The Try Guys Test High Driving

The Try Guys get high and test their driving skills on a closed traffic course to experience how smoking marijuana compares to driving drunk. The second episode in our epic four-part education series exploring the dangers of driving under the influence. #TryGuysDUI

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Retired LAPD Traffic Homicide Detective Bill Bustos

Board Certified Internist & Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine Dr. Damon Raskin

Los Angeles Police Department
City of Irwindale
Irwindale Speedway
Flyby Imagery

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y’all should get high and take a lie detector test 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Zach: Do you guys have ants at your house?

keith was the normal one, the rest were pussies off one j lmfao

eugine high is a whole new level of 🥺

“ive been through this part of town before”

rolls down window

8:34 what??? 😂😂😂

are we not gonna talk about eugene's wolf king anecdote?

My #1 thing on my bucket list is smoking a joint with Keith while eating taco bell

Pretty sure a lot of us are here knowing we'd ace this test.

wat if there all just bad drivers

There so cooked and I’m on a edible rn I’m dead asf lol

I oove how everytime they smoke weed they eat a lot

I’m sober and just watching that course looks confusing to me - I would fail this course

I so love being high with my friends sometimes BUT PLEASE DON'T DRIVE WHILE YOURE HIGH OR DRUNK

I wanna see a high guys series.

I drive high everyday, never had an issue.

This is the best video to watch this while being high

No one:

Not a single soul:

Zach: “ you guys have ants at your house?”

😂😂😂 I don’t know why this destroyed me

Try guys ? No high guys

11:34 lebron james' long lost brother

Watching this while high is such a trip 🤣

Why the fuck does Keith open his mouth so damn wide

Aw bless ned he's sooo high. You can tell who smokes outside this video. I know now in 2020 there are road side weed tests. It tests for cannabis and cocain by rubbing a test on you tounge

So funny

2020 gang 😭❤️😂

Driving stoned is the same as sober in my opinion. However you need to have self awareness

LET ME DO THIS ! I'd rock it

I love Zach we can hang. Weed makes me calm. I have to wait until my kids go to sleep though.

8:05 Eugene 😂

I smoked more today then Ned did in his whole life

I could face a few joints and crush this shit. If you have tons of experiences with weed driving stoned is the same as driving sober.

This is gonna be great, they always looked stoned, cant wait to actually see them stoned 😂😂

Its so weird because it is illegal in Ohio and I'm pretty sure it is for the better also if it is illegal you have something to feel like harass for

stoned drivers drive slow and paranoid. drunk drivers murder innocent people

See me and my friends smoke and drive 😭😭 not to be snitching on us but like 🤷🏾‍♀️ we do it just fine idk what’s wrong with y’all 😭🤣

Zach: Why was he skateboarding so late at night, He should know better (it's a dog)

Such a good decision to switch to your own channel. I love the guys

Eugene: I am the WOLF KING

I can do everything high lol

3:01 that’s that high voice 😂😭😭

Is it just me who is upset that zach smokes marijuana...
He’s not the innocent baby if the group I pictured him being

Keith and Zach are the potheads of the group 😂

They shared one joint and there acting like they took a 13 bong rips

Ngl... Id never drive high

More lile 4 lightweights drive while high

10:46 10:53 he picked one back up!

yg don’t seem good to smoke with

My eye sight makes my depth perception shit and I am a terrible backer.... sober.... I guess I'm screwed 🤕

-"how do you know if you're high?'
-"i'm already high"
-" do you guys have ants at your house "

This is great 😂 I’m currently watching this stoned and its great

i love high eugene

Technically Eugene stopped, and the dog hit him.

Lol I’m 14 an I always be driving high. 😂🤣

i have been driving high for like a trillion years now its like daily bruh

I love Keith

why does the baby faced one have WEED


eugene stopped and then the dog rolled into the car

Keith: doing hand motions "I-I've smoked some weed before! It's legal, Im an adult!"
Yep, that's exactly how I would act if somebody asked me that question lmao

Watching this while high hits different lol

I'm watching this while high and it's so much lol

“I hit a dog!”😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

So Keith and Zack are the ones smoking?

I wanna get high with Keith and Zach 😂

Why did I thought that was an actual dog 🤣🤣 I acc got so scared

Ned stop being a little bitch is u took a hit of pot ur fine. Thank u Keith and Zach ty for being normal and not trying to make weed look bad LOL

I'm high watching this and honestly i feel like they get me

You guys should doThe Try Guys drive while on heroin

Anyone else from Colorado watching this? 😳😂

Don't try this at home kids

Don't do drugs kids

Colorado weed, that it that’s the comment

Yes bitch smoke that good kush

we need some stoner content from Zac and/or Keith

Coud you imagine anyone of these guys married to an account or lawyer type. “ honey what did you do today at work?”

dont think most people can make this sober

Here’s where the police test isn’t completely right. I broke my back over 10 years ago and have problems doing heel to toe bc of my back. I also have nerve damage that makes it harder and painful.

Who else it watching while stoned?

haha I know both drunk and high because of my dad that went to the store 4 years ago to get milk 😌

never saw him again..

Ned is so funny high

Ned is so funny

Literally not even hard just don’t go on highways

Where I Live It’s Illegal To Smoke Weed, So I Love This. Also It’s Funny To Watch Your Favorite Youtubers Get High

am i the only one that drives better high?

Eugene for your knowledge the dog hit you. The dog like swerved into you and you barely tapped it either.

america: touch your nose
britain: gets breathalyser out

Zach’s weed tolerance is on the level with Eugene’s booze tolerance.

Driving stoned is a fucking experience...

Why can i smell this video?

Eugine has never been more right, people DO look sexy while backing up.

Haha my favorite episode

I’m so high that when I saw the title I had to read it back-and-forth just to make sure that I wasn’t reading it wrong 😂

is no one talking ab eugene hitting a dog, crying, then asking if he broke his neck or tapped it 🥺🥺

this video made me love keith 100% more

I dislike how Keith made it seem like he was not affected at all (or barely affected) while high. Because it may encourage people to think they are good "like him" and can drive and/or makes HIM think he is ok to drive high.
Please do not drive high everyone, it is unsafe.

I love when Keith told tf out of Zach when he didnt know EXACTLY what was on the sign,, im dying rn

Keith is slyly a smoker.. My guuyyyy love bro

White people be like

I wish I could get high off of one blunt

"Do you guys have ants at your house?"

These guys are rookies