Symptoms and Diagnosis; PSP, CBD and MSA

This video is for healthcare professionals to use as a reference when diagnosing PSP, CBD and MSA. It shows what to look for in a patient when making a correct diagnosis.

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Thank you for the information.
As this video is dated 2016, have there been any promising breakthroughs in treatment for CBD since then?

All of these movements are things we take for granted in life every day. It must be horrible for your body not to respond in the way you want it to. All of these patients are so brave!

I know there might not be a classic progression in these diseases. Knowing that my mother only presents lack of strength in the lower and upper limbs, which leads to difficulty walking, she has had multiple tendinitis in both extremities, multiple surgeries to her feet (Morton's neuroma, hallux valgus), could these explain her difficulties? Or could it be MSA, as diagnosed by a doctor?

Does it cause a person to be violent

Thanks to the Patients for allowing to be filmed. We appreciate it.

My sister has CBD. Within a year she was in a wheel chair unable to move her legs, had lost the ability to speak but still could write messages on her phone with one of her hands. Now her arms don't work either and she needs a eye tracking computer to talk for her.
We all believe huge amounts of stress brought the illness on.

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thanks, brilliant video

My mom in law has just been diagnosed with CBD. THANKS for your video it generates awareness in me. Please make some videos on how to make QOL better for CBD patients.

Guys we need cure for this terrible diseases.

excellent resource.remarkable clinical diversity. i have identified numerous patients with mild/early symptomology in osteopathic practice overlooked by experienced neurologists and GP.

Thank u sir. Very useful video...

very nice video .My father in law too is having PSP.From past few days his arms have become lifeless and swelling has appeared.He opens his mouth with great difficulty,folds his legs and is unable to walk.Now a days he mostly sleeps for 20 hours a day.I want to know if this a final stage of a PSP.Please help me as I can't see him in such horrid condition.

my daddy has passed away 5 months ago now we got the news today that he had CBD God help him me and my wife looked after him I did not no that we can get this in Ireland it's so hard I miss him so much xx

Thank you for the demonstrations

Excellent video- thank you. Would welcome any more you could provide.