saying. They're reasonably nice when money is flowing from you to them but otherwise THEY DO NOT WANT YOU THERE.

I’ve been there visited every island, it was fucking paradise, in the 1990’s. Eddy Veddor is a rich fuck pretending to give a shit.

I'm white and lived on Kaua'i for a decade, leaving in 2013. Gabby and Laird are rich beyond belief in comparison to your average person, that's what locals resent. I never felt any of this anti-white bullshit.

Tammy from shameless

6:48 Ni-hi-au 🤦🏽‍♂️it's Ni'ihau. Couple interesting things about that island: owned by the Robinson's, Elands were imported there and live wildly, the Hawaiian language there is spoken in its original dialect.

Ugh white kady trying to speak for a minority culture... 🥱

This woman doesnt have a clue

Big Island is so nice and chill

She speaks using a lot of euphemisms and very little solid statements.

Hawaii is an over rated shit hole

1:12 you mean like the rest of the world?

Yep. Every island is different. I work on the cruise ship around Hawaii. I love Maui and Kauai, but Kona is great on the big island too.

Primal is white for racist. St Thomas? Get out of here.

It snows in Hawaii?

Gimme a fuckin break, blondie!

Her comments sound pretty weak. It's a warrior culture and people get bored. What is a warrior culture exactly? EVERYONE is a warrior? All everyone did all day was war? Nothing else? And if they can't do that they will get bored and hurt others or do drugs?

I'm pretty sure in warrior cultures you had farmers, musicians, fishermen, sailors, artists, hunters, cooks, tailors, carpenters, politicians etc.
Also the majority of people in Hawaii are not Hawaiian. Are The Philippines, Japan, China, Korea, or Portugal "warrior" cultures too?

This would be like saying-" well Japanese people were samurai and if they get bored they will hurt someone or do drugs". 😏

Talk about brown privilege.

It's a lot more than 4 hours

I'm like yawn, and ummm. I guess she's married to a waiver 🏄‍♂️ lol

Nice scenery, but if you aren't in the tourist industry what other way do people make a living.
Must be huge unemployment.

whites need to be banned fro m Hawaii

Dog the Bounty Hunter program makes it look like everyone’s on meth

Been living in Kauai since the 60s and it's always raining in Kauai. Today it rain rainbow Haoles.

born and raised

yeah dont move here, thanks

there's a lifestyle and culture that you just will never get and will never understand and assimilate with if you didn't grew up here as a kid. you'll always be seen as an outsider and locals can tell immediately off the bat. you want to buy your retirement here or move here for whatever reason but not uphold what it is the people here stand for then you can just fuck right off. military people stay within themselves, some areas are overrun by retirees, stick to your geographical pockets and that's probably the best thing for all parties. as the cultural melting pot of the pacific, we are sort of racist in our own hawaii way.

wouldn't mind clarifying or answering questions for any of you.

Lots of experts who never lived in Hawaii in the comment section commenting what they know about the islands. As with a lot of things on social media, the Dunning-Krueger effect is the strongest with the loudest.

Joe, I don't always agree with you, but you listen better than 90% of journalists working today. And for that reason alone, you are one of the best of this age.

Thanks, man.

If you're going to live there you have to love what the island physically offers. Which is only a few things; beachs, hiking and sleeping with tourists.

About 6 if you stick to the coasts...

id live anywhere with her

I dated a girl from Hawaii who went to my university in Texas. Fucking amazing girl but when I visited her family in Hawaii I was shocked at the lackadaisical nature of the people there. To a fault, even. Their work days and school days are much shorter so they are less productive, and the racism is very much a deep rooted thing. My girlfriend was born on the island and, though she is white, still experienced bouts of racism in different times throughout her life. It’s an interesting place and we eventually broke up, but I’ll never forget that strange experience. Beautiful state, nonetheless. And yes, her brother did meth so the meth problem is alive and well.

Me as a Viking... I think I would enjoy this place.

It had always been my dream to visit. Went to Oahu and Maui. I don’t think I’ll go back. It’s expensive, Oahu is full of homeless people and you don’t really feel welcome.

No angling in Hawaii?

Try Romania or Crimea, beautiful and inexpensive.

Sign me up

She's kinda clueless and joe doesn't realize he's a millionaire celebrity that can have his ass kissed anywhere

Ive been to Hawaii a few times, mainly Waikiki. I'm no expert on the island, it's history or its politics. Like many places the Europeans went, they injected a great deal of complexity into Hawaii. Still, it's one of the most beautiful places I've been to on Earth

I visited Hawaii & talked with a white guy that moved there. He made it very clear that native Hawaiians HATE white people.

I dont know who she is. I think people like to brag about, yea, Im living in Hawaii. So.

Follow “GreenGardenGuy1” on youtube, he’s on the big Island I think, such a cool guy to follow.

Ni'ihau - knee - ee - how

Damn she is REALLY tip toeing around saying something here isn’t she ??? 🤔
I like plain talk myself ....
I refuse to censor my words ...
I say what I wanna say and to hell with anyone that don’t like it 🇺🇸

Glad we thought the same thing,

Hawaii natives hate white people 😭😭

Stop calling it "Big island," its not the proper name of the island.

Used to love hanging out at the shack.

One of my friends moved to Hawaii after grad school and moved back after three years. Overall she said it wasn't worth it. Her key takeaways:
1. They fucking HATE white people. They're not fans of African Americans, either. Her vibe was that they hated almost everyone who moved there from the mainland outside of active duty military. She took a teaching gig there and everybody resented her for it because she was imported to take a job that should have gone to a Polynesian.
2. The drug problem is the symptom of a much bigger problem. Yakuza has a very strong presence there and they, along with other organizations, use Hawaii as a jump point for their various trafficking runs and it's not just drugs.
3. The isolation gets to you. She was completely surrounded by water so while she was living in "paradise" she said it was more like a gilded cage after the first year.
4. The cost of everything made living there extremely difficult. She was living in a very expensive apartment but it wasn't much nicer than what she had in school. She could never come to the mainland to visit her family because she was running so lean that the tickets were out of reach, even when they were discounted.

She’s an idiot!

Speaking of Maui, when are you getting The Rock on your podcast Joe Rogan??

(Sticker seen on lifted Tacoma in Kekaha) Aloha Also Means Goodbye

it sux, don't come.

She took a long roundabout way to say the native Hawaiians are drug addicted thugs.

Oahu is way more tough then molokai Oahu is the most modern island been dealing drugs killings and the most drama trust she obviously hasn’t been to the west side of Oahu😂

When I went to Hawaii, they told me Molokai was private. No flights going in there. I visited the other 4 islands.

Hawaii is crowded af

Wtf are you saying....🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

I feel like shes dumb

Lots of very weird things are going on in Hawaii. One of the oddest is that native Hawaiians are blocking the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope. There’s much unrest for sure.

"Heavy duty nature"...lmao...BRAWH! WHATCH OUT FUR DOSE PLANTS, BRAWH!!...what.have.we.become?

i travel to hawaii for work. you are are a tourist to them until they find out you are there for work. then they treat you normal. but tourists and rich ppl who move there are not so welcome. and its funny. cuz without tourism they just mite still be living in grass houses eating spam. but maybe that better than massive hotels and bullshit? o and the major hotels seem to have sewage pipes that literally dump right into the ocean. move to hawaii. front row seat to the worlds toilet.

white americans just stay in ameica stop harassing other countries

@4:40 "I've learned a lot from that culture ... they're a powerful group ... it can go the other way pretty quick ... you know?", so ... not a great place for Malibu Yoga teachers to set up shop?

Her lack of pronunciation or willingness to learn pronunciation is insane and speaks leads about the non-local, non-Hawaiians, expats...haole think they are the experts...or dare I say Hawaiian...South Park did this very well

Jesus, the noises she was making with her mouth made me insane. She may as well have just gargled and spat on the microphone.

I thought this was Rhea Seehorn (Kim Wexler) from the thumbnail

Hawaii is way overrated anyways.

Maui is the bomb💣

She calls Hawaii a primal nature ??? There’s a fuckin telescope there that place is beyond colonised

After reading the comments I've finally found the answer of why Dog & his family were recieved with much hatred in certain neighborhoods

All polynesian islands in the Pacific are in the stone age. Hawaii would be another violent slum in the Sun if not for the U.S.

You come here and respect the aina and it's people and you be fine.

I lived there for 3 years and the main things I took from there were that it’s insanely expensive, it’s beautiful, and they hate white people, but for a pretty good reason. The US tricked the Hawaiians into handing over their islands, overthrew their beloved queen, then locked her up where she died. An important history that of course was never taught to me growing up. It was an eye opening lesson on the nature of imperialism that’s for sure.

Hawaii is so corney

You will love Hawaii if the locals see you have nothing to offer. Money, food, literally the clothes of your back.

Look if someone is too bored to live in Hawaii they can replace me in Salt Lake City Utah

that was a really incoherent narrative

I think she is trying to down play racial tension between natives and whites who have been reduced to bottom of the socioeconomic ladder since they were colonised. Im guessing there is a minority of natives that hate whites cus the have caused there people allot of issues historically such as taking there land I am also guessing there are also a minority of whites that feel they can move to Hawaii and take advantage of native land and culture without helping the native community. I feel like she is tip toeing around this issue but from what ive heard its like any other place that has been colonised there is a minority on both sides causing racial tension, but not gonna I dont know shit this is just my assumpltion would reccommend you do your own research

She’s just trying to avoid saying what she really means which is that Hawaii is a shit hole

Very carefully worded.

You can paddle to molokai if you got guts

Oahu is where I became racially conscious. The natives there tend towards idiocy and moral imbecility and they despise foreigners in their communities.

P.S. If you think that blacks are overtly racist on the mainland prepare yourself

Around the big island in 4 hours, huh? Maui, maybe, if you're a real prick. it's more like 12 on the big island, again, if you drive like a mainlander and don't stop to appreciate anything. It's also a bit disappointing that she can't say Ni'ihau. oh well. ps, my father made their wedding rings. he had a hell of a time getting laird to pay him. that's my claim to fame. kbye. i'm open to questions. don't be a kook.

"Nihihow"? You mean Ni'ihau.

All I heard. Warrior culture = violent , powerful people = aggressive. She bent over backwards and did a summersault to not call out some of things she disagrees with in Hawaii. Probably because there would be reprisals back home. My two cents: Hawaii and US government have a horrible past but there is nothing they can do to remedy that. Leaving the US won’t help that. Hating tourists won’t help that. Hating certain races won’t help that. The best that Hawaiians can do is to make sure their people are as educated as possible so they can successfully occupy places of power throughout their community and create wealth in their community. Warrior culture is nice to reminisce about but will not help your people now. Today you have to be a tech culture a science culture a business culture a legal culture. Don’t succumb to the hate and victim culture, it only makes Hawaiians weaker in the long run.

If u want relaxed, theres a reason everyone from cali is moving to oregon/Washington A lot ex-inmates getting out of that life.

Hawaiians don’t hate whites, we hate it when people acculturate. People’s expectations are as if this has always been America, there’s controversy and unrest surrounding this issue and people walk into that environment unaware.