Sativa vs indica

What's the difference between Sativa and Indica? Well it comes down to how the two different strains effect your body. When you look at them Sativa has a higher ratio of THC than CBD, while Indica's have a higher ratio of CBD than THC. What does this mean? THC has a more uplifting effect while CBD have more of a relaxing high. It doesn't matter if a strain is indica or sativa but look at the ratio's of the compounds to see how that strain will effect your body.


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* I tend to keep my video's on the shorter side so I have to condense some of the information if you guys want me to give you more of the science behind the compound or further explain the information I can but it will result in longer videos. Let me know what you guy think.

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Sativa gives me a calm relaxed feeling, give me the giggles and makes me think deeper. Indica makes me sleepy,lazy and hungry lol... I prefer Sativa however it's best to try the different strains for yourself to see what personally works best for you as everyone's body chemistry is different. The strains doesn't effect everyone the same.

There cant still be people who dont know atleast this much about cannabis , if so then glad you escaped that rock you been hiding underneath all these years

I live in an illegal state so it's really nice to know the strain you're smoking or vaping or dabbing or eating or ingesting at all lmao. I'm on vacation in Maine and I'm getting my very first legit cart that i know of, off one of my good friends. I'm picking it up soon it's a sativa dominant strain called sour tangie and I'm so excited

I'm watching this while high on Indica, are the twitches

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False information. It doesnt have anything to do with thc/cbd ratio, as most of the popular strains of both types contain very little percentage of cbd and very high levels of thc. Still their effects can be different. Cannabis contaims much more substances than just cbd and thc.

Sativa got my girl pregnant.

CBD also carries medicinal properties .

Muslims don’t smoke weed

What’s the one that has both


Why are this guys "s"'s so harsh

For some reason when I smoke I get the opposite effect then what you said sativa makes me fall asleep indica makes me wanna get up and dance does anyone know why?

Indica made me ass at modern warfare 😔(when I’m high)

We indians have been smoking weed from thousand of years..

And Neither Had Either Effect With Me..Doesnt Matter Which 1 I Use,If I Need To Get Something Done,It Gets Done,and If I Want to Lay Down,I Lay Down,lol

Sativa for life !

Come to holland and you'll smoke weed that litterly makes you indica as your spirit leaves your body as a sativa. And guess what the best part is??? Your like saying bye (high fiving) yourself laying on the couch

I got a sativa cart, and I only smoke it at night lmao. Should I have went with indica?

i can't feel the most of the sativa strains

I took Sativa right before my girlfriend and I were going to bed and holy shit. Not fun

Sativa makes me relaxed and Indica makes me feel tripee

So what was "brick weed" or "swag" back in the day? lol

I smoked some indica and my body is totaly relaxed.. Im ready to sleep ! thanks for the video!

Sativa is a waste of money , I hate it !

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At 1:28 he spelled THC as TCH in bottom right corner

I find haze strains super racy and energetic. Some sativa strains are more of a chill head high with lots of creativity like blue dream. And then there’s the really racy ones like hazes that I need to move if I smoke.

Sativa provides increased focus. Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out why the carpet looks like Nicholas Cage.

What about hydrids

like for sativa, reply for indica

Three years and I just got recommended. Was not disappointed

Such an some explanation and straight to the point. Love it

There's so much BS in this vid. Sativa and Indica aren't rally a thing. Terps and canabanoids determine if you have more of a couch lock or heady high. Indica's don't always have higher amounts of CBD and THC isn't a stimulant.

I’ve only smoked indica 🤦‍♂️ I’ve been lookin for stiva

Sativa will give you a headache.

Bro whattt, when I’m on Sativa I don’t even know what I’m doing 😂

I'm going to need a longer post-action button tutorial

this is so far from the true.... lmao

Indica all day!!

Sativa doesn’t get me that high. Indica all the way

i smoked a dutch full of indica once... fell asleep in an hour in a half😭😂

Prefer indica tbh.

Indica is for old people who can’t sleep properly. I’m baffled it’s the more popular strain

And that's why hybrid is better, you get both ;)

Yo this guy is lying, don't listen to him Indica has nothing to do with CBD
The most Indica strains have got 0.00 CBD in it

does indica get you high also ?

Indica likes cooler climates yet originated in the Middle East? I thought it was scorching over there

haha you’re so funny actually!!!

Indicas are the best.

indica makes me fall asleep in literally less than a minute

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My mom told me to go decorate the our tree outside and I just finished a sativa blunt💀😫 at this little woods 4 min. From my house (My family is highly religious so I'd be homeless if I was caught with drugs or with marijuana ) I didn't know she'd send my little sister to help me but God the trip was awful. She kept asking me why I was so excited and if something awesome happened that day. I kept stuttering like that porky pig character and my hands seemed to have a mind of their own, the paranoia was insanely crazy lol I don't know how she couldn't tell I was not ok😂.I plugged the extension cord to itself and expected the lights to come on ,I think I spent an hour trying to untangle the darn lights, to prove I was ok I was very talkative and also had my shades on because it was sunny outside, she asked me how many cups of coffee did I have that I was moving like a "silly rubber band ". Eventually I was done and I ended shoveling and scraping the ice off our drive way in record time without breaking a sweat.supper was the most Devine food I ever ate despite it being old rice with beansauce and some 7-11 chicken. I think I'll stick to late night sessions with indica until I can move out. 😂

All I know for sure is that I lied down once after eating an edible and fell asleep feeling like I was just a torso

Only Indica

sativa way

its the other way around sativa is body high and indica is head high

where my sativa niggaz at?

Sativa is more mental and stimulating.

Indica is for the lazies

Indica gives me headaches bad af 😩 anybody else?

All depends on how the plants life cycle is example the food lighting and temperature can all effect THC and CBD levels. Growing outside- the sun balances these two levels naturally 50/50. indoors the levels are unbalanced
Just saying 🌱🌴🌳😎

Wich one doesnt get you paranoid?

I like both

wait so... sativa makes your eye bloodshot and indica wont?

Loved this video thank you man

If you trying to fall sleep fast smoke indica 1or2 hours before you want to fall asleep and boom

I love great white shark

Sativa gets me paranoid

Indica so much better

Like = indica
Coment = sativa

It's always a gamble with me.Sometimes I get the whole dereliazation thing happening & I freak out thinking I'm going to die.Other times I'm laughing my ass off enjoying life.

I miss the body high of indica I haven’t had a good gdp in a while

Can you get hybrid feel if you use seperate indica and sativa carts?

Im really fucking high off this sativa shit rn and i need ideas on what to do

plz help what happens if you smoke while on extreme ketogenic diet ??

I still don't see a "Describe" button

but what about mixes between the sativa and indica what does that do. does it make you for example active in your head but not in your body

Why this feel like I need to put my credit card information to find out the end.

Sativa makes me paranoid as fuck

Wow u didnt mention Colombia with its native colombian gold strain...shame on u.

Who’s high as fuck watching this right now?

Like - Yes
Comment - Yes

Team sativa!!!!

I actually like both of them, but i like to do something sporty when i am stoned, it feels really good.

You didnt make a favorite strain video

Can someone help me out. I just got really really high for the first time. I was freaking out and dissasociating from real life and my head. Like a dream coming back and forth. Was that indica or sativa? I don’t want that again

No, indica has'nt more CBD than THC, it has just more than sativa


What happened to this channel?

"Go ahead and hit that describe button" 😂💜

That's what am smoking at this moment sativa

This is cool and everything but can we please stop representing Sativa's as "Energy boosting". You're still taking in THC which in itself does the complete opposite.

Sativa's aren't energy drinks and shouldn't be described/advertised as such.

I get extremely paranoid when I smoke I don’t know which one it is but it’s bad.

Its really simple. Sativa gets you high and makes you relaxed. Indica have a "High" reminiscent of a freshly inflicted head wound. The effects of smoking Indica's are exactly the same as receiving a concussion. Growers need to get a clue and quit growing that trash.

Every Dispensary I walk into has Indica falling off the shelves because NOBODY FUXKING WANTS THEM! You cant find Sativa options because the Indicas are spilling out everywhere.

When people try Weed for the first time and someone gives them an Indica they are helping Big Pharma. When new people try it for the first time it makes them think Pot is a bad thing. Stop promoting that shit.

I got some sativa for 4/20 but complications made it so that I could get it only today.


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wow you are creative

1:28 “TCH”

Sativa gang gang!!!!!