People Reveal Their High Horror Stories

"I know that that's not true but my high brain won't let me think that it wasn't."


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One day I ate an edible at a friends house but it didn't hit the first so i thought it was okay to drive home but I got so high on my way that ended up in other city, without my wallet. Fortunatelly the gas I had was enough to drive back home.

at Whataburger a customer told my high ass he wanted grilled onion rings and I just stared at him like 👁👄👁

that happens so much when u take one big hit and cant breath but the time ur breath is back your fried

Im high asl right now having an anxiety and panic attack

who gets that way when they high? its not like it was psychedelics or some. You should b able to control yoself if not dont do it

Glad I'm not the only one who's had bad horror highs I've had them multiple times

i've never had a bad trip on weed. Only when I drank too much alcohol

Never had a bad experience edibles have always been my favorite

Have ever got high and tried to throw the bad memories out of yo head and try to keep the good ones. And then when I was I thinking of the bad memories I would be making up my own songs and dancing to it 😂😂

These stories were lame tbh lol where do they find these people? 😂 Just remembered another story I forgot about. At 13 spent the night at my friends and we found her moms bag of weed. We had NO clue how to smoke it. We rolled entire buds in a paper and just licked the glue and it was falling apart, but worked well enough lol smoked the ENTIRE bag outside on her trampoline. I couldn’t even walk or stop laughing. Crawled into her house and legitimately ate an entire loaf of bread with all the lunch meat they had in the fridge but then my mom called and I LOST it lol was convinced she knew what I did. I went to shower thinking it would erase it all and just cried my eyes out in there 😅 Those were the days, I guess. Wouldn’t take back that experience for anything though and is absolutely hilarious now thinking back.

Smoking is bad for your health

Y’all can’t hang 🤣

One time my best friend and I bought a blunt from this guy who seemed legit, we took a poof and everything was cool and theeen we started to get very hyperactive but at the same time we are in slow motion; we started panicking. Luckily my boyfriend was taking care of us but then we found out that blunt also had cocaine and that guy didn't told us. It was awful.

when you get older you learn its not controling you. and it will pass... somehow young people are more at risk "overdosing" by eating some mystery content, it can be bad.. maybe carry with you a raw fresh cannabisbud for when that happens cause its the only thing that will counteract the bad trip, eat it raw... and stick to simplicity don't put something in your mouth you do not know who made it or what it is or how much of what went into it...... its just not wise.. if you would like to do cannabis start slow , with a natural fresh product thats been stored the right way and hasnt been lying around for ages that stuff will fall apart by ultra violet light and get nasty , you get sick..

I have fun with edibles tho

Always smoke weed. Never take edibles. Just regular indica weed in a pipe. Thats the only way I can smoke without getting anxiety.

Yea I guess that can be said for peanut allergies too!😂😂😂☠☠

To much light in the video but good haha

Its basically a high day dream horror nightmare storie

Just wondering if you make a cut in your arm and rub weed on the cut will you get high?

you know your high when you start understanding the meaning of color.

I smoked a full joint of pure cannabis having only smoked it once before. I got water from the kitchen an halfway through drinking it I panicked thinking I got the water from the toilet bowl......

being high isn’t even that bad tho

I called my sister the grim reaper when I was high lol I thought the door way of my bedroom was the portal to the afterworld

ngl these stories were so uninteresting

Once I got so high that I thought I was trapped inside my head and that I was watching myself through my mind. I kept asking my friends ‘are we real’

My most relatables is the last one except it was 3 minutes that passed and i thought it was 3 hours -_-

Dominos Pizza= "Hands over credit card machine
Me= Pays for the food, puts the machine in my pocket and hands them over my credit card...
This happens way too often haha.

I threw a bowl of cereal on my bed instead of my phone

I'm watching this h*gh and idk what's happening

“Just you know, be responsible”😂😂😂😂

I wanna try edibles like honestly Idc like I just want to try it I wanna have an experience too😭😭

one time i got so high, i was convinced that my parents were trying to kill me.. 👁👄👁

you no u high when u see the weed Gods

This one time I got really high I thought I had a fat zit on my chin so I tried popping it... Turns out their wasn’t anything on my face and I ended up making my self bleed

I love a good high whorer story

bru i took a fat hit off a dab for my first time and like everything was shaking

I'm so lucky I don't get paranoia. Otherwise I wouldn't smoke. Weed definetly helps mellow me out when my anxiety is bad. Weed is absolutely not for everyone and that's okay.

Who else came here after a bad trip?

It's hilarious cause it's true. I relate to all 3 of these stories. Also I'm really high right now coming down from a bad high... That's why I Google it

I got so high the other night that I thought my lungs were bleeding for some reason.

4:31 I miss that high

Does anyone else feel like when you eat or swallow you feel like your throat is a mini conveyer belt and you feel it’s gonna come back up 😂

People say your heart races when you are high, but for me, when I'm high, I can't feel anything. Not even my heart. So lowkey, if I had a heart attack, I prolly wouldn't know.

I also have to now and then remind myself that I'm not dreaming.

Also, I cannot help but to talk about just how high I am when I'm high, like, "Dude, I'm so f*ckin high".

Stoner stories from non stoners are the best😂😂

I wish I could get high too

If weed does this to you that’s completely exaggerated by your own mind and its a placebo

Every time I would get high in high school I would get to my building like around 12 A.M but normally would not make it up to my apartment until like 1- 1:30 A.M. that’s because I would get in the elevator and press the button and just stand there for ages. Eventually I would realize that I was pressing the button for the first floor while being on the first floor and I was just standing in the middle of the elevator for the over 40 mins just listening to music.

I was so high some time ago that I thought the news I was watching on TV was a movie 😂. Seriously it was kind of silly but also funny.

Me watching this high 🛑 👄🛑

wtf is this? did they do acid maybe? because i don’t understand how this is even true.

I once got so high at school that my friends convinced me that I pissed my pants in front of everybody and made me go to the lost and found and change my clothes...😕

Subtitles: Euchylia

I love smoking hash so I love it.

one time i was high in the shower i fell and i thought i broke my back 😂

People act like when your high your tripping sacks

If y’all haven’t tried listening to Lana Del Rey while high (whether you enjoy her music or not).....DO IT!!!

Bruh I be high and start feeling waves thru my body

This gonna be a long comment so bare with me.

So I don’t smoke often right, maybe 1 every 3 months or so. But this time, me included with 2 other people smoked 3 blunts. It was normal until I felt like I could’ve done anything i felt like. I felt like i had telekinesis (didn’t work) but after a few minutes, I felt and saw the whole universe coming together to be one being. It was like at that moment of me being high was the last step of the experience and that I (the universe) was finally able to rest and everything was shutting down. As I felt this, it felt like when you flip pages in a book towards the end because everything in this universe was flashing before my eyes so quickly and I was convinced that I found the reason for the existence of the universe. There were people around but I heard and saw no one as this was going on.

I can remember that as the whole universe started to flash before my eyes that I started to chant these randomly assorted letters/numbers/words as if it was like some sort of seal to assure the end of the universe. When I was saying them, it felt as if everything was coming to a close but the purpose of the universe was being set. I then heard a voice in my head that said that this is total peace as I transcended into a white space as everything started to slow down and I started to breath heavily then everything stopped. And at this point, it felt as if I remembered that I am the universe and my own only job is to come in harmony and go to sleep (or to end).

Then after that I experienced the same thing again once, then twice, then infinite number of times until everything was moving at the speed of light and i felt and seemed like i was getting sucked down a huge drain coming to the real “reality”. Then everything went blue and I saw a message come up which said “I told you that you would love this experience” and after that, I was fully convinced that everything was ending. I didn’t feel my body, I didn’t hear any outside noise, I was fully submerged in the visuals but it seemed so real that it’s sickening. I then laughed inside of the visuals and “remembered” that I made a bet with someone that he would never be able to make me feel the best experience of my life. Then I told him i loved him then the universe evened out into a white fine line then it disappeared and i felt total peace for like a minute. I could not even tell you where I was at that point. It seemed as if the universe had finally completed its purpose which was just to rest. Then I realized that i was just tweaking and come to find out that i was screaming and yelling the whole time.

I went upstairs then had the similar visuals again but then this time i felt as if i was going to “wake up” in a new dimension of some sort. Then when i came to i got my glasses, looked at myself in the mirror and then realised that i was and everyone around was more real than they ever been before.

This was last night, the way i explained it was only like 15% of what actually happened cus it’s still confusing to explain what had happened to me but all imma say is that it felt more real than reality itself. I can still remember pieces pf the chant that i said. Everyone i told this told told me that this is far from normal.

my first time hotboxing 2 blunts with my man & 2 of his friends i embarrasses myself the entire time because we had to walk home an i was fainting and i couldn’t walk straight. as soon as we got home i threw up and took a week nap for 2 hours lmao.

A horror high story ? I smoked hash , and I knew later it was laced with ketamine , and I went into an unexpected k hole , the rest is a mystery🤯

Try acid

I’ve had like a total of 8 edibles all 200 mg +and not 1 has hit except 1 from the dispo but it felt more like cbd I was just mildly tired not even high wax all the way

Whenever I get into a bad trip I have to remember that your high is influenced by your attitude and those around you. So I always make sure to surround myself with positive, fun, and reliable people, and if I start to feel panicky I just tell myself to relax, I’m having a good time and then put on some music.

i greened out my first time smoking with 3 other boys my age 😐😐😐😐😭

Sometimes you feel like you’re not alive lmao, like you’re there but you’re not.

Edibles ruin weed for so many people because they don’t research how much they should have

y’all just can’t hack😂

Mich97 that never happened to me but that’s funny asf😂

I had a bad trip from an edible.....sigh. Mistakes were made that day

one time i got so ZOOTED that i believed i was a boy and none of my friends believed me so i like cried all.. night?

One time I thought my body turned into a factory type vibe and I freaked out

i read the bio the exact moment she said that and i don't think i'll ever have luck like that ever again

bruh i have a great one

How tf do you guys get so high

One time me and some friends were smoking at a campfire next to a little river and out of nothing I started thinking that we are all trapped on earth because the government invited gravity so we can't escape... I
Next thing I knew was me sitting in a tree and not wanting to come down anymore 😂

depends on what i'm smoking hut sometimes when i'm high i think everyone i'm talking to is also high

if you part your edibles into pieces UR WEAK

Dam I'm high rn and I just was in all your stories

I've blacked out because of too much marijuana.
I've literally tried to test the limits of marijuana by eating hash oil in large amounts.
There is no limit to how high you can get on weed but the feeling is so overwhelming that you almost feel like puking and you can pass out from that bad feeling if it comes on real strong. I've been knocked out cold by the super strong buzz at least 6 times. I still have a small scar on my ribs from blacking out and falling because of eating hash oil.

Also uncontrollable laughter is a painful side effect. Don't test the limits of marijuana or you will get hurt like I did.

You'll be high for two days at the most, after that dose it gets into the 'dark zone' where you feel like your blacking out or falling asleep but your just really buzzed. Then the sickness will come on every hour or so and it feels like too much alcohol but not as bad but still so bad you'll think you're gonna puke. And I have puked from it before.

But with too much alcohol you recover in an hour or so... With edible overdose it takes all day to get over it. Sometimes 2 days of sickness if you eat a whole lot at once.

Don't eat raw raw hash oil by the gram unless you need it for pain or something. It's too strong. It's a clean feeling though so it feels real good.

Like a real clean pure moonshine buzz if you've ever drank that before then you'll know how much cleaner that feels than wine or whiskey.

And I've only ate rosin hash oil made from real hash ( kief).
I've never eaten concentrate hash oil ever (butane hash oil or wax or something)

Definitely definitely do not eat the concentrate type of hash in large amounts because i know how foggy that stuff makes your mind because I've smoked a few hits of shatter before and it was a bad high. (Not comfortable, too sleepy, in a fog)

I only smoke kief and rosin and bud. Screw concentrate hash oil it's not even real hash. Just weed concentrated down. Real hash doesn't contain the same stuff as buds but only stronger. Real hash has a different effect from the buds of the same plant. Just as moonshine has a better effect than Brandy because moonshine it is only alcohol and not the other chemicals caused by fermentation such as menthol and sulphur (also the tasty flavors in the Brandy or wine or whatever add to the hangover effects and will make you sicker than pure moonshine)

(you could drink a lot of good moonshine and not even get sick, most people don't know that and just get real sick on other types of drinks because they love the flavor of wine or whatever. Moonshine is the real alcohol. Everything else is diet alcohol.

Following that example of alcohol, I assume eating butane hash oil or wax would make you sicker than eating good pure kief turned into rosin.

(But you gotta boil it for a minute first or it Won't get you very high) or just cook it into brownies or whatever. It has to be brought up to a boil for a few minutes or the THC won't be completely activated.

My phone fell in between the cousins one time and I was too lazy to get it so I tried to phase into a reality where it was sitting there on the table and then I saw it there so I thought it was me phasing into another reality and got really sad Bc I was gonna miss my home and everything but it turns out my friend just put it there lol

That girl in the grey did not think that someone was a murderer she was faking it I know because I’m high too!

I’d love more of this

One time I got so stoned that I went to the refrigerator and just stared into it because I thought I was at the grocery store

They just can’t handle weed

My first time over I used a bong smoked a joint I was already crazy high my eyes were pure red then I went to my friends house and used a bong and I left earth idk if I used weed or what but I seen the bathroom sign guy bolt across the road and I thought that was normal and my facial features would go from shock to smiling I was shaking like crazy and I could barely walk

These mfs are so weak I take acid like it’s snacks


After a couple of times of smoking I developed depersonalization which I’m still dealing with I’m not bashing weed I know a lot of people who it helps. Just be careful please!

Oh yeah.. And these are the same people you don't want to be sober with either. Marriage relationship??? I just met you.!!!???

technically we are in space tho

Anyone else get 10 fps in real life when high as hell ?

my dog ran away and i went running after it got like a mile-

the first girl literally has to be from Cali

I felt like I knew everything and I told God to take it all back and that I didn't want it. I get why God is God.

you know you are high asf when you feel like you are lagging in real life

I was so high i went square dancing in a round room :)

I remember one time I got so high from an edible that I literally forgot that doors were invented and had a mental breakdown Because I thought I would never be able to leave my room

I got high.. I got so high and I didn't realize how high I was.. So I smoked some more.. I then realized I was very high. Not high; but really really high..
I then proceeded to drink 2 bottles of very good and expensive sparkling white. Boy was ever high...