The Science of Cannabis (Documentary)

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They took cannabis out of the bible. Ever seen a weed plant that looked like a menorah? Thats because its a sacred plant. Sacred enough to make it their symbol. It was part of the holy annointing oil, look up kaneh bosm. Thats where the word cannabis comes from.

Politicians and Pharmsudical companys make to much money fighting against weed!! They are to greedy to legalize it across US. 😡😡😡😡 Also keeping it a schedule 1 is just fuckn stupid.... So it's as bad as Heroin or meth.. Stupid politicians


Everything they will kill you legally this kills then and keeps your life points up illegally it's a joke 🃏

The emporer wears new clothes. Good read

It is so powerful that even thought of weed makes me happy.


Iloved 👌🤙 💓 ✔️ 🚬🥦🎶📙💸📝⚖️

Smoke up the herbs and leave the cigarettes alone... weed is life. I’ll smoke weed till the end of the world.

That’s why it’s legal in the netherlands

the government feeds on illegal money and aprehensions

That Botticelli guy just can't give a straight answer. That shows he knows nothing and that Marijuana is a useful drug, in portions.

Meanwhile cocaine is a schedule 2 drug


Weed changed my life for the better!

Aot n nikki say dat. Rastafari. Real herbs..


See enough of the scudel one drug legalize oh wait u can make money that's all it's about right greedy fucks

I’m all about pot and I love smoking pot, I’m all for legalization. But this is way too pro cannabis biased


Mouthwatering shitt

Wowww.... Apparently, there isn't any alcohoic receptors or tobaccoic receptors. But there is cannabinoid receptors which can be activated by a heavenly herb to calm down your body and mind. Very coincidental right?

I'm high right now

Genesis 1:28 and look I had given you the seed bearing plants throughout the Earth, and all fruit trees for your food. and I've given all the grass and plants and birds for their food."think I looked over all that he had made, and it was excellent in every way.

Give that man mr. Blumenauer a cookie! #THUGLIFE

Weed is laced how can you not smell it.

Why the fuck is this child restricted?😂😂😂

Since ive quit smoking cifarette ive stoped coughing while smoking marihuana and my cardio got better so i can tell that mj is maybe not good for your lung but not armfull

I lub it❤️❤️

Among the siberians, seizures are often an indicator that the child will be initiated as a shaman

Love it.. Don't take drugs is poison and man made smoke marijuana is good for you is herb medicine.

I have a great trip to ganja

Love all the comments all bang on👍

Plant= amazing all the benefits it gives you

The base of aryuvida medicine is this plant... It's a Shiv god plant in India

who else high as a kite rn

I love cannabis.

We can drink alcohol and hits a cigarettes but we can't use marijuana that God's creation.

Great video 🤞💯🔥
Cannabis for all

WEED SAVES LIVES! please subscribe to me if you blaze or medicate with cannabis in any way...

That is 100% false that vaping dabbing weed doesn’t effect the lungs!!! I have proof dabbing turns the lungs crystal! I have videos of my own study!!! So I’ll follow up if you’d like to see my video hit me up!!! Lizard 🦎 Cinnamon

The oldest plant of the world gift by of Lord of Lord Shiva always blessed all humanity Jay ho

They been knew that people better wake up and stop listening to the media is all about money know they want to taxe it

Can anyone help here ? Back in the late 1960's early 70's I once bought some Hash that was light grey in color and as hard as iron. It also had some light crystal like stripes in places and had a very musty smell. This was literally the best Hash I've EVER had ! I have never been able to trace it's possible origin. Can anyone provide a possible reference.

RIP Charlie Figy

God bless that little girls soul.

freedom fight for this plant king plant

Lack of information and the global stigma is what’s holding the world back from this medicine, I live in Australia and it’s as stigmatised as it’s always been despite majority of the population being users of cannabis. The fact the we have to recite these facts, some understandably unbelievable to skeptics instead of having public funding to study and make the REAL benefits and health risks (if any) public knowledge, it should be shown on the news, taught in schools and studied in universities. There are so many people suffering in the world that this plant can help and with enough fucking research and knowledge we will be able to produce consistent products of all potencies high and low, all forms of consumption and available to anyone who needs it or wants it. Adults should be able to do whatever we want with our bodies, if it’s harmless then it shouldn’t affect our jobs and social lives it should be treated as the medicine it is. Period.

Legalize it!

Marijuana is a gift from jah💪🍁😋

Watching this over five years later and the Governments we vote for are still so corrupt that they would rather take cash to stick in their back pockets from pharmaceutical companies to keep people sick than to treat people and make them well. Makes me sick the level of greed these people sink to, may they be dammed to hell.

God put this here for me and you... Take advantage.. Mann. Take advantage... Lol

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God blessed us with marijuana

Distorted picture, lol fukn amateur

When doctors medicine don't work cannabis a life saver. And I love feeling normal now and not sick all the time.

I've been smoking it for 53 years off and on. I like it too much! But now we know vaping thc can kill you. I also have chronic bronchitis. Smoking too much brings my immune system down and then I get bronchitis again or the flu. Have to be very careful in this era of covid 19.

I'm all for legalization but cannabis does kill via drug driving, accidents and crime. Many people in Europe mix cannabis with tobacco so there's sheds more there. Then idiots who smoke and drink alcohol at the same timr or who go for ultra high THC are incredibly dangerous. Sometimes the cannabis caused psychosis that affects some teens in turn probably caused some them to kill themselves. So let's not do what the anti cannabis movement have done by telling lies and let's be real with ourselves. Cannabis can kill and has killed.

I'm stuck with a valuable friend.

Well, this topic is personal for me. I was convicted of a level 1 felony, incarcerated for 2 years in a state penitentiary, and worst of all now barred from my profession because I was caught in a state that is now a recreational state and actually went medical while I was in prison. Why is the judicial system so broken? Sure, what I did was illegal and I'm even ok with the fine and the sentence. My record doesn't qualify to be expunged. The true tragedy of my story is my inability to return to work because this conviction is like a life sentence with no chance to have a second chance. I am a first time non violent offender that was caught with weed. Only weed. No weapons. No prior record. I was just a bootlegger and sure, I accept that I made a mistake and have paid the price and then some. I own that. It wouldn't be such a travesty if I could demonstrate to the regulatory bodies that I can be trusted and should have a second chance. I used to be a pilot btw and no, the weed wasn't being flown. Oh, and this is also an interesting tidbit- my 4th amendment rights were grossly violated but hey, who's complaining because law enforcement violates the constitution on a daily basis. Land of the free and home of the brave... who's free with draconian laws like state and federal cannabis laws and how's false hype an expression of bravery. Land of the servants and home of the greedy! Nobody's free unless you're brave enough to decide that some laws are immoral and willing to go against the grain because an inalienable right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness directly conflicts with the execution of our laws. We must modify all federal and state statutes.

I tried for only one week I coud ease haemaroid wich I suffered for 25 years. Try this method. Roast the seeds a bit and grind it and mix with honey eat 1/4 of tea spoon everymoning it make feel healthy. I dont know science behind. One of our encent medicin

Rise up rise up .... time To look EVER the benefists it brings ....

the people fighting against marijuana make me sick they can't even tell the truth about it just like mr . botticelli why can't he give them a straight answer maybe cause they don't want pep to find out about all the bs they been feeding the people

Referencing studies that say inhaling smoke doesn't damage the users lungs removes some credibility. C'mon guys, I'm only two minutes in.
Well... the rest was just removed when you sited studies that claim vaping cannabis eliminates risks to the respiratory system.
You dumb. (insert you are so dumb gif)
Here's a study,

Cannabis users live there life twice on every trip.

Our Indian Pm need to see dis mf bullshit dog politicians...

Don't stigmatize it. Legalize it!

The main reason for making Cannabis illegal is that it would damage the Pharmaceutical companies in a massive way because of the vast medicinal qualities it contains. Its blatant to see that highly qualified Professional Dr's have no idea (or maybe don't want to see) the beneficial factors in Cannabis.
Fortunately Cannabis has been decriminalized here in South Africa.
Thank you for an awesome documentary. Complete eye opener to those that dont want to see.

I dont need weed to be legal. Keep the fuckin price down...

thank you for linking your sources. People are so ignorant on this subject.

The government is employing uneducated people on purpose to grow for them. One of the daily duties as a government slave working in the legal medical marijuana industry is poisoning people. Yes slaves are instructed to wear goggles, gloves, masks to protect themselves from the "harmless" organic (poison) that they spray on marijuana plants all the way up to harvest. The government then sells poisoned marijuana to people with cancer that think they are buying medicine. Unfortunately those consumers will be the first to die from marijuana.

This is what i call a scientist with honor. We face a similar situation right now even more imminent with the attempted fascist Corona crackdown.

Ok first off dont use cnn for any news 🙄 but yes I agree we need to completely legal it but fuck cnn

Tell me guys how much 1 gram of pot cost in the US?

who the f puts dislike

Can anyone tell me how do they mean when the say "juice it"?

Sweet. This is the stuff that they don't want you to know 🤘👽

man! i'm so medicated right now.

I'm 60 ,I hope my kids can forgive me for my marijuana use.thats before I found out that I CMML( LEUKEMIA) .ITS NO PICNIC! I was a union pipefitter ,local 42.
Pot works.

devestating that little girls story nearly brought tears to me Legalize and Save lives!!

Damn, I'm going for a smoke

God those videos with those kids 😢😢😢

Weed is only way not to get cancer from abuse from courts and cops and hispitals weed is god your ahit without it

Its like nazi gernany weed stlye go vegan and outlaw govt grows

The hospitals should all have a smoking lobby even the mental hospitals untill that happens let it be know all hospitals are corrupt and against people they kill there customers need homegrown weed to be brought into hospitals

Medical hoax medicinal not hoax

The cost of smoking is lung cancer bro

EVERYONE over a certain age should enjoy weed.Good for your health.

Guys I have found Sarah she is cured!! Her mum confirmed she hasn’t had a seizure in 3 years she is 19 and living her best life . I’m so happy

We have failed to educate the 500 people who disliked this video.

I think i might like to try me some of that


I love cannabis

It’s all about big pharma $$$

Just do what the president said, If we want to win the war on drugs that you have to make it legal.

I cried while whatching this video 😭 i hope the government of Philippines can watch this 😭😭

This plant might be the cure to the covid.

Free the weed uk 🇬🇧

Does it cause short term memory lose and decrease in sexual power?

😄😄😄😄 marijuana good for Coronavirus