Making peace with cannabis | Zachary Walsh | TEDxPenticton

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Talk explores human beings' dynamic relationship with the cannabis plant and what recent developments might mean for our health and well-being.
Zach Walsh is a clinical psychologist and substance use researcher who teaches at UBC.

Zach Walsh, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the UBC Department of Psychology and Co-Director for the Centre for the Advancement of Psychological Science and Law. He attended the University of Winnipeg as an undergraduate, received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2008 from the Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University, and completed a clinical internship and a research fellowship at the Brown University Centre for Alcohol and Addiction Studies. Dr. Walsh is a registered clinical psychologist whose research has been supported by the Canadian Institute of Health Research, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Health Canada, BC Interior Health Authority, the Peter Wall Endowment, and the American Psychological Association.

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Who else read it as “making peace with cannibals?”

We would have eaten the plant for over 300,000 years to have those receptors to have developed in our system

Its our food opens reception with Earth's Resonance(s)....cb1 cb2 are what?.....

It works in ways we can not see it medicen for a lot of things becouse as u said endocanabinoid system regulates every part of us

Thinking about trying some mystic moss today. It’s been a very long time

at 70 and sick . Cannabis As Made My Life Better ! So Right Time To Fine Peace With Pot !

I smocked it since 11 years old in total must have spent thousands over the years Im not into drinking im not lazy either coz of weed I hate it when I run out like now..... yes its a problem when I cant get it docters would like to put me on antidepressants I said no no no

I love you - mary jane. 😉💙👍

who else is watching this baked af?

It's more easily abused than alcohol, is super-addictive and unhealthy in combination with tobacco, and should be used in serious moderation, if the relationship one has with it is to genuinely beneficial.

The resin evolved to help us heal from the Human delusion

It's the healing of the nations!

it works out in the end bullies di e and lets burn cannibis

Would be nice if there was something that could fix all our problems. But, it's not that simple. That's why people go to college and get degrees. And, some people just throw everything they have learned and know out the window.

So many great ideas and inventions were enlightened by canibus .

I have made my peace with cannabis. Stopped using it 4 years ago and never looked back again. No more postponing, anxiety and binge eating. Goodbye ol friend and silent killer!

those potplants will jump your throat, in that one moment you let your guard down.

You basically, gave us a brief history lesson on cannabis, proposed its potential and shared your chosen profession. But, you gave no valid evidence based sources to back up any of your claims and did not address any evidence based concerns regarding THC's addictive potential, negative effects on cognitive function, memory and most importantly risks for mind altering psychoses. You, as a psychologist should be well aware of this and responsible enough to address this issue accordingly. In addition, where it is still an illegal substance, people should not be tempted to use it.

I don't believe that I never smoked marijuana!

He looks a bit baked haha

Being relaxed about everything isn't a good thing. Stress can actually push one to get up and do what needs to be done. Life isn't about sitting back and smoking and getting high.

I don't think it helps anxiety ! :)

I love hash.

This so annoying. This guy drags on and is barely stating anything

Weed ruined ma life and cause me to have anxiety dont smoke that poision it will ruin your life

5,000 years old lol the earth is only about 3,000 years old so what you smoking willis

Thanks to the Aliens who made sure cannabis just happened to be conveniently available to humans at just the right time...

I guess to avoid whats really happening in your own life it’s best to smoke weed and forget about reality for hours!! Sure alcohol works the same without the binge drinking and the after math of drinking! Tried it and it got me deeper into depression didn’t work until I faced my truth!!

...Zach....thank you so much for your very fine presentation.....

How do I find the source to 3:26 cause that's dope

come to a Ted Talk and what do you matter WHAT the topic? Evolution, evolution, evolution, evolution...

reminds me of what happened to me in gradeschool.

So the druids were right, got it.

It's India

Started 25 year ago smoking solid. Been smoking skunk for past 15 year everyday. Quit 2 weeks ago. Can not explain how much better my life is. If you think you need to quit it can be done I never thought I could stay positive.

i wonder the number of dislikes.... 420

420 dislikes.... fitting.

Smoked CBD just before watching this, very relaxed and calm. I don’t really care for the high from THC, but if some people do let them have it, got no worries, let them be happy...✌️

Fuckin awesome

Please go to see a doctor before using cannabis and search well. I'm sure you don't want a PTSD or a dp/dr

I'm taking a t break it sucks. Can't eat sleep pissed. Cries

He smoked before the speech

Cannabis causes loss of brain cells. You can easily see that in this video.

Without this leaves Indians can’t finished lord mahadeva prayers

It’s aurvedic meds which American never acknowledge

This guy clearly has tried all drugs..

That would be wise to make this part of society.....herbs are for the healing of the nation’s

There is not one single realized master, 'enlightened being', self realized person, guru, or whatever word you want to use that has ever advocated marijuana use, quite the opposite. That tells me all I need to know. As a user of cannabis I know that one day I will have to leave it behind.

If your have pain or any mental condtion cannibis will not get super high.(the plant has a job to do) .just a since of well being and relaxed.

It's all about control$$$ Not to benefit human beings.... only to benefit big pharma with all their legal poison.

Cannibis if you want a,lump,of cement in your gut cant sleep vomit nausea...ah the reverse effect of the happy plant...the new epidemic CHS CHRONIC HYPERNESSIS SYNDROME...

How does one get a medical card?

Cannabis, Psylocybin Mushrooms & Ayahuasca can save humanity, if we let it...

iwas never given painkiller,i had used it,helpme through my pain tothecore off me bag off bone,it has many vakue,help me as my mind ,as iam a strokesurvivor,help me alot,idont the little,stolen happiness,for a moment,i have ,it make me eat,i live in a illegal country,it make me like rabbit chasing carrot



Now I just feel like watching a Cheech & Chon movie while spmoking a joint! 🤣😂🤣😂


My home town!!!!!

You depend in man fail you every time. You depend on canibus. Oh your 👍

Re creation. What a beautiful phrase. Recreation is a form of mental therapy.

I tried it... ended up having major anxiety attack. Felt terrible like being stuck in a dream.. Not for me..

Why does CBD oil make me so hungry,to the point I can’t take it,there is no high in it that I take.

I am praying 🙏 right now. changefor you

In the name of Jesus you will be a winner in peace in weed the Lord med for alot

I am arkangel Gabriel Son of Jesus and me n the Lord is watching amen

I forgot. What is anxiety again? *rips bong*

Ok, this is too one sided...weed is we have balance.

Brilliant 16 mins,


drug addicts smoke weed

CBD baby!!

The entire audience is older short haired women

To help sleep, reduce pain & alleviate anxiety

Vote old timers out of office they are asleep at the wheel. Use money to fix flooding. Weed does not kill.
Booze kills. Legal drugs kill. Get a petition going to legalize weed in your state. Tell them by our vote we are sick of their no when the people want legal weed. God made all herbs good man made bad drugs legal and good drug bad. Enought is enought.

Great video!! thank you. liked and subscribed. The cannabis plant has so many different medicinal uses. I do not understand how it is not 100 percent legal everywhere. Its almost like making a healthy fruit illegal(Banana, apple, orange)... If we stop eating plastic, drinking poisons, and damaging the planet, which is our life source, we may begin to function as a beneficial specie and not a parasite and make better decisions. Nutrition is super important, and it is important to know what is exactly in what you are consuming. Brain #1(head), and Brain #2(Stomach)........Both are equally important.

Regular marijuana use shrinks the brain, lowers IQ, Several studies have linked marijuana use to increased risk for psychiatric disorders, including psychosis (schizophrenia), depression and anxiety. The bottom line is anything that makes you high is bad for you

The greedy and criminal pharmaceutical industry paid off the also criminal United States government to give cannabis a bad rep and finally criminalize it and because the majority of the US population are spineless idiots who don't defend their rights...... well, they went along.
The human brain has cannabinoid receptors, which means it's natural for it to receive cannabinoids.
We could have natural medicines for a myriad of health issues, but people rather consume very expensive poisons that only make their health worse.

Every Single Morning, I smoke marijuana, it gets me in the cold shower and in the sun and the ability to swallow my food lol. at one point I thought it was harming me but the real problem was my addictive personality If it wasnt weed it was fast food / microwave foods, now I dont oversmoke and I make sure to do the things im responsible before I just sit and have a powwow.

Like any drug, it is not benign! Using it before age 24 can seriously affect brain development.

10.20 - true, yes, very true.

Cannabis can also be a good investment. Nasdaq recently green lit FSD Pharma to list their shares. FSD Pharma is a Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturer of cannabis.

cannabis makes you worthless.

That’s why White Castle and Taco Bell are open late/early, whatever you want to call it. 😂

ça soigne le cancer. Mais Macron préfère ses potes du médiator et les industries pharmaceutiques qui ont financé sa campagne...


Still a war on this plant to this day in many countries. Yet only have chemicals as options or a far more dangerous drug aka alcohol. Alcohol creates a lot of violence in our community. Can't wait til Cannabis becomes legal in the country i Live in :D

Good talk, but humans need to stop casting themselves as victims. It only perpetuates the fears and myths that abound, and the anthropocentrism that is screwing up the planet and other life forms. If you're human, get over yourself.

they I been smoking 45 years. I can tell you all about this/ im also a ret medical personal

Flower, concentrate, and edibles saved my life!

canna-bis... Canis major, minor?

the two dog plant!

Terrible choice for a TED talk stage. The screen is barely visible, even to the people in front... Aside from that, great Ted talk.

More fake WHITE HISTORY. Just lies. Tell the real truth about how Caucasians lied and created laws to imprison Mexicans. Stop lying.

It's a great plant but certainly affects people differently. I'm 32 now and smoke less than I used to. I look at it now as an occasional treat. If I do it too often I eat junk food and feel lazy but once in a while it's really nice. It's certainly far less harmful than booze. I quit alcohol last year and not once have I had a hangover or said things I dont mean or behaved in a way that I regret. It really does need to be fully legalized already. It's dumbfounding that people continue to be locked up for a plant.

There's nothing better than a sober mind.

that was not an icon showing hanging drying plants, they would hang upside down. that must have been an icon indicating a grow box with a big ledbar !

I am suffering from anxiety, depression, and lack of confidence for number of years now. I recently started taking cbd oil and I can really see the result I am less anxious I can feel my shoulders are not tight as It use to be.. I will recommend cbd oil to every one it has no thc so you are not baked as well


Thank you for sharing your finding. Awesome and well presented, to the point and very understanding.
Cannabis is illegal in New Zealand and we are hoping that it will be legalized next year. Cannabis is what it is that you said and very beneficial.
It be lovely to see pharmaceutical drugs off the shelves.
I believe pharmaceutical drugs just cause more sicknesses is why I also believe the government won't legalize it because of the pharmaceutical money scam. I also believe that the government do not want us to be well.
Thank you once. again. Take care.
From New Zealand 🤗🙂

The only difference is medical should and has to be organic no poison

I'm watching this while very stoned.