The surprising story of medical marijuana and pediatric epilepsy | Josh Stanley | TEDxBoulder

Josh will sift through the propaganda, fear and greed encompassing medical marijuana. Recently featured on CNN, Josh and his brothers developed a non-psychotropic strain of marijuana which is drastically reducing seizures for many pediatric epilepsy patients in Colorado. With millions facing life-threatening illnesses, Josh outlines the hurdles needed to effect social change and maps a path toward helping those who desperately need revolutionary medicine.

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RIP Charlotte Figi

Rest in Peace Little Charlotte Figi.. You made great strides in improving the world.. Your love of pink, and ballet dancing in the kitchen.. We all love you and will miss you.. Sleep peacefully little darling.

I'm pretty sure that if you're here, you know that the world lost Charlotte to what they're pretty sure was COVID-19 induced seizure. It's very heartbreaking.

What we really need is a test that a pregnant woman takes to determine if she will have a child with these conditions and a way to cure them. Words of thanks to the stanley brothers aren't enough...pls realize most people with epilepsy lead a normal life and keep the hate comments to yourself

Rest in peace little Angel

Today, April 8th, 2020 . . . we are saddened by the passing of Charlotte Figi. Her strength has empowered millions around the globe to think for themselves and go beyond the restrictive, outdated laws that limited healthcare & wellness. We will surely miss her happy spirit.

Please send her family positivity, as they need our deepest gratitude, love, and prayers.

Thank you, dear Charlotte . . . we will be forever mindful of your beauty & strength. RIPCF

RIP Charolette. Thanks for all you’ve done!

RIP Charlotte

Rest in peace, Charlotte

if you don't shed tears of happiness from this, your not human!!! <3 u Stanley bros

I don't understand how people could tale narcotics and be fine with it. But freak out if someone smokes A PLANT. 🤦

Only Narrow view person with thumb this down. Meaning brain cells are down in their favor.

CBD - (from selected plants, processed by micellar method), acacia gum as an emulsifier (Senegalese acacia extract - natural E414) and water. Full Spectrum is made from the whole plant and contains a spectrum of ingredients much needed by man, among others; Omega 3, Omega 6, flavonoids, CBN, CBDA, CBV, CBG and many others. According to scientific studies, in cannabis there are about 480 substances useful to man.

CBD - (from selected plants, processed by micellar method), acacia gum as an emulsifier (Senegalese acacia extract - natural E414) and water. Full Spectrum is made from the whole plant and contains a spectrum of ingredients much needed by man, among others; Omega 3, Omega 6, flavonoids, CBN, CBDA, CBV, CBG and many others. According to scientific studies, in cannabis there are about 480 substances useful to man.

Brilliant God Bless

Children are dying everyday, and Bill Gates, Pyzer, Barer, Monsanto, don't give rat's f . I think it's gone beyond money, I think they really, really, like what they are doing.

I've often thought ;do people really need marijuana legalized. REALLY- Just remove the PROHIBITION ,and let people make up their own mind about it.

Im stuck in Cleveland clinic being told im having seizure activity...and been poisoned for years..time to leave Ohio

Calling the plant by its prohibition name is insulting.

Tears of Joy flow through my whole being every time I watch this. This gives me all the reasons I need to continue to work toward TRUE LEGALIZATION! Thank you so much for posting this and keeping it on Youtube.

If my kids needs these meds, the law be damned. I think just about every dad would think the same.

Thats just amzing

lawyers , politicians , police , drug enforcement thugs , moral objectors , big pharma & all the rest,,, WHAT IF , it was YOUR CHILDREN ?????????????????????????????????????????

If Charlotte's Web is legally considered hemp, then it is now federally legal under the farm bill

Can ted do a conference about mariuana in cancer - Please.

My 16 year old daughter has been suffering from depression and anxiety for the past three years. She has been on 5 different antidepressants because none have worked on her. I've been trying to get her doctors to prescribe CBD to no avail. No doctor is willing. In California, you have to be 21 to use it legally.

💟Beautiful and More!‼️☮️💚

Call Rose today for your Florida medical marijuana prescription 407-495-2967

Thank you!!

This video had changed people's way of thinking forever!!

Where can I get this strain of plant?

You deserve the Nobel peace prize!!!!!!

Every time I hear her story I bite my lip and squeeze my teeth trying not to ball my eyes out.

US Federal laws on Cannabis were manufactured against POC, and meant to feed the prison industrial complex. Capitalism truly kills, and imprisons. As long as US governments get millions in legalized bribes from big pharma and PIC lobby groups, nothing will change.


Yeah I live in a state that doesn't allow marijuana I have Intractable Epilepsy and me and my parents can't afford moving to a state that allows marijuana like they do other epilepsy epilepsy meds and the epilepsy meds I am taking I am always changing cause they don't work I just think they need to legalize marijuana in every state like they did alcohol and cigarettes.

In india before 1900 cannobies are used ayurvedic medicines, and other products... But british delebrately banned it... In shivpuran and atherveda there is mentioned cannobies as medicinal plant... Now it is banned in india... Indian govt. Should reconsider its decision to unbanned cannobies...

Made legal by PRESIDENT TRUMP !

Dr. Alan Shackelford said that he gave her the cannabis???

This video brought tears to my eyes, we live on a prison planet 💯,,

What a fantastic talk...informative and funny....what a crazy world when we know theres stuff out there that works yet wont allow it..
There are mainly two people to blame for cannabis being criminalised.. John Rockefeller and President Nixon....two corrupt co conspirators to enable Rockefellas business Standard Oil to continue to sell its oil

CBC medical cannibis is legal in Canada 2019

Great talk on a great product. Without medical, I’d need to be on anticonvulsants, and be in constant chronic pain. With medical, I don’t need to be on massive, and pricey meds.

Governments can make money doing the same but the right thing

i had a stroke 2 years back can i do this too


I wonder what it could do for someone who has severe brain damage my step daughter was born with a stage 5 brain hemorrhage she cant walk talk or see. She has never spoke a word and she has seizures they are under controlled on medicine but she is non verbal. I would love to see if it could wake her up!

it is MEDICINEEEEE....we have got to stop calling it a DRUG....even friken speed has a use in the medical field but marijuana is gonna be classified as a dangerous drug? pretty clear the ones in charge do NOT have any of our backs!!

Good vid. I have a card, and use this as a medication, rather than a recreational hobby. I use it to treat post-op chronic pain, and as a replacement for anti-convulsants. This medication saves me from a small pharmacy of medicine that I would otherwise need to take. Thumbs up, and added to favorites.

Josh, congratulations on this beautiful discovery. Is Dr. Sanjay Gupta a cardiologist?

same presentation, same patient, different Doctors! someone is lying

Why cant this be legal? I'm on 500 pills a month

This video shouldn’t have any dislikes

Cool guy really.. Love to hear progressive thinking like that, not just temporarily, but evolutionary :)

God bless this Man and his brothers,,,, and I vow to do everything in my means to legalize CBD in my state.

I absolutely LOVE Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil! This company and its owners are life savers!

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Thanks Josh for all the hard work along with your brothers! You are a blessing to many people, thanks for sharing!

My son takes medical cannabis for his autism and Tourette Syndrome. It's been a miracle for him.

I have epilepsy as welll

Just found this particular brand in Arkansas I’m so thrilled! God Bless the Stanley Brother’s and the realm of caring organization! Praying legislation is passed so that everyone can be able to use this wonderful medicinal plant.

I use hemp oil to get better sleep..It's from vivianscbd I like the way it works with me.....

I don't think that Some peoples views will ever change on Cannabis,They just do not understand that there is a difference in cbd and thc .I have tried to tell a few of the older folk ,but you just can get it through to them.Its not there fault,its the info they have got about the plant over the years,from so called people who are supposed to know about these things.DOCTORS.But to be honest the way they think about cannabis is what they have been told ,just from looking at the effects ,because next to no research has been done,up untill the states in america made it legal ,And the bits of stuff from Amsterdam

And the Great thing is That Most of the Breeders and Cannabis Community ,Are all good folk.There will be a few out there that will have seen a way to get more for these strains.But the major part of those growing these will be only to happy to help.RESPECT Stanley Brothers

i wonder where the thumbs down come from......BiG Pharma trolls??

Everything the government tells you do not believe whatever they say is good for you is bad and whenever they say is bad for you is good

childhood alzheimers?

There are many medical benefits from cannabis! Cannabis is not a crime! Cannabis saves lives!


Let’s help this become a true medicine!!! Please !!

Please don't bring stigma to cannabis. We've been clouded for a long time. It feels as though we are not even existing. It's sad to believe, but this is our world, so let's make it right, right now!

I am tearing up

Come to Australia please...

From where we can get this medicine?

thank God these children are getting the treatments necessary to help them welcome the new cannabis

I’m ABSOLUTELY disgusted by the government and their corruption in terms of collusion with the pharmaceutical companies. They’re literally allowing their own citizens to suffer and DIE because of greed.

People use alcohol, which has a tendency for violence, why is Cannabis, that does not have that tendency, not allowed? Becaue it is too useful. The only reason. But it is good to not have the psychoactive part bred out of Cannabis so it can be given for medicinal reasons. So why is it not allowed when it used to be required for farmers to grow because it was necessary for the government to use. It's all a matter of money.

Need some help guys. Does CBD oil help cerebral palsy and alzheimer's patients? And does CW ship these CBD oil outside of the US?

Thank god that I have a script for this medicine. No more Keppra, which works, but also has unwanted side effects.

Thank you Stanley Bros

For anyone who will know this my daughter has meningitis valley fever and I am looking at other options does anyone know if it works for any of her symptoms she's only 15

It's hard to believe there are 80 people in this world that don't want kid's to stop suffering from seizures. What's wrong with you, did you even watch this video?

I hope that family in Indiana that you referred to is now suing the government

This is extraordinary. I hope this country wakes up, and wakes up soon, to realize that Cannabis is not a schedule 1 narcotic, never should have been labeled as such.

No wonder everybody legalizing it I had no idea it was such a heavy duty medicine

This has the potential to make me a million 👍

He forgot to mention that she first tried another strain of the Cannabis low in THC...

Amazing and wonderful that this is now legal to buy in all 50 states!

Hallelujah....the world is waking up  to the real purpose of this God given plant.  Thank you Stanley Brothers!!!!

Thankfully, now in 2017/2018 it finally becomes legal in Canada as well. I desperately need this for my daughter. We have tried every single medication imaginable, including ketogenic diet. Nothing really works. Today, my daughter has had 16 seizures. Not even Under the tongue Lorazepam works.

78 Pharmaceutical people have given this a thumbs down.

CBD is a
neurotransmitter being released from the post-synaptic neuron to the pre-synaptic
neuron which modulate the calcium/magnesium channel which in turn modulates how
much excitatory Neurotransmitter (ex.: glutamate) are being released from the
pre-synaptic neurons. In short, it calms downs the nerves. Epilepsy is nerves
hyperactivity, CBD helps calming down. Yes there are reasons to “fear”
cannabis, because it contains THC , THC is known to have negative psychological
effects. A great comparison would be to separate alcohol from red wine to use
the grapefruit juice to help cure certain disease, as we know, alcohol has many
negative side effects (road accidents, negative behaviors). So CBD therapy for
epilepsy has promising health benefits, “Marijuana therapy” containing THC ,
there is no such thing. THC, like alcohol must remain as having potentially
negative effects on society.

Yep! God bless this man and his brothers!!!

lol the lady at the first audience shot looks very surprised

Getting high while watching the video! Life done right

President Stanley Brother! Give them the noble prize!

I'm assuming that the current Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil is not the same as the tincture Charlotte is receiving as treatment, since hemp oil is legal in all 50 states? Can someone clarify this for me? I just ordered some Charlotte's web for my post-concussion syndrome and now I feel like I just wasted my money.

It's both a sin, crime, and unethical that anyone who requires this plant is denied access to it!

Cannabis Sativa does have medicinal properties though ...

When there's no justice in the law its the citizen's right AND duty to break that same law ... that's how we climbed down from the tree branches.

As a cancer patient, sending Josh and his brothers so much love!

US Patent #6630507