Joey Diaz on Pain Pills, CBD, and Why He Stopped Edibles

The Church of What's Happening Now
Episode 631
Joey Diaz, Lee Syatt, and guest Bas Rutten

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😂 Joey diaz is the man.

I’m trying to get clean.... I started smoking hemp for my MDD.... for the longest time I was using alcohol, trying to tell myself “this is helping” but the more I drank, the more I would get depressed. Alcohol abuse runs in the family so I see them, they are happy, I’m depressed, all I wanted is to feel that... happiness... and I was down bottles a night man... one night I told myself “you need fucking help”, Wellbutrin wasn’t helping, alcohol was killing me... if it wasn’t killing me... I would of done it myself... I started using cbd flower (hemp) and it’s the best choice I’ve ever fucking made man. I don’t care that I don’t get high, I treat the plant like medication, I smoke a few times a night, I never abuse it... I never smoke for fun or anything and so far I haven’t touched alcohol. I can’t stand the taste.... that’s coming from a guy who used to crave alcohol... now I’m a hemp hippie. I’m happy you guys see the good in cbd... a lot of people don’t and that sucks.

I've never been 3 joints in and wanted a line of coke.
But 3 drinks in, wheres the fucking bag!!!

Opiates are poison. Don't do it. They feel so awesome, best buzz ever but you will get hooked and it will ruin your life.

Joey looks sllluuummpped in this

my dad fuckin drank himself to his death, I go off of that to keep me straight but I smoke pot till the sun goes a full cycle.

“God invented that plant for a reason”

How about just don’t give people pain. So many reasons to be an atheist

I was on Suboxone/Subutex for 5 years daily and managed to overcome the minor physical symptoms in just 5-7 days after stopping straight up, no tapering. You know how your mind can make withdrawals seem worse than they actually are? Well, your mind can also overcome those withdrawals with enough will power. I don't type this just to show off, but to let people who are in a similar horrible situation know that they can do it too 😊💖👍.

suboxone withdrawal can last for months, especially the emotional part which makes a high pain threshold almost useless it's not the same as methadone but they're both used to kick opiates.


Excellent discussion! Yep, alcohol is the gateway to hell drug. Cannabis helps you see things from a different perspective, among other medicinal properties!

I wish I could take cbd and take less norcos but I don’t think it does anything for me. Gabapentin and kratom have helped me when I’m out of norcos. It’s not like taking a norco, but they both help with the withdrawals. I really hope Texas legalizes in my lifetime.

Sorry darlings but, while these two are drug experts, they are drug experts with their own particular drugs. Your results will vary widely!

I think they’re right about alcohol. I used to resent drinking. When I had first tried drugs in high school, it was because I was drunk. When I finally ruined my life and quit using drugs, I always avoided alcohol because I knew it had made me crave drugs in the past. After enough time passed I decided to try alcohol again because I felt confident in my ability to stay sober. It didn’t cause me any problems but I also didn’t do it very often. Pretty much just while I was at the beach and when my brother came into town for Christmas. However, lately I’ve been dating a younger girl who drinks fairly often and it’s caused me to start drinking a little bit too. At least twice per week and not even to the point of being drunk. I’ve become a master of self-control since overcoming heroin/opiate addiction. The other night I noticed I was craving alcohol when she wasn’t around though and it scared the shit out of me. The craving went away about as quickly as it started. Fortunately I’ve educated myself enough on drugs and addiction that I could preemptively stop the problem there before it got any worse, but I do wonder what would have happened if I had gone and picked up a bottle of scotch that night. I feel like it wouldn’t have ended well. Luckily my girlfriend does some modeling and is trying to get her summer body back starting today, so she’s quitting drinking completely for the next couple of months while she gets back in shape so now I get to go back to drinking exclusively at social events and holidays where it won’t become a problem. It’s crazy how quickly things can go from being perfectly fine to being on a path of self-destruction without you even realizing it though.

No bas eating food doesnt speed up the med...

You still have withdrawal from suboxone but its wayyyy better than the pill addict life. And its much easier to cut down and ween off of.

I'm weaning myself off of Suboxone right now it's been 5 years shit is so hard to do. I got off of it in 08 but the second time around has been horrible. My testosterone level on the medication was 70 so I had to start trt just from the damn medication! And by the way it damages your fertility to

Mey Bbobb similar euphoria it’s just not as strong.

Codeine<Hydrocodone<morphine <oxycodone<hydromorphone<oxymorphone<diacetylmorphine<fentanyl<carfentanyl

Wait? They are shooting them? As in IntraVenous??

Started off on the booze.
Had some bad experiences with it.
A couple years ago I went to ICU with a BAC % of 4.2.
Since then I can only drink a couple beers but my preference is the tree.
Keeps you inline. Developed a lot of Morals and became a better person.

Fuck alcohol

Suboxone doesn't get in your bones. Bas is full of shit on the whole sub thing. Tapering works, but when it comes to maintenance you are supposed to stay on it for a long time, until the addiction is stabilized. I hate it when this shit gets demonized.

Suboxone is the worst drug ever. I got off of it and thought I was in the clear going cold turkey until four days later the withdrawal hit. That's how deep it gets in your body

14:01 Joey is burning down the house!

Don't even get me started on Xanax. Not physically painful, but real freaky. Sleep deprived hallucinations. Thought I was going nuts for a while, but being sober made me realize I am.

Kicking dope is still the hardest thing I’ve ever done

Kicking dope is still the hardest thing I’ve ever done

bruh don’t ruin painkillers for ppl who know how to use em if u don’t know wtf ur doing or taking them everyday for years ofc your gonna end up doing sum stupid shit with it

If you've never experienced opioid withdrawal then there's no way to truly describe it. Everyone always talks about what they would do to peadophiles for torture. I have the perfect torture which would be to get them highly addicted to opiates and then cold turkey them and keep repeating the cycle. Put the opiates inside an impenetrable plexiglass box and throw it in a jail cell with them to watch how utterly crazy it would make them.

I was on prescription Morphine 180 60mg a month plus 240 Percocet ,Oxtcontin,, Demerol, alcohol, Coke, crack , weed and Cigerattes for 21 yrs. I QUIT COLD TURKEY AND SUFFERED FOR 22 DAYS . these guys are Sissies. Can I get an interview on a Podcast like Diaz ?

Jesus I get anxiety hearing Bass talk for 10min straight without taking a breath holy fuck

When I had my shoulder surgery I was on 10mg Percocet every 4 hours for like a month! After that I was still in pain but not in unbearable pain so I was like fuck it..... I don’t need those pills but something in the back of my mind was like “get more, take more!” And I’m like wtf is going on here?!?!? So I just ignored it. Then I started sweating. I just had the cold sweats........ I thank GOD that was the only withdrawal I had. I studied the withdrawal and I realized how blessed iam that I wasn’t addicted and fall in the pits of hell.

Its not same stuff methadone is methadone and suboxone is buprenorphine+naloxone

Like hydrocodone is that different from oxy

42 pills a day ? Jeez . Hate to admit it but im going thru the same thing right now opiod addiction sucks man

Mother Nature (Marijuana) helped me kick a 7 year oxy literally took me an Entire month to be me again. I've been clean for 5 years and never looking back.....when I smoke pot the moon is out and I'm done with my worldty duties.....I light up and give thanks. #7777🙏🌿💨🌀🔥💧🙏

Well.... Marijuana is a drug. There is not difference between a drug and a medicine. They are the same thing. It's just the term "Drug" has had a bad reputation. But there are good drugs and bad drugs. Marijuana is a good drug.

I will smoke bas' ultimate head shot sativa

This guy is an asshole man I got addicted to painkillers after playing football for ten years and ended up taking the suboxones and they were a life send without them I would’ve became an all out drug addict.

Joey doesn't look very healthy now I know why

Blabber mouth

I'm not sure what baz is talking about that methadone and Suboxone are the same drug they're far from it methadone you might as well just stay on the pills Suboxone is a receptor blocker and depending how many he was taking would affect his outcome but withdrawals off Suboxone are nothing if you graduate down compared to opiates so not sure what he's talking about there not sure if he said how many Suboxone he was taking a day

Make a chose...400mg of hydromorphone a day or 6 mg of suboxone...suboxone saved my life...taking 43 pills a day of tylenol will rot the stomach...

Love you bro ...grate advice.

Nonsense shit like this is absolutely part of the problem....buprenorphine aka subutex or suboxone, does not get into your bones, cause double vision, sensitivity to light or create 90 percent of the symptoms he mentioned. It is also nothing like methadone. Methadone is a full antagonist that is a derivative of opium. Buprenorphine is a synthetic partial antagonist that plateaus in your system, you cannot overdose on it, and it has absolutely nothing to do with income or your economic status. Homeless people are on suboxone. It helps millons of people a day stop sticking needles filled with deadly fentanyl into themselves as does methadone. Make sure u get your information from a doctor and not a retired unknown mma fighter please.

Boonsfarm baby. Stole a bottle from my friends mom back in the day. Lmao

8 year's of that shit and ONLY gabapentin worked as instructed on YouTube videos. After 5 day's of cold Turkey with Gabapentin the withdrawals were GONE!!!!☝🏼🤙🏼

Joey I’m a fat lying cunt Diaz

Most fighters take more T to be more badass and Bas pulls it off with only 5 mmg.

bas sounds like a auctioneer sometimes holy shit

Suboxone is a miracle medicine for addicts. Don't listen to this advices. Subs will save your life if you follow the rules. Naloxone literally blocks all the opioid. Go do your own research guys.

Bas Hooouuchiinnn ! Renato Laranga hispect !

Suboxone is not the same as methadone... just saying.

You didn't ween off properly. You shouldn't hurt that much coming off Suboxone. You did it wrong

So much bad and wrong information on Suboxone maintenance. Two weeks is more if you’re in rehab and don’t wanna continue after rehab. When you’re on a stable dose and ready to come off, you slowly taper down. When you’re officially off and detoxing, you’re supposed to take comfort meds to ease withdrawal symptoms. Methadone goes into your bones, not Suboxone. He’s also spreading bullshit about cbd. Not much research on it yet, to back up all the claims made about it. CBD is a placebo at this point. Just like melatonin.

Opioids are Satan and working to get off them along with Methadone & Suboxone is the hardest f’n grind there is. Pure hell on earth. You just can’t explain it to someone who hasnt come through an experience like that. Physically , mentally,’s a straight up nightmare that drags on way, way too long. Superhuman strength to succeed.

Guy doesn’t shut up

Amen brother

What's the poster behind Joey?

Legalize Weed and Mushrooms

Man it's a trip that the doctors fucked Bas up the shit is evil

That was ur problem going to google. I’ve been on it for years now and haven’t had any of those affects plus taking really low dose .. everyone’s different

"and i never drank again"

5 seconds later- "i drank for a while, it didnt agree with me"

this mutherfucker here is the type of cat that would do you straight.
that's not easy to find.
if you got it, show it some fucking love. you can get a fucking free phone to tell your extended family every fucking day that you can.
this life isnt that long, the world ain't that big, appreciate...


Boons farm was my first lol that’s crazy

Cbd does nothing for me sadly. Edibless work gteat but the side effect is the lack of energy the next day.

Suboxone is 75% buprenorphin (opiate AGONIST) and 25% Naloxone (opiate ANTAGONIST) Not methadone. Respitory arrest is the killer with opiates. 10 oxycodons can stop your heart.

i use to love smoking my bud, gave me mad anxiety, shit i abussed it, now i drink and my life is fuck. to all you kids dont pick uo the bottle, shit will ruin your life, i dont wish that on anyone

Joey what are you talking about Earl Campbell is flourishing with his hot links

No weed was made illegal because of the hemp threatening to put the tree paper industry out of business

Not the same as methadone but he’s right don’t stay on it if ur on any opiates take sub no more than a week and jump off 8 6 4 4 2 1 of u can’t jump the 2

After detox u are soooo hyper sensitive to light from sex

I couldn’t even jump off .5 mg of subs

Joey stopped eating edibles but death stars are gummies those are different XD

I did heroin for years, once your clean for a while does thc help you feel normal again?!

Bunch of fucking life stories in the comments nobody gives a fuck

Happy for you brother I've been on Methadone for 6 years and its a nightmare i have also tried suboxone as well ànd it is the worst by now i am so scarred of what will happen when i try to get off methadone. So very inspiring to here your story!

Weed doesn't get rid of pain, but it makes you cool with it, you can still feel it but you just don't care.

Fuck alcohol...It releases the fuckin' demons. It is ABSOLUTELY the gateway drug, I drank waaay before I tried weed. Then after I tried weed, I didn't smoke it all the time, only when I was drinking. Same with coke, I think I did it sober maybe 1 time. When you are drunk, you will try pretty much anything. Perfect example: Wake up next to a nasty chick with a splitting headache?'s not because you smoked weed. Weed is bomb for sex, but you aren't going to lower your standards like you would drunk.

The fact that there are so many promising treatments for opioid withdrawal, but most of them are dependent on America legalizing drugs they've unfairly demonized for decades is one of the most frustrating aspects of our era

I use cannabis and CBD for pain relief and im also prescribed oxycontin but ive gone from 160mg a day down to 40mg a day and i intend been off the oxycontin in 8 months as ive been dropping 5mg a month. I notice even a 5 mg drop but i just feel a bit restless and fidgety for a couple maybe 3 days then im fine.

Suboxone is buprenorphine/naloxone, the naloxone is a blokker theres also subutex which is buprenorphine without the naloxone. I was prescribed buprenorphine but it wasnt tablet form it was a slow release patch i was prescribed for pain.

This knowledge is a lil fucked. Not really the truth and missing a lot! But damn subs for 3 years? That's wild do some h

Been on sub one 8mg per days for 3 years. My testosterone is below zero. I hate this shit. I am a 2 back surgery patient and am in daily pain and was told this would help pain. Biggest problem since Obamacare is ins. Companies telling doctors how to care for patients. All run by greed for the almighty dollar.

Edibles is the best thing for detoxing honestly

Withdrawals from Suboxone or worse than any other drug ,

I've been stuck on subs for 3 years

What’s Joey Diaz on??? Opiates or Benzos? Looks really slow.

Smoke and fuck, smoke and fuck.......😎👌

We can blame doctors and companies all we want for whatever we want, but at some point we have to take responsibility for our own actions and choices. I'm over 3 minutes in and I don't believe he has once admitted that he has any culpability in the situation.

Nah. It's not the same stuff. Methadone will get you high. Suboxone will not really. Two different compounds. I'm weening off this subutex now. Hes right about the shit. I hate It. I'm down to 1mg to 1.4 a day from 8 for 10 years.

thats a myth about methadone or suboxone going into your bones.Its just such a shitty withdrawl everything really hurts not nice.I use methadone it worked great for me.I found using pot for my pain made me feel worse

God's not real Bas, sorry.

I rarely comment on YouTube but these two guys are as real as two dudes can get. Plain and simple.

Did I hear one of them say ,Bruce Lee smoked

Gateway drug is your doctors ritalin folks

Bas is the man.

This CTD? Lol its CBD uncle Joey !!

Bas is giving some bad information mixed in with the good. Dangerous

I wish bas was my doctor, i bet my md would be cured by now