Jordan Peterson on Envy and Resentment

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Dr. Jordan Peterson shares his thoughts on envy, and how to compete with the future version of yourself.

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He's very good with his words. I have my doubts about his preaching though, and mostly about the idea of having this "elite supremacy " kind of system, where the ones who are the most sleek and fast enough to grab the better positions, resources, etc. would righteously own their success over others. It doesn't seem neither kind, nor humble to me to be running after better resources just for the sake of your own success.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to both Dr Oz and Jordan Peterson together

3:34 If he speaks generally, for sacrifices in all mythologies, then it's true. But for Cain and Abel story this is not true. Because Abel was a farmer. Farming also indicates future - 'If you plant a tiny seed now, it will grow large letter.' But I guess it is so trivial that no one ever thought it in that way. In case of sacrifice, the intention is more clear.

Doctor OZ thanks for this channel❤️

Cain is the Leftists and Able is Dr. Peterson.

I like this JP Dr. Oz pair, one gives spotlight and makes interesting questions on the right time, the other just enlights with analysis in such a simple clear perspective that way no one does

Sometimes I come back to this video to remind myself. It is too easy to forget and get lost for I am grateful this video exists for me to remember to compare myself today to who I was yesterday and not who someone else is today. Words of wisdom.

i came here because i was feeling Jealous of some else in same profession. Got my answer in first 2 Minutes. God bless You.

Just one problem with the whole thing: free will. Had Caim the abbility to perform as good as Abel? Everyone is different... the most people, even with efforts, will never be the best.

This speech is 100% one of my stories in life. I moved to another country to study my Masters degree with a friend. We lived together in an apartment and while I was busy studying and working at the same time, he was just procrastinating and let his mom do his assignments for him. While I was always out working and studying, I get to meet new people, became friends, and even had dates and lovers while my other friend was just at home watching movies and playing ps4 all the time. After some time he became envious towards me that I get to experience the finer things in life and with women. He then talk trash behind my back to other people to make me look bad and him being the hero by comparing himself to me while he did not know how much I worked hard to earn money and have good grades. When I heard that he was talking behind my back to our common friends, I cut him out of my life and just kept on moving and focusing on myself. Knowing that I do not need these kind of toxic people in my life. After a year, I met with a common friend of ours and told me that I he is know working as a laborer in factory despite having masters degree and I am currently working in a prestigious firm having relatively high salary and a hot girlfriend. In conclusion, never compare yourself to others. You will lose sight of your own goals in life and it will make you resentful. Instead focus on yourself and you will reach higher level of hierarchies and experience the finer things in life.

jealousy is the thief of time - Asian Food Nerd

How can Dr. Oz be so close to JP and still be standing up?

i have a brother who is a helpless slave to a thousand jealous grievances. He is the only one who can't see it. Everyone else sees it clearly.

Self-help - the reality. He's such a bastard. In the best way. JP is zeroing in on personal Responsibility and that is what makes him stand out. This is not for Victimhood.

I have this horrible disease and i cannot free my mind from it, i envy someone's looks so hard that it makes me sick, and that someone is not even my gender. I don't consider myself ugly, i'm aware that it is wrong and know the reasons why it is wrong, but still my brain is playing games with me.

If you still like Jordan Peterson after watching these three videos about him, then good luck. He is an intellectual right wing phony. Absolutely useless jibber jabber.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Albert Einstein.

In His Own Words .Why Jordan Peterson Is A Charlatan

Debunking Jordan Peterson’s Richard Wolff

Jordan Peterson Is Not Profound and Here is why. It’s not that hard.

Jordan hire me as your body guard.

Peterson is a very handsome man. His suit game is epic

Anytime you feel humiliated, think about me, a 35 year old man trying to learn fencing and got beaten by some 11 year old boys AND girls with a humiliating score of 5-0.

You are sorely missed, Dr. Peterson, on the frontlines of our derailing society:
September, 2020.

Omg this story makes perfect sense after that description!! Where was he when I read this a long time ago and had no idea what they were talking about everything he says makes perfect sense. He is wonderful

Offering... Kane as in canine. Sacrifice the sacrum. This is the story of men giving their souls to authority to win favour. AND the concept of success is born

8:20 , 9:35 it's ironic to hear him say these things, given what's happened in his life recently. I'm proud of him for making the sacrifice he did and practicing what he preaches. JP is awesome. You don't see many people practicing what they preach these days.


He's spouting some fairly obvious statements and they're certainly not new ideas...Clearly adapting to his audience by referring to a biblical scenario. Hell, he's starting to give me 'used car salesman' vibes with that suit. I will say though - despite his flaws he does occasionally say something of value...even when it's not his own idea, his passion for his utterances can be motivating when I'm feeling down...

He spoke a lot about what changes to make, but very little on how to achieve them.

I'm thinking cain as usurper. But i would need to check out that paragraph.

This man will come back, maybe not as political but with emphasis on self help.

Envy is only an impediment to you achieving your greatness! Thank you Dr Peterson 😇🙏

I feel like the sacrifices for future or for present are similar to what kharma means. It's just never properly articulated.

I've listened, read and watched a lot of brilliant minds . Jordan Peterson may be the best yet.

Did he just discover Agile by itself? 10:33

Profound wisdom & humility of JP 🤎

Excellent advice, Dr. Peterson. I have a few questions to you and the audience :-

Isn't my past "self" as much an illusion as a self that I perceive of an "other" today?

Why should I race against any of those illusions?

Why is the discussion of envy and jealousy always led towards "self-improvement"?

Why is it never about the collective of "selves" at large?

Dr Oz is like one of us viewers, totally into it; only he has the pleasure to interact.

Listing to this...I had the insight that "able", is "able", like ability, which of course is the ability to sacrifice into the future. By putting aside our wants and doing what needs to be done to ensure that we are capable, we make ourselves "able"...(ie practice, or saving, etc)...

I wonder if the word origin of the word "able" and "ability" comes from this story... Seems simple, maybe it's well known, but to me it's an epiphany.

I love interviews like this. Where the interviewer has real curiosity. isn’t trying to prove Jordan wrong, or score political points. It’s unfortunate that Jordan’s message is treated as a political threat.

I also don’t like it when I see YouTube videos titled “Watch Jordan Destroy Feminism” or something like that. His ideas are more than that. Jordan helped teach me to think above politics and the labels that hold us back.

I just love him

In his wisdom and empathy for people, he is the closest to a prophet we'll get...


Plot twist: Jordan Peterson was the host and OZ was a patient 🤯

It's amazing that Dr. Peterson goes deeper in saying that sin, missing the mark, is as a result of different things, not aiming, not having (or taking time to develop the skill needed to hit the target) Good stuff here.

People should also know about Dr Richie Poulton and the Dunedin longitudinal study.
It can predict from the age of 3 if a child will be successful in life.

The pin drop silence proves what this man is all about.

What a strange but beautiful collision of two worlds

He was wrong about humans being the only creature to have sense of time and change. Squirrels for example amongst many others store food for the winter. People may argue that this is just natural instincts but they have shown incredible cognitive abilities beyond nature. Puzzle solving. Rapid learning. It's convenient to make the assumption of instinct. Not sure the analogy of Cain and Able is the best story to analyse human behaviour and causes as it's more of a theology discussion point and for any atheist, agnostic or other faith, lacks credibility immediately as a truth and while the insights to human nature may be valid, they lose that opportunity to be heard as such.

He’s a drug addict tho

“What small thing could someone as flawed as me, do, that I would do, that would improve me?”

That got me.


My favorite person Jordan Person I love listening to him. His
an embodiment of God’s wisdom.

The story of Abel and Cain (Habeel and Qabeel - as in Islam) is fathomlessly deep. And the way Jordan Peterson brings it to the surface is in itself amazing. This man is one of the most precious human beings on this planet today.......

Please don't tell me Dr Peterson believes in Creation.

I always remind myself of his quote; "Find the heaviest burden you can bear and burden it.

Social media is the worst comparison media. friend of mine constantly posts how his hard work has earned him so much. He works for his dad under the table, and receives disability/food stamps. Pays no rent at a house his dad owns. A lot of his posts are blatant lies as well. This is just one friend on social media that added me. but it's the reason I don't follow add anyone i know.

Very smart and kind man.

its easy to listen to JP but I find it really hard to follow it through with action. The way he speaks makes me feel reassuring but the topic he covers are actually scary in someway.

Beautifully put and so heart felt, clearly moved by his own suffering yet composed through emotions this guy is a gift from God. Thank you Mr Peterson you are truly life changing. This man is changing my life

is this 1080i?

Sacrifice is a form of lifestyle. It is never easy yet truly your future depends on what you envision it to be by how much dose of sacrifice you're willing to take & act responsibly & wise coz not all forms of sacrifice is beneficial in the long run.

How do you plan for your future today and make sacrifices like Able? It’s takes discipline. You make friends with discipline. You make a plan and you become your best friend and motivator. Plus you have to know your why? What are you striving for and why? Start there!🌹

I am Kane....I accept my mistakes and will proceed to be humble and to do better for humanity.

I'm not a religious person by any stretch of the imagination. I rejected the idea of a flying invisible man when I was a young kid. But I must say this.
Are we going to aknowledge that the writers of the Bible (an other writings of the like) with regards to metaphores were some very smart thinkers with a very deep understanding of the human nature? These old metaphores can still apply to us today. I think it's unbelievable.

It's very obvious

Does anyone know what he means by 'creative union'?

Peterson does not look good here

This guy asks some real good questions

Prof Peterson WoW

Peterson is a great man!

You're alot of the time comparing yourself to someone else's persona

I like dr oz's style of interview. Not ideological opposition but genuine interest to listen

The far left liberal progressives hates him immensely because he speaks the truth, and they will find a way to hurt him. It’s our duty to make sure his legacy is protected and he is safe. So if he is doing a lecture in your town watch over him if you possibly can .🙏

Sometimes I wonder if there was a way back for Cain, after falling so far. I'd like to think no matter how far into darkness we go, there's still a way out. Surely though the further we sink in it, the more difficult it is to escape. Even if redemption is unattainable, at the very least we could act on what little good is left in us, however broken or small. And maybe that's the highest good one could do, to struggle towards an unachievable ideal in the face of a damned fate.

Really enjoed this segment, thanks.

What a really nice suit Peterson!

I get the story of Cain and Able... I been that person when I was young. You let Envy and Resentment take over your life. It will cripple you in more ways then you think.. Then I broke that mindset...I learned one new thing everyday. At the end of the year. I learned 365 new things....Then you learn to apply those new skills. To better your self and surrounding....Why I'm glad I ran across Thomas Sowell years ago...He explains the reasons for disparities in outcome... It''s because of the choices we make. Not just ones location. As location is left up to life's lottery...

Me yesterday: one day younger. Youth = everything. Mission already a failure.

jordan peterson is the king of thinking

Great advice

holy **&^ this man is good

3:06 Randy Orton!!!

“Some days you just have to lay the bar down and step over it”- Kevin Smith

Makes me rethink the Bible.

Cain is the real victim in the story

What bright insights. So enriching. I hope you are well doctor Peterson.

What I like about this is when jordan says sin he doesn't mean it in the classical way. Sin is more personal, which is why I like his worldview.

4:40 yea, how does one interrupt a Peterson?
just f*in barge in lol.

#892 Kudos to Mr.Jordon Peterson for your intelligence, wisdom, depth and amazing style. Truly remarkable.

Thank you, Dr. Oz, for having this as part of your program. We really need more of topics and discussions like this. Peterson really hits on a lot of the most salient points of this topic. Far easier to admit to these things than actually incorporate them into one's life, but admittance is the first step. Again, thank you.

the only man who can make me interested in this kind of art..

An excellent Myth. I shall remember it.

I don’t appreciate these commercials interrupting this great man’s intellect.. very rude and very disrespectful enough with the commercials

He is wrong in saying that one should only compare oneself with ourselves yesterday and not someone else. Man is a social animal and does live in communities - even bees and birds live in communities. The correct answer is, "In matters of material things, always look to those who have less than you (gratitude). In matters of morals and noble manners, always look to those with more than you (self-improvement)."

@ 4:44 "Missing the target" is a popular Christian concept (or definition) of sin. And in my opinion it's correct as far as it goes. But there's much more to the issue of sin. We need to ask What target are we aiming at ? It's not clear nor is it obvious from this discussion. Yes of course Dr. Peterson says "things aren't going well for Cain in spite of all his hard work and sacrifice." Yes that's Cain's target . . . to have a nice and satisfying life. Doesn't everyone want that ??????? But we're no longer in paradise. So the default environment consists of two great elements: (1) "Thorns and thistles" or problems and obstacles, and (2) "Time and Chance" or LUCK which is ultimately controlled by God and what ??? By God and His laws. Therefore what we should be aiming at above all things is "the higher gifts" or things of the spirit, "fruit of the spirit." To quote the bible. Another way to state that is "fear God and keep His commandments." That should be our highest aim. So what's the most irreducible definition of sin ??? "Sin is the transgression (disobedience) of the law (of God)." See 1 John 3:4.

What if there is no future? What if the World is repeating that message in all kinds of not so subtle ways? Would this, matched with the huge technological manipulation and magnification not cause behaviors to shoot out of orbit? Envy, what is that about in the 'World that is running down' to quote Sting. What is anything about except Freak out! Happy New year.

Usually agree with you Jordan.... but the resentment part is bullshit. I think i can help you see it more accurately and completely.

Give Peterson a dang show for himself, what a jewel this guy!

Damn it boi, can u cut it out with religion pls

This guys gonna change the world or at least make a hell of a difference

Okay but animals hide food for the future too :) although it is based on instinct it shows some form of grasping of the idea of time/future...