Nate Diaz smokes a joint for his open workout | UFC 241 Open Workout


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guy literally does nothing but walk around and kick and punch air. literally any one who smokes weed: weed is good everybody weed is good.

3:15 yooo lemme hit thhattt ccuuuz

He draws hard enough on that

Didnt even inhale

No Brasil deveria legalizar a maconha, maconha não é droga maconha e uma planta

This was an sparing match


The diez brothers prolly got cottonmouth every fight

When the marijuana is a fan of mma sports as well

Nate the fucking boss Diaz

I really don't understand why this has so many views. I guess smoking weed is still special in the USA

is that Tupac's song going on in the background??

I play every week Soccer matches while im stoned.

Puff puff pass

Lemme just say.. he wasn’t throwing Axe kicks while shadow boxing before he hit that joint

khabib scare to fight mariguana guy

What a nice person he is. Passing the J is good karma

Hahaha very nice guy 👍🏼😁

I was never on the team, but good friends with one of the more jock-like characters who was on the team. Told me about one of our guys who would smoke fat before every football game after taking a small T-break before the game, played better than anyone especially in clutch situations(running back if I recall correctly) One night, he took a noticeably rough hit, but kept playing without much difference. Kid broke three ribs and kept playing at near max for the rest of the game. Performance enhancer?

Диаз красавец бро😎

Weed opens up your airways

Il fume pas il Crapote notre chère nate

So much weed wasted rip

"Oh, looks like Diaz is using his phone. I must too"
-everyone there

Los que pusieron no me gusta ,son todos CARETAS !!!! CAAAAREEETAAASS

yeah gg wp Diaz

akakakakkakakaka caralhooo

Q grande

Anyone else high af rn?


No suelo opinar sobre que hace cada quien pero Díaz lo miran y sigue mucha gente y niños y adolescentes tendría que cuidar un poco lo que nos muestra .. igual lo amo Nate Díaz 😍😍😍😍💖💖💖

embrazando no treino e ainda tacando fogo na brasa 🔥🔥🔥


I'm an older brother and I want to have the same deep realtionship the Diaz brothers have with my brother. Having these guys as role-models rocks.

Diaz ! 💙👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💪🏾

A blunt, not a joint 😔


How he can open smoke joint when normal guy can get jail?

had to be this white boy

2:38 what you came for

He fake smoking it.. aint even inhaling it..

Boy. Gangsta nate. 4 real. Lov a fat zoot blad myself.. n it looks piff

Chilled and focused. Legalize it nationwide.

Aliens watching this video like wtf

Para que vean que el cannabis no afecta tu forma de ser deportista vamooos esto ayuda a crecer la movida cannabica de mejor forma.

2Pac ft Snoop Dogg background song ' 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted'

Smoking maracachafa? 😁😂🤣😁😂🤣

For everyone saying “how is This legal” “his brother was banned” this is not weed. It is CBD, it doesn’t contain any THC so it does not make you “high” no psychedelic effects, just relieves stress.

3:00 that scrub in the background "let me hit that c'mon!"

He smokes a joint people scream his name Nd chant, I smoke a joint cops are banging on my door.
Must be nice!

Real G

Smells weed yeahhhhh

Pinche vato se ve de la verga

The Greatest !!

Whos the old dude


His was go it smoke??

Он туда покурить пришел что ли??

Nates smoking high cbd hemp right here

Watching this while wake n bakin @.@

My kind of people!

I'm a ninja I smoke weed and throw knives and ninja stars all the time what you talkin about

Piece of shit

Master !

Is that weed

Like to see this💯

O japinha de vermelho kkkkkk será q queria dar um tapa também ? 😂😂

That was CBD! lmao... I fuck wit Nate but who rolls up a fatty of some CBD?! And acts like it’s Cannabis lol

Very bad example for combat sports
His workout is so lazy



Everyone there got Corona

He's not even inhaling.

And this prick is a roll model for kids?? Legal or not it still fucks your mental health up!! He should have more respect and act his age


Being tuff all day must be tiring... you relaxt and smoke on stage so you are tuff and cool at the same time

Nate that's why you've been my all time favorite fighter since the beginning...Hall Of FAME..&..high all of the time...that's my Dogg

Xaaaaaa fa schifo questo sheimo....

UFC fighter are clowns with some self esteem issues in my eyes. Like chickens which try to show their really small dick. Idk when the art of fighting became that shit. Bitching 2 weeks before the „fight“ start and then cuddling on the ground for a couple of rounds, that shit looks gay as fuck. And thats it. I miss the time when 2 real man just went into the ring and showed their strength and technique, after and before the fight they had their handshake. All that stuff is gone. Now we have this 50lbs kids running around with a joint in their mouth like they have adhd. Idk man that makes me kind of mad


Mason Ray on every instagram post: who else high af right now



Lmao me

Smoke weed everyday 💪

Everyone is gangstar untill the real one walks in

What is this for a Technik idiot loser hahaha

Open workout- bouncing around pumpin

Subscribe to my channel everyone 🔥🔥🔥

Dick head

Nate : take this weed khabib and smoke
Khabib: i don't smoke
Nate: fak that
Khabib: i don't know what this man gonna do You think smoke gonna help you

Tony: you get mad kabib

Nate smokes weed ban for years Jones dose Steroids back in a month go figure.

He's a bum acting cool like bro your not anything good lmfao FACTS

The boyyy


What a G!

He doesn’t smoke good. Just take a hit and blows it out. You gotta inhale the smoke 💨

Love Nate Diaz

1:08 they both pulled there phones out at the same time

it's Medicine Much More Effective then pills All dat BS Trust Me vato(.WW.)