This Job Is Being Replaced by an Algorithm

When you think of fields that are being affected by automation, medicine don’t usually come to mind. But recent developments in artificial intelligence have doctors in at least one specialization worried that algorithms are coming for their jobs.

Researchers at Stanford University are developing a model that can screen X-rays for pneumonia and other diseases, a task that’s usually done by radiologists. When tested against a panel of expert radiologists, the algorithm performed at the same level — and sometimes better than humans — in diagnosing several pathologies.

And they’re among many doctors experimenting with artificial intelligence to read medical images. VICE News spoke with radiologists working on this new technology about whether it could one day replace them.

This video originally aired on Vice News in 2018.

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Vice trying to be hype once again... what a failure. This replace fairytale has died in 2017. You can not replace a medical Dr with a human intellect with a frigging NARROW AI. People are so ignorant... Medical practice will be replaced only by a general AI. By then , singularity will not be too far away and we will have much bigger problems to worry about. We need to work together with AI and augment our jobs. If some of you fanboys of robots and human replacement would like to research why a robotic AI surgery machine for hip operations was completely discontinued because the so beautiful AI decided to make wrong incisions...perhaps that will change your thought. Currently and for the foreseeable future these PhD students with their ambitions and their research fund programs are only trying to get a piece of the pie. In the end only Google and IBMs AI will be of any use anyway. Sorry for the big post but there are too many voices of people outside the field of medicine who are trying to make a quick buck and it is misleading people to think that we are already there. Another big example of AI failure was the Airbus 737 max ... how many people died and how many billions lost due to that false trust in AI... thanks for reading to those who actually read all this.

sudo apt-get install radiology-detect
sudo radiology-detect ./input_images/* ./output_pneumonia/

give me money plz

I want AI to do everything. The economy would still be breathing.

Paid doctors

Frankly physicians need to get over themselves and accept that the algorithms are better for the patients.

I am a trainee registrar (resident) in the UK. I used to be very worried about AI. The more I work in this speciality the more I realise it's an opportunity and not a threat.

1. Our jobs are not just looking at pixels on a screen. Its about justifying the exam, choosing the correct modality, phase and timing. Nothing is black and white. Things are not as simple as yes or no. Its about appreciating the clinical history, old imaging and managing a finite resource. Most of the leading companies in the AI Radiology field I have spoken to are surprisingly uninformed about what we do.
2. X rays are a dying art form increasingly performed by radiographers. CT/MRI is widely available and the bread and butter of radiology.
3. US/Interventional radiology still require a person to perform and has high user variability.
4. Medico legally complexities - too much to cover.
5. Testing algorithms from one patient cohort/area has mixed results when applied to other patient groups. Though, I don't doubt huge training sets and deep learning can overcome this.

I don't doubt it will be very useful for high volume and simple imaging like mammograms or looking for lesions on CXR. Radiologists are future proofing themselves by making sure more of their work involves patient contact/physical procedures or complex imaging like MR. There is a lot of hype and many predictions about our replacement are now overdue. We have a saying in radiology - those who use AI will replace those who don't.

We should be happy about this, the problem isn't the jobs, is our way of life, we shouldn't be worry about ai taking jobs, we should have health-care, housings, and food be for everybody

Yes, communism is the future if we want ai to replace jobs, we can live our lifes making art and exploring, we can work other type of jobs without having to worry about being homeless, and not having money,

Why is it so hard to people understand that capitalism and AI cannot co-exist, it doesn't make sense

What good is accuracy if ai will put lives in danger for profits of some bratlionare, soon therell be independent doctors. Weather legal or illegal, then people will want the goverment to regulate hospitals, and the goverment eather gonna get it right or fuck it up. All because AI was programed to vaule money over lives.

meanwhile, escorts and strippers are still making more money than any doctor.

So these people want to replace radiologist so me studying for 10 years to become a radiologist is just a waste of time


#47shift time 2 attract what's important

Radiologist are sweating right now

So, why isn't AI introduced to bacteria, virus behavior? If the future of the world is new diseases I guess the world should invest more in that.

3:19 damn doctor i don't need AI to examine those legs

Just wait until skynet takes over. You will want those human radiologists

This will probably make health care even more expensive in America’s shitty health care system.

I would rather go see a robot for medical purposes then a human being

one lress job lost to a robot lol

Doctors bury their mistakes...

Pilots get buried with their mistakes.

true. Friend of mine is currently doing his phd in this exact fiel

As a student who has been working with computational imaging algorithms, most of these in development are not intended to replace a radiologist's job, but rather to help aid them with a form of feedback. It's nearly impossible for algorithms to be 100% foolproof, as there will always exist some false positive rate. Nor is it possible that an algorithm can achieve a 100% correct diagnosis rate without some amount of false positive. On top of that, with the algorithm demonstrated in the video, the output may yield competing diagnoses, many of which could be false positives.

There are many other external factors that may confirm or deny a diagnosis, such as the patient's medical history or family background. While images are easy to quantify as data, external qualitative factors are very difficult to feed into a machine learning or deep learning model. Under the circumstance of a potential false positive or multiple competing diagnoses, ultimately it is up to the radiologist and their peers to make the final call.

Anyway, while I'm not an expert in either radiology or computation, after working in this area for a couple of years, I would say people shouldn't jump to the conclusion of AI taking over medical jobs. Patient data is a lot more finnicky than what people think, it's not clean spreadsheets, and many assumptions and estimates have to be made (like how do you quantify family history of lung cancer, is it a yes/no answer? Do we need to know how many generations have had lung cancer? Do we need to know which side of the family has it? How severe the cancer was? etc.)

Doctor on my phone or my pc. Seems a very noble and almost free system to better the quality of life of every human. I wonder how the FUCK are they going to find out a way to monetize it to oblivion overpricing it for the sake of rich people...

But can diagnose something he hadnt learned ?

I wish yang still be a candidate

So will 60% of American jobs in the next 10-15 yrs

"super chill MRI"

this guy is great but why does he pronounce it like all-gorithm

I want an A.I. to do my laundry...

Greater accuracy yes, but certain jobs requires intuition and professional judgement, and Ai can't do that

People who think ai is to help humanity are living a fools dream all it will do is increase profits for corporation. Most of the videos on this topic is how ai is replacing human at a particular job and no video or less video on how makes human life better.

Like the video but not like the idea , sorry

Good most doctors do half as jobs for their patients especially the elder, young & naive

I swear this shit old y'all remixing shit

This process is called Skynet.

Andrew Yang has been talking about this. Not only will these people have their jobs replaced but it will also be truck drivers, call center workers, retail workers, and basically anything that can be automated. This will result in the loss of millions of jobs and is the start of the Fourth industrial revolution.

Good. I had a broken wrist last year that they swore was not broken. Got the images to a second doctor and who told me it was def broken.

the woman is hella strange

These studies, along with those showing comparable accuracy in the diagnosis of malignant melanoma, are obviously fascinating. But the ethical implications of integrating such algorithms in actual clinical practice are far from being clear. Figuring that out will be the real breakthrough.

Doctors are afraid because they see the end of their job cycle coming to an end. In 5 years these algorithims will have had tens of millions of images and data fed into them that will allow them to have near 100% accuracy when it comes to detecting and treating illness. Humans cant retain millions of pieces of information, get fatigued and get worse with age. Computers keep learning and they'll be the reason we live longer over the next decades.

When i had my lumbar fuses the surgery success rate was only 60/40 but i got lucky. If a robot could have done it with better chances, i would pick the robot

Artificial intelligence need to be stopped, we as humans need our work.

I think its weird that they cut back to the journalist to show head nods. #getsomebroll brrrruh.

Yep we spoke about this at work I take x-rays etc were next

Iiive almost died multiple times in my life from doctors not seeing impotence things in xrays

Radiologists are not accurate. Not good. Over paid. an Art form and most are not artists.

Deep learning!!?? Utter bullshit.
The computer needs fed all the information from a human, exactly what happens if the grid goes down. A computer is as infallible as the people putting in the information. Even those doctors get things drastically wrong!!!
Let's face it, if these retards teach a computer that treating cancer by giving the patient radiation and kemotherapy a known carcinogens which causes patients to die quicker in many cases exactly what would this so called AI going to do. As it states ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Not actual intelligence!!! It knows what it is taught nothing more. People pushing this should put their family health where there sphincter is, exactly where they are talking shite!!!

With a shortage and high cost of medical professionals, AI in medicine is the way forward. I would prefer an AI doctor.

It just means that Stanford radiologists suck.

Yang Gang for life

Imagine a Radiology firm that has 10 radiologists on staff. They can simply let 8 of them go and buy an AI machine to automate their jobs for the remaining 2 radiologists. This way, fewer radiologists would be needed. This is called efficiency or progress. This happens to every job out there.

So the three doctors in my family that flaunt their irreplaceability in tomorrow’s technology driven world shouldn’t scoff as much? I don’t think so.

Yet another example why we need Andrew Yang as our President in 2024.

Is Dr. Constance Lehman single? Asking for a friend.

rat race.

A.I. has been in control of hEAlth cARE since the EKG.
Electro-Kinetic-Groupings to determine the body's cORE PROcessing of rNa, Oxygen and CARbon DIEoxide.

This will be used in conjunction with Radiologists, NOT replace them. Patient attitudes towards the medical industry WILL reject this. I want a person to check my scans in addition to a robot because I don't trust only a robot; no matter how smart it is. It's the same way I will never fully trust a robot to drive my car.... I still want the metaphorical steering wheel. Maybe it's a generational thing... I can however see this take off big time in the less wealthy parts of the world.... if the price is right

Those arguing against this are, as I see it, like cavemen arguing over whether or not fire is dangerous.

It is. And it will still come, because it is useful. Some will misuse it, others will use it to achieve even greater innovations, and we will tolerate the losses because the wins will, for a time, outpace them.

For a time. Then some will call to ban it all, and they will be correct too, for their era.

AI won't take over for at least 15 years

That last doctor is suffering from clinical case of denial.

a radiologist would still be needed to confirm the results

That female radiologist is lying. She doesn't hope IA replaces her, anymore than a woman that says she hopes a sex robot will replace her so she doesn't have to sleep with her husband.

"Wth is algorithm"

It will be open to hacking peoples diagnosis and radio results. Banks have higher security than hospital ITI do not trust this new system of healthcare

Yang 2024

Radiology is a shit specialty anyway. With the best imaging on Earth, they can't still diagnose a torn ACL properly. Ask 3 radiologists to interpret the same knee MRI, get 3 different answers. Let the bots have this one.

Sad this video didn't go into false positives

You have to be very careful with learning algorithms, it's impossible to know what it is that they're looking at.
An example of this is the x-ray machine calibration. If hospital A and B are used as training data, but hospital A sees sicker patients while hospital B sees healthier patients, then the algorithm will learn that x-rays that look like they're from hospital A are more likely to be sick.

shoulda voted for andrew yang ya dingbats.

I think Kaggle has this as a competition lol I built one using images with tensorflow Keras.

So highly educated doctors are given a C grade , that doesn’t give me much faith in our healthcare system.

The key word here is not replacement. It’s complementary. Radiologists are not limited to reading Xrays, although it’s one of their primary tasks.

I would fly in a plane without a pilot... stupid argument that doctor made lol

I'm pretty sure AI reading radiology report will end like like 12 Lead ECG interpretation. The machine use algorithms to make a suggest diagnosis, but ultimately the clinician will need to make a decision. I don't think ai will replace radiologist, it will change their job for sure kinda like how progress of medicine has change how we do things.

Cant waittill Vice is a Caterpillar or Frog, they'd do a better job. VICE SUX.

This will be life saving for alot of people. Freeing up a Dr.’s time to work on other aspects of a patients heath is an amazing use of technology.


I think AI is far from replacing human physicians because of the fact that medicine is not an exact science, and ultimately You are dealing with a human being who has specific social, economical and situational circumstances You have to account for when diagnosing and treating.

Harvard is doing something similar in their incubator program. They had similar accuracy. R.I.P radiology job at this rate. Some day designer job and many more will cease to exist

American needs AI- station for DMV!!! No more waiting at the DMV because AI is much faster and more effective in public services then an actual angry fat women behind the desk!

This is already happening in China and other South East Asian country! U.S is falling behind AI technology and usage of it for development.

Idiots whining and declaring a desire socialism and they wonder why companies are gung ho about replacing warm bodies with robots.

Radiologist worry about AI replacing them? So they want people to die? It is a tool.

Lowkey those doctors are going in tho

Uhhh.. so why is this a vice video again?

I bet the AI uses WebMd 😂

All thanks to google lol

Yes it will so find a new job

Well there goes my job

Andrew Yang was saying this years ago!!!!!

The problem with A.I. vs Human is the fact that the algorithm has NEVER experienced "Wet-Birth", so does not understand the pain/feeling factor..

Is this 2% difference even statistically significant?

But can the AI pass the MCAT?

Andrew yang was right; automation is real. Miss opportunity in 2020 but yang2024.

A.I. is fucking awesome

81 to 79....more horse shit from vice.

"She"? Can't an algorithm just be "it"?

jajajajaja all that school to be replaced by a computer LMFAO. So happy im in the technology field lmao

No they cannot take over first and second opinions and real advice. They can recognize conditions. It stops there. So quit hyping up public concerns, tacky. No algorithms taking over yet.

AI found my back problem. While doctors kept me suffering for years.