The Top Ten Amsterdam Coffeeshops With Jimmy Nevski - Part Two

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Back by popular demand, I have returned to Amsterdam to update my Top Ten Amsterdam Coffeeshops List.

If you’re heading over to Amsterdam soon, don’t waste any time! After literally dozens of trips (literally) I bring you a brand new video for 2018 featuring ten Coffeeshops with the best weed strains in the city!

Don’t get sucked in by the Bulldogs, Greenhouses and other tourist traps offering expensive low quality product.

Finally as I stated last time, learn to roll before you roll out! Pre-Rolled joints of any variety, are awful. End of.

*There are no weed lollipops, cakes or edibles featured as dozens of YouTube videos have you covered! This is also connoisseur’s video.

Yes the Plug Coffeeshop makes an appearance, it’s been open six months and I can’t believe how many people have inboxed me regarding that one!

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Guys! My new video is way better please check it out :)

Why are bud shops called coffee shops

you mean weedshops?

if u want to be behind in life then smoke weed its disgusting.

Flower and cali how is it different?

Long live amesterdam🤘🤘

Happy I saw this video it made me understand how lucky I am to be living in California. I smoke the shit in this video every day, and for some reason I just believed everyone outside of my little weed bubble in Cali had the same quality we do. I was so wrong

1,6k dislike is douane xD

Who else is whatching this video while be high?

Shitty looking buds

Haha shit mate watching this made me want to hit up Amsterdam myself 😆🤙

epic vid man

Wauuu!!!! Q flores x dios!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

420 CAFE
Oudebrugsteeg 27

Amsterdam been holding it down for over 30 yrs having almost all the different strains their.

Cali shops needs to do wut Amsterdam more coffee shops n give out samples.

all that small resen of buds that all fall to the ground brings tears to my eyes.

Gorilla something of the best would i say : )

Is that flower purple flower you show in the start a blue dream?

Hi buds ! keep up the good work .

Coffee Shop 137, take "Mimosa", and have a nice sit !

Jesus is coming. Believe on The Lord Jesus amd thou shall be saved.

аж слюнки текут, бля везёт им (((

im drooling all over the screen

You underrated mr k & co, after boerejongens the best in my opinion

damn i aint see not one gas pack

Number two hired the professor from Money Heist 9:56

Cali weed aint got shit on Michigan

1e help is eerste help

Also kids your missing nothing

This looks like HOMEGROWN from the old Days. No wonder today's music is so lame These places look like they're. financed bitterly pothead lawyers.

Говорит москва?

Damkring is kkr goeie

Went to Amsterdam a couple of times in the 1980s, the Bulldog Coffee shop, there was no choice, you just got stoned. Life was much simpler and better then. The stuff was from Morocco. Now it's all fake American McDonalds Weed with dumb names sold by marketing men.

good idea will be if you will put adres of the coffeshop next to the name

Big up tunde

We need one of these in Florida

You don't have to hide like a criminal just get a card I just ordered some Colombian gold seeds I'm bringing the strain back to New Mexico👄🇺🇸👄👄👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸

Amsterdam is just our capital, there are countless coffeeshops in our country and the ones in Amsterdam are mainly for tourists. That doesn’t mean they sell bad quality but there are a lot of hidden gems around The Netherlands selling equal or better quality and quantity.

the prices are making me cry

Cali weed is good but Colorado weed is what it is being smoked by the weed veterans... Amsterdam needs to wake up yes.. Jack Frost, orange crush, blue dream, Flo, head band, G6, purple punch, triangle Kush.... Boulder county underground growers... Much love. Happy 420!

Meen.. weed good but damn expensive.. you should visit Africa.. am Kenyan.. here 3 grams = 1 dollar.. and believe me, African Weed is great.. Mashash 😋

25 euros por un gramo? Que malditos.

Omg this shit looks like straight mids, the worst dispensaries in my state are better than this

Qual que é a doença do Brasil que não legaliza logo? olha essa porra, isso ia mudar o Brasil

Wow waiting for the day l’ll visit Amsterdam 😎

damn thats expensive weed

Заебись там!

Coffeeshops in Amsterdam, ... like Old Greeks

The land of mids.

Boerenjongens weed is zo strong you are laced for days... i have friends who are to scared to buy it.

Turn down the music a bit more while you're speaking


Only if I knew this when I’ve been, I only went to bulldog there

Olá ❤️🍁🇧🇷🇧🇷

If I want Cali weed, I'd go to California. IMO Colorado is better.

Hola saludos y mira el grupo

Who else thinking this should be in India too?? 😂

Just learn to grow good weed and won’t have to worry bout buying and waiting for ppl

Dam Ricky from trailer park boys must of cum a fuck lot cause this shit is FUCKED

Dint see what all the fuss is about boerejongens stuff i got from there was crap. And whats with all this pretentious stupid hipster style coffeeshops. Grey area is what a real coffeeshop should look like. I wish i could rewind back to the 90s where you didnt have to venture out of warmoestraat/de wallen.

Love lost in amsterdam!

No De Dampkring ?

Man u too skinny to smoke weed

Bunch of mids if you ask me

the Alan parsons project!! excellent choice of background music!

What are you on about Cali weed? Sounds like marketing crap. It's just seeds, order them and grow it. Any shop can do it if they wanted to.

I hope that was legalized in the philippines

The weed from #2 looked way better than the weed from #1. It is a weird reality shift that in 2020 I have access to weed in Oklahoma that is far superior to that of Amsterdam. I never would have thought that even a remote possibility even 5 years ago.

Kool video, loved it and great video shots of the bud!
Great work!!!!

Ho yeah arriva la mota verde

When I was 18 I had round trip tickets to Amsterdam 220$. Barney’s was the place to be.

Man I love all the exotic bud.their fruitysmell, taste like wonder candy,Nothing wrong being in dreamland.

city from wother glow box pawer100%


pls just come to BC, dutch genes used to be, but its all here now.

The guy for the grey area reminded me of Adam Sanders character when he's explaining how you can "put your weed in there".

Im from the city and anyone that doesn’t put boerenjongens up as their number one is not to be taken seriously.

However most coffeeshops on this list are in the (over)touristic center. High rents, tourism and difficulty in logistics makes the price go up and the quality down. Get a nice stash from coffeeshops outside of the center and get a taste of the “real Amsterdam” while your at it.

Here I am, in 2020, watching people socialise at cafes because I miss it. Self isolation is hitting hard

I don't like weed. Life is problematic enough.


Take me back to the 80s n 90s when the dam had soul

2.45 twig city

'Boerejongens' means 'Farmerboys'.

2:45 that’s gonna take forever to get all of those stems out

Cremers Haga > All CoffyShop's in Amsterdam

I used to like the Dampkring Coffee shop the best in my past 5 visits to the coolest city on the planet... Grey Area was pretty good and The Dutch Flower was my top 3... enjoyed the video my friend... it's been since around 2005 since I crossed the pond.... it's a ghost town today but hopefully by the Summer she'll be up and running nicely 🍎🍊

Can I get seeds

hi guys, look what nice filters i do

This Lady from Solo is from Austria

How much money /100g cần sa

Dude u sound like thoughty2


Do they even sell coffee lol

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Anything like this in the us?

Plug is looking crazy

Где озвучка, суки


jesus, the prices, is weed over there really that expensive?