Testosterone: Myths & Facts

Did you know that low testosterone affects 40% of men over age 40 and can affect your overall well-being? Symptoms of low T include diminished energy, motivation and sex drive, loss of muscle and increased body fat, along with erectile dysfunction. View this candid discussion about signs of low T and treatment options for effective, long-term results.

John Ludlow, MD, of Western Michigan Urological Associates, is a nationally recognized expert in treating erectile dysfunction and low testosterone.

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Two weeks for standard injection? That just ain’t true.

This is just a sales promo for testosterone use. Any relatively body can maximize T if a smart protocol is followed. There is no short cut and this pitch is detrimental from a propagandist. Instead: eat high quality fatty food, have (real) sex, sleep well, do resistance training, reduce stress / cortisol. Do not take T, your body will learn to make none if you take T replacement. And stop worrying that you don't meet somebody's artificial standard.

Been on testosterone replacement for 4 years and never felt better

Thank you.

I'm a prostate cancer patient and the oncologist has me on a testosterone blocker. How can I take testosterone replacement therapy? These are two things working against each other.

I have had low testosterone my entire life although I didn’t notice until I was about 30 years old. I have a genetic abnormality called Klinefelter syndrome which causes the hypergonadism he was talking about. I have felt like shit most of my adult life I’ve had several moods swings and I’ve had thoughts of suicide for a very long time. I too have beenI’ve been told by different doctors and psychiatrists that I am bipolar I have depression and anxiety or I’m just lazy and that’s why I’m overweight. I too was also put on a shitload of different medications my whole life. this guy knows what he’s talking about. Most doctors that I’ve seen have no clue what the hell is going on! It’s quite scary because even the Endrow chronologist that I was seeing for some reason was trying to keep my testosterone low because I guess he was afraid to much would cause heart attack and stroke. When I went from my testosterone being around 59 to around 250 he thought that was plenty and I didn’t need to go higher than that. Even Though 250 is still considered below normal. A few months ago I went and got the pellets but I don’t think they’re working as I still have the same issues. This isn’t living its existing.

any trans cuties in here?

What the hell this beta male guy talking about we should thank women for having estrogen? WTH ?

I was hoping to get some information on low T in young men , teenagers and Klinefelter syndrome , puberty, and all that!

Excellent video

Does this guy sell pills

Thanks doctor God bless you-from Dubai UAE 🇦🇪

TRT is so taboo in Germany. They think it's a sin. I self prescribed and come off for a couple of months twce a year to reset, but as I get older it becomes harder to reset my HPTA. Even on PCT. Testosterone levels are always in the low normal , including low estrogen. I just feel depress and total shit and I'm a person that enjoys working out and personal train as a strength and conditioning coach. I do have one doc that prescribes it to me, but it's not covered by insurance so I get it UGL way most of the time.

Blood work couple weeks ago after off 1 month and my test levels plumbed. Got anotha labs next week and probably jump back on again. Makes no sense feeling like shit.

Hello sir, very nice video full of information. This is easily curable condition that too without steroids and therapies. As this will have lots of side effects physically and emotionally which will ultimately lower the quality of life. Ayurvedic medicines can effectively treat this and I have seen best results with male support from Planet Ayurveda.

Dear Sir, Thanks for your very clear lecture. I am some long distance away from you (at lease 11 hours time difference) but I need to know the following from you. As far as your check list is concerned I can check each one. I am 71 years but have had ED problems since I was in my mid 40's. This is when or about the time of my first heart attack caused by a blood clot. The cardiologist said my arteries were OK and no signs of cholesterol problems. Since I have had two minor strokes both caused by very small blood clots. The biggest one some 18 years ago and the other around five years ago. The Dr said I needed to be put on to Tadalafil around 2006 but very recently it caused some premature deafness. I stopped taking them but have had to suffer the consequences where ED has become a real problem. I started taking a testosterone capsules called Androcap which you do not mention in your lecture. I recently had both my blood pressure and full workout on my general blood functions and the doctor said they were all normal. My questions are two fold: Will taking these capsules help, and will they cause premature deafness like Tadalafil did? Thanks Al.

My Dr. tested my testosterone and said that it was low. I asked if she could prescribe testosterone and her answer was that it wouldn't do me any good. How does one deal with that? As our medical files are kept on computers and any Dr. can acquire then by simply typing in your name. As this was her recommendation, any Dr. I see, looks at my file and refuse to give me testosterone, even though it is low. The reason for this " it was your doctors recommendation that you should not be taking it ". In the last 2 years I have started to develop large breasts. How does anyone get around that.

Just cut down on sugar and alcohol consumption and a lot of your hormones problems will go away..Instead mix avocado and egg add a little honey as sweeter and drink it every morning you will jump like a horse thank me after you try it

cypionate comes in either 100mg or 200mg...so when comparing the the 2 dosages-which is better? or is it just personal preference...Im on 200 mg now and it seems like the 100 mg was better for me as far as how my body reacted to the treatment...or maybe the rx was a different brand/company not sure.

what is your option on no fap? i know it kills testosterone after 7 days but i have to do it for dopamine issues.

3:24 sums up the motivation behind this talk

I got my total testosterone checked last week (just wanted to see where i was at)and it came back at 201 ng/dl. I am 26 in above average shape, weight train 5 days a week, and very health conscious. My doctor suggest I do another test, but said he does not believe i have low testosterone due to the way I look and I have no symptoms. Taking a week of the weights and going to do another test. Advice?

I decided to check my testosterone levels with a doctor, ended up saving my life because I ended up having prostate cancer and low testosterone at 35 years old. I'm 38 now and 0 PSA. still low testosterone but trying to boost it with supplements and lifting weights. If it's still low at my next urology visit I'll take testosterone therapy.

What can be done or what avenue of treatment is available for aging males (late 50s) with low tostesterone that are currently on blood thinners like Xarelto? Is Clomid an option for these patients to restore sexual urge and function?

Question what happen if you do test every 5 days what is the side effects of that ?

My doctor refused to do any t-test.  i am Diabetic  Type 2. Had been doing 3 mile walk per/day. Well under diet control last check. No blood test when I went in for 3 month recheck. Can't get but 1 test strip  per day. I use this to keep my sugar levels low and eat accordingly. I am 75 and try  to get out and move this  works great for me. I had high libido but I don't walk in bad cold or wet weather. Many doctor are prescribing known or under investigation of cancer causing drugs. Sounds like make more work project. Not good for the patient

I did TRT and it jacked up my test numbers over 1000 but continued to have a low libido

It's a sticky subject!!

For men taking testosterone supplements who are 60 or older, there is a 30% increase in the risk of:Stroke.Heart Attack.Death.What are the Dangers of AndroGel and Other Testosterone Supple…www.reifflawfirm.com/dangers-androgel-testosterone-supplements/

I believed that this treatment method will take effect after a long time period. At 3pm, I began utilizing this erection dysfunction treatment solution called https://t.co/0M1dZaTF2s At 9pm, my spouse returned to our house right after her duty at a school function. Well, that was successful. I got and maintained the best erection I had in 10 years. Is this a chance??

Testosterone creates toxic masculinity. Testosterone is evil.

Very good presentation! It took me a while to find it. Now, living in Norway, it's almost impossible to find a doctor who is vaguely interested in this. Question: I've heard some who swear by micro-dosing of testosterone. 1 a day or 1 every second day, using insulin-sized syringes. Any thoughts on that?

TRT is amazing the only draw back is libido and sex drive gets too high and can be a nuisance like having an itchy nose all the time 😂

Doc! it is clear to me that those who stay in front of a computer learning more and more faster and faster get an imbalance because the brain starts to suck more and more testosterone leaving the peter area lacking... so the brain gets better, but the libido takes a blow!

Am i right is High testerone levels in a male linked and a cause of hairloss and making men go bald , because i am bald have a very hairy chest and lost my hair in my 30 's ?

What if you have really low T and diabetes and can't afford androgel? And have have Chronic blood loss anemia of unknown cause after lots of tests?

I use Androgel on my shoulders each day. I use the pump, each pump cost $25.00 a month. I am 77 so have medicare and supplement insurance that picks up the difference.

I have been on ATORVASTIN 80 MG 20 yrs! Now I discover that we need cholesterol to manufacture testosterone !! (Yikes)// for the past year I'm all over Utube Drs for info, because my Drs on my supplement insurance go through the motions and give little to no info. The real Drs appear to be on here or on TV// I just subscribed. If any of you c an recommend lectures on here pls advise.

Check out this link to a medical study on Test Cream applied on Scrotum they did in Australia! 8 times absorption! (Not gels which burn scrotal skin)

Pituitary is my malfunction

He is just scaring people!

I wish I didn't have to go through a whole chain of women nurses just to get to the doctor I don't want to tell that many people about my problem it's embarrassing

Informative but went over my head big time because the medical field is not my field of expertise... I wish it was dummed down a little when talking about medical terms because then people (specially I) would better understand and relate... But ultimately, it was very educational vis-a-vis to testosterones

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Give your body a rest from eating, so it has time to heal. Check out Dr. Jason Fung ( The Obesity Code) Intermittent Fasting is a good place for people to start looking to get there health back. Happy New year when it comes to everyone.

Since 1950s during the industrial revolution a lot of health issues pop up, it's worse now , food production had to meet the demands with rise in population, we are eating hormone fed, antibiotics fed flesh meat esp chicken, that affects our own hormone levels, we should be eating more free range , organic foods , drink lots of fresh water, no chlorine or fluorides, etc etc, very important that we do regular exercise and cardio. Eating fatty, hormone fed chicken could be fattening men's prostate gland, because everything gets more puffy after ingestion of wrong kinds of fats, very thin blood vessels of the delicate eyes get affected, pure blood and equilibrium in all functions of life make one live healthier and longer, I had to loose 10 kilos buy going to a special gym that put me on diet and exercise regime, after loosing these kg I felt better, no more high blood pressure or taking of any diabetes pills like Metformin etc, I keep to the gym routine now at least 3 days a week, drink lots of pure spring water, not tap water that's been treated with fluorides and chlorine, stopped eating hormone fed chicken meat, stopped using GMO soy milk altogether, as I thought this was an alternative to cow's milk ,I am lactose intolerant,my breasts was growing like crazy because GMO soy milk s gave me more estrogens (female hormones), less libido when a male is out of balance of Testosterone levels. This vid is an eye opener but stay fit, do not overeat. occassion fasting helps !

I'm 64,I have prostate cancer. I choose to take the 44 Radiation treatments. When I go to my urologist appts. When the Dr ask me how I'm doing. I told him I feel tired all the time. My ability to maintain an erection is difficult. I had My testosterone cheched it was 212. I asked about the shots or jelly. He was against the idea. I also asked about GNC store testosterone pills,he said that may encourage the cancer to return. I Iift light weights 5 times a week, go for walks, blood pressure and cholesterol is always perfect,I don't smoke. And I was a mailman for 32 years. But now I feel like I'm 90. Any comments????

Take fish oil and lower your cholesterol and in my case your t- levels will be amazing!

Here is another slant on this. I was treated for low T by a great endocrinologist for 10 years. Felt great. Below 200 untreated. Also taking statins. Jan 2019 made a personal decision to stop the statins. Also had stopped T treatment Nov 2018 due to medical mixups. By May 2019 T was way up into normal range from normalizing cholesterol. Just tested again. T up a little more. No treatment. T is made from cholesterol as this guy says.


As soon as He advocated the UNAFFORDABLE care Act I got lower T

tried this already and it works boosted my testosterone ”❤️ here: lincover.com/app/epyda and it makes you bigger.

An injection every two weeks? Using compounds with a 7 day half life? And you believe you'll get a man optimized this way? You're kidding... Right?

I was good with virtually everything you said, up to three quarters of the way through the video, but then you said that. Gels are not recommended as they can't get levels up sufficiently enough. Compounded trans-scrotal application is the best way to go for a transdermal above all else by miles. No idea why you would want your patients to come in every two weeks when they can self inject at home. Frequent administration is far preferable to anything you are suggesting. At least you don't bring up blocking estrogen, I'll give you that.

I was going to invite you for a webcast on our TRT and Hormone Optimization YouTube channel up until I heard that part. Pity. You're 'almost' there with optimizing men, but not quite.

Adam was made 1st Scientists . They don't believe in the Almighty a they believe they are God.. That speaker say thanks to a woman really

It does not work for everybody ! If you fall through this then try to view this whole thing :

"Dim Plus review - changed my life" on youtube too !

What about taking the injection once a week at half the biweekly dose?

very great news to me inject myself every 2 weeks get a blood test every 3 months got to fast for 12 hrs and do it on it a week off off injection

Wow just had mine checked on a day I felt good and it was 97

I went to a low t clinic and they said I had the lowest testosterone they had ever seen. After being on testosterone cypionate injections once a week, hcg to maintain fertility and prevent ball shrinkage, and a estrogen blocker I went from 417lbs to 265. I was also diagnosed with diabetis when I started testosterone but my a1c is now the same as a non diabetic so doc thinks I may have just beat diabetis. I have also began having morning wood again and actually desire sex after 10 yrs being single and not even masturbating for many years. I'm 46 yo workout 5 days a week now and hope I have not waited too long to find a mate. I do get lonely now especially with my sex drive back. Having no sex drive was actually a blessing in a way as it had drove me nuts most my life and not craving women for a bit was a much needed break. Long story short if you feel like shit and gain weight easy get tested for low t!

My Doc, has me under control,,,,, I hope all I know I feel great 👍

DHEA makes my hair fall out - but the ladies love me when I'm juicing. I would cycle with it as not to go completely bald. I don't know - I am pretty vain about my hair. but who cares when your armpit hair is so much more sexy with all the pheromone release.

Gee...every bodybuilder/athlete knows what testosterone is for...when you get jacked(depending on dosages) you get bigger, badder and feel like a 25 year old...BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE TESTOSTERONE OF A 25 YEAR OLD MAN...DUUUUUUH!..."cyclists use it for hemoglobin increases..." Ummm...it's for muscle building and recovery in the dosages cyclists take...every PRO athlete is tested for ratios to make sure they aren't cheating, done by USADA(that's the anti-doping guys)...and MMA promotions used to ALLOW TRT when 'prescribed by a doctor'...just search for Vitor Belfort and TRT, or Anderson Silva or Bigfoot Silva or Dan Henderson, who ALL got busted when they were 'aging out' of the UFC or anybody whose been busted, and they have 'unnatural' test levels...this dude, like every other doctor, is just selling you on prescribed 'roids...period...opioids can do wonders, except when they're abused or prescribed for ABUSE...it's BUSINESS, boys...just BUSINESS

Gels are the most horrible option never works for anyone

He said one injection every two weeks that’s bad and I’m surprised to hear that type of protocol coming from an expert doctor ... injecting once every two weeks takes you on a very bad rollercoaster ride

Why do doctors only test testosterone while fasting? Breakfast is to BREAK the fast...

How quickly does trt work to improve mood And who has had success with mood I am at 8 weeks nothing special free T at 15

Hard to listen to with his 'umh' gap fillers !

Factors causing all the symptoms this guy is talking about

omega 6
low fat carb rich diets it's the cause of 99.9% symptoms in this talk.
SUGAR stop refined sugars now.

Probiotics change gut flora


STAY AWAY FROM BIG PHARMA men women of death and diseases.

When you take a replacement you body will stop making it naturally, the most natural way to increase testosterone is fasting which has proved to increase HGH

Do you test for free testosterone

its makes me sad when I see overweight men slugging around in their 40's and 50's who are likely low on Testosterone.
Part of the problem is, being low on testosterone makes it that much less likely you will seek help. You are tired. you're barely getting through the day. You figure this is just a part of getting old, and you would be right...30 years ago!
I've be on testosterone therapy since 2005. I feel better at 53 than I did in my 20's.
The solution is simple. If you feel sluggish and think you might be low, when you go to the doctor tell them you want your testosterone level tested. They HAVE to do this. Here is the problem with SOME doctors. You may be low...but not low "enough" to prescribe replacement. Normal levels are  300 to 1,000 ng/dL. YOU may be at 375 and your stupid doctor says NOPE not  low enough. Their goal should always be to get you to 800.. at least!  
If they refuse...get a new doctor. ..because believe me if you are low...NOTHING is else is going to fix your lethargy and hangover feeling you have daily. ...Just do it.

Extremely good podcast! I'm a prostate cancer survivor for 10 years. I'm 61, my levels continued to hover in the 10 to 12 range. Since my Dr. started me on TRP for 4 months now, my levels are decreasing. Please talk to your doctor about this.

Does "Total T" work? Or is The Big Hurt a big fat liar?

Anyone looking for a source DrugsGear.com. I get my testosterone gel there. I'm not affiliated, just helping those looking for an online source.

The reason low T isn't treated is because of the DEA. Doctors are also stupid in this country

I am 41. No TRT needed. Watch yout health on time. Bad Job, Girlfriend, Family, Sleep, Diat, no Meds. My Testo was beter an 40, then 20, or 30 People!

Thank you. A discussion of Testosterone Replacement Therapy spoken in layman's terms regarding the benefits of TRT..

12 years of testosterone therapy caused excessive plaque build up in my arteries, heart disease, heart attack and finally open heart surgery.
Each man metabolizes hormones differently. When I took it. I thought I was on some kind of optimized longevity program. What they never monitored and don’t for most people is your cholesterol level. No one ever told me about that potential harm .....

If you got low test , take test gel pack but only take one 3rd of the sache rub it in your arm , i find this to be most effective from taking injection , if u keep your level just normal or just under u be fine, we only produce 75 mg test per week of our own test
Say u do have low test u are producing only 25 mg week and then you take injection , if u going to take 1 ml each ml say ethanate or cypionate or even if u break it up half ml per week u will exceed your limit and shut u down ,its very hard to get the dosage right through injection because u need to take blood test often to get the dosage right , but with the gel , you wont have any prob messing your body up more , i think its help your own test start working again is like a kick start but u need to take it for while and u wont feel anything right away take maybe month or more before u feel anything benefits , don't take more test thinking it will fix you because it wont , take test gel take one 3rd not full sache and that will not shut u down , it just might help u get your normal test back with good food and good diet , lots vitamin c , at least 6,000 mg day through out the day , also magnesium take few thousand mg up to you , vitamin k and vitamin D 3 take few of them, Everyone i know took too much test got shut down its fact , boost your test by taking little test on top your own , this is how you do it and its very effective , i'm not saying it will work for everyone but its did for me and its not going to mess u up trying , injection try to avoid

What about taking testosterone or increases your estrogen what are you take to combat that

I've always kept in shape through regular aerobic and strength exercise. Eighteen month ago I started doing 125mg of test per week. It
greatly improved my quality of life physically, sexually, and emotionally. No complications for me at such doze. I am 61 years old.

2 important questions doc. I’m on therapy for the last 1.5 years now and have they occasional side effects but feel soooo much better. I am extremely symptomatic
1) you mentioned problems urinating. I have recently occasional issue urinating(I do not take HCG but would like to) (200mg cypionate every 10 days and half a pill of Anastrozole for estrogen control every other bc I’m a converter)
2) I hear rumors from nurses and even some docs and friends who are experienced that test therapy may cause CANCER? From my understanding it’s only if your genetics and your family history have it then you may be prone to it? It may speed up the process? But I’m not sure and you seem like an expert so I wanted your thoughts please?
IF ANYONE KNOWS THE ANSWER TO THESE QUESTIONS I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL 😊 PLEASE PLEASE OLEASE HELP!! It’s my health and I do want kids eventually. 37 year old male and I see a endocrinologist. Maybe I should see a urologist?

Is depression a sign of low T my count is 260 and is it safe ????? Ty

Awesome. I'm in the uk. So much makes sense now. Diagnosed with prostate cancer. My father and 2 brothers we all bloomed within several years of each other. During the process an oncologist declared I had low t and explained this was a positive thing. I'd had quite a few years prior to this of lethargy, brain fog weight gain lack of libido. Attended various gp sessions they basically just shrugged their shoulders and told me to lose weight. I also was diagnosed with low level hypertension. Eventually I started to ask questions and was repeatedly discouraged from persuing try, , the usual it causes cancer, causes prostate cancer and so on. There was a lot of misinformation but eventually I got to see an endocrinologist who put me on nebido every 10 weeks. Almost a year now, More positive then negative and am being reviewed in a month, fingers crossed as I get about 6 good weeks out of the 10 but although I feel better in general the libido is still an issue, hope I can persuade him to increase my levels.

The combination of polyunsaturated fats with high sugar intake will kill testosterone. Most packaged foods and processed foods consist of vegetable oils like safflower, soybean, corn oil, sunflower oil. These are the #1 reason for low T. Beer is probably another big problem for many guys. The estrogen content in hops is through the roof. Avoid this stuff the best you can and eat more saturated fats and red meats. Lift weights and get good sleep. Your testosterone will fix itself after that.

TRT is often for those who have let their health go and are at a last resort. If you don't eat well, have sex, sleep well, control stress, resistance train, then you won't be optimizing your natural testosterone potential. The approach here seems to be validating the short-cut approach...along with its side-effects.

The USA has the worst health care system and doctors. They are decades behind many others.

How does the modern medical fixation on lowering cholesterol contribute to lowering serum testosterone?

Have a bath pills water

Fat food

Add something to u

Draw something on a paper

Im 33 years old. Am I too young to get Testosterone Therapy?

I NEED ADVICE: I'm not a senior bu over fifty and I feel like I am turning into a female. My legs are almost hairless, the hair under my arms is still there but short hair, my erections are never great. My sex drive, however, is good but always has been super-strong. I wouldn't say I have breasts but where my chest used to be flat, it's not a woman's chest, but it's beginning to get there. My testicles are noticeably smaller to the touch. Then again, I have put on weight and plenty of it from eating too much which I am now losing.

I do not yet have recent blood results but have had low numbers in the past.

Don't want to spend a fortune on this, a thousand a year I could do. I have no issue taking an injection or giving myself one.

Just take your maca root powder your ashwagandah your rodiola and chill. Eat grass fed meats. And dont fall into all that fake vegan agenda either. Just avoid junk. Drink your green tea. Drink your apple cider vinegar. Or even better do a 24 to 48 hour fast ever other week or month. It will do wonders. Thats your fix.

He is not up to date with TRT and prostate cancer. It has now been shown that the prostate is very sensitive to testosterone up to a certain low level after which the prostate becomes saturated with testosterone. If your normal level of testosterone is below the saturation level, TRT can have a dramatic negative effect on prostate cancer, if you are naturally above the saturation level then any amount of TRT will have no effect on the cancer. Removing all testosterone does help control cancer.

I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover
how can i boost my testosterone naturally
try Mackorny Increase Testosterone Blueprint (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got excellent success with it.

Sir testosterone cypionat 250mg a week is safe for muscle building and sex drive sir please answer me

Doctor how can I come see you? where is your office? I live in Orlando Florida.

My testosterone levels are in low but ok area but my GP put me on reandron which helped with my depression and anxiety and then sent me too a specialist in the field who basically took me straight of Reandron and terrified me with stories of strock, heart disease and other side effects.
Definitely feelt better on Reandron but by the sounds of it to stay on it would only be fixing one problem but creating many more.