The Signs Dr. Oz Missed That His Mom Has Alzheimer's

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Dr. Oz kicks off season 11 with the most personal show he’s ever done. He reveals that his mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and opens up about the signs he missed. Would you know what to do for someone you love?

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Blessings to you and your family!

she raısed a wonderfol son.. thnks for saharıng .... there ıs no word to descrıbne ur feelıng.. CENNETE bulusmanız ve napıyorsun anne dersınız ınslalh allah gecınden versın.. DEVOTED GENUINE CARRIYIN doctor..

I lost my dad one day before his 93rd birthday this past Feb and I am devasted trying to deal with this loss. He had the best care in a great nursing home and I was there daily by his side. I learned from a support group to live in the moment always and cherish the days. Some days he knew me some he did not, but he still was always able to put a smile on my face. He was a special man who lived for his children and I vowed I would be with him till the end and that is the greatest thing I could have in the moment n love n support him unconditionally and we made memories till the end. I hope your journey with mom can have joy along the way during such a devastating disease.

Dr Mary t Newport,MD, her book. Alzheimer's disease. What if there was a cure... an over exaggerated book but her his amp don't had remarkablele partial recovery. Images online before and after coconut oil. For you sir.

I know religiously I was told this body was the temple of God. If it is, God screwed up. We now know we are a generic make up with a limited future of existing for any length of time which.must have been designed by a master designer to limit our earthly existence. We are flawed human beings and that is fact.

My mom is 97 and going through this now. My dad had it and we knew something wasn't right but the doctor never said anything was wrong. My dad is gone but we recognize things with my mom. It comes like a wave and goes right?

People with dementia be trying to play it off I call my mother movie star. Healthy diet smart pill mct oil coconut oil get rest and stress free living.

Coconut oil, Lugols solution

I was a caregiver for a lady with alzheimer’s. She forgot how to brush her teath.So every day I gave her her toothbrush in her hand and guided her to brush her teeth. The same went on for many other daily hygiene things. It is important to hold on to that part. Changing cloths. Drinkung she knew how to but didn’t do it if I or another was not standing there telling her to drink a whole glas and more before I left. She remember my name but not how I look like. As long as it was possible, I,her family and the cityhall caregiver group made sure she had enough visits every day.When she needed more attention.The family put her in a nursing home. ❤️✌🏻. Sweet lady.Easy to help. But not all people with Alzheimers are easy to give support. It’s the same with people with dementia. Same issues. Not remembering how to or who people are.When you visit a person daily, you see the small changes,what they are hidding about them selfs, be course they do not want to admit to others how bad things really were. I was a caregiver for another lady to. She tried to cover up, but I was good at reading her,so I just let her know.☺️ . Be course I over time had gained her trust, she told me what was going on with her. I am just putting up a facad. I cant figuar out how to do anything. We lol. She past away when she was 101.5 . She remember my face but not my name if I ask her.If people said my name, then she remember who that lady was. 🥰. I have many stories and many clients. ✌🏻❤️.

Great doctor this guy is! overlooked his own mom

You need to get Teeba Snow on your stage to talk about this.

Hi Dr.Oz nasilsiniz iyi misiniz?cok sevindim sen turksin.

I feel bad for him... No one should have this.... Have you considered getting checked Dr Oz???

Best of luck Dr Oz, this is a hard journey. Knowing earlier is only more pain.

You will learn from this that the stress caregivers experience is devastating! I think drs should be required to inquire about the spouse. And there are NO cures & we do not use Aricept or Namenda for "symptoms" as the side effects are bad & no benefit.

I still remember the day I told my husband and father-in-law that Mom ( my mother-in-law ) I thought had it.....Dad got mad and told me I was wrong, to get out of his still makes me cry. I finally called her sister, my husband's Aunt and told her and she and my sister-in-law went to the house, with Dad yelling, and took her to the doctor's. They said she had it. That was over 20 years ago. I saw it cause she got to where she called me 50 times a day....when I was off that was fine but I was at I talked to My sister who dealt with Alzheimer's, she was a nurse, and told her about all the little things I'd seen. She said she had it and needed treatment Then. Well it took 3 months before I could get somebody to listen and Dad to let her go to the doctor.
He kept her home, I helped him and she lived 15 years with it. I took care of him till he died also, he got a Geoblastomic (spell) tumor of the brain and died. I kept my husband who had pancreatic cancer at home , was holding his hand when he passed 2 yrs ago. Bless you Dr.Oz and your family, I pray you have help cause I didn't have any. 🙏❤💜❤

The eye lift king! Come on! Your 2 involved In yourself and let your mother down! You’ve ripped me off numerous times with your BS

He’s an idiot in denial about EVERYTHING!

My mom was diagnostic with alzheimer, you can see that she looked like she wasnt there anymore, she want laughing or looking at peopñe, it seems like she wasnt there, thank God i remove the colesterol pills, gave her coconot oil every morning, vitamins Bs, magnesium citrate. Now i wish you guys can see her, she smiles , she has looks alive again,. She doesnt look dead alive anymore, hope this help you.

At age 18 got married in husband had demincia he would lnot look at anyone eye to eye. He walk in house back and forth. he can't hold simple conversation. He dreadred to go to work. He will give me work responsibility like cooking gormy meal of 7-8dishes for 4 couples.abd I had to clean home before they get there ,When he is sitting in group he look dovwn never participate in conversation. Most of the time he had frown and talk negative. he would talk hours about his won family members.when I try to consol him by comforting they adopted him gave education he shouldn't bad mouth them. we were blessed by apt on marine dr. Illnois.we seat for dinner at 6pm until 12am. he telling me all gossip about everything when I try to talk something else to change mood he would get angry at me and start bad mouthing my family this and that you never seen haunted house ike that he bought horoscope books on everyone and tell me about their hell. we lived front of ocean,cold wind hit highrice bldg. Windows make spooky noise God only knows how I servive. I wrote positive latter's to my family, so they don't worry. Know They were 5,0000 miles faway from us. He had no medical help or meds I don't think they talk about mental health. Those days (1970). Anyway I am ok now.everything all lright with me and my children with Grace of God in Christ Jesus.

We watched my mother-in-law go through the whole process, then my hubby was diagnosed. He feared the edge ration he knew was coming and could see it happening in himself.

Hello Dr oz and Maria. I purchased Max Lugaveres books. Thank you Max and the test one can take that detects if one will get this 20 to 30 yrs from now. I love Max Lugavere,Maria and Dr Oz

I went thru this with my mother. I didn't know she has dementia or Alzheimer's. It was very difficult to understand what was happening. Dr. Oz don't beat yourself up for missing the signs. I didn't really notice the either. You have my deepest sympathy not because she's gone. Or because you or I didn't see it happening to our mothers

There is a lot that could be done. Check out Dr. David Perlmutter, or Dr. Dale Bredison.

Sad and sweet as well because of all the love, Dr. OZ it's so obvious that you love your mother so much God bless you for taking such good care of her and telling her you love her every chance you get.

You had a doctor on who has reversed it! Why don’t you use his work?!

Hardest for me was there is no closure like with death, where you go thru a process... funeral, grief period, etc. My Mom slowly "died" before my eyes, forgetting who i was, but physically continued in good condition for over 8 years, where I was her caregiver. People would ask how my Mom was doing? What do you say, but be polite and say she is doing pretty good. But instead I wanted to scream stop asking me!!! She's dead!!!! But I never regret the years I cared for her myself. I was lucky to be in a position to do that for her, because even in the late stages, once in a while, she'd say or do something giving me a brief glimpse of the wonderful person she had been. This is such a cruel disease and I live in fear that it may be my fate, not for myself, but for my husband, who will be the one to truly suffer. My heart goes out to Dr. Oz and anyone dealing with this terrible disease. Pray for a cure soon.

Know the path well. My Grandma was diagnosed in the 90s with Brick Wall aka Alzheimers and died 9 years later, one month shy of her 100th Birthday. I was blessed that she remembered me( I will settle that she sometimes called me Barb, my mother and her late daughter) at times. I had spent the previous 2+ decades helping Doctors, Patients and their Friends/Families deal with Alzheimers / Dementia . To date still have contact with many whose lives/ practices have been touched by Dementia. The eyes do change over course of time in many cases over time. I had to explain Alheimers one time to an old school MD, the Person with the Alzheimers, and 2 children who had gone to the Doctors appointment with their Mom. The person with the the Alzheimers is the one who invited/insisted that I go with her to her appointment. During the appointment which was more like an (interrogation ) I made the analogy of Alzheimers to a 'Brick Wall' Talk about changes in eyes, every eye in that room changed but what I remember most are the eyes of the person who had talked me into going to appointment in the 1st place followed closely by the ole school MD!

This video did not help. Telling people to “.Be strong“ does not help them.

Too many ads

My dad has the same .
Now is complete mess.
Required 24 hours care ,
Constantly asking us for food and that we are starving him even the food in his mouth or his hand.
Can't recognize anyone of us.
Sometimes start speaking like he is childhood.
Sometimes speaking like he is in his job that he is retired 12 years ago.
Barely sleep in night and sleep in day which is required unbelievable effort from my brothers to keep it with his life.
He can repeat some word for the whole day over and over+++
Bathroom is another challenge.

Scare to go up the stairs,
Scare to go down the stairs.

It.s really disease that can change everything upside down for entire family...

Dr. Dale Bredesen from UCLA has a clinic treating Alzheimer patients. He also wrote a book “The End of Alzheimer’s “. In the book, he described over 40 reasons causing Alzheimer, how to treat them with successful cases. His book was recommended by Dr. Ford Brewer. My heart goes out to anyone facing this challenge.

Dr. Oz has a lot of plastic surgery on his face.

My father died of Alzheimer's and though they diagnosed my maternal grandmother with senile dementia, that was a decade before my dad came down with it. I may have inherited it myself. However my dad at my age which is 66, already showed signs of the disease though we chalked it up to some of his idiosyncrasies. Later on when we were sure what it was, we could recognize what it was. Again, like you, we did not want to see it. I did plan for it for my folks and found a nursing home for my father should he need to eventually have to live there. That day came sooner than I imagined as he fell on my back and I was unable to walk for several weeks. Then I recognized that there was money to take care of my dad and I needed to implement the plan I did not want to do. My mother died just months before he had to be committed, so like you, I lost both of my parents very close together. But he lingered on 5 years.

I have decided that whenever I find things getting difficult for me to understand such as a skill I use a lot, knitting, that I not back away but conquer it. Do something different and solve it. The use of the hands is very good for the brain as the neural net on the surface of the brain is devoted to use of the hands. To do complex things with our hands keeps our brains sharp. Yes, knitting isn't for everyone, but use your hands playing an instrument, typing, writing, painting, gardening, sculpting, building and drawing plans.

I find I pray a lot more now and the love of our Creator sustains me through my fear. I have become vegan as it has given me a way to both control my weight and to be sure I do not get diabetes. My blood pressure is low and though my cholesterol is slightly elevated, it is not dangerously high. I am on no medications. I enjoy walking, singing, composing music.

I am not going to throw in the towel on myself. In my desire to avoid this disease, by avoiding the medications for diabetes and high blood pressure and high cholesterol, outside of it not costing me monetarily, it also means these drugs are not clouding my mind. AD is thought now to be diabetes of the brain. Controlling blood sugar is important. My A1C is 4.8 when last tested.

At least if I do not succeed, I am trying to not become a burden to my children who have young children. I have my husband on my same diet. We've both lost 50 lbs. And he is always watching finances, being a handyman and tweaking his antennas. So he has his own pursuits to keeping his wits. We are always going out and being active together. Yes, it is a worry, but we've decided that if this disease is to take us, to be as happy as we can and as healthy as we can in the meanwhile. It is the best for us and for our children.

Many blessings to you.

May God give you comfort! I think my mom is on that path and I need to take action!


If you think your loved one has dementia, check for a urinary tract infection. Symptoms are often similar, and the elderly apparently get UTIs quite often. Got this info from someone who works with the elderly.

Dr. Oz her mother is visiting her from the other side of the veil. Shes preparing her to meet Christ.💛💙💚❤💜

The day my Moms eyes looked at me and they had no idea who i was was the most painful devastating day of my life...there are no words to describe it. It hirt worse than the day she passed.

I spoke to my sister who my Mom lives downstairs from a couple weeks ago. I told her that I noticed problems that my Mom is having. My sister thinks that I'm imagining this. I told her that I notice differences more since I don't see her everyday like she does. She won't listen to me. I don't know how to deal with my sister , not to mention my Mom. Please pray for my family.

Im surprised that with all your interest in alternative treatments you are not aware of how coconut oil can improve Alzheimer symptoms. Essential oils may also be useful.

My mother is 99 and no dementia! Fully functional. A blessing.

Dr. Oz needs to wear his seatbelt.

So disappointed in this video in that Dr. Oz did not mention anything that can be done to prevent and/or reverse Alzheimer's Disease (AD). Dr. Oz even had Dr. Dale Bredesen on his show who has reversed AD in people who have been diagnosed with AD - he published a small study in 2014 (10 people) and another study in 2018 (100 people) who followed his protocol called ReCODE. Get his book "The End Of Alzheimer's" and let's started bringing an end to this disease!

I'm so sorry Dr. OZ. I loss both parents to Alzheimers. I was told not to eat a lot of white sugar, and at first I believed that because my mother liked a lot of sugar in her coffee, she died at 80. My dad ate very little sugar and was almost 86, lacking 3 weeks to his 86th birthday, but still died from Alzheimers with a good diet. Neither of my parents where over weight. I believe it's more in our genes than our diets. My parents were never on medications except for pain relief in their last days. I'm almost 66, and I don't see myself living more than 10 or 15 years. I don't include my grand parents on my dads side because they were smokers, and died from cancer, on my mother's side my grandmother had a lot of stokes, and that's how she died, at a young age, 61. My moms dad died from cancer at 71, he was a smoker too. My dads grandmother lived to 103, and she was never over weight or smoked. I don't smoke or drink, and I'm not overweight. I put real honey in my coffee, and I know it's real honey because I have honeybees. We container garden in 8 long and high off the ground for easy maintaining our gardens. I believe getting outside activities makes us healthier, but it doesn't matter when it comes to our genes, we are preposition to our genes. Anyone making it to 80 and beyond is a miracle these days with all our genetic modifiers in our foods. If they can genetic modify our foods genes, why can't they genetic modify humans? My opinion, I think they can, but then that puts a strain on our population so they keep it a secret. It's a cycle of life, no one lives forever, but it gets easier when your elders make it to 80. I loss two sisters before the age of 50, but neither one died from health related symptoms, they died from murder and suicide, so it hit me hard because it was sudden and unexpected. My parents was easier because they were 80's, and I knew their outcome, and I was prepared to lose them. Although I miss them, I know their souls live forever, and one day I will be with them, and that comforts me. 🙏🧠❤💕

My heart is with you during this difficult time.

“Fame” got to him. Use to be good doctor.

Go to for the research into what prevents and helps dementia and Alzheimer's patients

Dr. Oz, you don’t have to resign to her loss. There have been breakthroughs in animal models that will likely be fast-tracked by the FDA. google them. Get her enrolled. Don’t rest in the poppy fields.

After a very delicate brain surgery my mom went into an advanced stage of Alzheimer’s within 6months. The family stopped coming to see her and even worse denied the diagnosis. Instead of teaming together it was a full on assault on what they thought I might be doing in taking care of her that was causing her lapses in memory. When they finally saw her they were shocked by the crazy behavior and that she did not really know them. She died 6months later.
I think the most important lesson is to pull together and help with care. It’s a very difficult thing to go through for both you and the person suffering from this horrid disease.
I lost her twice and at the end I felt I had also lost a child since the roles reversed and she would call me mamma. I cry to this day over her loss. I miss my best friend.

Wow Daphne looks like his mom

My MIL has progressed(?) from mild to moderate to more advanced dementia. So sad to see. She's 90 next month.

I care for my mother in law that lives with us now. Is not easy, her two daughters are in denial. It’s mentally exhausting and challenging 24/7.
I just want her to be happy and comfortable in this last stage of her life.

My family has gone thru this more than once. My three older siblings and I were raised by our mom and maternal grandparents. Both grandparents ended up with Alzheimer's; Grandpa passed in 1988; Grandma had very late-onset frontal lobe Dementia.

Then one of my mom's older brothers had it. He died in 2005; my mom's younger brother's wife had it, too. She died last year.

Very hard on all of us, especially when our extended family are a big part of our lives.

My thoughts and prayers are with Dr. Oz and his family.

He looks just like Johnny Walton.

There is a blogger on utube Claudia Stauber who has documented the trace elements in her snow fall in rural vermont. Due to all the spraying from jets she was concerned. Most elements were within or borderline safe, except aluminum. Her pursuit of testing was the behavior of her dogs being out in the fresh snow on mild winter days. And the aluminum count was enormously high. Of course a metal when cooled, remains cold and will lower or opposite in heat will increase ambient temps. Her dogs acted as tho their feet could not bare the cold as they pulled them up out of snow.
I bring this up because these particles are so small they get absorbed by tree roots and damage the growth of trees. Aluminum is also bad for the human brain. Could this rise in spraying aluminum into our atmosphere AND the increase in alzeheimers dementia be connected? Are we victims of some modern day geoHollocaust? Is our enviornment being victimized? Could this be related to all the fires?

Please don't beat yourself up over this, Dr. O. I had the reverse situation. My MOM was the doctor and a fantastic diagnostician but there were several times in my life, starting when I had measles, that she completely shut down that I was even sick. She simply couldn't deal with her "baby" being sick. It was only when things got bad enough, that she called in a colleague. I think it's very natural for everyone to go into parent/child mode when faced with serious illness. You did nothing but behave in a perfectly normal human, loving son way and now you know and can give proper support.

Alzheimer's is caused by aluminium. We are exposed to so much aluminium these days

Thank you, Dr. OZ. My heart hurts for you.

Taking care of my mother-in-law who was diagnosed late last year. Her symptoms showed up a few years ago, but she is very stubborn, and she lived very independently until just 6 months ago. She is lucid, but extremely repetitious and confused, and she refuses to shower, wash her hands, or change her clothes. It’s a very difficult and frustrating disease. I feel for anyone and everyone dealing with dementia of any kind. Blessings to all who have dealt with, and are dealing with, this challenging disease!

It's surprising that more medical professionals don't know about the connection of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and frontotemporal dementia.

My heart goes out to anyone who has a loved one with dementia. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

At 9:35 Dr. Oz lists the important signs. of Alzheimer's.

Took care of my Mom for 20 years. She had dementia and we loved her and kept her out of a nursing home. My husband, children and granddaughter helped. That’s what family’s do. No regrets.

Terrible disease. :( my mom has it but my family wont help me get her to a Dr.

Not sure if I've ever seen someone as happy with himself as Dr. Oz. Takes "egomaniac" to a whole new level.

When my Father started having problems with Dementia my Mother learned that she had throat cancer. We jungled from my Mother to my Father. We lost my Mother and at that point we started staying with my Father 24/7. Nursing home was not an option, we had very loving Parents and we felt that we needed to stay with Dad. We relived my Mothers death 100 times over each day. What was so strange is that my Father always remembered each day to go to the cemetery to visit my Mothers grave. Night time was the worst ( sun downers), I got to were I would get into my Fathers recliner with him and we would look at my iPhone, we would look up different animals or even look at Facebook. That helped him to handle the sun downers until it was time for him to retire for the day. My Father passed four months from my Mother with a broken heart. Although he had dementia he never stopped talking about my Mother. My Parents had been married 63 1/2 years. This is my story about dealing with Dementia/Alzheimer’s. I’m so sorry about you’re Mother and pray to God that he gives you and your family the strength and knowledge to handle this horrible disease. 🙏🏻

It's a bloody awful disease.....

I am 69,caring for my 78 year old husband who has dementia. Recently I tore my rotator cuff, waiting for the surgeon to call. This is very very hard.God bless us all.

Tango music  Alzheimer’s b4 and after CBD  Before and after mental illness Alzheimer’s  CBD oil, Dad’s first dose  CBD provides help for Alzheimer’s sufferers  Treating dementia and Alzheimer’s - Interview on the effects of CBD on Alzheimer’s and mental illness Parkinson’s CBD CBD oil, Parkinson’s Diskinesia Parkinson’s patient taking CBD 

Today's Wellness Tip From the Future…with Dr. Carolyn Dean

Prevent Alzheimer’s: Start with Magnesium 

For decades Alzheimer’s disease was thought to be caused by the build up of an amyloid protein in the brain. However, a Medscape article claims that “In Alzheimer's Disease, Researchers Look Beyond Amyloid.” It turns out that there is a reason that they are looking “beyond amyloid." The article opens with “There is no denying that efforts to solve the Alzheimer's therapy riddle have been nothing short of disastrous: billions of dollars spent and decades of time expended with few therapies to show for it.”

The article continues, “Somehow, the idea that amyloid buildup was causing Alzheimer’s disease by kickstarting a toxic molecular cascade swayed pharma companies for decades.” When treatments just weren’t working, the attention of Big Pharma and Big Medicine turned to screening for Alzheimer’s only to find that one out of nine people over 65 has Alzheimer’s. And the biomarker research made it abundantly clear that there are many possible causes and triggers for Alzheimer’s, which means there is no “one cause” for which they can prescribe one drug; or one gene which they can excise from the genome; or one external toxin that they can remove.

Big Pharma and Big Medicine become paralyzed when they can’t find a single cause for a disease. They also become more determined to find that One Cause! That’s why it’s taken them decades to even admit that they are stumped.

Here’s what the authors in Nature Reviews Neurology wrote, "Emerging evidence [has found the existence of] axonal disintegration, synaptic dysfunction and degeneration, innate immune response and neuroinflammation, vascular and cell membrane dysregulation, and brain metabolic dysfunction." Also "in addition to amyloid, the brains of people with Alzheimer's often also have accumulations of other proteins, like TDP-43 and alpha-synuclein.” I don’t know that you can get more complexified than that. They call Alzheimer’s a neuroinflammatory maze. Allopathic medicine says that it can take 20 years to develop Alzheimer’s, plenty of time to slowly poison the brain. 

Novel Magnesium Compound Reverses Neurodegeneration

February 2012

By Martin Alessio

Novel Magnesium Compound Reverses Neurodegeneration

Aged people are in the midst of an escalating Alzheimer's epidemic.1,2 It is now the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.3

The horrific progression of Alzheimer's disease from dementia to personal extinction afflicts between 24-30 million people worldwide.4,5 Americans account for approximately one-fifth of those cases, which are expected to triple by 2050.3,6

While there is no cure for Alzheimer's, there is new hope thanks to the work of a team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT.)7

These scientists have identified several correctable factors involved in Alzheimer's onset—and a novel nutritional intervention that may effectively target them.

In this article, you will learn of the vital role that magnesium plays in protecting the aging brain's structure and function and why conventional supplements don't deliver enough magnesium into the brain.

Researchers have found that a new highly absorbable form of magnesium called magnesium-L-threonate concentrates more efficiently in the brain, rebuilds ruptured synapses, and restores the degraded neuronal connections observed in Alzheimer's disease and other forms of memory loss.

In experimental models, magnesium-L-threonate induced improvements of 18% for short-term memory and 100% for long-term memory.8

Magnesium Deficiency: An Overlooked Cause of Neurologic Decay

Half of all aging individuals in the developed world are magnesium deficient, a nutritional deficit that worsens over time.

Confirmatory data show that Americans are no exception.9,10 For instance, American women consume just 68% of the recommended daily intake of magnesium.11

Magnesium has long been known as a key nutrient for optimal brain function. More recently, scientists have found it specifically promotes learning and memory as a result of its beneficial effect on synaptic plasticity and density.7,8,12

Magnesium works with calcium to modulate "ion channels" that open in response to nerve impulses, which in turn trigger neurotransmitter release. The most important of those channels is controlled by a complex called the NMDA receptor.13,14 NMDA receptors play an important role in promoting neural plasticity and synaptic density, the structural underpinnings of memory.15-17

Magnesium deficiency can cause symptoms ranging from apathy and psychosis to memory impairment.13,18 Insufficient magnesium slows brain recovery following injury from trauma19 and in laboratory studies accelerates cellular aging.20

Ominously, magnesium deficiency may produce no overt symptoms in its initial stages.21

Part of the problem is that it is difficult for the body to maintain sufficiently high concentrations of magnesium in the brain.8

For this reason, researchers have long sought ways that higher magnesium brain concentrations might be achieved and sustained.

Prayers and continued strength...

I am a nurse and I missed the first signs of dementia.

When your Mom doesn’t know who you are anymore.....unbelievable and the feeling of true aloneness hits you right in the face

Stop inflammation, give her vitamins and all natural smoothies and foods!

I understand Alzheimer’s/dementia in its various forms is actually a diabetes of the brain...

Alzheimers is diabetes type 3. Get her off all sugar and simple carbs. You have to get her insulin levels down. It's possible to keep it from progressing.

Thirty years ago people didn't focus so much. I'd say wrong diagnoses occur frequently, do they not? Especially when patients have other stuff going on, prescriptions, depression etc.


My mom always asked about her mom, was I her mom, it’s heartbreaking 🙏

My beautiful passed 3 years ago from Alzheimer’s, she was diagnosed 4 days before my dad passed, she was with us 3 years, 7 days, I hate that disease, hopefully there will be a cure😢🙏

You like yourself to much...

Interestingly, his mother said she hasn't missed Dr. Oz for years. Good for her. Hopefully, he will go away soon.

Amen!! It was too painful to admit to myself, also. Well said.

Very little information. Disappointing.

My wife. H

Siz çok şansli siniz doktor bey

These eyebrows... Why do you want to look younger if eventually you look only weirder?

Dr Oz needs a new plastic surgeon! Damn, eyebrows are wierd

i wish Oz would decide on a color for his hair and stick with's annoying already. Just be gray - ur all about doing things to be young - don't be a hypocrite to look younger by artificial means

Don’t say flunk, she failed.

sorry to hear, had it in my family and husband had it in his family, know where you are.

Very sad disease for it is so hard when they forget who you are . That list look in there eyes is so very sad . Painful to see someone you love slipping away.

Because we were “hyper-aware” of the smallest signs & took my father immediately to a neurologist, he is 10 yrs into his diagnosis. He is in the moderate stage right now. The medications to slow the progression of the disease obviously worked for my dad b/c he was diagnosed soooo early(according to the neurologist). I think what caused us to be hyper-aware was the fact that my grandmother had it & we knew it was hereditary. Finally, for anyone who had/has a parent with Alzheimer’s, get a baseline test as soon as you can so your Drs. have something to compare your memory as you get older. When you’re having a particularly rough day as a caregiver, never forget that there are so many of us out there who you can reach out to when things get hard & we’ll always be there for each other. Much love & respect to all & thank you Dr. Oz for sharing your own personal story!❤️

I know exactly what he means when he says the eyes clouds over. I've witnessed it with my mom, two aunts and my mother in law. This is the most cruel disease of all. It robs the person that you love from you, right before your very eyes and they look the same but you know nothing will ever be the same. Life as you know it has ended.

Mercury is a listed ingredient in the Flu Vaccine. Mercury is a well documented neurotoxin. Aluminum is a listed ingredient in all the other vaccines. There is so much peer reviewed scientific research on the affects of these 2 metals on the deterioration of human and animal brain cells. Alzheimers rates have skyrocketed in the last century and its not b/c we are living longer. this lady has early onset. Its the vaccines. They may spare us from certain other diseases but its coming at a cost. I told my 75 yr old mother to never get a flu shot or any vaccine for that matter and she agreed and declines them at every doctor's check up that she goes too. She's as healthy as a horse, better memory than most, kickboxes and kayaks and is on ZERO prescription meds.

Such a gentleman you are Dr

The dramatized form of medicine that is displayed in this show is far from the reality...sorry people

Thank you for sharing your personal story with us. My dad, uncle and aunt had Alzheimer and I’m scared that will get to me one day. I heard you can educate your brain to delay the disease by keeping it active. I’m just very concerned.

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1 Corinthians 13