Sour Space Candy cbd flower review ( Monrow Farms )

This is my review of Sour Space Candy

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cbd hemp is legal in all 50 states thanks to the farm bill

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Don’t fall for it Monrow scams took my money then said payment couldn’t be processed but my money gone wow fuck YouTuber that promote scams

Great vid. Also can I mix cbd with real weed in one joint??

How did that joint even light , after all the sucking and licking he did .

Well help me out here, I'm currently in quarantine in saint paul MN I wanted to get a little high time from all this craziness going on,but people are selling CBD to me, how can I tell the difference off rip??

I know this is a year old but I just stumbled on this and I'm living for the intro 🤣🔥

Me trying to se if this actually works, because my anxiety is bad, and there’s no medicine around me for months 😬

I am in the process of looking for a great CBD wholesaler. You are a Outstanding reviewer! Stay true. Stay blessed!

Love the energy keep up the good work maybe you will make it to the big screen


does it come to mailbox or is it delivered to door by ups?

I got to try that !

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Straight from the farmers

Im from Portugal and i love you dude . great attitude! I guess im trying the sour space candyy, god bless ya

I got some otw!

"i die good" 😭😭🤣🤣

got sleep and light head after that blunt

i got ounce of girl scout cookies

if stuck feeling is cannabis


hawaii haze good too

What’s the discount code fool?

This is a great CBD flower review, we’re definitely going to check out the farm. Hawaiian Haze and Sweet Wife is our 1 and 2. Looking forward to checking out more of your videos

Just placed my order!

Yo cool video!! Man you're cool guy.

Yo I got the hook up on CBD flower, amazing quality and grown in Amish soil. Hmu for bulk all legal reputable people

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What is the code 😂

So you can order it ?

Looks good my g👍

CBD flower keeps getting better and better. Check out our line of CBD flower with the rosin yield results.

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I'm trying to type on your new videos but it wont let me for some reason. Do you know why?

What up taz

Does this help with anxiety?

Ima buy an oz that shit better weigh up to 28 on the dot

Very cool video. I'm from lewisburg tn. I'm about 45 min south of nashville. Enjoy and smoke good.

What’s the discount code

Im pist lowkey think i picked up a pack of cbd from the plug cuz the ounce was cheap like 100 i thought the nigga was just feeling nice but nah ,i think he knows he picked up lower quality tree or cbd by accident but still needed to push the pack

Dag it must be good it got u coughing......

I'm going Green Right Now🤣🤣🤣🤣

Would they know if u bought it underage?😂

Big bottom lipped bastard just smoke da shit quit draggin it

I woulda stopped to help u too man I’m as white as a ghost. great vid!

That story had me like 🥺 i feel the same way .... i hit the subscriber button right when you said subscribe it was fate 😇

Yo Taz! Bout to order from Monroe farms sour space candy 1oz it's already discounted and your code won't work!😡 any suggestions or is it cause already discounted? Thanks let me know asap champ keep doin your thing my guy!

U good dude

I quit smoking weed for my new job, could this make me fail a test for thc?

Pimp voice


Best website for hemp products is

Because niggas in my neighborhood smoke weed all the time

Can we smoke it at the age of 16


I just bought some of this, I cant roll worth a crap so I use it on a pipe and man it burns my throat really bad. I vape too so idk if that's why. But I can barely get through it.

Good job man- keep moving forward 🙌

Has anybody made edibles out of these?

Love you man great energy

Were can I buy this for so cheap

How do i shop???????😦😦😩🙄🙄🙄

periyacht 🤣🤣


Your discount code does not work???

What is your discount code? I am interested in trying this kind

New sub, your a mess🤣🤣🤣🤣

What is the duscount code?

Give it away to your fan in Sweden my man!

I JUST got some Hawaiian Haze from our Kratom shop. This is getting me excited man. Gonna go try it out for sho

Whats the discount code for him

Ok I really just started smoking so all of this is new to me... Should I just start off with CDB or should I just go full force with the weed? What's the difference...

awesome videos man!
have you ever ttryed CBD flowers from ?
they deliver everywhere and that is my major issue intil now.
to find good flower for cheap and that i actualy get them ^^ was a big trouble tho

Best review😍 nice smoke. Sour space candy is smooth.

cannot roll better dan him

Sooo does Cbd give you a Buzz ??? I’m so confused

I wanna try this cause weed makes me paranoid like I feel like I’m dying ☹️

All those tastes are what it feels like to actually Smoke.

Great video sir. Thank you

Lol the intro is perfect 👌

So this is 100% CBD and 0% tch and will I pass a drug test if I smoke this?

Rainbow and Spring Water? Damn... I needz that!

Loved the story

So no link ?????

When he died and I laughed and died with him lol

I ended up purchasing that from

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But will u fail a drug test smoking this ????.

Taste like you bout to choke🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

Crazy entertaining! About to try some myself...

Boof ass weed fam

Struggling right now trying to transition from Cannabis to Hemp. On Day 3 so far. Love Cannabis just Trying to go legal until I can find a new job.

I just paid 35$ for an 1/8. Prices on the east coast are absolutely insane.


This man got energy has great CBD options.

I could tell you though "it taste like..."

I have sour space candy pre rolled. And nervous to try it lol. I've been taking cbd oil and edibles for over a year but I dont smoke anymore so just nervous to try the actual joint.

Starseed botanicals sour space candy is 🔥 as well!

u did that bro 🔥🔥🔥💯💯☝

I put the discount code it's not valid how do you write my boi

Entertaining ! Old schooler here from the days when you could only find Job rolling papers at the corner store and then we discovered Zig Zags, and finally Club Papers by then we were expert rollers hahaha, and we put those Clubs to work eh. Shout Out to the "Farm Bill." Never thought this day would come true, yeah it may not be the real deal but since we are older now we don't really need that 20% THC when we grew up on 5 % Mexican or if you had a really cool buddy you found out what Columbia Gold was like. This is real but all that paper on that dobbie is not real, lol. Getting ready to try some Sour Space Candy and some Special Sauce soon thx bro.