The boom in CBD products

Cannabidiol, a chemical compound extracted from hemp, is now at the center of a swiftly-growing industry which last year derived about $600 million in U.S. sales. Lee Cowan reports.

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I got this product from and I must say I'm satisfied with my purchase

The best Cbd I’ve found so far is at

CBD products from WeedBorn are awesome!
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Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

soooo many idiots,,,cbd does nothing for chronic's the gold rush of our it's super easy to make and extract.if it does work for you.they are just pushing it hard cause of opiates we can no longer get.thats it.

how to make sense of any of this is insane funny and crazy all at the same time... beginning of video guy claims CBD is not cannabis ... a feew minutes in CBD is cannabis... but! marijuana is a hemp cousin when in fact marijuana is the smoke of canabis sativa L... ! that is the definition of marijuana LOL.
cannabis is cannabis, CBD / THC and 146 more phytocannabinoids like THCV , CBDVa = so many... it is all cannabis part of cannabaceae family of plants

Now Federally Legalize Cannabis both medical and recreational purposes as it should be.

Wait til you guys try legal weed products.

I take it every morning with coffee for a month now and ANXIETY is GONE, pain is reduced in back. Should be required for driving suvs and big fat gas guzzle trucks.

Well I wouldn’t call CBD a cure-all, but it’s definitely very versatile, and it’s not exaggeration to say it has numerous medical benefits. It does certainly help with pain relief, and mood enhancement. Far too many users report symptom relief for it all to hype.

This reminds me of previous Herbalife and Amway hype. Nothing new here.

Interesting, President trump helped farmers grow weed with the bill he passed? Did you get that liberals?

CBD saved my life, literally. . .

This is very dangerous to big pharma's profits - I hope the lobbyists find a way to take CBD off the market so that consumers have less choice and pay higher prices. Also, the DEA can benefit too if the law is to be enforced at the federal level.

Been using it for about two months and feel great. I work a physical job with a lot of lifting and up until using CBD oil I had pains in my arms in the elbow area. No more pain for me!

Cbd can't do everything. But cbd can help. Only way for u to get the most benefit you need to use the whole plant. Thc and everything else. Entourage effect. A synergistic effect that does things that cbd alone can't.

Nothing works for everyone but it reall is a miracle drug in my opinion .I suffer decades of cronic pain and it has been a game changer in manyways . My husban has lowered his blood pressure medication. I sleep everynight now .The key is dossage !!

It actually works

Ain't no fad. Liberate the plant.

And lower the dang taxes too.

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Juice
70/30 VG/PG

75mg - Calms
300-500mg - Chill, Sit Back and Relax
1000mg - You’re asking me to fall asleep.

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

Wrong.....CBD is present in cannabis

I know a botony professor who for decades tried to get a special waiver to do careful, documented research on cannabis from the federal government and every time was rejected. We would know more about CBD if he had been able to get the wavier.

A lot of CBD manufacturing is not regulated. Have friends who swear by it in CA. Don’t buy it on eBay. Buy it from a chain store.
I agree with Prof. Heard on the evidence...

Here's some anecdotal evidence for you. I took opioids for eight years to control my chronic pain. After a couple of months of CBD, I'm no longer on opioids and muscle relaxants that still left me in some pain. The best part is I'm able to do things I haven't in years with NO pain. It's like getting my life back.

"THEY'VE" taken a very powerful medicine and made a novelty out of it!!! A processed food if you will!!😢 After 2 years & 9 different brands of CBD, I settled on Natures Nutrients!!!!! It's cold pressed, nothing added nothing subtracted!!! An unfiltered Full spectrum oil!!! All the previous CBD oils I used, I used a third to half a dropper!! With Natures Nutrients it's 5 drops & NIVANA!!!!😊 a 2 oz bottle is $60 😳 on the net & it lasts me two months!!!!! It's an excellent CBD folks!!! Tried n True!!!☮️

I bet pharma companies have fought this tooth and nail.Shocked that Trump would Ok'd it.

OK so it's not snake oil .... it's lizard oil.

CBD gummi bears for the win

Why do y'all still use the term marijuana?

whats with all the old people leaving ignorant comments?

All of this…just for one reason and one reason only……MONEY ! MONEY !
More ……MONEY !! >> Don’t be……FOOL !!

Marijuana is addictive. Any medicinal claims is an agenda of lies.

I use it but I need extremely high dosages. I also take turmeric. I am on cosentyx but it’s not enough for my pain and I refuse to take anything else.

Tried this stuff for pain. Used a reputable supplier with independent lab tests to verify potency. Tried the liquid form as well as topical. Did absolutely nothing. Waste of $....and it was not cheap.

look up charlottes web weed.
it will change your mind.

Harmless snake oil. But if you want to take it,more power to you. That has always been your right. The war on cannabis is and always has been wrong. Why did our government take out a patent on it if it had no medical use that was any benefit ?

Hemp is 100% legal now in USA in all the state. It got the green light in the farm bill and it was signed. CBD oil can be extracted from the Hemp plant.


Government. They don't want it unless they can make $$.

I'm going to say This show needs more stories about little girls raising a duck. This show has become too much about promoting products rather than human interest.


Coca-cola... please. Times are too different for this to mainstream, especially in the USA. Walgreens, pffft. How is this legal over-the-counter?

Ditch Weed Delusion!

Big pharma will always try to control people...the sicker you are the better for them.

They dont show how its made


Never messed with smoking pot but I actually would consider trying the oil.