NEWEST Sub-Ohm SPORT Vape Tank for Thick Oils and CBD by HoneyStick 510 Thread | How to use |

Dan Hoff , COO of HoneyStick introduces the Sub Ohm sport vape tank for oils as the latest 510 thread tank set to offer high quality award winning vape for oils and cbd.

This awesome tank has a 5W-60W operating range and is used on all forms of essential oils and CBD. This tank has a powerful efficient heater to provide maximum flavor and allow you to dial up the power.

The tank has a variable airflow control to let you zone in on the perfect draw with wide bottom orient inlet holes to make the tank "oil-efficient" and make priming the tank very easy. Honey Girl - Tash also jumps in to help demo the unit to show you just how easy and how this unit runs with some CBD Gold line Mango flavored liquid.

This tank runs through the key features and benefits of the Sub Ohm Sport Vape Tank. Each oil tank HoneyStick makes is leak free, so fill it with assurance and enjoy.

This tank will give you No waist, Best performance, Best flavor!

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Comment if you have any questions and we will answer them in our next video 😎

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Check out HoneyGirl review of the HRB:

Always remember Vape Responsibly & Stay Lifted!

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Will this take hash oil?

imo the vape is so low for a hard hit for a 165$ i dont understand she is tring to hard to get a cloud but it isnt giving it to her like the gr8t date night go back to his place and she is ready but only gets 1min then he is off to sleep

Does this tank work for pure honey oil that's really really thick and not mixed with anything? And is this the best tank for that or is there a better option. Thanks.

does this tank work with thick thc oil ?

A prince tank is like having dabs even with 10% mix

HoneyGirl is beautiful and an amazing soul

Is this tank for cbd vape juice with vg/pg?

@Dann Hoff when will you have tournament coils for the original sub ohm?

What a awkward video ! Honeygirl shyly tries to contribute (but has nothing relevant to say really) and Dan seems generally annoyed that she speaks at all.
Sorry, but you folks can do much better than this attempt to sell new product and also market your brand (to teenage boys!?).

Does this work for pure uncut distillate

Why does the liquid go through n gets on my tongue when I vape

I have run one tank thru the tank. The first one was good and what I expected for the most part. Towards the end of the first tank I found myself having to increase the wattage. Now on the second taste is gone. I still find myself having to increase the wattage as well. I’m guessing I have to change the coil. I would be disappointed if it requires a new coil with each tank???

Have you tried it with Solvent710 Liquid Zags DIY solution? Vaping their Pink Berry Kush. I wonder how it would taste on this coil?

So I think the coil burned just from turning on the unit without any oil in the tank. No I did not take a hit I just screwed in the tank as suggested in the video. You did not talk about filling the tank until 1/2 way through the video. It smells burned now. You do not talk about what the temperature should be at. So I left it at what it was when I turned on the unit. It says 230C is that good? 000v and 058 ohms. Is this all correct?

I have a Smok mag and a Smoant Naboo, does anyone know if I can vape CDB on this ?

Whats the average cost of a bottle of cbd oil like that? Im in Washington state

will it work well with shatter or wax made into ejuice by wax liquidizer?

where do you get that mango cbd oil?

can you use the Wax Cartridge Replacement for the Phantom with an elf vape?

Honey girl wasn't inhaling 😆. I want to know what materials are in the coil. Is it cotton, pulp, etc. What's the igniter, steel, mesh, wickless ceramic....? How long does each coil last with an all day vaper? These are important things I need to know.

Dan More Honey please !!!

what PG/VG Ratio do you use to prime your coils???.. and is is just plain PG

Hmmm 😉 the girl below looks familiar?

BEST Sub-Ohm EVER made!!! We've been using it since it came out with ZERO flaws. Works Perfectly!! We will be getting much more Sport Tanks from you guys! Thank you soo much for making this!! Only one on the market! Go Honeygirl, also!