Raw Pre-rolled cone CBD joint | Smoke session #5 juul session

What’s good youtube Ace back with my bro you guys will be seeing more of us, follow me on ig @everybodylovesacee

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Educate me on cbd you learn new things everyday it’s life !!!!

Nigga dry snitched on the plug tyron😂

I appreciate yall keepn it real. That's why I clicked

Y’all drink some vodka or rum with it and watch what happens you’ll be lit asf

good video. thanks

You can't go into this expecting your gona get high

Smokin on a cbd cone

Who’s the girl the one in the black shirt cause she as bigger titts

Grass is biological that's why they call it Mary Jane sweet THC

Am i the only one who actually got high off this bitch???

You guys are Kool 👌😎

That's my favorite phrase "smell like straight gas" 😂😂

The only thing cbd bud is good for, apart from pain relief.... is to mix it with the modern high thc bud out there. Half and half gets me flying in space. Too much thc though, I just vomit.

CBD not suppose to get you high

Your smoking a Jul and you say hemp flowers suck!?😂🤣 get the fuck out of here

I heard that could make u feel high. That’s why I’m getting sum to

I bought one and says no thc buy scared if I fail a drug test although if t does got some t should get out you’re body fast since it has very little what y’all think?

Young M.A yeha OUUUUUU

U are weird asses fuck u

I bought it

Just have to order it

You got purp Cush loud to

Lund kinda like xxx

Who's from Jamaica? I'm a new subscriber. Always dig seeing mi yardie bredrin dem pon YouTube or other social media doing their thing.

Had to add just a splash of Patois fi fun. 🇯🇲

It is weed

Smh lame shit. Mfer with know gas if it hit him in the face. Step your game up boys 💪

Not supposed to get you high , it kills Cancer

Its not really fake weed though. Its got little to no thc so it isnt meant to get you high. Its just for pain relief and anxiety and shit like that. Cbd isn't for getting high like Thc is.

Why big boy looking like he high through out da video.Baby lungs 😂

Lol it ain't a plug if he dont answer. You guys have no idea what you are doing "gang gang" lol that is cringe af, just stop trying to be honest...

Can u try the stizzy and tell me if it good

Both of you are fucking dumb. You smell like straight ass. Gay gang. Real gay shit.

If u somking to get high it's not doing that to u now if u doing it to relax n chill then it would of been a ten for yall

Yo Whats up Dudes... Nice Video..

U got the wrong stuff

Grab from black tie cbd good flower

I Love CBD I really never did like THC but smoked it cause that's all the streets had. But now shit fuck THC I'm good on getting high. I wanna feel chill and pain free

Nbs got same reaction shit taste weird you made same face I did lol

3:08 “We out here smoking a juul” #dead lmao😂💀

It's like diet weed

Get the cbd prerolls with 3%tch,or more, not that you suppose to get high but way better, great feelings,for panic attack s& anxiety way better, its different cbd weeds,& prerolls, all have different percentages,you got yours out of the store

I feel you about the plugs i understand we have to show respect but dealers be acting all funny style. That shit gets me hot thats why I wanna get a medical card.

smoking cbd expecting a thc high Lol, my theory about the peppermint taste is a lot of growers will flush their plants with pure h20 a week before harvesting to try and get the nutrients out of the soil so that you get a tasty smooth smoke, well, peppermint oil is used a lot in a spray that repels rodents and insects so maybe they flushed it with distilled peppermint oil because their plants were showing signs of pest around harvesting time and didnt want to lose the crop, its either that or the filter had peppermint

4:40 lol she talking about plugs catting then all of a sudden he just says "taxing"

It smells like straight gas cause it is in,fact cannabis aka "real weed" that has nutrients withheld to,prevent,the development of THC (the cannabinoid that gets you high) instead it develops CBD a non psychoactive but medical benficial cannabinoid used for paina and anxiety hense why you feel relaxed it can,help sleep and muscle spasms. it tastes weird mostly because of added peppermint. What a lot of "plugs" do is buy this flower in bulk and sell it for very cheap (Semi legaly state to state it varies.) You usually cant tell the difference until you smoke it but when you become familiarized with the flower you can begin to differentiate between the two. There really isnt much difference between what you buy from the store and dealer other than the content of cannabinoids and terpenes They look smell grow and smoke the same

“But guess what? We bought it out the store so we good” 😂

You low-key sound like xxx

I dont like the tast too.gotta mixs it.

is he XlooDy?

Do you get any high of this ??

Weed actually makes your mind busy, does the opposite of what people say it does, like chasing a dragon just not as bad as the meth dragon, period.

I like Lifter CBD hemp flower

Which state you guys live in? I thought many states legalised the real stuff now.

it helps with withdrawal, and yes you 💯 get withdrawal when you try go from 100+ grams a month to zero you can't eat can't sleep and just the taste and smell alone will make you wanna go back to chronicley smoking. Try CBD if you want to go on a tolerance break it's enough to push through

Im a plug 😂 I dont answer the ppl want a front all the damn time

I smoke CBD daily and I am so grateful for it💕 I sleep better and my anxiety is immensely better!
Off of all meds🙌🏻💙

Hi yea I don't like a lot of THC in my weed but I want a little I need that to for it to taste great peace

Wen you said I'll jus buy some weed....I was like...say no more


Want to review some of our CBD strains?

I accidentally bought a ton of weed that was CBD only even though I was in a legal state 💀

And I lowkey wanted to try this but every review on this is about how bad it is 😭😂

I love how you just called ya plug out 😂😂

I got a jug of CBD oil can I put it on a paper and roll some weed on it

I think the peppermint fucked it up tbh. You needa grab some cbd hemp flower it’s more gas ⛽️ check my last video

“It smell like straight gas” 😂😂😂 Classic lmao

save the cbd joint for after you've been smokin real, if u ever get too faded or are anxious the cbd helps calm you down. its not really meant for consumption on its own unless you need it for medical purposes.

Is that DJ lol . Whaddup my nigga we made it

money dont sleep

So how did it make you feel, I know not high but are you relaxed? Like a muscle relaxer? Calmer?
You dont even feel a little high?
Thanks for the answers :)

You actually brought cbd thinking it will get you thc high

Aye im on probo rn this wont show up on my drug tests will it ?😂

Can cbd weed and "thc weed" mixed can get you high? Does it reduces effects?

Cbd joints are bs,roll ur own Cbd flower,never buy the joints,over priced n just shake,bs I recommend Cbd Hemp cigars,over all pre rolls. Cbdhemp Direct

Tastes like some regular gas 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

Where did you get this

Please review some real bud, that was worth watchin, DO MORE !!!

Here's a good explaination of the difference between CBD and THChttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YPpV4xE_R3c

Cbd does not get you high. It has no THC. It relaxes you and for some it relieves pain an anxiety. Research cbd to get a full understanding of what cbd is and its great benefits!

medical uses only its for pain

Plug lol I get medical shit nigga 😂 gets me fucked up af not cbd garbage lol

Do a Juul unboxing and sesh please 👌🏽

They be fuckin

try holding it in 2 the lungs for 9 seconds

I smoked cbd flower in Vegas, I was pissed at my bitch and went back to the hotel and smoked a cbd blunt . Man my stress went away and it cleared my mind .

Whats the name of the website?

That mixed peppermint gon make it weak

man It's almost my dream to be able to use cbd I need the medical features of it but I live in brazil and it's ilegal to import and I spent over 100 euros to grow but all failed xD I'mma buy seeds again. the cbd will be good when you use daily only

Some of those from stores are made of straight up shredded stems LMAO

Did it get you high?