The Surprising Triggers of Alzheimer's

Core expert Dr. Jennifer Caudle talks to Dr. David Libon of Rowan University about the link between stress and cognitive function. Then, Dr. Caudle joins Dr. Oz to discuss how race and stress may play a role in cognition.

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TV says we need more customers, so a doctor about stress for ALZ.. more money

I was going to watch these until you pulled the race card BS right from the start!!! SO PITIFUL

Plant based diets can actually reverse telomere shrinking

I believe it. Hardships and downfalls early life are triggers

Endoscopy at 69 yo caused my mother to go down that dementia path - 10 yrs later, still going down that path : ( . But I have studied enough that 90% is the food we eat! and should eat a(LCHF) low carb (No sugars, flours, potatoes, rice, etc) , medium protein (grass fed if possible beef, pork and chicken, wild caught fish) and high fat (coconut oil - for cooking, olive oil - cold for salads/veggies, avacados - oil and whole) diet. Exercise modestly with HIIT and slow movement resistance training. Each only take 1 - 2 days ea per week at 10 - 20 min. Do these things and you should do ok. Not a guarantee, but better than what most of us do.

All frauds !!!!!!!! Alzheimer assoc, Dr Oz all on a GAG ORDER not to discuss the link between Neurotoxic Aluminum laced GEOENGINEERING AEROSOL CHEMTRAIL fallout the effect of aluminum on the brain ?????? you shameless money grabbers!!!!!! what a great work of the true heart.

This man is a trigger!!

i hit every one on the list in spades plus a whole lot more!!!! It has not been easy , and live with PTSD. I wish life was easier . High school grades would be the least of my problem. Life is really not fair and equal.

I'm doomed. I'm scared 57

Fear of illness triggers illness

I ENJOYED stress. Not all most seemed to invigorate me most of the time. Can be a BUMMER if you LET it. Get to your core. Not a great core for ones soul. HOWEVER invigorating none the less.

Number 11) Have you been misled by a youtube video title to watch a video that does not deliver? Yes

This is the evidence that charities and researchers ignore and avoid. People don't want to talk about traumatic events.

In the string of 4 years, my mother lossed 2 husbands to heart attacks and had to get rid of numerous animals. The most recent was a cat that had to be put to sleep. She now lives alone, very rarely drives, and forgets from one moment to the next. I know she has alzhiemers because of other signs

With this, my brain is about 5,000 years old, no wonder I have dementia.

African Americans do we have to deal with everyday nutty people trying to kill us that we don't even know

Many of the factors in this study that give the conclusion of getting Alzheimer's are questionable to me.
How many years did this British Study take place and how many people participated?

However long term personal financial problems in America can lead to death, quicker than to dementia Alzheimer's...... Poor diet, stress/PTSD, health issues, homelessness, etc.

I think it is statins and other doctor prescribed drugs that is causing this. Also flu shots laced with diseases and cancer. Maybe its in the milk also.

Stress can be good and it can be bad. Change is not something humans accept well. It does not matter if it is a promotion or a termination from work. One has to adjust to it. Sharpen your adjustment skills. When identifying depression the phrase Life Changing Events comes into play. Marriage, divorce, relocation, deaths, physical illness, deception by someone you thought had your back, financial changes.,,,,etc...We must recognize and treat depression. The brain need to learn how to deal with it. People need to identify their triggers and find healthy coping skills. Head trauma must also be looked at. Abused children, law enforcement and military as well as pro athletes may be more prone to this trauma to the brain. Sometimes after a bad life choice, people beat themselves up about it-----how could I be that stupid.... Or others around them may attack their choices.....I told you won't listen....Your inner circle of trust is very important.

It might be helpful for them to do these studies on other groups, Native Americans, Black Hispanics, White Hispanics, Asians,,,,etc.Biracial and multi racial.

Someone once said life is only 10% of what happens to us. The other 90% is our reaction to it. I have friends that served in the idf that absolutely love life. Its a choice u make. This is one of the reasons people in the blue zones live until 90 or more they make the right choices

Thanks a lot doc. Oz, and God bless you all. 👍❤️💐😇🙋🙏

The good news is once you have Alzheimer's, you will most likely forget and not realize you have it

My grandmas Alzheimer’s got worse when her parents died I think it was traumatizing

So what is the cure for stress..not much solutions offered here.

All of the above
Well , I’m done

1:55 LOL, the guy in the back

anyone wants to help out any amount is fine $TayLavet90

My brother was murdered and my mother lost her mind, Dementia came right after.

Very informative video.
Many studies have also shown the protective effect of exercise.
We don’t know what conditions we have predisposition for but certainly lifestyle is an important factor in keeping healthy. That is something I always remind my patients of .....

Most of these studies and tests are a waste of time. Alzheimer’s can be prevented and cured. The real cures are the natural cures. See a Naturopathic doctor or read a book like Prescription for Natural Cures.

Medical doctors are a joke when it comes to treating chronic illness. They should just stick to fixing broken limbs and prescribing the occasional antibiotic.

My mom led a very traumatic life, as did I....she lived to be 80, and sharp as a tack until she died.....I am 65, no signs of any brain illnesses......I am an herbalist, and study nutrition constantly, and I just disagree with this.....I believe it's like the Cancer industry......greed! I had stage four Lymphoma, took Radiatiin, a year later the cancer returned with a vengeance, and my doctors wrote me off....I turned to Naturaopathic medicine, and have been Cancer free now five years......I dont believe in "Triggers"! I believe it's all about diet, and the immune system.....both my grandmother's had Alzheimers at a fairly early one else in my family has, and most of us are pretty old....and still have good functioning brains.....this is my opinion only......but, I know what has worked for me!

Welp I'm getting Alzheimer's.

This information has been very interesting, I’m experiencing this now at 49! Very Scary for me

This was great information. The video was too short. There was no offer or suggestion of things to do to help or alleviate any of the 10 stressors. What are some healthy ways to react to these?

I'm the second comment

Dr. Oz, thank you for all your great information. It's always informative and actually inspired me to create more content on Youtube around important issues like this one. Keep changing people's lives through your content!