The endocannabinoid system and the revolution of one | Rachel Knox | TEDxPortland

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In this riveting talk, Rachel Knox, MD / MBA, explores the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the revolution of one. How we can take control to harness the power found in our own bodies. We will not stop until this universal knowledge is in the medical textbooks / curriculum for all to learn and understand. A profound idea worth spreading...

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Rachel is the co-founder of American Cannabinoid Clinics and Chair of the Oregon Cannabis Commission. She received her medical and business degrees from Tufts University and then pursued additional study of the most important physiologic system in the human body — the endocannabinoid system. She is passionate about educating her professional peers and broader public about the safety and effectiveness of Cannabinoid Medicine. Her work is groundbreaking at a transformative time in our society. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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I have hypoglycemia therefore is it safe for me to take?

Thank you.I have been going to the doctor for over five years now,And I have tried every anxiety medication out there and they don’t work, I couldn’t sleep because of it And the medicine the doctor would give me, Didn’t work at all, I hated how the medicine made me feel, So a friend of mine told me about CBD oil, And I read on it and learned about it and I went and bought some, three weeks now I been taking the oil and I can sleep all night it doesn’t make me sick to my stomach and my Anxiety is so much better, My son said I’m so much nicer to live with, I use the cream for my back,, I’m so much calmer and my hands don’t shake anymore, I should of been doing this long ago,,,,

She is brilliant!

I have watch Rachel knox's video at least a half a dozen times if not more. Very impressedhow she got all that in in a short amount of time. With pinpoint accuracy. I've been studying the ECS FOR 10 YEARS. And continue to learn the beauties of the ECS

lets go global awakening! we are all one! <3

And it was said on the Bible "The herb is for the use of the Man"

Very interested as to the potential effect of the endocannabinoid system in relation to Covid-19. It does directly effect the immune system in a different way to pharmaceutical drugs. So SURELY this is an avenue Humans are looking into and.. not being held back somehow by a law? Love to hear more.

the first Chordate life form to develop Endocannabinoid system was the Sea Squirt .. 5 billion years ago Sea Squirt developed this homeostasis system for all creatures with a spinal column to maintain their every cell via lipid signaling ... the ECS is a way for cells to communicate backwards and not just straight forward ... endocannabinoids are the only neurotransmitters to travel backwards ( retrograde) and inform interior of cell to the extracellular matrix .. this information provides cells with a baseline to adjust the signaling ( homeostasis) ... each cannabinoid that expresses ( depolarization induced second messenger compounds) is created from the cellular phospholipids ( phospholipid bi layer) being bio synthetically created @ the moment of demand ... the cannabinoids do not store in any vesicles or tissues and are only created on demand ... Hence, why extracellular cannabinoids ( phytocannabinoids) can "as non selective agents" express upon our cellular bi layers @ the moment of need ...

Still, How is it that cannabis plant compounds bio-mimic endogenously created compounds ? and these are Lipids, so do not crystallize into efferent structures easily ( it takes way more enzymes to form a cannabinoid from a lipid precursor) so their bio-activity / psycho activity was hard to identify with .

endocannabinoid system too relies on outside lipids ( essential fatty acid) to maintain best expression .. when we do not eat or consume essential fatty acids our ECS does not have those signaling pre cursor lipids to form effective amounts of endocannabinoids . this is known as clinical endocannabinoid deficiencies ... diets consisting of way more omega six than omega three creates more inflammation in our bodies ... cannabis seems to act more so through omega three pathways as more of an anti oxidant

The mystery of ‘anointing oil’ as described in the Bible.

Great talk! More people should see it!

See Demystifying the Endocannabinoid system TED talk. Many of us have seen lives and relationships destroyed by marijuana. You started a conversation that many won't talk about and I agree with what you say. But, important to note that THC found in marijuana, which targets cannabinoid receptors, can adversely effect brain function, research has shown. And, further, create chemical dependencies. Especially, harmful to developing brains. I like how it helped a Parkinson's patient. But, that is because Parkinson's disease is a disorder characterized by low levels of dopamine. It may work for certain disorders. But, it's not a "cure all" drug. The biggest concern is disruption of brain function in the prefrontal cortex, memory and reason. And, the higher risk of development of schizophrenia. Also, more relationship problems have been reported with marijuana users over non-users. The cdc has information, too.

Indeed life changing info.

I never smoked marijuana. It's so sad.

This is such a great reference video, thank Dr Knox!

Awesome presentation!!


Where is the credit to Prof. Refael Meshulam, Israeli researcher who was first to isolated THC back on 1963 and discovered the endocannabinoid system on 1983???

Now I have more of an explanation of why cannabis helps me instead of just saying that it does 🤔

Love this video ❤️🙂

in the 1920's red oil ( cannabis oil) was used to fill up rats with the stuff... the rats were spa like and relaxing for days on end with their added metabolism from those plant ligands being put into ther bodies... cancers and other diseases were going away in the rats while they just sat their relaxed and high ... the red oil was a pitch /resin made from Indian Hemp drug ( cannabis plant)

Fantastic. We manufacture Pharmacy grade CBD from hemp. We have had people success that borders on the unbelievable. World Health Source, LLC

There's another Ted talk on the endocannabinoid system that mentions the downside to continual intake of THC. She didn't mention it but I can't explain it offhand; have to watch the video again.

Who knows, maybe there are some more systems in our body which we don't know of yet.

I’ve shown soo many people this video!!!!!

What caribbean ppl have always known.... but we were thrown in jail and called witch doctors..... Now you have an opioids epidemic and all of a sudden, cannibis saves the day...... Balance....... most will be lost, and a few saved.

the ECS is definitely the Boss. the Brain is the worker, ready for a new neural adventure

Self actualization in single solitude may lead to natural happiness and joviality with existence, an impermanent experience

Those lucky enough to benefit from CBD supplementation are the one percenters, the fortunate few to be activated at the cellular level

8:30-8:45 she says thc is “intoxicating”

Learning and using information to share with others is making a difference. I apire to share what I learn and help as many people as possible. Will you join with me?

I wrote my first comment prior to watching. It's so sad you all have so low views and you had to put that disclaimer. I said this over 4 yrs ago in a recording. Please allow me to support.. she said the real. But because she is brown try to play her.. she is amazing.


You rock! Hopefully more doctors will educate themselves on the TRUTH.

Just give the video time, it gets real good. Well done!

Beautifully done, thank you, Rachel! I am going to use this to break the ice with some people I hope to have in my future. God always provides!

TED must have gotten some flak from Johnson&Johnson. It’s a shame and sham. You’d think the people up at TED would support valid research and history. Disclaimers make things sound wishy washy and ECS is not debatable. If you fear a plant, if you fear the government, if you fear big pharmaceutical companies.....
Then just turn the other cheek.
Disclaimer: If TED flagged this, it’s putting into question every talk made. Regardless if it’s X or not. This world is ridiculous, this country is worse. Pop them pills and revel in your brain damage.

“... endocannabinoid system dysfunction which we now know is the cause of most chronic diseases.” This sounds WAY exaggerated. Reference please.

amazing concept of the revolution of one. an insanely futuristic type of thinking.

I wonder why this talk has just been seen 5797 times since its release? I do not believe the numbers, based on the amazing quality of the talk.

Most informative and enchanting oration on a topic whose time has come.
It is this type of knowledge that will allow us to free our minds as it relates to the dominance of a medical CARTEL whose concern for our health is pathetic, at best.

SO glad I jumped into this world. I am learning more everyday. I am so excited to be able to help state and federal employees with something that is proven to work.

god! I've been saying all of these things and more for a decade. FINALLY SIMEINR GETS IT RIGHT!!!

to adequately cover this system and compounds you'd need to fill at least 3 800 page volumes

consider it a full array of 532 essential nutrients

I've been saying this for almost a decade or more.

Good info given like a robot who made some big discovery and not real human relaying facts

Brilliant. Make it go viral!

Flagged video?... Maybe CBD "healing" properties are not scientifically proven yet, but you can't argue that we don't have the endocannabinoid system, which in turn makes it obvious that cannabinoids can influence our health and if you still say no then it's obvious you don't understand what you're talking about.

What a fabulous talk!! I really hope this gets the exposure it needs! As a chronic pain sufferer with a genetic disease that mainstream drugs don’t help, I believe you have hit the nail on the head on what I need to get my life back. I’m currently on methadone, tried everything else including surgery and it all makes my condition worse. I’m in Australia and can get a prescription for medicinal cannabis as Australia supplies it but for the cost that they provide it for, it’s unobtainable to people like me. I can’t even get financial support from our government. America has it’s faults, but where cannibas is concerned, you are 20-30 years ahead of where we are. It’s such a sad predicament so many sick people here, are suffering unnecessarily. Thanks for bringing this into the limelight! I appreciate all your time and effort and to all those involved in bringing awareness about the endocannabinoid system! Even if it doesn’t help me, you’re helping others that need your help. I appreciate that because no one should suffer like I am. I believe if they don’t allow you to have access to this, we should have access to euthanasia. That’s how serious chronic illness is. You wouldn’t wish this type of suffering on anyone you cared for, it’s completely soul destroying and I believe there is a solution to end our suffering or at least ease it to give us some quality of life.

"In our world, everybody thinks of changing humanity, and nobody thinks of changing himself" Leo Tolstoy.

Thanks Rachel Knox, for daring to go beyond the textbook. Thanks TEDx, for uploading this talk even when you've flagged it for "falling outside TEDx's content guidelines". Thanks everybody, for being here, alive, in this wonderful time.

A new Earth is possible. The change lies in our hands.