Should I take CBD oil for my anxiety? BBC Stories

Natalie, who has bought a bottle of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil online, has a few questions she wants answering before she decides whether to take it. On this journey Natalie meets a hemp farmer, a scientist and tests the product at a laboratory.

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We BBC Stories, are a group of journalists making films, long and short, with the younger audience (18-24) in mind. The idea is to tackle issues which concern and impact this group of people. So think about anything from race and identity to mental health, money and much more.

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Thanks for the inconclusive conclusion! 😕

aswagandha is another indian herb that helps with anxiety. I think the rest of the world should know about this.

600 mg CBD

You can only import it.
This means it is easier to tax.
It’s a shame profit comes before the people.

Nothing compares to making it yourself. Buy hemp plants online, make butter, and fuck getting sold shit

The hell, just do it!

That scientist geezer looks like ed sheeran lol

i wouldent by it online, i got canabis hand and body cream 100mg or whatever? and it seams to be doing well for my psoriasis just saying. cure no but looks much better

The dumb part in all of this is thc is known to cure cancer. “Rick Simpson oil” it is known as. U r taking the thc out and only leaving in cbd. That’s like asking men to join the army and chopping their legs off saying we only need ur arms. Leave it in its natural form. It has its own benefits. Governments are run by dumb arses

the green doctor cbd check out r reviews on google

I had been using sertraline for 4 years and while it did help initially the effects wore off after a few months. I stayed taking it as I felt I needed to be taking something. Slowly my body became very fatigued and tired which made me not want to leave the house never mind the anxiety of leaving the house. About a year ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and in my research of cannabis oil, I also saw it could help with anxiety. I bought my first bottle a year ago (Dr. Hemp Me 10% CBD oil to be precise) and my whole life has completely changed. I am back working and more importantly socialising with friends. I do still get small amounts of anxiety sometimes but nothing that I cant power through. I have also been using the oil in conjunction with the Wim Hoff breathing method and cold showers and I urge others to try these methods before going down the route of prescribed medication.

If you're looking for a trusted CBD shop have a good range and great customer services

When You See Hemp Oil, Shop Carefully If you're shopping for CBD oil and you see the term hemp oil for cheap prices, you should be very careful.
This broad term should always be accompanied by a clear definition of what is in the product: either hemp seed oil or CBD oil. Unfortunately today the term "hemp oil" is being used to skirt around legal and marketplace regulations. For example, Amazon explicitly prohibits the sale of CBD products, yet displays a wealth of "hemp oil" when performing a search for CBD oil. Taking a closer look you'll find that these sellers are deceitfully selling hemp seed oil using CBD-like marketing terms, to make you think you buy a CBD product. If you're looking for CBD oil, you should find "CBD" clearly printed on the label and the actual CBD content of the product should be easily confirmed. This is done by verifying the cannabinoid potency on the lab reports for that specific product. Without this confirmation, do not buy this product and move on!
On the CTFO website you can download the lab reports, done by third party, so you are sure you buy the proper CBD oil.
What is Hemp Seed Oil?
Hemp seed oil is a nutritious type of edible culinary oil made from hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil is made by cold pressing the small brown, nutrient-rich seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp seed oil has a dark to light green color and a naturally mild nutty flavor that works well in salads, dressings, and sauces. Often described as a “superfood,” hemp seed oil is packed with vital nutrients, including amino acids, fiber, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as an array of important vitamins and minerals. This makes hemp seed oil a valuable addition to any diet, especially those that may be nutrient deficient. Available in most grocery stores and health food markets for low prices, hemp seed oil has an olive oil-like consistency and is commonly used as a substitute for traditional cooking oils with the exception of deep-frying. This hemp oil is also commonly infused into body care products to nourish the skin, nails, and hair. Don´t be misled, most hemp products sold on major websites, shops, drugstores and grocery stores are made with hemp seed oil, which contains only trace amounts of CBD.
Our CTFO CBD hemp oil is produced from the specifically selected hemp cultivars that are naturally high in CBD for a much higher level of CBD in our products, with 3th party test reports.

What is CBD Oil? Is CBD oil the same as hemp seed oil?
No. Although they are extracted from the same plant, there are some important differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil. CBD oil, also called CBD hemp oil, is a thick botanical extract made from the stalks, seeds, and sometimes flowers of hemp varieties that are naturally high in CBD. CBD oil contains all the many essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids found in hemp seed oil, as well as greater levels of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids like CBD. Unlike hemp seed oil, CBD oil contains high levels of CBD. CBD, or cannabidiol, is an all-natural and non-intoxicating cannabinoid that promotes balance by supporting the body’s endocannabinoid system, a signaling network that regulates many of the body’s functions, including appetite and metabolism, sleep, mood, and immune response. Over the years, CBD has become a highly sought-after cannabinoid because of its natural wellness effects. CBD oil is made through a specialized extraction process that pulls the CBD oil from the hemp plant. We at CTFO create incredibly pure and healthy CBD oil. This CBD oil concentrate can then be used daily on its own or infused into products like tinctures and liquids, capsules, topicals, vape oil, hair and skin care products, and more. CBD concentrate can also be purified through a filtration process that removes all excess plant material and compounds other than CBD to make a highly-concentrated powder called CBD isolate.
Regardless of how you choose to take CBD oil, products like these allow you to tap into CBD’s balancing properties and boost your quality of life, Change The Future Outcome!

Share this important article with your friends and family to ensure they are properly educated on this important topic.

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That hemp farmer is hot

It is your body, and you know better than I do about what your pain tolerance is for illnesses and injuries.

Glad to find a legit source for cbd oil that is water-based. Helped me in tons of ways

If you want you can learn how cure any disease just take WeedBorn CBD products.

What did the researchers/producers do about the company thay had NO CBD OIL in its product? Why were they not named so ppl can steer clear of them?

People drink gallons of this stuff and she's afraid of a drop. She's better off staying away, given her caution.

When the BBC, the high brand wants you to use CBD, then don't use them. They never want you to be a cure. I use organic coconut oil + green tea and it is a powerful natural herb.

I know a man who cures his memory problems, just by taking coconut oil.

🎵I would do anything for no anxiety, but I won't do that🎵

Wim hoff, scientific FACT

Alzheimer's, cbd , look that up,
I could go
Know your place
Keep Spitting in the well.
Toxic media .

CBD is the best, it helped me so much! My wife and I take CBD since a year, and depression, anxiety ( her) and my pain, are not gone, but it is all so much better, such a relief!
i see a lot of good brand coming from USA, and here, in Europe, we can't access it... I love my current brand but i wih to try some USA one too, one day maybe....

Just FYI if you can’t tolerate the smell / taste, you can get a CBD isolate that will have little to no taste. I found cbdMD to have the most tolerable taste (not sponsored) I got the orange flavor. They have 3rd party testing and good price per milligram. I did three months of researching before feeling comfortable trying CBD.

H3 Infusion Hemp Extract is water soluble 2%CBD, available at Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.

They must guard that field with M416's

it may help..but it is definitely a band aid, not going to actually help the underlying issues of why someone has anxiety

I'm using Human Kind CBD products and love all about them, Mind Calming tincture and Body Treatment vaporizer are my favorite products. I've checked they are all-natural and I'm finally in peace with my mind and body. Also, they have a campaign happening right now, so use promo code: instalove , at the checkout for the $10 off
I hope that helps. :)

I’m four weeks into using CBD capsules. I am experiencing beneficial effects. My advice to anyone is simply to try it for yourself. Everyone is different so it may be beneficial or it may not.

I prefer marijuana 😊😊

All CBD is not created equal. Many brands do not contain enough of the actual substance to have any real effect, which is why you want to use a lab tested brand that is tried and true. We have the highest quality CBD oil available from 500mg up to 1500mg. w/ thc, as well as thc free varieties. 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee. Wholesale Options available @t​

The "snake oil" of the 21st century what a bunch gullible, low IQ idiots.

That was just so crap. Basically nothing is known apparently? "Speak to your GP" lol. According to my GP it's don't speak to your GP, seriously. Yet more evidence daily that we know fa about anything.

Natalie is stunning and easy to listen to. She made the whole Docu. interesting. I have the same problems, scared to take it, but researching it, I found this video. Thank you, Natalie, your video helped.

Psychotherapy will do more for a person teaching them how to deal with stress/anxiety than any medication/preperation ever will. In some cases medication is useful to assist in therapy . No Medication alone cures Depression/anxiety .

Get it tried Lass you,ll be reet,if you don.t like it don't take any more no matter what a legal doctor says,

what did she say?

Really impressed by Natalie. Great reporting. I learnt a lot and appreciate the work that went into this. So thanks to everyone involved!

Subtitles anyone??

It definitely helps anxiety in my opinion. Certainly reduces over stress levels and inflammations

I didn't know BBC hired heroin addicts as journalists

CBD has helped me with my social anxiety and my insomnia. I use to get 3 to 4 hours of sleep on a daily basis no matter how early I tried to sleep, I’d always wake up in the middle of the night sometimes because of anxiety or even night terrors/sleep paralysis. I Started trying these 100% CBD gummies and within 20 mins after taking one I slept for 8 hours without waking up once. I was amazed, I can’t te CBD has helped me with my social anxiety and my insomnia. I use to get 3 to 4 hours of sleep foods on a daily basis no matter how early I tried to sleep, I’d always wake up in the middle of the night. Started trying these 100% CBD gummies and within 20 mins after taking one I slept for 8 hours without waking up once. I was amazed, I can’t tell you the last time I got solid sleep.
I got it from this site. If your curious about CBD, give this stuff a try. It’s amazing and it really does work ll you the last time I got solid sleep.
I got it from this site. If your curious about CBD, give this stuff a try. It’s amazing and it really does work

I preferrer THC oil

My team uses CBD to help with anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression. I couldn't agree more that CBD is the future. An all-natural product that is absorbed naturally by your endocannabinoid system. 👍👍for CBD!!!

I find you need a lot of legal CBD oil that has been produced from a very high quality manufacturing process to have a decent calming effect for anxiety.. £70 a bottle which lasts 50 days (Provocan 1200mg bottle 4 drops equivalent of 24mg a day, much lower than the 3-600mg used in lab trials) . the cheap stuff in the shops is very poor quality and has little to no effect. The lab trials use much higher strength/quantity of CBD oil than most people use, hence the more noticeable effect... so I suspect the effect is placebo for many low quality / lose dose users... I find micro-dosing 0.3g mushrooms at £10-20 / month and a quarterly L.S.D full dose is having a much more beneficial effect for depression and anxiety..Psychedelics are much more effective in my view, and are under trial..

Can anyone understand what she is saying? What town is her accent from?

Can't understand shit when Natalie is talking -_-

If you want to smoke Moroccan hashish you are welcome to taste the best quality

I use CBD oil to help manage my anxiety alongside my prescribed medication and I've found it very helpful. It might just be a placebo effect but if it's reducing my anxiety then I'm okay with that.

CBD Oil is the future!

How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

I support medical use of cannabis and it's extracts but prevention is better than cure
I think that the best thing is to review our society to identify what is causing these problems and finding a solution

I blame bad orange man and Russia