Tour a cannabis extraction facility - How distillate is made

Thanks to Hightech Extracts for letting me tour their facility!

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My my, Thought this was about decaf coffee production🌚

nice video, thank you

Can't wait for Australia to catch up, I've never tried that!

So where is this lab? Those end products look like winners!

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Weed is for dummies they said when I was a kid. Yeah right!!

mot gonna lie, when that yellow sludge started coming out thats exactly what baby cow shit looks like😂😂😂

He went around the question.

I really don't like that buzzing at the beginning of the video, mixed with the music it sounds like a fly. LOL

2:20 they did not have to make that scene so long.....

Crazy how much science goes into it

I Have to deal with that type of gooey stuff on the toilet😂👌🏼

The poor quality bass in the music makes it almost impossible to hear him speak. Music is not needed when someone is speaking.

Freekin awesome

This guy is like the breaking bad of weed

They let that sit in ther efor 3 hours ? Wonder if I let mine sit for that long will I get thick wax coming out like that ?? I use butane tho

What a great job!

Why do all extraction labs sound so wordy? Just say, we extraction weed then distillate the bho and finally make money, baby. Lmao good job though.👍🏼

Why did you balance your audio like this... its hard to hear what that guy is saying...

Looks like the results of a bad lunch

6:40 Jerry Garcia sighting!!! He lives in all of us

That guy is the Walter White of Cannabis.

I bet that stuff smells great

he seems like he is umm blasted umm out off his brain umm

This is kinda disrespectful this is not how cannabis was meant to be there’s no passion or appreciation just profitability

If that Mason jar were FULL... how much would it be worth on the retail market - average, no tax?

2:45 , i love this shit mouahahaha

They try to prosecute us for doing this yet these fat cunts can do it regardless. Time for a change in planetary management.

Never answers the question of how much is used to create the oil, the bloke who runs the facility should be questioned under penalty of death. Fucking mongs

Cannabis industry, exclusive for whites...

What is that song at the end???


2:30 reminded me of 2 girls 1 cup

2:46 Fart carts

Um Rick Simpson explains this way easier and....I make this with a hot plate. 🤣🤣🤣


why does this guy seem like a supervillain?

John Malkovich is good at making distillate

The extract looks like shit not gonna lie 😂😂😂😵

I would literally pay to work there

Love the music in the video, someone send me the link, I played a game when I was little and had this music on the background 1st first person shooter game I played

Baner of last song ?

How much would a whole machine operation like this would cost?

Its so dam expensive to smoke dabs n oil a gram only lasts 2 days ill stick to my flower lol

Until we come together and defeat our common enemy they have taken our culture and exploited us as a people YHIS IS BIG PHARMA

Thanks man..

Donald Trumps cousin runs a thc processing company. Neat.

That guy with the tie is the Heisenberg of weed.

That can't be a mason jar holy crap it is

That isn’t distillate🤥. That’s winterized oil

He is a dick for not even giving an approximate yield range. 😆😆 oh look at the spent column. Its dry! Wow look at that....leg humper

My boy said the pharma industry was in the game and here it is. Walmart cannabis oil. Will not beat small batch extraction.

how much does this machine cost? how much product do you need and how much concentrate will it produce? curious to know the math behind something like this.

I hope they got a good mechanic. Seems like alot of moving parts that can break.

It took humans 50,000 years to figure out that if you put medical in front of any thing it becomes legal. Waiting, on medical moon shine next.

Should show how to do it with kitchen utensils

How do I buy the small one I don’t see anything that tells me where to go

Get rid of the fukin music how wack

I like the music

dirty fingers

That is a major expensive lab and clean as a crisp.

He said it never seen over 140 f I doubt that it looks decarbed to me

the last 5 second was the best part of a educational vid cult shoes that's funny shit

Irritates me when people pronounce "cannabinoids" wrong - especially someone who should know something about chemistry, like this Kojak looking dude. It's pronouced ka - nuh - bin - oids.... NOT k' nabbin - oids !! We smoke cannabis - not k'nabbis!

This guy's a perfect example of when you have more money then you know what to do with and say fuck it and invest in the Cannabis industry.

Co2 Extraction, NOT DISTILLATE!

Great video! Working in a place like that would be pretty cool.

hoooooooooooooly Feq broooo that music at the end wile he's pouring out the Gold is Trippy As Fuuuuck! im watching him pour and listening to this trippy shit baked As Fuck and my brain is going like WhoooaaaaBooooiiiinnnnggggggBoooooooooooooooommmmBroooooooooooooooooo Awesome dude! XD XD XD XD

Far from making distillate.

Rolling a joint is so much easier.

Why do you add terpenes to a great product?
Where in the hell is the distillation?
False advertisement!

Funny how its booming respected industry when white people do it...meanwhile my uncle still in prison for selling lbs of kush

Dude, I just want to smoke it, not turn it into green crack meth.

Respect man! Nice job to the gentlemen! I tip my hat! The final product looks great!

Is this real rick simpsons oil?

Just came to my mind how much have we moved towards of tolerance kannabis. 15+ years it was more of a secret.

Any one know how much product these can do in a hour of hemp or cannabis

Here is a safe simple way to make extracts at home. This works for THC and CBDs.

For that kind of equipment quality and expense he should be producing something nicer than that tar looking stuff he had stuffed in a residential fridge.

That wasn’t distilled though so its not distillate its co2 oil that im sure went through color remediation

That un music is really stinky

what's the %purity CBD after that evap? 70-80%?

so lets talk about your security measures...;)

Makes My tubes & setup,look like babies compared to..He never answered the question of what the weight of the material going in was,compared to the yeild of the oil in the Jar. Just talked about different %'tages of water in the starting material, lol.Didnt want to say.🍀🍻✌🏻🌈>

Walter White type shit..

How do I get a job there?

That is some Breaking bad shit

So it's Honey Oil... Basically.

This is your small machine!!??

"This system is fully automated" ... proceeds immediately to show us all the manual steps required to accomplish the task.

1000000$ machine that gives you ‏dog shit in the end ‏💩💩💩

Since when did John malkovich the actor start making oil fukk ya keep it up Johnny boi,,,,,,love the vid,,,,,

wow I would love a job as an extractionist bringing my love for science and cannabis together in such pure state but I live in an illegal state 😥

Who said making gold is impossible haha

The camera dude is like “what?”

This is something I would like to be a part of it combines many of my interests with an environment I could understand especially with the goal in mind of cleanliness for sake of product safety and overall standers. How do I get involved in this field?

Wot ever happened to plant a seed, grow it, cut it down, dry it, grind it and finally smoke it.

Omg you can tell he works for the company he is not a scientist or mechanic engineer he keeps stuttering and cannot explain fully just what he was told

Video should definitely be titled "1 strain 1 cup" after it pooped into that jar