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Let me know what you think of CBD, and if it helps or if it's all just snake oil.

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Bitch the stuff is innocent

Can someone bear with me here? I did an experiment due to thinking these have synthetic CBD. I went unconscious for 4 hours after 2 gummies. I took 2 more upon waking up and I ended up passing out again almost 15 minutes after. Now, this shouldn’t happen unless there is some kind of melatonin or synthetic. Even in the video with him describing him saying he’s “gone” is very suspicious. I am a daily consumer of THC and CBD concentrated/bud from CA licensed dispensaries and have never had something like this.

Took only 23 ish milligrams of thc (it was above the 20 mark) but it helped me take the most relaxing nap ever in all honesty, also being an athlete i want to take this to be more comfortable

I’m finna scam people

Cbd is amazing helps me alot

I have the exact brand of the gummy worms I was so surprised how much it has worked , thanks for the review 😎

First vid I see of yours... Automatic Sub... 👌🏽

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After watching this video, my recommended feed on YouTube got flooded with useless clickbait CBD videos that I have zero interest in watching.
Thanks fam

LOOOL when u said u really hope this guy doesn’t smoke marijuana because he would
Be the first to overdose made me laugh 😂😂😂

Thanks for sharing this video. It's very interesting and helpful video.

I like how the whole video he never actually says weed😂

I Love how he put a hand full in his mouth!

Cbd its not a drugg tho yu wont get high brooo

this video was good thanks please more video forth every as all the time job use want

6 cbd edibles what did it feel like?

CBD helps my anxiety, insomnia and joint discomfort. Im prescribed Ativan for my anxiety and trazadone for sleep and i dont like all of the side effects that come with them and with CBD i get no side effects. CBD has great potential and hopefully advances in legality will make it cheaper and more readily available to those who need it

CBD Is cray

5:04 cb1 is for pain as well.... termed post to pre synaptic neurotransmissions.. depolarization induced suppressed inhibition of neurotransmitter release ( retrograde signalling) . thc directly agonizes cb1 provding post to pre metabolism
CBD can weakly effect cb1 via TRPV1 back cross talk.


I have a strain named freedom dream that produces 10% cbd 1%thc , i think its legally considered hemp, i could send u a couple dozen to play with

"Regular Cannabis Reviews"

In before the community strike again

I eat 2 cbd gummie bears, and I am super calm also want to fall asleep.

DUDE !! I need that hoodie like ASAP.. that hoodie was made for me!! Where can I get that.. Edit,, OoO you got it on your website ur the man lol .. Edit,, nope that one's not on there 😞💤

More weed content please

When will you introduce us to CBT?

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One thing you want to be really careful of is getting synthetic THC marketed as CBD. Do your due diligence and pick wisely otherwise you will be locked to a couch looking over your shoulder totally believing that Ronald McDonald will come straight through the wall for your jugular during your mild cardiac arrest. Creating Better Days is the best I've had so far as it is CBD isolate. Some say full spectrum is better. Depends on what you are trying to remedy, for lack of a better term and placed statement.

This stuff did wonders for my anxiety. Impossible to get in New Zealand so had to get it sent from the UK even though it's no longer considered a controlled drug here.

I went mushroom picking, turns out it was shrooms I tried