Using Weed to Save Football: Chasing Strains (Part 1)

In this 3-part series, Kyle Turley takes us on his journey to to deal with the damaging effects of football through the use of marijuana. After an NFL career that saw him take home NFL All-Pro honors, Kyle was diagnosed with pre-CTE. After taking a laundry list of pharmaceutical drugs in order to deal with the associated issues, Kyle found marijuana to be the best available treatment for the problems that he was facing. In this episode, we meet Kyle and see the beginning of his journey.​

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Lake Alice in downtown Riverside! I miss Riverside.

Tell me why they click baited that to look like a cigarrette smoke backwards but it was just a normal joined

I got same issues but cant always get a joint

Anyone who doesn't think weed is magical in my opinion is either brainwashed or blind.

Cannabis isn't a laughing, mocking matter, this plant saves lives and is completely safe. It's not Mexican weed from the 80s. It's high high quality and there are thousands of different kinds of plants. All have their own taste and effects. That's purely magical. The older generation mocks it and have a negative stigma when it comes to weed. I don't even like the word Marijuana because its associated w it coming from Mexico. This weed is professionally grown by highly knowledgeable people. Love is put into it, it's not some cartel dirt.

I can tell you it is not just from football.
The plant releases bliss in a person's life. It makes everything better.


He shows like .1 and says this bout 2 hits🤣

If only weed was legal when Benoit was still alive

why such a big ass filter

My girl broke up with me I smoked weed for the last two weeks honestly this is the first day sober and I feel ok before weed I would a be wreck for two weeks tbh

Yeah right, sounds more like steroid abuse.

Who else can’t go to sleep rn

I gave up all pain killers. They really don't work. Healing and relaxing is the key to good health.

Jeep rek did me bad weed I the only thing that helps me but Jesus helps me to Amen

american football

He was basically telling my life story with my family except I just hit my head on a radiator as a child in Germany, I found out thru brain scans recently after a lifetime of suffering and being isolated and having horrible rage and anger to the point I was banned for life from some rehabs and hospitals because of my rage issues and finally after starting medical cannabis it literally changed my life. It actually finally provided me a life worst living for, it finally for the first time ever made me feel “normal” it made me want to be around people it made me want a real relationship with my family. At 30 years old now and having literally lived thru hell I can say is if it wasn’t for my wonderful fiancé and my dog and my mom and cannabis I would very likely be dead.

Can you buy ounces over there lol.healthy jar of jack hera .

Problem is smoking and having to do all the bullshit through the day..

weed is good for you, the stigma is what is bad.

My guys joint was just a filter

That filter thoo in the beginning that shit is wack

And it’s still illegal crazy

Weak joint my dude

Jesus, those aren't just seven medications those are the seven medications completely across the board to psychotropicly turn you into a zombie... Good for him!

thumbnail looks like he smokin reverse cigarette

Herb is the healing of a nation

Imagine being this guys daughter's boyfriend meeting the parents for the first tine

Dude looks like Mr.Snake Oil Salesman!

Kyle , you are a fraud. You are a liar trying to make a dollar at the expense of the public. You claimed CBD cured corona virus. Fuck you , how dare you lie like that. You disgust me and everyone who has heard about your company and your lies. Piss off

I’m glad the guy is better by smoking cannabis, but I’ve never met anyone who is done after 2 hits

Don’t smoke medical marijuana

The pharmaceutical industrial complex is responsible for the suppression of cannabis. Look at all of the very expensive medications doctors are willing to just feed people like candy, when they could've simply prescribed a flower which evolved naturally on this Earth.

He was poppin them percs tho 👀

The man is speaking gospel...I have walked in his shoes and from years of searching for and never finding any actual help. My Dr. whos as old as dirt and very"fussy" suggested smoking "weed" as he put it. I did and it is MY answer. Thanks Kyle, dude the truth was always there all along...

FINALLY letting pro footballers smoke weed with NO repercussions

Drug x , can cause hundreds of side effects including death a okay

Pot makes your hungry lol once for find the right strain it can help with so much

And for people who use it for a buzz it's so much better for you then booze

0:52 7 pills with horrible sodee effects so mild other horrible

Im glad nobody has to worry about cops and weed on my country ( Canada )

Medical Marijuana saved my life from an addiction to opioids..
Thank God for Cannabis 👍🏻😁❤️❤️

He looks a bit like Jay Cutler

Toke the words out my mouth

Weed cures Corona..??

This guys next star gig is pot spokesman

its the way of the weed man smoking weed makes you realise shit embrace shit and makes u feel good and treat others with respect and be loving and kind and also the munchiessssss!!!!!

Thank you Mexicans

i really hope we find a way to help these people and weed seems to help a lot of people and I'm down for that keep toking everyone and may god bless everyone

i really dont know how the fuck its still illegal when fucking football players use it

roger goodell punching the air rn

Nobody gonna talk about how the guy in the thumbnail lit a cigarette the wrong way around?

Why doesn’t he just eat it it’s much healthier

Weed doesnt cure shit it can cause anxiety and depression and yeah then u will be using it to relief yourself

Fuck weed man fucked my fucking studies with it god knows when my brain is going to wake up again dont do that shit. Whoever spread the drugs throughout the world deserve to be forced to overdose from them not weed ofc but its not healthy.

Jack Herer is his fav strain... absolute mad lad

He can smoke without judgement

📲*00212679620248* *whatapps*📲
مرحبا بكم في عيادتنا للصحة الجنسية نضع بين يديكم احسن ضرق العلاج لكل مشاكلكم الجنسية كسرعة القذف و ضعف الانتصابالضعف الجنسي و مشاكل القضيب كلها و الاهم من هذا علاج تكبير العضو طولا و عرضا.
☑الـمـنـتـجـات مــتــوفــرة فـقـط بـالـسـعـوديـة🇸🇦 وقـطـر🇶🇦 والإمــارات🇦🇪 والــعــراق🇮🇶 ولـبـنـان🇱🇧 والأردن🇯🇴 والــكــويــت🇰🇼 والــبــحــريــن🇧🇭 وســلــطــنــة عــمــان🇴🇲
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ive been smoking weed for 15 years and its not to get high and slack off ive been dealing with bipolarism and personality disorders that triggered severe panic attacks doctors have placed me on various psych meds that all make me feel awful or washed out and emotionless i than tried pot nothing helped clear my world up like it the anxiety melts away i no longer have any panic attacks. Personality disorder has you questioning all your life who are you looking in the mirror seeing a stranger every day trying to figure out who you are what you like what your purpose is etc all cured with some pot i no longer try to figure out who i am or what my purpose is i simply live and thats all the meaning in life i need to live smile relax and not worry about the mental what ifs denying us of living a fluid life. Our purpose is to simply live to enjoy life and what comes next is our choosing but when your mental coginition doesnt allow you to do these simple things and a plant helps that to me is medicine no pill could give me the freedom of life i have now and comapred to 15 years ago i was living life with a blindfold on i dont think i would have even made it this far into life if it wasnt for pot the issues i dealt with on a daily ment i grew up most of my childhood alone being bullied and made fun of for being different. It wasnt until age 21 that i decided to try and help myself as the docs and meds didnt do jack shit but worsen my issues or fix one but make other things worse. Prior to trying pot for my issues i was in a severly depressed state i had dropped out of college i quit my job my mental ability to make good choices diminished and i was at the brink of a mental break down / having constent thoughts of driving my car into the highway wall to just escape the torment in my own head. Anyone saying weed is not medicine has no idea. Right when i thought this is it life will never get better than this i was given a godsend
Here i am 15 years later married i have my own business my wife is my partner in life and career she co founded with me we have 3 beautiful healthy boys a home a life and i thank pot because if it wasnt for it i may not even be here today period.

Mr. incredible...

Its not only the trauma that causes CTE its the damn drugs the pharmaceutical companies prescribe. All those drugs over the years will definitely mess your head up think about it... Remember those commercials that have negative symptoms with taking the medication. Weed is the way to go period.

Yea I played left Defensive end and I used to look at the defense tackles and center every play like dam these guys enter a mosh pit abyss every play🏈💯🙏🏾🇺🇸

So now he’s a bitch

Marijuana is the only thing i’ve ever used for depression that made me feel any better. Stuff helps me eat in the morning, relieves my knee pain. “Herb is toothpaste for the soul.”

"Using weed to save football"
Thumbnail is a cigarette*


Bad ass story!👍🏻

he had so many abusive drugs prescribed, he coulda been tweakin rn

my mans doesnt even know how to roll a joint with his hands

Anyone knows the name of those filters ?

Buddy just has mental issues... Maybe even before football

I think he's just using it as a crutch... The weed also triggers dopamine... He does it because he wants to. There others that balled and didn't smoke...


The thumbnail looks like he was lighting the butt of a cigarette lol

I've known this since the mid eighties. Glad we don't have to walk around like criminals anymore. It's helped depression and PTSD for me.

"And this had dopelessness and this is all dope"

Dude..what bravery. You are a true stud on and off the field. Light up and enjoy. You've earned it!!😉👍

Beautiful story brother

But that oxy tho whooop whooop

Jack harer starin originated in michigan about 14years ago lol my grandfather whos deceased now won the 2007 bud cup for that strain lol its funny how even famous people can take credibility for anothers accomplishments

Looking like a idiot relying on weed

Great vid but what's with all you hating ass bitches in the comments and all the "weed experts" man stfu enjoy weed how you wanna enjoy it

Imagine people with similar issues who can’t afford weed, or vets who are told they are breaking federal law by the VA

Tell ‘em man. Soo sad they still try to deny it to so many

Yoga brother.......y-o-g-a.

These guys fuckin kill me. They chose to bash their heads in playing football as did I. I'm not smoking drugs and blaming the game. I sustained numerous injuries. Surgeries I can no longer remember. I spend my time now doing yoga and light cardio. I feel fucking great. Some of these guys kill me
Dont fucking play!

Yea man i played when i was 8 to 11 pr so and now i deal with emotinal and anger issues. I stopped due to the concussions. I never spoke of how my head hurted when young. Now iount even get understood

Does anyone have the other parts for this?!?

he looks like the dad from the incredible

Look at that brow, definitely a descendant of neanderthals. Typical!

This nigga got CTE

Why there's no spanish subtitles..?

I feel it. I was taking 7 medications. For Nausea, depression, Pain Killers including Morphine... all to treat my MS. The pains were so bad at one point I was given Dilauded under dr supervision. I’ve been using Cannabis since I graduate high school in 2014. Not only did my friends from childhood immediately notice the difference but they became little advocates to educate others on our terrible medical system. They told me when I was on my pain killers I was a different person. Since 2014 I’ve removed 6 medications and now only take muscle relaxers before sleeping because even though I smoke before going to sleep my body spasms and cramps at random times at night.

I hope he gets the best medical cannabis possible.

If the US government completely legalizes weed everywhere, then the pharmaceutical companies would lose billions 💯 it’s a natural medicine that needs to be legalized

Love that video

Weed should be legalise in india

Football turned me into a heroin addict. Ganja saved me from that. I'll never stop growing/smoking it.

The best cure for concussion

It's very important for men to see and hear other men, specifically big strong burly football player types, emoting and having the courage to speak out about mental and physical well being and that it's okay to not be strong and ask for help.

I don’t think football is worth it anymore. I don’t care what y’all say lmao, I played for a few years I liked it but it’s gotten to be over kill. It’s not even a sport anymore

Respect 4 this guy still playing after so many injury... I injured my ACL during basketball tournament. Now i cant even play ball no more