The Science of Being Transgender ft. Gigi Gorgeous

What can science teach us about gender identity and dysphoria?
Thanks so much to Gigi Gorgeous!
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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Jodre Datu, Greg Brown and Mitch Moffit
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot
Narrated by: Mitch Moffit

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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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Dont worry u dont need to kill yourselves. I ll kill myself so i dont have to live with people like you

“Sexual differentiation in the brain actually happens much later than gonadal sexual differentiation” ❗️❗️❗️

You're gonna get accused as truscum.


You’re delusional if you think it is possible to change gender.

Thank you so much for the unbiased purely scientific point of view it really helps in arguments with ignorant people who think there is no scientific basis for being trans

People need to stop judging others for their choices. If you want to be transgendered so be it. I'm not paying your bills or living your life. I'm a Catholic and I will just say this as a quick reminder to all only God can judge. Pray for each other and learn to love instead of hate.

I just wanna let you guys know, not all Christians are like the ones in these comments. We don't claim these idiots.

All because they think they were bon in the wrong body

my friends brother is being transphobic and i told her to show him this video hopefully he understands that it’s not a choice and it’s basically die or be your gender

So if I identify as a wolf, I’ll develop a wolf brain, got it.

"God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference"

That’s all and well and I support transgender ppl, however when you start making up genders and saying they aren’t a gender I just get lost and find it silly

when transphobes tell you to look at science and when it backs you up they say science is fake. aka most of the comment section 😂

Because if a pheromone that adds to either masculine or feminine, biological based or delusional based, backs up the individual, whatever side they lean on,
Then Trans must be true!!-NOT.


Transgenderism is a societal delusion. The community is forcing everyone to be integrated and forced to act the same way like puppets being controlled using strings; it causes a big impact. I am definitely 100% against these horrific choices. People are just changing their gender for fun just because they think nobody can stop them. People actually like their gender from earlier but think they have a dilemma. It is not a joke and I think the medication used for changing gender should be banned. Stay your gender and think about what the community and mediais trying to do to you.

OMG, this video is sooo good! Please translate this to Portuguese, so I can show to my students !!!! I can’t show them if the subtitle isn't in portuguese😓

Years from now when scientists recover their bodies and research it they'll simple tick them under male or female. No matter how many surgeries get done, your DNA bones structure will remain the same the day you was born. Think about that.

Ok but it doesn't mean you need to change your gender to satisfy the needs of the brain, what about people who want to be amputees or have sexual relations with inanimate objects

Why people are comparing transition with removing legs? Because logic, it's OBVIOUSLY the same (sarcasm)

I've been trying to understand these people...I'm not like that but I'm confused about my sexuality

Change my view: You can’t change your gender


Oh really?


So if our brains develop as a different gender than our bodies... TECHNICALLY, now hear me out on this...

TECHNICALLY we're all intersex. Just think about it.

Trans girl here.
Liked the video 😁♀️

When false facts becomes "science"

No wonder people believe in climate

Mitch: Males and females have different brains
Me (non-binary): no wonder I don’t have a brain.
Seriously thought thank you a ton for making this it was really nice to see on the often transphobic internet.

Trans appearance

im extremely depressed from reading these comments

I wonder what'd be found if nonbinary people's brains were studied... I've heard there's a lot of overlap in the brain structure thing, in the same way plenty of women are taller than plenty of men but on average men are taller, so I don't think we'd have a clear difference. Would be interesting to check.

CORONA virus was created by the GOD the one and only Lord Jesus, angry at people dishonoring him and becoming LGBT !!!

Suicide rates do NOT decrease after transgender surgery, they INcrease. This is a rather important difference. About the notion that intolerance from society is the cause of suicide: even though society's tolerance of transgenders has greatly been increasing, suicide rates are still rising. If society is the cause of suicide, then you would expect the opposite. Conclusion: intolerance from society cannot be the root cause. That's not to say that tolerance is a bad thing of course.

Source for suicide rates after surgery:

So trans people have similar brains to the gender they identify as. Okay?? That doesn’t prove anything, of course they have similar brains, gender dysphoria involves the brain. That doesn’t make their claims true. Just because you have a similar brain to one gender doesn’t make you that gender.

I love how trans people feel like we don’t accept them for who they are when they can’t even accept their own gender

So your saying this is all superficial and sexist. Im a man because im more masculine than the average woman. Im a woman because im more feminine than the average man. And you people dont see how sexist that is. Thats like saying im black because i like watermelon.

Yeah but how would a transgender “girl” know what it is like to be a female when they wasn’t born as one they can’t feel as a female if they was not born as one

I love asap science so much

15 years ago you guys would not adhere to this bullshit but in today's politically correct world you are forced to make some bullshit like this.

This is why we need Ben Shapiro

Reported for inspiring terrorism

Trenders: but i don’t need dysphoria to be trans!!!!

Death to Bourgeoisie """"Science""""

I am born as a male and I have no feelings or interests of being a woman which means I will never change who I am born to be

What about nonbinary people? I'm assigned female at birth, but I'm not a boy or a girl, specifically, I'm agender. (I identify completely out of genders.)

nah it's just an exuse to be trans

Assigned male or female
Damned Doctors working for the Gender industry!

I was trapped inside of a woman’s body once, and then I was born

So my roommate doesnt belive that transgender is a real thing, he just says its a thing they do to get attention, but i dont really know what to say to him to make him understand

Why aren't there any LGBTQ activists denouncing this video? I thought gender was a social construct?

If my mother and her boomer colleges can understand transgender and non-binary people so can you.

do you have to be born transgender or can you just become transgender

Flagged for being related to Pseudoscience

You mixed transgender and intersex

if you're born with being trans , you cant realy do anything about it can you.

i feel like some people in these comment hate for the sake of hating

Finna send this to my transphobic mom and see how she reacts

I hate how transphobic a lot of the comments are, I’m not even trans and I support them. They are valid and all the ones I’ve met are better people than cis folk. It’s none of our business to bother them let them live their lives. And follow the age old rule, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

That doesn’t explains or proves anything even if thoses studies actual good research tracks

I have less brains cells then when I started watching this garbage.

"we are going to break down what science does know in a respectful and ""educational"" way"


It's a hole cut into your body, it's not a pussy, enjoy dilation hell.

The dislikes are from trans trenders

I feel that people are more concerned about this because how much it is getting put on children to change. A girl says she likes blue or a boy says they likes pink and then suddenly they have people teeling them they are trans. Not saying you should not listen to them but changing a 5 year old's gender just because thet like things of the other gender (clothes etc.) You are basically hurting them. Especially when it is before puberty. Many people who were influenced as children end up regretting it. I feel like people forget what a tomboy or girl is

Mental dead

Trans doesn’t exist

"If you are going to dictate to me that I am supposed to pretend that men are women and women are men, no."
- Ben Shapiro

Good video. I now see that they are just as valid and human as anyone else.

Hey y’all, can you do a vid on non binary people? Cause while dysphoric people have been in recorded history for milennia, these NB folks seem to have just sprouted up in 2014...

Gender dysphoria

Interesting. Thanks for the information. This sort of thing isn't really taught in schools. It's mostly hate and prejudice in the media towards transgender people. I now see them and their choices in a different light.

Hahahahah ur a joke

There’s no such thing as Male or female Brain

So they have similar brains... okay????

Anyone else wishing they had mentioned nonbinary folk? Or genderfluid? I'd really like to know the science of my community.

Great video , well done

1:27 Actually is just wrong. You can't have two Y Chromosomes Ordinarily. However those who do have it are in the rare cases 1 in 1000. And that's not a gender case. Those are known as males in general. However because of these Abnormalities or mutations they have disabilities .

The only question I have for homophobic and transphobic people is

So basically, once again, science proves things are, of course, more complicated than we ever knew before.

It's better to know, but more science proves us wrong again and again, and people can have trouble keeping up with the latest in science theories and research.

I have like a 3rd cousin who is trangender i think and im trans so maybe its genetics idk


I really don't know if I'm trans. I'm pretty sure I was trans before puberty. I used to hate my body because it wasn't male, being referred as female made me feel disgusted because it felt wrong and this was before I knew what trans was. I got depressed, self-harmed, want to mutilate my own chest, I also acted really masculine like wanting to pee while standing up, making my voice lower than it usually is, used to hate wearing the bra once my chest started developing. I then promised myself to get surgery when I grow up. Now I'm 19 years old, I don't know how to describe it but ig I got used to my gender? Like, I would still prefer to be a man but I don't feel that feeling as strongly as before, my desire to transition also went down.

i'll send this to my friend to comw out

i know the point of this video is just to scientifically prove but that's still so nice

Am I the only one who listened to this and heard “something is wrong with their brains” over and over again?

To any trans person who is hurting right now; please please PLEASE don’t give up because you are LOVED and WORTHY of that love. You are valid and lovely 💙💙

Yeah, you can't begin your video with talking about misinformation and then give your own misinformation...Maaaybe change the channel name to ASAP Political Opinion...

Sue the company that discriminating against u and get it shut down

but what is gender?

They r all depressed bec they r not suppose to be trans u r ether boy or girl that's how god made us.

I looked up to ASAP science before this upload for actual science, but what they are saying is simply not true the studies they are talking about are small and they don’t even tell you where there from so I can’t see about that statistical point and many large world wide studies have shown otherwise as that people who are transgender (gender dysphasia) has no correlation to what they want to be called.

1:51 Lower intelligence also means larger cerebellum as well as the other extentions of the brain

1:30 mutations

When they can have surgery that gives trans people functioning genitals for the gender they associate with, then it will be official. Until then, chao.

Dear religious people who play the "why should we cater to their delusions" card: why should we cater to your delusions? Transgender has a basis in human psychology and biology. Upon what basis do(es) your god(s) exist? 👀

Its hard to take this seriously when I’m transphobic and homophobic and literally being educated by them. I just don’t buy it! I’ll just let you guys go on with your lives and I’ll mind my own..but yall like increasing in numbers!

Heh heh... Gonads

Imagine being transphobic in 2020