Trying CBD Oil For The First Time To Reduce My Stress & Anxiety

Just opening up about my stress and anxiety. Today I'll be trying CBD Oil for the first time and sharing my experience with it.

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Yes!!! CBD has helped me with so many things, anxiety definitely being one of them. It’s amazing the difference it has made just from adding it into my daily routine. I usually use the tinctures as well but also really enjoy using CBD infused honey sticks in my evening tea 🙌🙌🙌

I think it helps a lot for anxiety. It doesn't have the powerful effect of alcohol...but it doesn't drag you down like alcohol either. I get mine from several places online, DM me i will happily share. is my favorite out of all of them.

I definitely want to try I smoke as well for stress and anxiety and I wanted to try something different I know what u mean I don’t wanna be high all day but I do want that feeling of being relaxed 😌 so sis I’m all here for it I love natural remedies as well and weed is one of them 🤎🤎😛 but thank you I will try this for a while

I hope that the oil is working its helps me a lot so I started selling online

I have anxiety disorder and depression, honestly what’s going on has really been hard for me mentally. The not knowing is terrifying. We are all in this together. Love you girl 💜💜

OMG WOW!!! I really needed to see this video. I know what you’re feeling, my anxiety and stress is through the roof normally just from everyday life. But with all this virus mess it’s definitely a lot more than usual. I to smoke weed to deal with my anxiety but I don’t necessarily want the high feeling all the time. I’ve been thinking of trying CBD for a while now, and I think I’m going to because of this video. Thank you for opening up and being vulnerable with us, love ya girl 🥺💕

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

CBD for anxiety can be very effective! Gummies work great also!!

The same thing happened to me. I’m still one of the people that has to go to work during the quarantine. I broke down one day driving to work and what made me feel better was praying and talking to God all the way to work. Then I stopped watching all the news updates and reading all the stories about how doomed we are. Also watching people’s success stories from having the virus makes your more optimistic that we can get through it. Yea but the news over sensationalize things and it putting more fear in you than ever because you look at your family and yourself and think it could all be gone, but we’ll all get through this!

Nice review! It;s been working for me! I found nice information about it here:

Thank you for doing this video. I suffer from anxiety and the last few days have been really rough. It isn't the fear of catching the virus but the unknown is what really gets me. I want normal life back. I promise the things I took for granted before this I will never again. Deep breaths everyone, we will get through this. :)

Please do a update to this video.

Well if smoking weed helps then do it, buy cbd might be better for you than smoking. Maybe get some cbd edibles to help you. With everything going on my stress and anxiety is high and I was lowkey panicking but I'm on medium level. Stay safe Gurl! I never knew u smoked u never put it out there glad u did cuz I was going to suggest it. ❤

I love you my DMV sis! Your real life honesty is refreshing to me. I can only imagine how you feel out in LA and your family is here in the DMV, but you are handling it like a G, even if you may not feel like you are. Those of us with anxiety issues try so hard to cope without meds first in whatever way works...but if we need meds (CBD, THC, Xanax...etc) we need to take them as needed. Ain’t no shame in my game and happy to know you feel the same. Good vibes to you love!!!

I hope you find peace during these stressful times. You are not alone. Have you spoken about these issues with a doctor or therapist? I would encourage you to find a health professional you feel comfortable with to discuss your diet and mental questions. Unplug for social media as much as possible. Be careful of constantly checking the news. Lowering your intake of caffeine will help a lot. I am an introvert so I understand staying home too much can also affect mental health.

Great video! :)

Skip the news for a few days both online and on television. Try to find a few Netflix shows to binge. Cuddle with your doggie. Continue to work out. Read some good books. Use the internet to learn something new. Talk with family and make plans for the future. Find total online strangers and maybe have daily online chats about subjects of interest. It may help center your mind and relieve some of your stress and anxiety. Sending positive energy/good vibes your way:)

I'm in Northern California and its REAL here. I feel you. I too have no appetite sleep issues during this time. You are not alone. We are ALL in this together. T.D jakes has a good sermon on this. Please check it out. Its the most recent on his channel. All we can do is look up girl 🙏

I don’t smoke but I do have high anxiety. How often do u smoke?

I am staying off Twitter, the news, all of that. I just can’t anymore. Staying in touch is good but not too much. Take some time to yourself. Practice some self care. Do your part but do not focus all your energy on all the cleaning, sanitizing, looking at the news, checking all of the posts about it.

I hope you document your CBD journey ❤️🌹

Loved this! Can you link the exact kind and dosage? Love you girl

if you get a tincture with half cbd & half thc it definitely works sooooo much better than just cbd in my opinion. when i take just cbd it gives me a headache & i don’t feel any benefits. i never have a high feeling and feel completely normal and always get the best sleep in my life when i take it. also a thc bath bomb is the bestttttttt, you don’t get high but feel completely relaxed

Stay healthy and be safe

I’ve had anxiety for about 10 years and started CBD about 6 months ago and I’m sooo much better... My family and coworkers all seen a difference and I feel less anxious... As for everything going on I suggest some time off social media or news that will help... As long as your prepared with time we will all be fine... Feeling anxious then pray..

where did you get that? I would like to try it.

I have lavender n peppermint CBD oil

The feeling of desperation. I hate when it comes. I have to breathe and get through it

Good Vibes 🥰❤

Go to the rooftop and gets some air

I would love to see maybe some Instagram lives !! This is just the beginning we should all help each other out .

Yes cure your anxiety by going to the airport with a bunch of people. People who are coming in from who knows where.
I'm thinking NOT!!
Your strong and healthy!! Remember your baby boy he needs ya!! Cheering you on from Houston!!!🤠🤠🤠👍👍🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

Aww don’t be stressed or anxious. we are all going thru this together and we’re going to be ok. Idk if it’d help but maybe try going live with us dolls and we can keep u company ♥️

Awwww! Leroy is like “I’ve got you.”

Keep your head up , I so get you and what you go though . I so relate

I’ve been struggling with anxiety my whole life. Did you just talk to your doctor about it to get it ? I would love to know. I could give that a try.

Supplement with rhodiola rosea and ashwagandha together for the anxiety :) hope you feel better <3

I've been meaning to try them, I think it's the perfect time! Where did you find the one you are trying?

When you are stressed, it’s evident in your voice! Try to stay in contact with your family and friends as much as you can. Let THEM know when you are not quite feeling like yourself. Perhaps a trip home would help. Sleep is SUPER important. Research your CBD products. They are not all the same. There are also many natural sleep products that you can purchase over the counter as well! We WILL get thru this trying time. Know that you are not alone! You have a wonderful community of those you share your life with! We all need to support each other in as much as we can! 🙏🏻

So what are you waiting for to get on the plane to your fam

Did yu purchase your bottle online ? If so, where ? I would like to give it a try.

Hun I left you a message before and I'm saying it again our economy is collapsing, we are all about to be quarantined and the best place for you is with your family,please do some research on what's going on ,this is common sense,they are shutting down the entire global economy .and there will be food shortages,I'm all for being positive but sometimes you have to have forethought.

Cbd helps alot I smoke some a Joint before bed it's a big difference my anxiety has been through the roof it helps with sleep no THC in it love ya Kayla I totally understand❤

Hey Kayla, I'ma cbd user, as well as my wife. The best product I can recommend for u to use is koi products and cbd dropper 1000 mg. Those work well for us. U should check ur local cbd shop! I hope this information will help u!

My work is still staying open as of now and everyone I work with is kinda losing it tbh lol it’s hard to focus on staying healthy without knowing how exposed we might be to the virus!

I can hear the fear in your voice in the beginning of the video. I came home from work the other day and just broke down. I couldn’t explain the feeling but I I was so scared and overwhelmed. While the virus itself couldn’t effect me personally. It’s the fact that I don’t have control of the things going on around me. I am the type of person that HAS to be in control of my life. This has been the most stressful week of my life and I have had to take up my time with random crafts. I’ve been embroidering a lot, I started a puzzle, I’ve been painting. It’s still hard but it eases my stress and anxiety. Love you! And I hope you can learn to manage your anxiety ❤️

Hi Kayla! Love that you’re trying CBD! It’s so beneficial, I have an autoimmune disease with lots of inflammation as well as deal with insomnia and anxiety sometimes. I use CBD tinctures as well as vapes! I love both, but personally I think the vapes work better for me. Since the tincture does have to go through the digestive tract it can get broken down and not be as effective as inhaling it, but still works great! Just wanted to give my input, maybe you’d be willing to try different methods of consuming CBD😊 Love this video, love you, and hope you’re doing well considering all that’s going on!♥️

Hey kayla boo. Try the cbd gummies. They the truth! I ordered mine from just cbd. They have light weights and heavy weights. Delicious!

Lovin all the posts lately girly 💕

Hi Kayla 😊 take care girl! 💜

Your face says it all love u girl