Let's Talk About Weed | Alpha's Opinion About Marijuana

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In this video men's style, grooming and fitness expert, aaron marino of http://www.iamalpham.com, discusses his personal views regarding marijuana aka pot.

Aaron Marino of alpha m. is nervous about this video because he stays away from controversial topics such as religion and politics. Alpha has a pet-peeve that celebrities with audiences feel justified with expressing their opinions about these controversial topics. He also has worked hard too develop a brand and doesn't want to alienate an audience.

Alpha is going against his better judgement to address a viewer question about weed and if he has any experience with it. With all of the debate about marijuana, Alpha figured he would discuss his opinion and experience. So, has he ever smoked pot? Yes he has- in high school and college. He didn't like the feeling of paranoia and he didn't have money. His roommates back then started using it more and growing it so he moved out. Since then, all marijuana use ceased. He hasn't touched the stuff in like 12 years because:
He likes to be in control of his mind and actions. He likes being sober.
He has too much to do! He's passionate and excited! Smoking pot would not help him do what he needs to do.
He works too hard taking care of his body and staying in shape. Smoking pot can cause an increase in appetite (ie: munchies).
He doesn't care to do it! When you're younger, it's something different and you're testing limits. There's peer pressure, youth rebellion, and boredom when you're younger. Now that he's older, Alpha doesn't have the need for destructive behaviors.

He is not opposed to it, but it's not for him today. He has successful friends that smoke the 'occasional bowl' from time to time. In his opinion, alcohol is more dangerous and addictive than marijuana. Further, there are much worse drugs than marijuana. He also notes that marijuana has medicinal benefits. He believes it should be legalized.

When marijuana is abused or used in excess, motivation and success are affected. You need to put marijuana all in perspective and be responsible. Alpha believes in personal responsibility and accountability. Just because it's not legal, doesn't mean people can't get it. People need to take control of their lives. If they want to smoke bowls all day, they are less competition for Alpha in his life. Bottom line is that Alpha is high on life and that is the place to be!

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I really respect alpha allot, I have been watching for over 2 years now and Aaron is an absoulotley great role model.

Alpha no no no no no no, know one expected that to be a joint, it literally looks more like a tampon then a joint, also dont call it dope its not called dope any more thats a different thing

That's one fugly looking fake joint

Its healing of the nation

Hey alpha please help me find the answer to this question... what if a person can’t stick to a particular field or can’t focus in one thing career wise??????

Religion and science don't conflict with each other . Click on the link


I have to eat healthy foods when I’m high....

i prefer to do it at night when i don’t have shit to do, not throughout the day knowing i need to focus on school. you simply need to know when to use it and how much

Some of the smartest people I’ve ever met and smartest people smoke.

Good lad👌👍

i watch your videos while high..

i think people make a big deal out of it, i also think alcohol is way worse since you can start mentally depending on it unlike weed, ive also done weed (im in high school), and i would say it has helped me on some ocassions, i do it very moderately and only on special ocassions, ive never even bought it, but it has helped me a lot with stress and anxiety, obviously it can be dangerous when you do it too much, but when you do it very moderately, i would say its even beneficial, thats just my opinion on it

This nigga has 0 testosterone 😂

I hope he also knows it depends on the type of person you are weed effects every person in a different way

If you overuse marijuana in the time that you are medicating you will feel “unmotivated” as you say nothing wrong w a couple pulls then heading to go work out you can even put it out and go back to it through out your day no need to smoke a whole blunt, joint or bowl in one sitting I’m very active on weed and I’m a daily smoker (around 15-20g a day) and not everyone is the same yano it reacts differently with everyone.

I smoked weed for the first time in 6th grade😬

your talking more from an indica standpoint sativa is good to keep you moving around

Smoke Responsibility.

I own a Headshop and my clients are in the following fields
Gym owners
Fed employees
Most mailmen
Etc... So basically everyone does it except little Timmy here.

Talks about Marijuana, gets demonitized

If u living w 4 homies n they smoking boof and growing boof u don't leave that pretty bent r

Marijuana cigarettes are such filth

Your life goals should overcome the need for marijuana! Your addiction can be kicked out in a nature-inspired way [Go Here==>HowToQuitWeedFast5.blogspot.in ] so that you can start living your life and follow your dreams. There is a refundable policy, so you have no excuse for not getting your life back

At first I thought he was talking about weed but then he started talking about "not being in control of his own body", yea bud ion think that was weed...maybe some k2 but deff not weed.

I Don't give a damn how people feel about my views on pot. I don't like it, Everyone I know that smokes it are a bunch of losers. Some of them destroyed their lives and their kids lives.

If you can use it for pain or something, then whatever.
I also don't like cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. I do drink very rarely. Smarter and healthier people stay away from that garbage more often. The dumb "cool" crowd that have to fit in, or give into the pressure or more often make bad Choices. They are the one's that are more likely to smoke or drink more. Like those people that put tatoos on their face.

If you have a good experience with it, then good for you. I've been around lots of people that smoke and drink a lot. Im ok with it, you're an adult and you can make your own decisions, I just wish they would let me be and stop trying to get me high or drunk.
Anyways, thats my unpopular opinion.

In brief (personal opinion) - If you can control yourself and you know your limits, smoke pot, drink, do whatever you want within your limit. If you know you are easily addicted to stuff and/or you have self control issues, I'd recommend staying away from that, as it can destroy your personal life, your career and your personality.

Thanks Alpha...I needed this...✌🏾

This guy is a joke. He is saying that his pet peeve is when famous people talk about topics they don’t understand and proceedes to say that he is only sharing his opinion. But then he comes up with straight bullshit like „Well actually weed does reduce your motivation a little bit“ and by doing so he did exactly what his pet peeve is. Is he a doctor? Someone who understands this topic? No he is just some random guy who looks like he cares way to much for his appearance. He is also talking about college and that his friends who smoked went there a little longer. What kind of college education or even high school education do you need to make Videos on Youtube about mens fashion? Smoking weed and succeeding in life are two seperate topics. Some people smoke and some don’t and it won’t effect if you start at the right age and obviously don’t abuse it but that goes for everything.

Who else high asf watching this 😂🙋🏽‍♂️

Legalizing it... Mahnnn... You got me there

As a pothead your points are very valid. Someone once said you'll function on weed. You won't be very sharp but you'll function. Stay off weed for real if I could do it over I'd just enjoy life and the beauty that is not dependent on weed or anything else

When he said “well today..”I thought he was gonna smoke some weed

It helps so much with my MS

pot is a fantastic way to spend the night after all is taken care of <3

Some people smoke pot & some people smoke frying pans

I’d prefer CBD not THC

it depends on the strain

whack. He’s cappin.

love it hahah green is good mate

You should maybe try a few more strains before you claim that it 'reduces your motivation a bit'.

I know this video is 5 years old and a lot more research has been done, but even at that to say it 'reduces your motivation a bit' when you didn't pick a specific strain for your needs is a bit of a generalization of weed that isn't accurate at all.

6:40 'i dont feel the need to occupy my time with destructive behaviours' - ???? what?

Anyway.. great video and it was nice to hear about your personal experience and opinion.

this toolbox is not an alpha lol

I dig you Alpha, but excuse me while I smoke this joint.

Alpha m is cocaine guy

That does not represent a joint that was the worst rolled paper I ever seen haha

I don't know but this is the most apprehensive I have ever seen him

This guy is speaking facts! Nothing wrong with weed. But don’t make it your priority.

I clicked because of your thumbnail and your joint looks like you cant roll...

It’s simple really, if getting high puts a toll on you then weed isn’t for you.

How to "pack a bowl" like a gentleman

Looking at his videos. I bet dating this guy is hell!!!! He'll be telling you what you doing wrong the moment you open your eyes.... No mam no ham no turkey! NEXT!!!!!!! #THEMOST

I’ve never smoked weed ever, but I think I wouldn’t consume alcohol if you could only smoke it. I’m against smoking anything. But I don’t know if I would drink marijuana.

The first time I smoked peer pressure was not a factor
My friend smoked and she never asked me more then once if I wanted to smoke
Then one day I was like
You wanna smoke
She was like hell yea

I like how most of the people in the comments are seemingly stoners who got lost in a YouTube binge

You had to name it: howbto stop weed

"I would be popular, but I wouldn't do well...." rofl

Also, I'm a stoner (duh, my handle is Puffin_tuff) but I still liked this video.

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I passed school with flying colours and I got baked before every class. I have a very well balanced diet and I work out 6 days a week, and I like to smoke weed every day🤔

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When you smoke you are still in control of your mind

Not smoking weed is being a zeta male

Your a fckin gay if you dont smoke weed!

Personally sativa helps me workout

I'm high now watching this lol 🤣

wait guys get swamp ass 😭

I'm just wondering, why you're turning red as minutes go by..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Who else is stoned while watching this

Get all your shit done first then smoke

Quit smoking over 2 years mainly because I was producing music at the time. My voice sounded better, I completed more task in a timely manner. I avoided munchies to eat healthier. But boy I miss sitting down with a pair of headphones and playing video games stoned 😂.

So. Alpha. Can i smoke with you

I’m in 8th grade😂. #rollingstoned

And I inhaled... hahaha

Is this guy a self proclaimed alpha male

I want to try weed but just scared if my parents will catch me when I’m hogh

Smoking a fatty and downing a litre of water is actually pretty chillin

Hey Alpha have you ever tried THC?
Alpha: "yes, i love Tiege Hanley Company"

If you don[t like the feeling of being high then you aren't high.

It's like saying you feel sad when you're happy.

No one says that whenever they drink alcohol they are always happy, sad, excited or depressed. It's a product of your environment and your mind. If you don't like being high then you are too easily influenced by your environment or you have mental instability which shows they need to be addressed.

Your personality is great.. yeahhh really bruhhh

what is that joint

5:08 Yeeah you smoked that indica cannabis. Indica will do that to you and I am not a fan of it. How ever sativa cannabis will get you up and going, getting things done, but... over smoking sativa and you go paranoid, not good. Moderation is key... or just don't smoke weed. But stay away from anything that gets you glued to the couch. Working toward goals, getting things done, an open mind to learn and building oneself is a Great High in itself... especially overcoming ones weaknesses and the hardship of life.

A real Alpha Males know how to roll a true joint ! Sorry guys but this ain’t an alpha male !

just mix half a joint with tobacco to reduce the munchies.

it's been working smoothly to me and I'm still losing weight.

4/20 is coming !


Remember guys if alpha tells u jump off a cliff.....dont...fuckin sheep

I still don't know how to roll a joint tho, there should be a video about that

Will be graduating this summer with A after smoking for 6 years.

I've had some weed and shrooms stashed for like a month now,
and I'm always like, "Nah."


My ex is a personal trainer. She gets up at 3 am every day to run 10 miles. She's one of the biggest stoners i ever met.

Wow, alpha's mood was way more relaxed back in 2015

Everything he says from 0:00-0:59 is golden.

I am completely pro-cannabis. However, I will say that I disagree with you when you said "I would be the biggest hypocrite of all to tell you not to use it." I will say that IF you had an absolutely horrible experience with it, it would not be hypocritical of you to say that you tried it and it was horrible, so learn from my mistake and be warned. I think people should learn from each others mistakes, so IF it had been a big mistake, then it would be good of you to warn others. Like if you walked into a cave and there turned out to be a big, angry bear in the cave who tries to tear you apart and you barely make it out alive, it would NOT be hypocritical of you to tell me "Hey whatever you do, do not go in that cave, there's a big angry bear in there and I almost just died." If you simply said "Well I can't tell you not to go in there because I just went in there" And just left it at that, you would be partially responsible for whatever happened to me if I went it.
I realize this is a weak comparison, because smoking/consuming Marijuana is nothing like going into a cave with an angry bear. The point I am making is with Marijuana or with anything, it is not wrong or hypocritical for you to say "Hey I had an uncomfortable/dangerous/bad experience with it, so be warned that there's ______ possibility so be careful.

The fact that he's so nervous just to say he doesn't smoke should tell you something...

I bet all the non-smokers are the ones who disliked

Über-Fascist Millennials who endorse mass-media mind-control idiocy. NEIN; DANKE NO; GRAZIE

You're the real badass guy
Love you from India ♥️

Whats in your eye its bugging the hell outta me

A fair and balanced presentation. Thank you.

Got to have weed and alcohol together

Marijuana is extensively linked to psychosis. Like drinking, it affects people differently. Doesn't agree with me and I never recommend it.

The best defence re marijuana seems to be but drinking is legal which isn't a defence at all.

The first time my friend smoked pot he described it as literal paradise on earth he said he never experienced such happiness and bliss ever and just couldn't stop with fun and laughter which was on a whole another level to what us sober people experienced he said I'd rather be a pot head then a raging uncontrollable drunk physcho.