Nate Diaz Vapes Marijuana (CBD) at UFC 202 Press Conference

UFC 202 main eventer Nate Diaz hits the vape pen at his post-fight press conference. Diaz said he was vaping CBD oil, which is a cannabinoid or marijuana product.

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Love how interviewer ask Nate about change little did everyone knew Nate did change the game in the Cannabis rule (The Nate Diaz) for all sports 💯🔥👌🏽

Marijuan Guy😂😂

Clearly you don’t know the guy lol that’s weed

How can you be considered a great fighter when he takes so many hits. He should be honored for his ability to get beat up. Not many men can get beat as much as Diaz but still, he should get something ya know

masdival fucked this false sport chiken marikita

Steroids should be legal in sports. I mean everyone is using them and every athlete has to use a certain type due to insane training sessions.

This guy is a crack head 😂

Can some 1 give me a link for buy his sweat pls 😍😍

That’s a dab cart boys

What a boss !!! Respect !!!

Legal in Canada. Whats the big deal?

CBD is not weed

he got straight up high during that😂

Look at bros face he can do what he wants with that pen, I wouldn’t care if bro was smacking a damn concentrate

He needs that pen. He looks really messed up in the face from all the fighting

When he said change is happening he sure was right (with the rule change)

Nate is a str8 up G

It’s legal now officially for recovery purposes 😬

You think it was just a CBD cart or a THC and CBD cart?🤣

He looks here like he can cast for the movie mask


It isn’t CBD, Nick was interviewed a few days later and was asked about this he said it wasn’t CBD, it was chronic

No even inhaling fucking Pusey he lost look at his face

That is so THC not CBD

Real gangster diaz bros...💯

He got fucked up

“ for medicinal use only “

I get all my CBD right from , Im always making sure people who sale this stuff have the COA or some kind of paperwork from there lab results, making sure the CBD is pure and healthy.

He is smoking weed for real, his brother Nick Diaz mentioned it here
starts at 4:30

CBD lol

Daiz is a rugged dude much respect to him ✌✌✌

His face looks painful

Just became a Nate Diaz fan.....

Wax pen bud not just CBD and I’m not bashing him I’m just saying

CBD is not dark like that, that is THC Oil

Nate is cool but homey is burnt

Local vape stores sell CBD oil too.

this pussy doesn't even inhale

Title is wrong. CBD is not Marijuana but nice try.

best ones i've tried so far -

an someone PLZ explain where can I buy CBD online?

cbd liquid*

Ariel always the buzz kill

Brain dead dude. Vaping rocks though.

I use the CBD which helps me, I feel great! I believe this product. Great products at the

CBD is AMAZING and not even psychoactive... I support his vaping.

CDB is not marijuana, dipshits

Wasn't even holding it in

I’d be on CBD heavy too if my job was getting punched in the face in a cage. CBD is God’s gift.

Most of the athletes vaping CBD are using the ones that also contain Synthetics (diamond, magic puff, liquid gold, etc.) When I went to go buy my OrganRX the guy was out because an Atlanta Falcons player bought every single one lol. What a fiend.

Cbd is nature’s gift to us

ariel helwani is the feds

Did you ever hear that nick said after the fact that because he already pissed after the fight he was totally smoking chronic there haha

Lmao that’s a nice battery

Marijuana guy

Cbd oil is great stuff but it has to be the good stuff and not the cheap and nasty stuff that does nothing for u. Yet all u haters need to check it up as the benefits are brilliant and it's about time the world in general saw this miracle drug.

All athletes should use CBD that shit is the fucking cure to everything

CBD isn't marijuana

Ah.. yes. Marijuana is very essential to the body and mind. Took the words right outta my mouth. Lol


cbd oil if u know what that is help in healing before n.aftr fight

That shit wasn't cbd my boy Nate was smoking wax thc!!!!

""""""cbd"""""" haha he's stoned af.

I need me one of em

Reporter probably wanted some ganja

That's cbd...not weed and legal everywhere

CBD isn't marijuana. It's a component of marijuana which helps with inflammation. It doesn't get you high, it doesn't have the prime component, "THC", enough of it I mean, to get you high.

Bro he even said that wasnt cbd in another interview

can u not interrupt people

Ya homie get it right cbd if u don't know what that is now u do bru lmao

He’s saying he won 😂, look at the state of his face

Cbd won't do shit. It's thc that makes you high. People use cbd for medical reasons.

Connor fucked him up in the second fight.

Nate is kings

Cmon every this is nate fuckin Diaz we all know damn well that wasn’t CBD

bitch doesnt even inhale

CBD isn't marijuana. It's just an active ingredient.

Obvious advertisement .

Really? Marijuana product? MMAWeekly do you even know WTF you are talking about???
Or are you just trying to sell HYPE to get views?
CBD is 100% LEGAL in ALL states. It doesn't get you high.

CBD oil bruh CBD oil

"Vapes marijuana"

cbd is bullshit! only legalized to fool people nd make money of some drugs

It’s hemp not marijuana

Cbd is totally different then weed dumbass

CBD is not weed. Does not get you high

He smokes like a bitch haha

Laughing my ass off. Only Nate fucking Diaz could go to a UFC P.C. & puff puff away on that mary J.

This dude is gonna be in trouble when he’s older his brain is fucked my lord the way he talks and shit damn

Has no thc so it's completely legal

He sounds retarded

CBD is just 1 attribute in cannabis that heals but it wont get someone high

Marijuana and CBD are not the same thing.

So ?

That’s not cod that’s a dab tank, I’m smoking one one as I’m typing

CBD? That's for kids with squeaky voices.

Lol I highly doubt that's just cbd. Its either THC concentrate mixed with CBD or THC Concentrate.

He's setting himself straight after getting hit by a truck lol

Cbd isn't weed

cbd isn’t marijuana

Lol I love how hes toking it like he knows hes not supposed to be doing it.