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"I think the one thing we should all stay is humble" LOL!

Bad ass video


Get yo self fuckin high at http://calishelfweed.com

Those numbers are a lil sus

Small buds

Very nice new sub here happy growing

Ho Lee Chit! Did I just see someone stick a cola in a machine, and it came out trimmed and separated nugs?

На работо небероте

Can you tell me about your irrigation? What brand do you use?

Very very very strain dependent

Молодцы парни как можно по пробовать?

Nice wish I was working there


How do you grown them that big? Is it just a longer veg time?


Fuckin successful bastards. That was awesome, I got goose bumps when I first started looking around.

One can dream.

What??? 150 pounds every other day?

Да Да online 🍫🐝❤🍏🐺🤝

Do you make hashish out of the trimmings ??
Be a good vid to watch

Soooo much weed at the start of the vid,most i think i have ever seen well jealous

How many square feet are those 18 lights on that one side covering?

Бомба видос.

Nunca foi tão difícil ver um vídeo deitado

Nice Work. Thanks from Germany

That is some CLEAN and SEXY electrical work man, I tip my hat to the crew that did all the pipe work.

hope you use led now

Finally a video worth af. Good work guys, thanks for sharing

How many plants under 1 bulb?

Sound like full of shit 120 g a sqft on average one Gavita covers 24 sqft is over 6 lbs per light. If not gravitas and you talking about regulars then let’s say 16 sqft. Is over 4 a light. So it’s safe to say grower is bullshitting is and talking out his ass.

Do u "schuaz" or should I say what day in flower is ur last, scwaz