This Much Will Kill You

A lot of things can kill you - but here are some surprising ones!
This Much Will Kill You PART 2:
This Is 200 Calories:

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Further Reading: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Mercury (organo) alkyl compounds (as Hg) Death by Polonium-210 Coffee and Caffeine FAQ Sites of Inhibition of Mitochondrial Electron Transport in Macrophage-injured Neoplastic Cells Royal Society of Chemistry - theobromine. Hypernatremic Disorders in the Intensive Care Unit Diagnosis and Management of Sodium Disorders: Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia Comparative risk assessment of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other illicit drugs using the margin of exposure approach Limits to human performance: elevated risks on high mountains How long can you go without air? Can a loud enough sound kill you? How long can humans stay awake? This Is How Extreme Heat Can Kill Influence of the sympathetic nervous system on renal function during hypothermia

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I almost died from choking because i had to much orange juice in my mouth and it I stared choking and nearly choked to death every one was down stairs and I was upstairs

I had no idea that 13 shots could kill you, I should be dead several times over 😂

Man fry from futurama with his 100 cups was pretty lucky

Dang I wish these were easy

did this guy just say that if you eat 2 cherry seeds youll die

I'm ready to accidentally eat 2 cherry seeds 🍒😳

That why people in Asian live so lonng

Steve from FULLSEND : hold my whisky/ lots of liquor

im scared

Short people winning 😪

Omg u got so much subs

well damn imma go buy me some cherries

The most dangerous substance is Oxygen, you need 0 grams of it to have a lethal dose

No wonder why you can’t die form weed it’s the hardest chagglenge

So the limit is 69

asapScience: every inch above 5'0 lowers Ur life by 1.3 years
me:*googles how to grow 1092 inches in 20 minuets*
my google search history: that's a cool video... wait wait what are you doing, i swear to lord

My dad is 7” 😂 he still alive thank god.

There is a real life death barrier

Depressive people joined the chat

Had coffe only once

i literally did 16 shots last night.... whoopsies 😬

Bruh even smoking a whole garage filled with marijuana can't get 1 quarter of the way to killing you

13 shots of alcohol can kill you

SteveWillDoIt: Am I a joke to you


This whole video is giving me anxiety.

I’ve been up more than 11 days in a row o meth and I didn’t die just saying, guess I hold the world record now

0:58 So logan paul ate 48 tsp of his favourite seasoning at one before his Forest video

Weed can't kill you


Oh god my brother stayed up for almost 2 weeks

Stoners click here

U just gave me some suicide options hahaha

Says 8,000 feet.
Captions: 8,000 meters

Death zone is at 8000m not Feet :/

This video is stupid and not true

13 shots of alcohol can kill you, Dam I should be dead tenfold

“13 shots of alcohol can kill you”
the three bottles of vodka hidden under my bed triggered*

I went to 10,000ft while hiking and the river and flowers and ground started swirling and morphing

You Kant overdose on kush 🤬🤬😡😡🤬🍃

I want to know who can hold their breath for 20 minutes. It's ludicrous.

Is there a surgery that will make you shorter if so I want to be 6 inches shorter also I'm 5 foot 4 inch

Why do people openly admit that they are taking illegal drugs lol

Now I know how I’m gonna kill myself...with cherries...(;

also there is a man who had the rare disease that makes the brain/body unable to sleep, a d it took him 6-12 months to die from it

i stayed awake for 14 days/13 nights one time, so....nope

How about nutmeg? Lmao



About the cherries... is there a way to get them to become a Liquid form? Just asking cause it interest me

Im looking for a way to kill myself and i cant even afford 70 cups of coffee

"Every inch over 5 feet makes your life shorter"
I gotta tell every person who made fun of me about this

good thing i only drink 69 cups of coffee a day

13 shots of alcohol? I've seen stevewilldoit pop 20+ shots

I was looking on how to kill myself lmao

Oh this guy can only talk about weed saying it can kill you but what about ciggerats over millions of people have died from that and weed has no documents of deaths 🤦bruh

Apparently I’m going to die 17 years younger than my 5 foot counter-part... 😵🤷🏻‍♂️

We all clicked on this because of weed or doritos hmmm they dint talk about it now give me a like

Me: is tall
Also me: oh sh-

Hold up why y'all speeding past this cherry litterly have CYANIDE

Actually, I looked into it, and after enough sleep deprivation, one becomes easily irritated, and sensitive.

Soooo, I can take 47 teaspoons??? 😳😳😳

0:27 I had 18 shots in a row on my 18th birthday how am I not dead?

"70 cups of coffee can kill a 70kg person"

laughs in 72kg

You can't overdose on marijuana

my grandma used to eat cherry pits and bite into them. She is 67 now

Ty for the tips

stevewilldoit: laughs in send god

Today I ate Doritos!!!😬😶😨

I was hiking at 10 thousand 787 feet above sea level and was just fine. It was difficult to breathe but I was fine. I don’t know why other people just “die” when they get to 8,000 feet. ASAPscience please respond

I will now eat as many cherry seeds possible

Honestly, I feel marijuana isn't a death causer. If someone died of marijuana, by for instance, jumping off a building high, its their fault they took the drug, not the drugs fault. Know you're limit

I bet if you ate McDonald's food everyday, you would die in 1 year maybe less

So I’m thinking I should stop going on my 50 Starbucks runs a day😬

He said eat weed...

Oh come one. 1 shot= 30 ml. 13 shots= 390 ml.
I've seen dudes chuugging half a bottle (450 ml) in one sitting and kept drinking and smoking.

680kg marijuana in 15 minutes kills you

This video raw asf

I am never eating cherry’s again.

2:02 4ft 11in kids be getting hyped

for cannabis people think 1,500 lbs , which is of the actual plant ... it is not! it is 1,500 lbs of actual plant smoke that is the lethal dose - inhaled within 15 minutes = impossible ... it would take over a few thousand lbs of plant matter to create 1,500 pounds of pure smoke , smoke is really lightweight ETC..... LD50 for cannabis is 50,000 to 1

I ingested mercury from an old thermometer when I was 9 and lived🥴

Thanks weed.
Mariualize Legalana

One shots two shots three shots four- wait a second...

13 shots is not that much lmao

Yea I’m never eating or drinking anything again.

Wai' hold up

Should I smoke Dope and drink Coffee?

coffee that kills you alcohol that kills you water the literal liquid of like that shit kills you to

Alcohol - 13 shots in a row
Weed - 680kg in 15 minutes

... Why is weed illegal again? People in charge are a bunch of sheep that literally has the brain power of a light bulb...

Wtf is a kilogram?

I am 6 feet 1. I lost 17 years

The guy who’s about to try all of this :

Apples has cyanide in them So StAy WoKe.

Time to eat 2 cherry pits

the death zone is at 8000 meters, not 8000 feet. and two cherry pits aren't enough to kill you. why make a video so sloppily?

When i eat cherries i allways eat the pits (because i'm lazy and it's much easier than throw it out) and sometimes i eat A LOT of cherries...

marijuana does NOT KILL YOU

Being short means living longer. Suck it, tall people!

hope everyone is staying safe good luck. btw Trying to get to 100subs by end of year

Watching 20 minute of morgz videos will kill you to

Weed has no reported deaths

cigarettes has 50 million

But you can buy cigarettes from your local chevron
And weed is illegal in most states