Mucinex...Absolutely Worthless? Or MIRACLE Cold Cure? Tips and Tricks.

Mucinex (generic: Guaifenesin) takes up like three shelves at the pharmacy. What is it? Does it work? Or is it garbage? Tips on taking it. Get Doc’s honest review of Mucinex (Guaifenesin). Will it kick your congestion in the butt or leave you with buyer’s remorse? Even some tidbits on opera singers and Native Americans…no joke.

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How do you fix your cold? What's your trick?

I have had much ec work wonderfully

Well I bought the mucinex fast max clear nd cold for running noise nd bad chest problems nd its helping me alot I dont cough that much my running nose went away now its the chest lungs that bugging me

I use the generic guiafesin for tightness in my chest and to cough up whatever is down there. I use the plain 400 mg and only as long as I can feel it is helping. I do not like taking an extended release because I want to be able to telll if I am getting relief from it. I also do not like the Combinations as they seem to mess up my cough and or sinuses. I am ready to use it preventively as soon as I have any mucous in the morning because I think it helps to prevent the implantation of the virus in my membranes, but I could be wrong about that. I do not like being sick and I don't like taking pills or taking too many of them or taking them without them being effective.

I really wish I would have seen this video 12 hours ago. Pharmacist sold me something more or less useless. I mean I guess it worked. Sort of. Ugh. $18 for massive impossible to swallow pills.

I LOVE Mucinex DM for my cough! It really does work. I use the Mucinex DM maximum strength pills.

A dude I know took 40 pills of this and tripped balls aka DXM

What do you think about Statins?