JRE MMA Show #60 with Forrest Griffin, Clint Wattenberg & Dr. Duncan French

Joe is joined by the Vice President of Performance Duncan French, Vice President of Fighter Relations Forrest Griffin, & the Director of Sports Nutrition Clint Wattenberg at the UFC's Performance Institute.

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1997 Billy Saylor 3x Florida state champ died cutting weight while at Campbell university.... grew up hearing many stories about him.. R.I.P.

part of me wants to shit on these guys just for being terrible speakers... the other part of me just wants them to shut up and let joe and forrest do all the speaking

If I ever had a favorite fighter it would be Forrest Griffin, an inspiration.

Brah what’s up with that dudes headphones 😂🤣😂🤣they’re like built for his egg shaped dome piece ... looks like his head is wearing a seat belt lmao

Great podcast.

Mr Clint Wattenberg is really awkward.

I watched this on December 30, 2019!

Did Joe not have enough headphones our did the guy just want to wear his red ones?

Looks like Forrest Griffin was the jock that was forced onto the smart kid’s group

Hmm tj dillashaws dad?

Duncan French has a bit of a Sheffield twang in his accent.

I don't know if it's because his accent has blended over time though, it just sounds familiar.

This Clint guy is thinking to cover up all of the talking I have been doing I will do some more talking.

"I never watch a fight with the commentary on" - Forrest Griffin after Silva fight

I had an opportunity to get a pic with Forrest, and I bitched out. :-( . Next time!!!!

Forrest reminds me of the monsters in I Am Legend

Their voices are like the complete opposites

It's cool seeing Forest after so long. Remember watching guys like him, Randy Couture, and all those old guys as a kid.

We our collecting data


With this episode. One aspect of things that was not covered was the fact of the mind set going into a fight. You can so all of the training you can do. But if the fighters mind set is off balance in a way where it makes a negative thing then just by that they can lose. Like a fighter with a great mind set at a lower level than a fighter at a higher level with a shitty mind set makes a difference. The bigger stronger guy with the shitty mind set could be rocked by a smaller guy with a better mind set. I see that all the time in mma. One fighter is favored but for some reason their mind set is off and they lose. I think setting up the fighter with positive things in their life makes a difference.

Forest Griffen should do voice over work.

Dana should pay forrest and bonnar a lot of money, cause they are the real reason why ufc is where it is..

Joe Roag do Rex bear from Leak Project

Why would I go to college when I have the Joe Rogan podcast?! 🤙🏼

I would love to see more of Forrest Griffin on this show!!

Forrest Griffin crack me up this entire podcast!

OMG I’ve been waiting sooo long for Forrest to be on the show

Think about what their saying . A big plan, all layed out , all organized and detailed. And it's about beating people up. In many ways it's like a life failure.
Learn to fight gents, but don't make it your life. A good happy life is not focused on fighting and negativity and harsh mentalities .

All you need to know is that idiot referred to the fighters as independent contractors????? Yet they half to wear Reebok and get no advertising revenue on fight night

UFC Superweight should be UNLIMITED weight class or a new super super heavyweight like Boxing. There is a few badass Butterbean large 300lb martial artists that can whoop the fuck out of 265lb guys. The sport is missing out on an entirely different POV. I get it their bodies are cosmetically displeasing but with a TRY OUT to qualify AEROBICALLY I think it would be fucking cool. Look at first ever UFC fight Gerard Gordeax Nazi Salutes the cage and then kicks the teeth out of that fat tub of lard who should have never been in the cage. Little Mermaid holds back an entire market of heavyset athletic former offensive or d lineman that can Bang hardcore. Makes no sense to me from a business standpoint. This isn’t about morals he is Satan himself with his psychopath wife Sara Addingcum.

Daniel Cormier as a guest?

But fan Joe... but this felt like a two hour commercial...

Forrest Griffin looks like he smells.

On the thumbnail I thought it was Ari on the left lmao

Hearing this is like taking a fucking sleeping pill

Keep forrest on. Fuck off with the two extra captain Picard schmucks.

Finally a podcats not about Left and the right fighting we get it joe stop it with that BS

That's my name! Check out my youtube page i fight mma

Get Dustin 💎 Poirier or Hell put Cowboy. Cerrone back in here

Just periodically weigh the fighters at the beginning of the fight camp or upon agreeing to the fight and through out the fight camp

This is so fucking boring.......

"Independent contractors, they're independent contractors" Somebody has their legal talking points down. Pure and simple, they're employees, not independent contractors. But by classifying them as independent contractors it keeps the UFC's liability low and their profits high.

Funny how youtube was trying to ram the Ben Shapiro guest appearance down my throat but I saw NO notification about this one!! >:(

donald glover would be cool

Where I live you half to go out of state just to find a place to train in martial arts

Joe, here no malaria here in South Africa that i know of

This is exactly what the MMA Conditioning Association teaches coaches. These guys are smart.

Next guests wishlist: Louis CK, Vitalik Buterin, and Pewdiepie

Honestly, the level of comedian that Forrest could achieve is just unparalleled; The fact that Schaub(nothing against him, I'm a fan) could get that relevant makes me visualize just how big could a "natural" talent for telling stories and being funny like Forrest could be.

The Florida joke ruined it for me

Goddamn 449 dislikes damn Jodie Joe whatchu got going on🤔...

I love JRE, but holy shit this was boring af

nxt time PI just send forrest 👍

How much generic science bullshit can 3 men speak and I still think they don't have a clue

I have a solution for weight cutting problem.. require a minimum amount of hydration that isn't a dangerous level


Great podcast. You ppl are to dumb to appreciate the science talk. Lots of good sport and exercise science facts brought up by dose guys.

I think I've missed something and I look stupid but doesn't anyone find it weird that the bald wrestler guy looks, sounds like and even speaks with the same body language and intellect as TJ dilashaw 😮😮 he's even got a wrestling background and describes like TJ does.... freaky!!!

"Philosophy".... how many times did they say that word?
Annoying asf

Check out my back yard fist fight, more punches thrown and landed, then any other fight I've seen


Joe interviews Ed Bassmaster. Phs.

These guests look I've they all killed a man

Joe "trt juiced" Rogan

Get Cole Robinson on!!!!

"Pressure makes diamonds" - Diamond Joe Quimby Rogan

Huh but what happened to the UFC Head Performance Nutritionist Dude, george lockhart???

He was just on JRE along with John Kavanagh, mCGREGOR'S coach, is he fired??

Get Dave Grohl on

Ain’t nobody got hair in this podcast

The UFC needs a 165 and a 175lb division.


Why was Forrest not on here alone??? Anderson Silva!! LOL!!!!

I don't expect the UFC to ever get the credit that they deserve for the work they're doing with the performance institute, there's just nowhere else out there like it - and I only expect them to be involved in legitimate scientific research in human fitness. And, private money funding scientific research is a dramatic resource multiplier that will benefit us all.


Sort of boring

boring plug for the institute,, they pushed this institute to the point of turning people off of it,, good example of a backfire

... another advertisement for dana

This episode was ass

For the fans who only know Forrest from the Bonnar and Anderson fights

Forrest is had a VERY underrated career

He holds victories over Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson, Rich Franklin, Chael Sonnen, Shogun Rua, Jeff Monson

Very Smart.

Forrest looks ready to fight,hope he's evolved,just saying

Great birthday present

Joe "KPAs?" Rogan

Keanu Reeves..Where is he.

Dont waste your time. Its a 2 hr long pronotion commercial. Not an MMA show. Jamie uploaded the wrong file.

This episode s pure bullshit

Wth JOE? This wasnt an mma show dude. This was solely and purely a promotion for this sports institute. U guys didnt even talk about ANYTHING MMA. Nothing about any fights comming up or up an coming fightrrs or. Nothing. Just this institute. I think its a great thing. I do. But you dont do these shows enough to just sub one out to something that shouldve been just a normal show. Theres plenty of thise. We wait on the mma to hear about MMA. Actual MMA like the sport and the current topics and events. Not the process Joe... & Not the place they just came to advertise and promote. Not the process... The sport.

Interesting but gets boring . Would be better with just forest

I need to see Dababy on jre

Yeah he deserves a lifetime salary from the UFC good for him

Brian Ortega trains at the Gracie Academy since he was a kid

More weight classes won't solve the problem. It doesn't address the core issue.

I love Forrest! Such a great dude...

British guy looks like earl from toejam and earl.

Feel for griffin. I've had 2 on right and 1 on left shoulder. Fucking sucks.

Clints new ligaments came from a dead guys penis.

Get andrew Yang on with these guys and discuss how self driving fighters will take over the ufc.

Forrest Griffin is the perfect example of a smart guy who pretends to be dumb.

Is that a new word? Assholeleets?

Sounds like Joel Jamieson’s work.

Seems a lot like what Mike Isretal been doing longer with RP science. I wonder.....