Know Your Cannabis Medicine: A Closer Look At CBD

SC Laboratories: Creating a New Paradigm in Cannabis Testing


! ! Cannabis Cures Cancer ! !

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Fozzy sitting nice out front...

Awesome, thank you. I am growing Harlequin/Tsunami right now, a very high CBD strain, and I love it. The synergy with other cannabinoids may not be well known yet, but I believe that the full plant has more to offer than any extract ever could. It's an amazing plant, and I am grateful to live in a day when we have the ability to understand it better.

**WARNING** - Watch out for watered down over-priced CBD scammer products hitting the market....Support your local grower or go on a field trip if non are near you!!!

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its called cannabis dammit. I cant stand hearing educated people calling it MJ when talking about the science of it.

"tell me about project CBD sarah".Smoking much??? Please get to the back of the line in our 'pro cannabis march..."SIR"

I´m very happy that guys like you do that work. That´s a big step forward in that kind of research and you help a lot of people all over the world! It´s fantastic, Thanks ;-)

2:37 "Tell me about project CBD sir" when she is talking to a women lol

Very informative -- thanks!