South Sudan Is Collapsing Thanks to Corruption Over Oil

Six years after winning its independence, South Sudan is already on the brink of collapse. Despite its vast oil reserves and more than $10 Billion in aid from the United States, the country has been driven into famine and a devastating ethnic war.

VICE's Isobel Yeung explores how corruption at the top is threatening to tear the world's newest country apart

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VICE's Isobel Yeung explores how corruption at the top is threatening to tear the world's newest country apart
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Just because a few self serving nincompoops sitting on top and eating away this country, the common man suffers

So why they didn't stay with Sudan ???????????
Independance independance independance for dead

Minister Michael Makuel be like: There are no human right violations in South Sudan. There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

Africans - they cannot rule themselves ! Bring back the European rulers !

Do non-whites do anything right ?

South Sudan: we got oil

US: uuuuu yeeeees ;)

Okay, i got so mad with that Minister and literally cried the last Réunion part... God protect his people 🙏❤️

Tell the first fat guy too stop eating all there food

The USA Government
Is the reason of all those corruption in South Sudan

I had hoped South Sudan would do well after independence.😢

Only country that rebel succeded and america abandoned them.

Stop advertising for Philip Morris International

I thought politicians and ministers from my country are the most corrupt one ,looking at South Sudanese ministers and politicians, my country’s minister and PM looked like Abraham Lincoln .

soldiers doing the dirty work for their elites

"The tragedy of the black man is not when he is oppressed by law, but when law abandons him"........ by Shaka Zulu

The truth is corruption is everywhere – nothing new, same shet different toilet seat.

Just my opinion the main income of this nation is oil right? why not vice investigate who own the oil buisness where the money go who's the buyer n all sort of that it will be interesting documentary as it will involve multibilion company n well known people around the globe

These people of Sudan were once so great as to be mentioned in the Holy Bible for saving Israelites from Babylon. Today it is in tatters. Just sad.

Hope Isobel will cover Armenian and Azerbaijan conflict.

South Sudan 🇸🇸 Is Actually Poor Government And Corruption.

Even, South Sudan 🇸🇸 Was Actually The Newest Country In Africa After Independence Over In 2011.

great respect for the reporter, especially at the part when she interviewed the minister

20 ltr 17 dollars is alteast cheaper then India

I only came here for a homework and ended up crying.

I used to think India was a bad place and God damn. I'm thankful I was born in such a good country as India

Where tribalism exist, corruption exist.

South Sudan was backed by outsiders who wanted to exploit its oil.

Watch The Devil Came On Horseback... If you have the gut.

George Clooney is a savage😂💪

Ay... This civil war and tribal war nonsense 🙄 what ever happened to the peace pipe and the culture of elders resolving issues?😬🚶🏻‍♂️

If it doesn't have food, medicine, or electricity, then how is it a hospital?

I'm surprised people genuinely speak instead of oil memes in this comments.

The continent of Africa if they all unite will be the leaders of the world not USA and Rusia. It’s a shame that greedy has the poor people living in those conditions

This little boy having to describe the murder of his brother and quietly crying...heartbreaking.


Hahahaha "are your you corrupt"?

They should be helping there people out.

I want to worship Isobel. I mean come-on , how brave are you, wow!

Bruh this is my country I hope I'll be the one to change it one day

Liked your question "are you corrupt "

So tragic humans no matter the color half to do better corruption has to be routed out and those held accountable. The world has to step in and step up.👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾👈🏾

That boy 7:35 melt my heart 😭

I love this reporter
11:37 kick-ass question

" so skinny, is that normal?" ......

Omg Isobel, you are beautiful

Isobel has been instrumental to putting Vice back on top

I wonder who really benefited from that north south war now that it was clearly over oil and not just religious.

thank you for this work

This African leaders get greedy not knowing what they represent.. The tribes see it as war because of generations of animosity but in reality it's just 2 men fighting over oil money. Sad 😔

Regenerate foreskin

The international community is propping up South Sudan? Really....but the international community is funding the wars there. As the doctors mentioned the government has no money.

God will deal with these African leaders, most African countries are rich but the majority of the people are suffering really bad.

This woman is badass!

I don’t know about you guys but I think he’s corrupt

13:33 the reporter's crying too! How human !

The western corruption coupled with corruption/greed of the leaders. That's what you get 🤦‍♂️

What a surprise

South Sudan leaders have not only failed their people but the entire world , shame !

Teared when young man met his family

The elite was denying the South Sudanese crisis? Wow, just painful to listen to.

Isobel has bigger balls then Any man to visit al lychees dangerous nations

I really don't understand people blaming islam for this when South Sudan is literally a crhistian country

Corruption can destroy a country

I'm in complete awe of Isobel Yeung. Such a braveheart.

Isobel Yeung is basically Elena Fisher from Uncharted

No , I'm not corrupt : Said the cat that ate the cannery

VICE News alway provide really informations. The minister is one of the most brutal and tribal leader who can never say the truth

Islam have destroyed everything

And one day.. in a not so distant future... one might see simular tendencies all over the World. The population continue to grow, so does mass consumption. The same World is harvested, dug and mined apart... the consunption never stops. The factories will never shut down...

We're all doomed to walk this earth til the day we die. We're all doomed to strive for the best of our own good, much by selfish and egocentric insitincts and needs... We're simply doomed to fight for the resources, minerals and food. It is our very nature. This problem will not cease at all. Instead, it will continue to grow alongside the (already extreme) population. War lies ahead.. for all of us.

The population of the World must join forces and simply understand that we're all on the same ship. The population of the entire World must be decreased. Lack of resources, corruption, hate, racism, war, starvation.. none of that is the problem. The problem is us, the human race. We are too many. And with that, all the other problems occur like magic.

I just got to ask where is America and this letting this happen to these poor people we’re over there poking her nose in countries business for decades we’re not helping people who really need help from their corrupt government

Some people just should not make any offspring. Imagine if Sudan area would have kept population growth under control since the 1970s. More firewood, food and oil money to distribute to the people. Some religions unfortunately against women's education and family planning

The arrogance of nation states to suggest they not only should be the ones to help, but are also - somehow - the only ones that can help when they allow so many of their own to starve! The developed world interfering by means of profiteering instead of pure charity is the opposite of what Christ taught!

And why Sudanese speak Arabic??

Please if the journalist should ask where n why?weapons have been supplied to those parties n how?so to give a fear explanation internal affairs n external interference that courses all the crises instead of pointing fingers internally..

I will say that at all cost of innocent children and ppl,all over Africa which is the richest continent on earth,and I do mean almost every country is very poor, it is sickening on ,

This world is so messed up... We should all be living in lexury... I send my prayers to the people

such a miserable coutnry. they should just stop breeding

Journalist of India should learn journalism from this lady, salute you mam

Hi. Did you hear about bruce de mesquita "selectorate theory"? It explain why corruption exist.
Lots of videos based on his paper and books.

( ).

And people wonder why south side Chicago and west/east Baltimore is the way it is this is what these people are... Try to name one successful country run by Africans ?...I'll wait

Fix. Your. S's

Thank you Lord I Saw them.

Why are they out side are they over. There because of what

Father have mercy for this situation BE64579649B

No we dont get paid because I have to go back and pay them on every fiftenth day of tge month then come back AL75869753A

Good morning South Sudan
How is it overthe there

11:29 her smug look kinda pissed me off tho.

Isobel:Are you corrupt?
News:Female journalist avoids excution by executing executor

VICE Documentary template: show a miserable poor person who is against a regime/leader/policy/ideaology, show a well-off person who supports that thing; boom, that thing is bad; VICE is compassionate.. What a joke in the name of Journalism.

Where's blm at


last part was emotional

When bol reached his home and met his mom and sister , I just got goosebumps 😭😭😭 so happy for him ! Stay happy my friend

If each person across the world who's capable enough donates at least 10 bucks a year , no person in whole South Sudan & the entire world would sleep hungry 😊

10:17 are u serious ?

Are the people engaged in agricultural activities there? I wish them good health and prosperity in coming times..

Venezuela: Hey, I've seen this one!

giv'em condoms.problem solved