Nate Diaz Works Out + Smokes Game Up CBD Before Anthony Pettis Fight At UFC 241

MMA H.E.A.T.'s Wade Eck was at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, for the UFC 241 open workouts, where Nate Diaz showed off some moves for the fans, as well as some of his Game Up Nutrition CBD. In the co-main event, Nate will square off with former Lightweight champ Anthony Pettis in a Welterweight showdown!

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Yo who’s shorty at the beginning?

μεγάλε άρχοντα Ντιαζ...

Song name?

Hey I'm not surprised mothfuckers

I niech sobie pali. Na zdrowie Nate 🖐️🇵🇱

is it legal now for ufc fighters to smoke weed and be positive for thc?

Dana didn't suspend him for smoking cbd because he lost nick that was a huge loss of 💰..he knows Diaz fights are money fight

always listen to Pac

beating Conor = I'm not surprised mf........krs

It should be law by majority, if 75% of the country want it legal it should be legal not to mention the huge contribution to the economy.

love this guy. no Betty crocker. shit talker.plain warrior

Youtube captions has left the chat.

Jorge masvidal vs nate diaz

What the H@LL is Nate doing!

Grown ass man and still looks like a teenage fool. Good job nate.

Aint gunna end pretty for him, pettis a different animal


Nothing wrong with smoking a blunt. It's all good. it's legal.

Smoking weed before the betting on the other guy

A 30-something year old adult smokes weed and the crowd goes crazy as if the dude invented cure for cancer. SMH...grow the fuck up. This ain't highschool to think you are so cool, cuz you smoke weed.

Nate tKO via Vape smoke ring

I understood eveything, but again I speak Polish

I think the audio needs a little more reverb.

Anthony gona get a Stockton Slap!

Sloopy warming up Diaz is funny as fuck

Pass the dutchie on the left hand side.


0:11 omg the thickness... 😍

Real ones

The audio was about as intelligible as Stipe Miocic speaking directly into my ear

Looks like he's smoking more than that.

Can,t hear a word he,s saying the echo not one word....

White Snoop

Am not surprised