So Expensive Season 3 Marathon

From oil paint to poisonous pufferfish, two hundred dollar melons to racing pigeons. Luxury goods can carry a high price. We traveled around the world to find out just what makes these products so expensive.

Watch the complete season 3 of So Expensive in full above.

Episodes Featured:
Oil Paint - 00:35
Birkin Bags - 06:23
Pedigree Dogs - 14:37
Pink Himalayan Salt - 20:48
Tiger Fugu - 25:39
Japanese Melons - 31:23
Bonsai - 38:24
Manuka Honey - 44:13
Racing Pigeons - 50:28
Lobsters - 56:29
Supreme - 1:03:31
Wagyu Beef - 1:10:46
Air Jordans - 1:17:18
Printer Ink - 1:25:08

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So Expensive Season 3:


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So Expensive Season 3 Marathon

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Episodes Featured:
Oil Paint - 00:35
Birkin Bags - 06:23
Pedigree Dogs - 14:37
Pink Himalayan Salt - 20:48
Tiger Fugu - 25:39
Japanese Melons - 31:23
Bonsai - 38:24
Manuka Honey - 44:13
Racing Pigeons - 50:28
Lobsters - 56:29
Supreme - 1:03:31
Wagyu Beef - 1:10:46
Air Jordans - 1:17:18
Printer Ink - 1:25:08

The warning for fish death made me laugh.

record breaking birkin bag? where? did i miss it? ;P

Those pigeons were so damn CUTE!

Much better set up transitioning between the existing clips. Rather than the clunky stitched together old videos, this seems cohesive and something I could watch like a movie.

I get the reason why the bonsai plant and the puffer fish are expensive but the others idk

Lmao pigeons just chill in New York when did people race with them LULW

my fat ass thought that was nacho cheese

Wait, chow chow's are expensive???? Three of my classmates have one and my mom is already planning to buy one

Puffer fish review: "It's nice". Very cool.

the amount of salt in the comment section can fill whole ocean.

Supreme = Pretentious

Dogs shows and breeding is cruelty to animals, I love all dogs but have a special place in my heart for a mutt, to me they are the best.

verken paper bag ~ 2 cents each

The melons now is what pineapples used to be.

the fk would a man want with a female purse lol

all my birkins fake

I think the lady interviewed does not understand the concept of trace minerals.
If you need trace or miniscule amounts, then pink salt really shows its strength. I enjoy the flavor of both sea salt and pink salt. They may be much more expensive but seriously if you are eating that much salt then you have other issues.

That piece of excrement ed is lying. Not that this channel cares about lies. Lobsters Do NOT have to be cooked live. It is against the law in some places to cook them alive. I wonder how that stupid tRumper ed would liked to be cooked alive? Hope he is enjoying the #tRumpFakeNewsVirus

Great, will the next pandemics be started by rich (%1) pigeon collectors?

You're telling me there is arsenic, plutonium, and uranium in my salt?

The way this guy says Renaissance is toasting my eggs

Oh please!II Rosmah had the largest collection of birkin begs! 8:17

-- video first shows the dissection of fish
-- "this video contains the footage of fish being killed..."

Birkin bags are such a hype. You go and find me anything that is exactly alike. Anything. That is such a bad statement “Not two bags are alike.” No shit idiot.

22:46 Lead?
Nevermind then

One thing i appreciate is the clean transitions between each video, not just a cut and paste

Surpreme shows really good how stupid people today are^^


Business insider timestamping their own video.
The real MVPs

Art is subjective. But People who buy Supreme are braindead. Although I'd definitely would've bought that brick if I could

Japan is the only place where the crazy price for frivolous things is acceptable. Because these crazy guys spend GENERATIONS to perfect a craft.

Wouldn't surprise me if they had to eat the fish as a finisher to the test lol

"This video contains footage of a fish being killed" oh my Lord 😂😂😂😂 what has society come to

It's hard to tell the difference between fakes and real ones.... Hmmmm almost as if the bags have no real value

500 k bag and we have people starving in the four corners of the world, something very wrong in this life

10:48. I wonder if this fine gentleman is a homosexual...

Oh no, a fish died! This is so horrible! I cant belive you would kill a innocent fish like this!

You've got to be smoking crack $500,000 for a friging bag is beyond stupid

$45,000 melons are dumb, pure breed dogs are cruel and printer ink is a straight up con.

yeah but i also think the reason dogs have become more popular is because people have also become more lonely and smaller dogs are better for smaller spaces

08:42 eeewwww, the mortar. dirty, gross entrance impression.

Dude carrying a purse?What a pansy...

I hate how so many people make dogs seem like objects

I pave always thought pink Himalayan salt was good value for money

Dude skinned that fish alive

subtitles: tequila dance epidemic
Me: Yup, something to describe exactly what is happening right now.

After watching this i only have one thing to say.

Imagine you're in a post-apocalypse scenario and the only thing you stocked are Birkin bags...

Supreme? the tooth paste?

I remember when clowns were paying $100 for wack ass Iceberg T-shirts in the 90's, I see times having changed.

Makes testicles are apparently delicious

I always love how Japan is in a lot of these. The skill and love they put into their work is something I really love about the culture.

I get why most of these items are expensive, but the printer ink situation has me pissed off! No reason other than GREED!

LMAO $10,000 for a pedigree? They are smoking crack. My English Mastiff is a Pedigree with 3 champions in his blood line and didn't even come close to that cost. I don't show him. He's just a big old dog and enjoys life.

Please tell me that nightmare fuel @15:18 is a robot or a guy in a suit.

birkins are ugly though...

Seriously tho...

If you can't taste the difference between table salt, sea salt and pink salt...
There's something off with your tastebuds, big time.

Ok, the value of paints I understand because it's art to last the centuries...but handbags? That's just silliness by over indulged women.

Gullible idiots with way too much money make handbags expensive. Us humans just have way too much leverage over our environment. Cost doesn't represent value any longer, it represents status amongst other gullible idiots.
Oh man, same with the purebred dogs. The more purebred they are they more genetically compromised they are the more health problems they are susceptible to.
Same with the Himalayan salt. It's just freaking rock salt that's pink.
Gotta stop watching now, just assume the rest of them are dumb.
Just way too much leverage and not nearly enough intelligence.

In Nepal, there is a vast amount of stray dogs in every street corner since generations.
I adopted two puppies from one litter over a year ago. I haven't spent a penny on them for their health except for vaccinations. They haven't gotten sick once.
Unfortunately this dog breed culture have now become widespread. And the kennels volunteer to kill off the street dogs.
Before this as a child, I grew up with another street dog that we adopted as a puppy. It lived till it was 15 and died of old age. We called the vet maybe thrice other than vaccination.
I wish we would take better care of the street dogs. But let them be you know? Or adopt them instead of killing them off.
If this trend continues and I can't find a street dog. I am not adopting any.

Most of this stuff is just super expensive shit for extremly stupid people.

I live in New Zealand. When you mentioned manuka honey I was honestly kinda surprised. There are a few bee "museums" as such nearby to me that we visit whenever we go to a batch or campground. We usually pick up a few jars for about $50 max. They have a couple of free tastings usually as well and the taste is indescribable. It's like the difference between drinking some store-bought coke and 16-year-old scotch. It's so much more filled with flavour.

Omg incredible 😶

If there’s any justice in the world there’s a white alligator walking around with that cheese ball as a bag.

Kinda creepy using mummies as pigmentations

Whoever makes a new printer that refills with a cheap 1 liter bottle of ink can rek the whole market.

God those birkin bags are ugly handbags.😂

Berlin bags are not an investment it’s just stupidity in my view

How could anyone dislike this video?

n n. n. q. n.

Birkin bags What a bloody joke and having to buy one-off that bloke i would feel unclean They ain't even nice-looking What a rip off

When my japanese friend came to visit me here in Italy 2 years ago during the summer,i told her i'd buy her all the melons and watermelons she wants because here they are cheap! She was very happy about it

You know your audience well :)

what makes me so angry about this video is not how luxury is unreasonable but how ...such people who buy these products undermine the value of real brilliance like hard work and skill

I hope someday we can find an easy way to synthesize high quality pigments that are currently hard to make. I feel like it shouldn’t be impossible.

best thing about handmade goods is a master leatherworker in Mexico can make it better then a french master LOLZ.

what a boring piece of information!

this is actually the first time I have heard of supreme.

I understand the artifically inflated prices, that sort of thing has occurred with perceived value throughout human history. BUT I don't understand eating puffer fish for a high price when there are literally thousands of other types of fish available that have no poison.

Super interesting stuff! Thanks

OH NO! The dog barks AND digs?! Bad dog!!

Wagyu beef is a joke. "It tastes so buttery" ya because it's almost all fat

That dude in NY with the Pigeons is so New York!! He basically is THE stereotype.

Okay the table underneath the stone is sliding parallel to the blade. The thumbnail scared me, I thought he was pushing the stone.
DO NOT free-hand cut with saws that large. Extremely dangerous.

Rich people are obscene douches

eventually run out of mummies to use..
wow, that was such a surprise.

The most recent fad was The Toilet Paper

Oxtail should be on this show. Too damn expensive now!

Ok. So the looks of the melons are important (personally, I find that even ugly people have the most delightful personalities), what do they taste like?

spending that much money on handbags

The fish is skinned alive for freshness then the meat is aged 24 hours. They are called "Fugu" because that is the sound the fish makes while chef cuts him up. Fugu is fish for F*ck-you.

The Birkin bags are pure bullshit. You have to be shit for brains to buy one. Guess thats explains why women buy them.

25:47 anyone seen my prybar? oh it's a knife now?

These videos should be called "proving a fool and his money are soon parted"

1:24:33 what is the name of the shoe? I can understand english is my 2nd language. Thanks

Inkjet printers with outrageous ink costs... new printer time: "Do we REALLY need color for what we do?" No. Laserjet, never looked back, fast and cheap. If we need a photo printed, we go to the drugstore.

this is a perfect binge for corona.

I love the way he says salt it is so satisfying