Jordan Peterson Discusses What Goes On In the Mind of a Killer

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Jordan Peterson and Dr. Oz discuss what goes on in the mind of a killer, and what can motivate them to commit their crimes.

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I think we focus on evil because it's considered either an immediate or potential threat to our lives. As a child, I focused on etiquette and being polite, but as I grew to know the world better, violence became almost an obsession because I worried at lot about anyone harming me or my family.

In an atheistic worldview there is NO evil. just a clump of atoms acting and reacting

DONT Touch the 100% Innicent Children or Animals or DIE! That's what would be in My mind if I felt a need to kill. Duh

alcohol is the only drug we know of that can make you violent? never heard of PCP?

Why is the green goblin on Dr. Oz?

A lot of people haven’t read Lord of the flies and it shows

Hi Dad

There wife is what goes on in the mind of killers

The dark side is easy and more seductive.

I love Mr Peterson 🤍🤍🤍 he's so smart

That suit is great. Love the fabric! MTO, that’s for sure.

Jordan has lots of info..

A pleasure to listen to.

Thank u

as someone who is naive, everything he said on the last part resonated to me 😢

Two intellectuals having an amazing conversation.

I love Mr Peterson's suit, he's always best dressed.

I love how Oz respects Dr. Peterson. You can tell that he genuinely understands what Jordan is actually saying to young people.

He forgot to address that when he is talking about ages that when they are 26 and starts getting older it's not about the age but the maturity. So he should be 26 yr old in the mind

Beautiful discussion

2yo by the way are the most violent of human beings - Jordan Peterson 2019

I killed someone two years ago and noone has caught me so far

Have watched quite a lot of your stuff on utube, and find you one of the most eloquent and precise speakers of our time. I understand that good and bad is necessary, but the scales have been tipped in the favour the bad for so long now. We are obviously now in a time where things are coming to a head, between tirany and the culling of humanity under the rule of globalist, and people uniting and taking back there freedoms. That was my only concern about your sincerity, that you probably wisely would stay on the fence about these issues. So I suppose I am asking today, witch side of the fence you stand, and if you stand with the people, now is the time to use your eloquent, intelligents ,and the love and compaction of those who have followed you over the years ,and to be part of a movement to restore balance back in the favour of the good. Maybe this is your calling.

The world is run by crooks and deviants, and society itself doesn't fare much better. Psychopathic, power hungry 'leaders" are merely a reflection of the pathological public. This is why Peterson's message here resonates so deeply. True crime = REALITY

Thanks so much Dr for having him on.

Wish they could turn the volume up.

Why do people hate him? He seems to have so much insight.

Take a moment and think how special his wife must be to capture the sustained attention of this man who lives with and relies on her daily.

I don't understand why everybody hates this guy I'm a black woman, and I've never found him to be racist. I think that people resent him because he challenges politically correct culture, and he promotes self-responsibility. I guess that's insulting when a culture takes pride in victimhood.

Ideally what criminals need is not punishment, but help. Like drug addicts, who will not stop using with criminalising drugs. World prison system makes it even fucking worse...

So basicly single mothers can't raise boys on their own to become real man... You need a man to raise a boy to become a man!

Always a pleasure to listen to Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Not in ted bundy's case....

Dr. Peterson left out the awesome Sherlock Holmes type jacket he was wearing when he was at the prison lol

Clearly this man has never spent any time in New Jersey.

since two year olds are the most violent of human beings, might those with a large propensity towards violence be sort of 'locked into' that age range?

i dated a convict for 6 months. he'd shot at someone, almost killed a police officer, been a pimp and sold a ton of drugs. a few other charges too. there were sweet things about him, definitely not all bad. their minds are extremely messed up from childhood trauma, but he would still do things like cry in his room alone after we fought, bought me roses, traditional things. they're extremely injured people. i sincerely grew to love mine. its a shame we don't know how to help these people better

I think bonding with an animal like a dog is an incredibly rewarding thing for a developing child. At around 6 my parents made me cry; I remember my dog came into my room and snuggled up to me. The love I felt was enormous.

This guy has already lost his mind! 🤣

If only Dr. Pheel was here then you'd have a really fake Doctor, dR. oZ a moderately fake doctor, and Jordan Peterson who is smarter than them both combined

You don't know till you've been in the situation. These men think they know lol theyve clearly never seen the evil in this world

Kids have been getting isolated from their peers for months recently.. I wonder how many little psycho murderers this pandemic is going to make.

At 8:00 and forward kind of sounds like some of the people rioting these days

This was apsolutely brilliant!

If you are not interested in social science that why the hell do you click on this channel. Bitches and the way they try to discount Nordan Peterson and his wisdom. I don’t see any female gurus lately if there is one as good As Peterson I’m willing to listen👂 But more than likely I’d be dissapointed

If you still like Jordan Peterson after watching these three videos about him, then good luck. He is an intellectual right wing phony. Absolutely useless jibber jabber.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Albert Einstein.

In His Own Words .Why Jordan Peterson Is A Charlatan

Debunking Jordan Peterson’s Richard Wolff

Why Jordan Peterson Is Not Profound and Here is why. It’s not that hard.

Cathy Newman and Helen Lewis, this is a proper interview, learn from it.

May god help you recover fully and bring you back too our lives, you are the most influential living speaker in our generation . and an amazing person. My thoughts and love are with you and your family.

What a joy to watch Phil Dunphy interview Dr. Peterson

We have to replace alcohol with cannabis

Damm Dis Nigga Smart....

Ugh when I heard him speaking my heart actually ached for a second. I miss him so much. I hope he gets healthy and can come back better than ever.

With serial killers. They have a mother that is violent or a whore. So they desire women and hate them at the same time. Hence a serial killer.

You ideally need the balance of two parents. (not to say a single mother or father cannot do a great job at raising their child/children, but it usually takes an extremely strong, balanced individual to do so). With a father being around for their sons, usually there's a fear of consequences for the sons actions, as well as there being a role model of sorts. To either learn how to behave as a man (or how not to behave). Aided by a supportive caring and strong mother. This helps develop a balanced man (the son), who knows how to conduct himself as a man, he knows how to treat a partner well, he'll develop compassion understanding and strength (emotionally) as well as knowing how to take responsibility. The reason I think so many sons have issues with their mothers, as talked about in this conversation, is because there are so many more instances of singles mothers with sons, I think if there were more (or a more equal balance, 50/50) instances of single fathers, we would see a leveling out of the issues that typically develop in sons, but a consequence of their fathers. However I think mothers can often give too much love and not enough dissaplin. I also think some women who have issues can mistreat their sons, especially if they have had bad relationships with men (again this becomes statistically more likely because there are so many more instances of single mothers). I think another issue that often gets overlooked is that a lot of mothers try to raise their sons how they (the mother) believe(s) a man should be, but necessarily raised to be how a typical man really should be. I guess a comparison off the top of my head, might be an actor preparing for a role playing a character that is of a different age, race or gender, but to help learn how to adopt characteristics of the character, the actor doesn't learn anything directly from people who are of a similar disposition of the character. Ie a white person playing a black person, and not even spending anytime with black people to learn how it is to live as a black person. But rather they just imagine what it would be like to be a black person. This would invariably lead to a bad portrail of the character and a bad performance by the actor. I know this isn't the best example, but hopefully it highlights to a degree the point I'm making. But we're not dealing with one role, we're talking about a child's development and how their influenced to behave for their whole lives. I could into more details, but I think most of them are very obvious. But my overarching point, is it takes both parents. A girl needs to learn how to be a good woman by learning from a good mother, but with some strong fatherly influence, and vise versa for a boy. One without the other is tougher to get right and each way on there own has negatives. Of course, there are always exceptions to these statistical norms, though often that is caused by the fact that the couple have their own issues caused by their childhood that has a knock on effect to their children. In the western world today, there are too many kids raising kids, damaged people raising kids, plus a more spoilt and selfish generation than ever before, too many safety nets for people, not enough personal responsibility, too much victim hood, too many people who are too quick to walk away from tough situations, rather than devlop or show character. This imo has exasperated the issues with children not growing into good adults. Men and women are on a bad path as of right now. But getting back to strong and loving couples raising their children and with a big emphasis on family, we'll get back on track. However I believe there's a strong push to go the opposite way (the way we're going now) in the western world and I don't believe it's being pushed by people who are actually qualified to dictate this to us.

This interviewer actually knows how to do an interview.

I swear, Jordan Peterson is a gift to this world, thank you Jordan

This was unexpectedly interesting. Not at all like most articles and lectures on psychopaths.

11:32 what is the name of the documentary Jordan is talking about?

Why do you need 5 commercial breaks? Ugh

We all have contact with evil our and our perception of it comes from the ego it is in all of us it is identified as the "spirit of the anti Christ" in scripture.

So Oz invited this misogynist on his show? How stupid is it to invite a notorious misogynist on your show when most of your viewers are women.

Last year was my first year of college, and one of my roommates who was a year older than me ended up being the malevolent type. I was super naive and never encountered bullies before then so every time he would say something inappropriate I would lock up and look like an idiot. This went on for the whole year and I had to spend the next one reflecting on it and letting go. Jordan Peterson has helped me out a lot by putting into concrete terms what I encountered.

Where's that british lady that always says "so what your saying is"?

JP explained why I'm a Horror fan perfectly

Knowledge is for defense and prudence.

This is how the Mentalist started

I always think, he is smart enough to find out, that he is evil on the inside. And so he uses all the science-babble he teached himself to argue that all men are evil too.

Pure genius Dr.Peterson is, greatly appreciated he is a Canadian 🇨🇦

What about killing people mentally with narsatisic abuse

Good Interview but I think something crucial was missing. Its correct that anti-heroes are "recruited" from the most aggressive, most disagreeable etc. boys. What they missed mentioning is that the hero is also "recruited" from that spectrum.
Nice guys dont become heroes. Its "bad" guys turned good that become heroes. Just take a look at jokko willink. Is he a "nice" guy? He once said himself that he has been at the crossroads and could have easily become a villain. The reason he didnt was because there was a strong hero role he could grow into.
Nowadays we are destroying the hero ideal because it has very similar characteristics to the villain. Leaving men like Jokko only one option: The anti-hero.
There's a statement by Dr. Leonard Sax (american psychologist): "You can't turn a bully into a flower, but you can turn him into a knight." Nowadays we're trying to turn "bullies" into "flowers" and all we get is mlre aggressive bullies. Women are running the show and they know very little about male psychology most of the time.

I thought Doctor OZ was a "FAD" personality. Great to know he can go this deep on this subject.

100% why I quit drinking I'd be in jail for life

“Doctoroz” stole Dr Berg’s secret plan for body types. Here’s the link to the video.

The good thing about Dr. Oz is that he's actually a doctor, unlike fat phil

the imagination is both a fearful and wonderful thing
it must be brought under submission to a greater moral standard than our own

"that part's there in all of us"

Ha ha ha

Well that was amazing !

Start a gain I’m 999,151 be viewer

He's not a criminal psychologist just someone who is looking for a platform to rant about his opinions on basically any topic.

Good vs Evil , has its origins in heaven : God vs. Lucifer the rebel angel. Unfortunately this war between God and Satan had taken center stage in planet Earth, and we are now players and actors on either side of the controversy.

It's good to see Mr.Oz is speaking with a Dr.

Wow I got an ad for a jordan peterson video

"Alcohol is the one drug that we know makes people violent."


Shocking part was that he Mr. Peterson, could fight back.... and win...Christ is Lord

Interesting 🧐

Thank god for this man 🇨🇦🇨🇦

Two handsome men. Dr.Oz has a fun and engaging show.

I love to see Dr. Oz sitting and listening, letting the man talk. Great talk. And a fine departure from the constant political stuff JP is threatened with.

Truly interesting.

When I find myself getting angry at the world and the things I'm seeing.... i listen to scripture and it always lifts me.

Yep. The terrible 2’s. They didn’t call it that for nothing. I remember the bite marks, bruises and tantrums when I told my son No. it didn’t last long but this makes sense now thinking back 37 yrs ago. He was also bitten by a boy of 2 now I think of it. Fighting over a toy. Wow.

Now I know why I love beer so much.

Jordan you are a killer

The reason there's so many men in prison today isn't because we are inherently evil it's because of a lack of good male role models. A fatherless West looks like hell from my perspective. Mother's are losing their glamour with feminism and leftist news hating on men. Imagine what that says to a son.

Want a simple answer.

Depends on the person and situation.

Everyone can be a killer. The question is what it takes for them to kill

my man dressed like the tf2 spy

Jordan Peterson could hold a lecture on different types of paint and which ones dry faster than others and somehow make it super interesting.

I feel like Jordan doesn’t know when it’s okay to not know something.

Dr oz is like Joe Rogan for MORONS

Interviewer: asks a question about the craze of true crime.
Jordan Peterson: answers life questions like a hot knife through butter.

It was mainstream to be a Nazi in the 1940's Germany. That was not that long ago.