My First Time Smoking CBD | Hightop Dreadlocks | #dreadlockjourmey #tplocks #CBD

#dreadlockjourney #tplocks #dreadlocks #hightoplocks #CBD

Hey Guys, in this video, I share a very intimate experience with you all. I wanted to share my first time smoking CBD with my loc family. If you're grown and looking for a natural and healthy way to help improve the quality of your sleep you should definitely give CBD a try. It has SEVERAL other health benefits. Hope you all enjoy!




○ How Often Should You Retwist Your Locks -
○ How to Blunt Your Stunts -
○ Resisting Temptation to Cut Your Dreadlocks -
○ How to Do An ACV Rinse-

○ Bleaching My Dreadlocks Gone Wrone -
○ How to Wash Starter Locks -
○ 1 Year Lociversary -


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Interesting 🤔

CBD flower can actually still provide that euphoric, "happy" and "no worries" feeling, but cancels the anxiety one may feel with high THC levels. From what I've consumed, said effects are felt most when the flower gets upwards of 15-20%+ CBD with .1%+ THC.

Next Friday lmfao

4:09 hahah i laughed my ass off,, beng!! Keep preaching man.

I'm asthmatic. Im'ma stick with my cbd drops.

I’m pushing a month on the first and I love watching other you tubers videos with their loc journey. I’m excited and appreciate your channel

Lmao the puff *I’ll never smoke again” puff 💨

I adore you and your beautiful family. I use CBD oil for pain often, and it works wonders. I’m suspicious of over the counter pills and prescription pills no thank you! I’m glad you are informing others of alternative medicine. You’re the best! Peace & Blessings ❤️💛💚

what’s the song at the start? it’s dope!

Informative video, sir! That was a funny story as well.

🤣😂 it’s a holy plant brethren. Irie place Peace & Jah Bless ❤️💛💚

you on the come up keep up the good work💪🏾 i’m 2 months in and my dreads are coming along nicely.

Aye man I’m 17 😂 that weed be hitting but ima good child so I’m straight