Questions surround CBD oil after causing failed drug tests

Thousands of Hoosiers are now taking the dietary supplement for arthritis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and other medical condition benefits. But while many people report CBD oil effectively reduces or eliminates their pain, others worry it might eliminate their job because of failed drug tests.


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I ordered cvd oils waiting to try trying to find out us it safer, doctors won't tell me because it's not FDA approved...even though for my wegners autoimmune disorder and arthritis to try marijuana oil from dispensary...Wow I take tramadol which i heard is compared to heroin, and once hydrocodone these are narcotics even had others prescribed but these drugs aren't a issue? And drug testing no worries m. But a plant grown from the earth is a issue or is it a threat to big pharma smh


They clearly need to think their laws and policys.

damn doper.

A commonly used test at many labs can erroneously come back positive for marijuana metabolites when a person uses CBD oil. The drug testing method in question involves a common chemical analysis device called a gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry, or GC-MS, machine. When it uses derivatization chemical agents such as trifluoroacetic anhydride, or TFAA, 

According to the 2012 journal article, TFAA when used by a GC-MS machine was unable to discern between CBD and THC. If a person who used only CBD were given a drug test that employed this device, method and chemical, the results would falsely report the presence of THC.

LabCorp’s has a test 701907; Cannabidiol (CBD)/Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Ratio, Urine use is: To assist in distinguishing whether a positive urine THC test is exclusively the result of CBD use. 

Please search it, learn and spread the word to avoid others being wrongfully accused.

Also read “CBD or THC? Common Drug Test Can’t Tell the Difference” from the New York Times.

If you need to be clean don't take this shit

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People looking at this the wrong way....Pot can be legal, yet companies can still enforce their own policies on THC....alcohol is legal, yet if show up to work drunk can be terminated.
Companies need to change their own internal policy on acceptable levels of THC...that's where the issue is...

Fucking laws! Out of control! They need to be changed

This is a sad video and purely propaganda. No "free" citizen should have to explain to anyone else why they are practicing their so called freedoms.

Dude, he just used the marijuana and didn't drop out of work to join a street gang to rob people for more drugs. This can't be possible.

High is such a shallow word.....

id be more concerned with an employee coming to work drunk...maybe they should breathalise every employee before work...

Use it challenge the emplyers and agencies that are violating federal law in court.

Weed should be legal in all states you can drink poison but can’t use weed😂😂 that’s the craziest shit

Judge people on the quality of their work, NOT the quantity of drug metabolites in their urine.
This is hilarious and sad all at once.
" can't they test to see where the the came from" "no they cant"
If they can't determine where it's coming from and when it was consumed, then it's just an invasion of privacy checking out our urine contents. That's a huge invasion of privacy.
If the law enforcement wants to use it, and these people find relief and aren't causing harm. What's the harm?
Do we finally see thru the facade, the true leaders of this country. the pharmaceutical industry is the man behind the mirror, pulling the strings.
Legalization of all drugs is a must for our future

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

The government is trying to keep us from the benefits of marijuana. They lose money for the pharmacies. Stay Woke.

Thc will build up in your fat cells

Try to cure with WeedBorn CBD products :)

Its good for you.

only if it’s not pure cbd isolate and the carrier oil. pure cbd oil made from pure cbd isolate u will not test positive and it’s cheaper to buy the cbd isolate and the oil look it up u can spend 60-70 $ for like a five gram container of pure cbd isolate and make five 30ml bottles aka 5 one once bottle so u got a total of five one month bottles of 1,000 mg bottles. it cost more to but one bottle of cbd oil then to make enough for 3-5 month for cheaper than one bottle

I support it

Some of these cbd companies are going to get their asses sued off, and some people are going to end up in jail if they aren’t doing things right, especially in certain states .


Said every pothead ever

Those marijuana tests, actually test for cbd and thc, so 🧐🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

Doctors are probably getting pissed about cbd

Poppy seeds

This dumbass was taking full spectrum. You need to take broad spectrum which has ALL of the THC removed.

I know police officers that use full spectrum CBD who take if for chronic back pain and chronic neck pain and it works! The low THC content is part of the full spectrum effect on your body. YOU'RE NOT HIGH!! CBD oil with THC is not a psychoactive product! Employers need to re think drug policies.

The theatrics in the video is so dramatic lmao 🤣 "How long you been using this stuff!?" 🤨

The drug policy should be changed .when you get 100 Percent production when you have pain that cbf cures but the eligal one helps cure cancer I see they use it for pain but not for cancer?

Big Pharma = major donors to political parties. Hence a plant that grows from the ground that is actually beneficial won't be legallized without a major fight.

anyone know of a brand that won't turn up positive?

Legalize marijuana

I was taking CBD oil. I was takin it maybe every 3 or 4 days once a day. I tested positive at my job that I've had for over 11 years and got fired on the spot. It's legal on a federal and state level where I live as long as it's below .3% THC. How is that justified?

Does he not know that they sell Broad Spectrum oils that have no THC?

I don't smoke anything at all for a long time ,but I'd like to say it real cbd is the same effect as drinking a glass of wine. Alot is USDA approved with no gmo. I think the idea of real cbd flower and supplements is absolutely great idea for people who don't wanna have a glass of wine or beers. It's a way to be socially active with people ,real cbd helps people relax among other things , tests should have nothing to do with work cause if you do it after work it has nothing to do with work what so ever also has no effects of function to do activity. This is information aquired over the yrs and doctors . But ,I'm very happy that they did a video so everyone can voice there opinion on the situation in a non hateful manner - freedom of the world. This is voice from some who doesn't smoke anything what so ever. If this is true video we need to change the way the system works.

You will test positive! Lawyers won't take the case. The testing center will pretend like it is not possible. The Cbd oil companies will continue to downplay the risk. You, however, will no longer have the income to purchase anymore.

people need to stop being scared it is legal point three of THC you can always fight it and Win It we the people stand up 4 rights for a holy medicine big Pharma will not win

seems to amaze me how little people have come with knowledge of CBD and THC CBD needs some THC as a carrier binder to make it work just pure CBD is not going to cut it knowledge is power people THC cures and helps cancer CBD doesn't. one cannot live with out the other Help is change this.😀

Just make weed legal simple fix

Just make it illegal to test for marijuana it dosent harm people who cares if someone smokes at joint at home to relax they don’t test people to make sure there not alcoholics why test people for pot

Ol Seymour tx lol

I think one of the culprits is the sensitivity of the THC test. It can pick up levels marijuana that you smoked 30 days ago. Can you imagine an alcohol test that could detect a beer that you drank a month ago? And made no distinction that you were under the influence at the time of the test? America would NOT allow that to continue. But because it is marijuana related and some are ignorant and hysterical about it, it's OK. That is, until it effects someone with money or connections.

Veterans Administration Patient Kicks Opiates with Hempworx CBD Isolate

This is an excellent report and the subject needs vetted. Hempworx Isolate formula got two of my clients through a drug screen without a speck of CBD present. It's a true isolate. We also have a THC Free Coffee that my clients use and have passed drug screens.

One of my clients who passed is an EMT / Firefighter. The other is a patient in the VA.

I'm an Indianapolis based national consultant for Hempworx. I am happy to consult with anyone concerned about THC in a work related drug screen.

Im on that See-bee-dee hell ill be the guniea pig.* Pause* It came back paws-i-tive. Lmao someone needs to get him high

But yet u can drink buy pills and coke is number 2 on drug list the government doesn’t want u feeling better with out prescription

Yup...I'm a suboxone patient on a very low dose of suboxone. Currently weaning & planning on being off within a few months. To get my suboxone monthly refill I have to piss in a cup. I was floored yesterday to have my doctor tell me I was positive for THC! I vehemently denied marijuana use and he believed me because we have a relationship of trust since meeting monthly for over a year now. However, on the drive home it occurred to me that CBD is the likely culprit & when I looked up whether or not CBD can cause a positive THC result I found that it's possible. Now, I'm living proof. I'm taking about 3,000 mg/day of CBD and it's worked near-miracles for my anxiety. Now I must stop because if I test positive at my high-paying career as an aircraft mechanic, which I LOVE, I will almost certainly get terminated. Warning! Be damn careful with CBD if you ever have to take a UDS/UA (drug test)!

It's not full spectrum they using hemp

It sounds like the drug test doesn't work then

My third testicle tested positive for thc after just one injection of marijuanas and my anus has been in turmoil since.

Things that are legal: Killing babies, Pharmaceuticals (POISON ) smoking cancer sticks, drinking alcohol (poison), GMO's, etc etc.

This world is corrupt and the people running it are evil you got puppet masters and you got your puppets... I don't want your stupid synthetic drugs keep your heroin and opiates! Let me choose whether or not CBD is good for me. Oh, I forgot y'all don't want to cure society ya'll want to keep'em stupid and dumb enough to follow stupid laws!

My rant is over #stayhumble

Such a shit fest. Get this crap fixed so ppl can use CBD there is no reason why they shouldn't be able to. Garbage

Honestly, there is nothing wrong with using the full thc version of the cannabis plant 🌱 (or marijuana plant). It’s an absolute horror that in today’s society it’s still not legal for adults in all U.S. states to use cannabis if they so choose. It is for tobacco, nicotine containing products, and alcohol. All of these products have been proven to be more dangerous than cannabis. Yet, society’s willingness, the medical community, and even more so, the political parties willingness to accept cannabis has been a knock down and drag out fight for way too long. Legalize it dammit!!

Easy solution LEAGLIZE MARIJUANA that's all carry on

Raise sensitivity of thc in drug tests wtf

So everyone that is taking CBD for anxiety, is now worried about drug testing? If that's not ironic; I don't what is.

This needs to be fixed. The US Government can fuck it's self. Let's take this on. I'll join any petition or law suit.

I'm taking CBD oil for severe anxiety. I'm worried because I have to take a drug test for a new job.

Go to walmart cvs wallgreens other stores they sell hemp has hair skin and body products cause its good for us

No such thing as zero thc cbd. All the companies that claim 0 thc are straight up lying

That bih said "They will think I'm a pothead" ain't nothing wrong with that get a grip Gramps

I live in Texas, where marijuana will be the last place on Earth to become legal, and stores sell it and tax it. Claiming to be zero thc. Could I legally sue that store? Or company? In their store it clearly says all products are zero thc and 100% pass drug screens. What if I fail?

Thanks for shedding light on this. Too many CBD companies and educators are lat out lying and telling customers they will pass a drug test.

Feds need to take it off the schedule 1 classification....would solve all these problems.

when i take cbd oil pills all my body pains go away 👍

You can’t smoke that much he probably tanned thru a whole bottle daily

Work drug policies regarding marijuana in any form, and American laws for that fact, are completely ridiculous. What someone does on their own time is none of my employers business. And now with CBD improving lives and productivity during the work day they mean even less. If someone wants to use marijuana in a safe environment, so be it. If you're clearly high at work the rules are just the same as for someone who had 3 beers at lunch. Go home, don't do it again, and if you do you're fired.

Fuck Tax Collectors!

"So, now, they think, im a pothead." As if being a pothead is a bad things. Potato chips have rights too!

Good story. Lawmakers should protect us from losing our jobs by using a product they allow. We're just trying to do our part and be happier .and healthier

Can we just make drug testing illegal?

I mean, if you’ll test positive either way just do the real thing 😏

All you gotta do is look around a little to realize we are hot free. In fact we have more people per capita in prison than anywhere else on earth including north Korea and China. We're not doing well in human rights and digbity

Weed shouldnt be illegal in the first place

I used Ananda CBD oil & failed a drug test for a job at fed ex. So yes its true

Yes. It will show on a drug TEST!! That's your answer. I watched the video. He only ingested the %1 THC cbd oil. So if you smoke %1 hemp buds. Then yes again it will show positive. POSITIVE POSITIVE POSITIVE!!!

cbd wont show up as long as u make sure your getting the stuff that is extracted from hemp been on parole for a year and passed everytest




No details here on what tests they had, or what amount they were looking for.

That driver is lying he smoking some flower

Even if they were smoking weed who cares as long as they don't smoke or come to work high let people do there shit we shouldn't have to bend our lives for a stupid job

Even though it has below the cutoff limits of D9THC, the low amounts can build up in someones system faster than the body can clear it from the fat cells. Using it for an extended time can easily cause someone to have enough metabolites in their system to fail. There are CBD isolates that are 99.9% pure, that do not contain any THC, but I have read that some less reputable brands have been using dangerous synthetic cannabinoids in them. Only buy CBD products that can come with a reputable lab report.
I feel the pain here, I was using Queen City Hemp oil a few years ago for insomnia, and lost my job when they had to test everyone. I do not use marijuana, I am a law abiding citizen. Fortunately my new job they are understanding of the issue, much happier here at my new job, just had my first year anniversary a few months ago!

You can't have pain relief unless big pharma sells if to you. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

The “land of the free” is one of the most government controlled nations in the world. We the people have lost all of our power

Great story!

Horrible journalism.. Marijuana IS Cannabis. Cannabis IS Marijuana. CBD comes from marijuana/cannabis. It's an amazing plant with therapeutic effects.

Time to redesign the tests🙄

Test the dispensery weed it has barely any thc doesnt even get u high yet i had one saying it was 27 percent and barely did anything.

Great bit of investigational journalism. More needs to be done to change testing protocols

We are so slow as a civilization to really help people. Fuck these laws they can suck my balls. CBD helps people so much.

When you use cbd on a daily basis, the small amount of thc builds up and stays in the system. Yes its low in thc but if you keep using it the thc stays in your system. Thats why the positive test shows up. Stay alert. It helps but if u keep using without stopping it will be in your system.

It compounds from daily use. The compounds. So 0.3% today, 0.6 tomorrow 1.2, 2.4, 6.8. just figure on it doubling daily give or take on dosage and your metabolism, water intake, body fat, daily activity.

So showing up at a drug test with opiates and amphetamines (e.g ritalin) is completely fine? LOL

Anyone else Hate the USA?

The Jobs in america are fucked up bullshit