Smoking vs Juuling

Juuling and smoking both contain nicotine, but is one healthier?
We talk Juuling on our Podcast!

Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Greg Brown
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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Smoking wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t fill cigs with a bunch of shit because it’s cheaper

Nothing but dried tobacco leaves (ground up) and bleach free paper, cigs would be a lot better if that’s what they did

Wtf just choose none there all bad

Бля пацаны напишите по русски, нихуя не понятно

sounds a lot like masturbation, all stored in a flash drive, releases dopamine, extremely addictive, only difference on can kill you and the other cannot

if you smoke start vaping, if you don’t smoke yea sure take a couple hits at party’s or when offered but don’t buy yourself a vape! it isn’t as healthy as people say it is

Its 16 doll hairs for a pack of 4

Don’t smoke or vape, smarties are better

ge botles of nik juice

Well i felt depressed after Juuling!


I don’t understand how people can inhale 60mg nic pods. I do 12mg

Yes but there is Liquid with no nicotine too

I been vaping for 10 years now no effects yet

Nicotine is not carcogenic. Just addictive 😁

So you recommend the classic marlboros for better value and more long term studies. Got it..

No that I’ve quit juuling I’m going to consider a much safer option heroine

I’d rather smoke because you have a chance of being cured if you get cancer however studies have shown that E cigs give you popcorn lung which isn’t curable

There are e liquids with no nicotine. So in a way. It is better than smoking. But pls. If you smoke then vape. If you vape slowly lower the amount of nicotine. Then eventually you can quit.

Just remember Juul isnt a Vape

I've tried to give up smoking for years. 
Every time my attempts ended up with fiasco. 
But these guys made things happen:
Check it out if you want to quit.

Used to vape pods soo expensive though, buy your own liquid literally 10x+ cheaper! companies like juul and logic rip you off or don't smoke or vape at all. I quit smoking 2 years ago in prison had no choice switched to vaping best thing ever! Need to to quit all together too much stress never get a break to actually think about stopping. Love the vids watched the one on sleep deprivation and beauty or something the other day quite interesting, I've been up 2 nights probably why I'm typing soo Much to keep me awake lol

India banned vape 😂



1 pod does not cost $16...

Fact: high school kids can easily get their hands on heroin and heroin makes you feel way better. But isn't as safe so why not make it illegal oh yeah that's right it already is! Durrrrrr

So when I get older like 19 or 20 I can do julling

Other vaping, not juul, is much cheaper than cigarettes and just as safe as juul

My brother and I got our stuff from this legit plug he got it delivered at my door step

GOING on a nicotine diet instead of eating then

Wich has a better effect on

Actually juuling is cheaper a pack cost $13 a pack of juul pods contains 4 pods $16 all together if you are a pack a day smoker you waste $13 a day on the pack 1 juul pod is equal to a pack of cigarettes meaning you only use one pod a day $16 divided by 4 = 4 meaning instead of spending $13 on a pack a day you can spend $4 on a single pod which lasts you the whole day just like a pack of cigs

i thought polish prices of cogarettes are high but holy shit $13 for a pack of marlboros?

Summary: don't do either

30 year smoker i vape and use rather my kid whos a teen smoke...these nic salts are not good for lungs and i have medical knowledge of these....its just a scam for the big tabacco to get kids hooked because they dont use reg smokes

dont juul smake weed

If you are addicted to cigs switch to vape if you aren't addicted to either they don't take in any form of nicotine

in poland:
Cigarretes cost something like 3,10€
but e liquid cost; 2,30€ (one e-liquid have 5ml)
1€ = 4,46 PLN

I find both stupid, there are other ways to get that feeling

vape doesnt have bad smells or smells after you do it

bruh. i’m not addicted. but. i do use it a lot. not cuz of the nic tho. that’s just a plus. u just like watching the smoke 🥵 and learning tricks tehe

Something you didn't say in this video when mentioning the price difference is, you get a pack of pods for $16ish not one pod. So it's like 4 packs of cigs 🚬 for $16.

You can vape without nicotine

Ok tell me u haven't vaped before u were 18

bruh , i have juul'd ones and i just coughed and I almost died from the coughing

1 juul pod does not cost $16 😂 what’s this man talking about

Only things that can stop Karens

ok but wtf yall in america be smoking? why tf is it so expensive over there? 2 pods over here are roughly 8 bucks and a normal pack of cigarettes is like 8 bucks too and a pack of 30 is 11 bucks

Juuling is dead

just snus

Here in Australia, cigarettes cost $30 USD per 20 pack, you can get a vape, juice and pods for $50usd which will last at least a month... It's a no brainer everyone here in Australia who smoked now vapes

1:17 dude a pack of juul pods is $16 dollars that’s 4 packs of cigarettes also a pack of cigs in most places are $5

I want to smoke something just to see the smoke and try the tricks...idk why this appeals to me. Not even nicotine. Just smoke. Is anything safe?

The healthier is to not smoke, not juul, not drink alcohol, not take coffee, not eat meat, not eat salt, not play video games, not got eat cooked vegetals, not exercise too much, not exercise too litle, not stay awake at night, not watch TV, not, not, not, not.

What is wrong with all these people? They want to take away all that is fun in life.

OMG how can cigarrettes be SO EXPENSIVE in Canada?!?! Here in Chile the Marlboro equivalent costs ~5 dollars. And we considered it expensive here.

No way! they are putting you their finger in the eye (if you know what I mean). We must not tollerate such a high tax on something that costs only 10% of the legal price. Only under the excuse that it does harm. I bet smokers are paying the whole health care system for hipocondriacal people on Canada.

One correction, A pack of Juul pods is 15-20 dollars. A pack contains four Juul pods so the cost of one Juul pod is 4-5 dollars making it significantly cheaper than smoking.

that moment when he said 1 juul pod costs 16 dollars...

Bruh. They didnt sell juul pods as singles tho. A pack of 4 is $16, not just 1. And each individual pod is the same as a pack of cigs.

Vaping is different

I'm sorry, they put AMMONIA, in eliquids? Which you inhale???

Propylene glycol is antifreeze, same base chemical as the artificial sweetener aspertame

Am i the only one who realizes that he said 1 juul pod costs 16$

Stick to green people

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me messing with my vape teying to fix it not paying attention to the automatic videos playing
Video: smoking is bad for you no matter with a cigarette or vape
Me: wha

Smoking/Vaping in general is just an idiotic thing to do. Don’t do it kids you’ll have long term effects.

I like how this idiot, isn't talking about vaping as a hole. Juul has always been more expensive, then any other form of nicotine vaping, let's say a gens mod and any form of atomizer, that you would buy from a vape shop. I spend 20 dollars on a 100 mill bottle of juice, that will last me a month. Also vaping is at least 95 percent healthier than smoking.

Who else smoked while watching this?

Americans teens really almost over came a widespread nicotine addiction until these smoking mango flavored USBs came along. Seriously its pretty impressive compared to the rest of the world that younger Americans dont smoke as much, but now so many people vape.

How many non smokers watching this ??

Just make your own cigarettes

0:00 why just america lul

My boyfriend loves juuling .

Juul pods sell in packs of 4 for 20 dollars. I have no clue where you’d have to live to buy 1 juul pod for 16 dollars.

To choose smoking or vaping

I'd choose non No thanks I rather not get addicted to nicotine at all :)

me watching this with a juul in my hand 👁👄👁

I like smoking pens

So many incorrect facts here. A pack of juul pods for 16$ contains three..

but there are juul liquids without nicotine

Ever since I started vaping juul, I slept better, am less anxious, less irritable and my insomnia was greatly reduced. For the meantime, I think it has benefited me a lot. If there are hidden negative effects long-term, I'm willing to take the risk. I'd gladly vape if that means I interact with people better, and if it helps with one key element of a good life - good sleep.

I don't smoke nor vape, wth am I doing here =_=??

A single juul pod does not cost $16 u can buy 4 juul pods for $16

I killed 3 brand new juul pods watching this... I vape too much

Lol jk

Everyone around me started vaping and dropped blems but thing is i don’t get any rush from the juuls, even high mg pods. I would switch if i did but it’s not that simple, i stell get rush on cigs though.

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For smoking I saw butane in the materials so I thought “I’m using butane to light butane so I’m smoking butane” I through out my carton

Why is 90% of my YouTube ads anti vaping ads literally

Smoking fanboys vs vaping fanboys

I smoked cigarettes since I was 10, I was always sick for months at a time,and felt like shit, fast forward to now, I have started using e-cigarettes for almost 3 years and I have not been sick or have felt a single trace of a cold anywhere.

No smoking is more expensive. A pack of 4 pods is 16$ not 1 is 16$

Juuling isn’t healthier, it’s just that cigarettes are worse for you. Both are bad, so don’t do then!!

juul is dead. all hail the new vape queen, myle

Thank you so much for this information my dad wants to stop smoking and he is doing juul and I was really scared because I see ads that say they are inhaling metals and got scared for my dad

i want to vape without nicotine

Both are bad, you're welcome

Juuls suck

My loved one got a nearly fatal Illness from vaping (pneumonia) that put them in a coma. Just avoid nicotine, it’s not worth it

Why does the narrator sound like warden from superjail

I'd just vape with no nicotine

You get 4 pods for $16 btw