Russell Brand Wants to Know About DMT | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1283 w/Russell Brand:

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I have been a fan of Brand for a long time. But this dude's intelligence and mind are on a different level.

I had my first ego death/ near death experience on ketamine. I was disconnecting from the material world and myself as a human very fast to the point when I tried to retrieve information like my name, what I was, or where I was before the trip ie my bedroom. I could not fathom anything. I looked down at myself and I just seen my body beaming out golden light and then the rollercoaster of geometric patterns started. I was also in a never ending white room. The scariest moment of my life as I thought "no you've gone to far this time and your dead and this is the after life and I'm stuck on this roller coaster" shit was crazy. I was very relieved to finally start piecing together my bedroom and seeing straight lines and walls.

1:38 Joe Rogan stretching sound

For anyone curious ketamine is only as strong as depicted here unless you do inject it or take a very large amount

Russell you need to interview Santos Bonacci. Know they self

Russel Brand. Phew. What an intellect.

Machine elves made me think of those little alien things in toystory

Where can i get DMT uk

CBD is great for alleviating symptoms; however, it just feeds this cultural propensity we have toward pain management without getting to and potentially solving the root causes of said pain.

Russell Brand is a massive egotistical dickhead and an embarrassment to the British people. He’s one of those really fucking stupid people who thinks he’s intelligent because he learned a few “big words”.

Russel is a weird character.
Also this is amusing.. it is two grown men in their 40s or 50s having revelations about commonsense. It is so amusing to see russell being totally absorbed into telling that some people get too obsessed etc. Those are things normal people know early on.
His comment bout this being some secondary reality sounded schizophrenic almost, but hopefully not.
In short - do less drugs, dudes, and actually (like with reading, listening and trying different works) educate yourselves and you will not have childish revelations about extremely basic stuff at age 50. You will have them sooner and thus guide your life in a MUCH better, wealthier, interesting way.
I personally cannot imagine that I will be as old as these guys and talk about something akin' to ideas of a 16 year old teen. I know they are famous and wealthy because they are amusing, but you know - actually building the world around you, organizing people (e.g. as engineers, businessmen, politicians) will actually bring the REAL value to humanity. What these famous people do is just a bard's tale at the end of the day.

This information isn’t hidden. It’s basically written saying the same thing in the Bible.

russell brand is a cock. he's so full of himself NOT EVEN dmt can help. He's a fucking moron

Russel looks like if he had a breakthrough on dmt he’d become god aha

Anybody else never had any hallucinations on ketamine???

just gunna send this to my frens

CBD is fake doesn’t do anything

This Joe guy looks like he knows a thing or two about DMT

Russel brand seems so smart, never would of guessed.

Russel has too much energy 😂😂😂😂😂

Why the FUCK does this dude speak faster than the speed of sound?

I took dat ket a min....Russell brand

First time I've heard Russell sound educated! Extremely educated!

Do you think DMT supports or doesn’t support the concept of Christianity

He is literally the character he played in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I really want to experience DMT I didn't know what it was until I found these Joe Rogan Clips

Everyone interested on a higher state of mind without psychedelics, read Carlos Castañeda and Taisha Abelar (sorcerer's crossing).

Datsa toilet stated:
“just the messenger if eating animals gets you sent to hell who wants to go to heaven”

just the messenger replied:
“Datsa Toilet
as a child of God who spends my time Communing with the Psychedelic daily and during my daily Communions is allowed to enter the Realm of Heaven as a Citizen of the Psychedelic’s Heavenly Realm as opposed to most humans who are aliens and foreign visitors to the Heavenly Realm of Psychedelics . . . . ME! I want to be in Heaven as much as possible while I’m still stuck here in hades(earth, hell) and I definitely want to stay in Heaven Eternally after this physical lifetime is over. So the short answer to your question is ME, I want to be and stay in Heaven because I know God the Psychedelic and I am very familiar with Heaven as I spend hours in Heaven daily. Those people who are not Citizens of the Psychedelic’s Heavenly Realm cannot do this, such a person does not know who God is and cannot feel Peace with the Psychedelic. A person who can’t feel peace with God for several hours a day has no chance of feeling peace with God after Physical death, such a person will not be able to stay with the Psychedelic in Their Heavenly Realm. The Psychedelic, God, Condemns hurting or killing any creature with Consciousness whether it be walking or crawling or swimming or flying. Any person eating a slaughtered animal is as guilty as the person who murdered that animal and the Psychedelic shows us this, people find this revelation unpleasant and yes, like you, many people reject what God is saying and eat slaughtered animals anyway. A person who eats slaughtered animals has blood on their 🩸 hands 🩸 and the Psychedelic will show a person this. A person who has blood on their hands cannot feel peace with God the Psychedelic in this lifetime and certainly can’t stay in the Psychedelic’s Heavenly Realm after this physical lifetime. Again - short answer is ME, I WANT TO BE AND STAY IN HEAVEN because I know God and Heaven(& hell) unlike most humans who are not Citizens of the Heavenly Realm of The Psychedelic.

btw- you don’t get sent to hell. you are already in hell, you are existing in the hellish realm of darkness(satan) and the Psychedelic clearly shows us this, that satan is the ruler of the earth. Most people who the Psychedelic shows this to call this a “bad” trip, many people after receiving this revelation from God never ingest Psychedelics again. I’ve been on this planet 56 years now and the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me was when the Heavenly Angel of God’s Realm LSD showed me satan and that it was in control of the earth, this was back in 1988, nothing since has been as terrifying and I ingest the Psychedelic daily and I don’t micro-dose.”

What if when they said do not eat the forbidden fruit or you will become as god was god warning his creations ( Adam and Eve) not to eat psychoative drugs. The fruit was bever described as an apple it could of been anything lets use mushrooms as an example. What if the whole time god was saying don't do dtugs (don't eat the fruit), stay in school (the garden of eden)

im so fucking high watching this right now and ive come to a conclusion.... Russell talks a lot.

I really hope Russell dies

I absolutely love Russell Brand.

You can see how excited he is that on this he now met someone he can score DMT from 😂😂😂 don't blame him I'd love to try it but it's not something that you can just get hold off even going to raves you need to know someone just to get acid

I can relate to Russell so much!

Thisguynevertakesabreathwhenhetalks omg

Joe Rogan is the C.E.O of DMT

“Joe?! What’s next a bag of smack?” 😂😂

The acacia story is just nonsense. You would need to burn something like 200 kg to have a workable dose and in hale it in open air. Ilike Rogan but he talks shit sometime

It’s so funny that we have people like this thinking so deep about dmt and at the same time others talking about how they thought they were cumming out their fingertips on dmt like yung gravy

Joe has forgotten the part where God meets the WHOLE nation at Mt. Sinai.
Where the whole nation trembled and told Moses to have God stop terrifying them with the loud thunders and trumpets because they
were afraid they will all die.
So then Moses went and talked to God alone.
Is Joe saying the whole nation was on drugs?

i love lsd i hate K

One of the people I know has done DMT and he told me that he will never do it again , not because it was weird but it was true and connected and he was loosing himself .

Where can I buy dmt

where can i get some dmt

Man I was just like these guys.... I experienced consciousness expanding psychedelics and was all about telling everyone about it.... until different circumstances brought me to a Pentecostal church and i was baptized in The name of Jesus.... not thinking much about it until i started becoming AWARE of SPIRITS.... Demons .... and I experienced many times the Holyghost.... slowly after studying other people’s experiences with the Holyghost and studying the Bible.... i came to the conclusion that these dudes and the psychedelic entities encountered are demons manifested as beings of love.... (satan transforms himself into an angel of Light/Love in order to deceive the people away from Jesus Christ the ULTIMATE TRUTH! Obey acts 2:38 !!! Seek to be baptized in The Holyghost!

I bet Joe Rogan got a boner typing this caption

How does one get dmt

Russel is so profound tho

I want to try DMT so bad but I used to get paranoid smoking weed. I’m not like that at all now but I fear I’ll overthink it 🤦🏽‍♂️

I'm in the process of taking my DMT delivery...Im going to visit the dimension joe talks of

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I would honestly expect Russell Brand to be the one introducing mind altering substances to Joe Rogan… who knew!?

I'm also in recovery, abstained from drink and drugs for 4 years now. if Russell says psychedelics are okay... I'm in

I would love to talk to this guy

So the big question is... did he try DMT? And if so, how’d it go?

wtf are these guys talking about?

You mean this guy hasn't done dmt before?

Don’t take that one! I already took it! Ooohh ooo oO wow man! I hope your not busy for about a month man. What do you mean?! You just took the most acid I ever saw anyone take in my life man! 😹

well you’ve come to the right place

1:34 I feel great 👀😁🤣🤣🤣🤣

Is it just me, or does Russel just seem like one of the most exhaling people to have a conversation with...

Russell Brand would be underwhelmed with psychedelics. He practically lives in that plane of existence already.

¡Russell Brand is the modern day Sokrates!

For addicts wondering about guided psychedelic experiences, these should almost never be considered recreational and should not be considered a relapse. when given a drug like cocaine, MDMA or heroin, rats will choose the drug over food and starve themselves to death. When given a Psychedelic they will never take it again. Psychedelics are the opposite of addictive In that once you take one once there is no desire to do it again for a very long time and the idea of tripping again becomes very unappealing. It can be viewed as the opposite of an escape from your mind, drugs like LSD force us to confront problems we have with ourselves that they don't think about. People in recovery should avoid recreational use of these substance, for example, stick to moderate and high doses, take 75ug acid or 1.5g mushrooms and going to festival or concert is going to provide an experience similar to drugs. But a 250ug trip with an experienced guide to help you work through it and play music for you and comfort you can change your life for the better.

Hahahah a bag of smack

Whenever I've vaped dmt and gotten a breakthrough, I always see thiese oddly familiar geometrical shapes, sometimes they look like pac-man, but with more colors, and they keep transforming.

I never seem to remember what they look like when sober, but when I break through I'm just immediately like "Oh, that's what you look like".

D "Joe Rogan" MT

Russel has the painful condition known as the human condition. We are spiritual beings having this human experience together.

I had my first DMT experience yesterday. They kept telling that our breathing is our connection to that dimension. They told me to breathe and they'll take care of the rest. It was beautiful.

I got my answer!! Thank you :)

Joe for once giving up on being the host

Joe “geometric patterns made out of love and understanding” Rogan

Anyone thinking about taking Ketamine DON'T

The most Joe Rogan episode

I understand what they're talking about and that scares the shit out of me ... LOL!

I didn’t see beings of any sort. But what I did see was the most detailed set of moving cogs of all sizes and moving in opposite direction. The most detailed trip I’ve ever had, I had dmt on several occasions. Only hit me once, I can’t explain but it hit me at 500mph and was mind blowing almost tuck my breath away for the first 20 seconds, once I caught up I could almost move away from one vision to another but what was weird was when I turned my head back the same vision of the cogs were still there. I was blown away but scared of doing again. Best experience ever but did freighten the fuck out of me to point don’t want again. I’ve had lsd I’ve had mushrooms but dmt was something else. Out of this world mind exploding

I like to do DMT with joe.
I fight you anytime....

So, basically..

RB: "Fuck!! I need to get high; but I can't relapse. What the fuck should I do!!???" (Shaking his assistant back and forth)
Assistant: "Calm down Russell; I have a plan"
RB: "Ah yeah??"
RB (calling Joe Rogan) "Hi Joe; this is Russell Brand speaking! I was wondering if it would be possible to conduct a short interview about your experience on DMT; and whether you have some layin about"
Joe: 😳

Be careful what you ask for, ego deaths can be hurtful....but it is always beautiful in the end.

DMT is your friend people, we will all experience this when we die for sure...

Russell Brand has been waiting for this convo

We can’t get there because we are here if We die we go there

What if when we dream is a dmt trip

Joe believes in magic.

8:45 Hahahaha oh shit I’m in a tunnel of sound Hahahaha

I have had a very wierd experience while smoking weed, I smoked about 2 grams of weed in a very chill state at home during the weekend, and when I was very high. I put on Rick and Morty and I entered a state of pure confusion and realised that nothing really matters and you should just enjoy every moment of life because there is way more than just what most of us see now

Love russ what a great man he is and knows is stuff .

Can someone truthfully give me their experience with DMT.

Russel or Russ?

Who's here doing research for trying DMT for the first time?✌🤓✌

Organic = shrooms is better for me love them be ready for everything is funny

Joe Rogan is the modern day Charles Manson. Fake ass Guru with a drug cult following

All they are talking about is perspective, in your mind

Joe “it’s my time to shine” Rogan

K is basically a horse tranquilizer, when taken in certain doses, your basically paralyzed.

I have seen these elves!✨🌠💫😉💫🌠✨

Joe needs to talk to Martin Ball

@Joe Rogan : dont mention God in your mouth your disrespecting God , sellout something else