We Tried CBD Gummies To See What Happens | Jezebel

Jezebel tries CBD gummies and determines their effects.

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Put The Sis at The End smh it Never Stops

🗣 The dress is orange

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Bro on the left turned to Barry White right quick lol

Lmao that voice scared tf outta me 😂🤣

everyone is a girl besides the one guy on the left

They gave the girl on the left a Sulfur Hexafluoride gummy by accident. 2:05

Ick these people are disgusting

just came here to thumbs down

Bruh I was hearing all these females talk and when the dude on the left talked I was freaked out like wtfffff

Are they all women?

These ladies are fucking weird. The one in orange is definitely a pretentious feminazi.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve watched today.

that fucking guy lmao

I think the one in the orange/red dress takes SSRI. She doesn’t notice if it does anything because she is use to doing so much other stronger stuff Like cocaine edibles laced with Gasoline.

CBD obviously changes your voice...

Here cuz I cant smoke anymore thc cuz my job is full of fuckin pussys

This is deff in LA. SJW try CBD. The girl in orange sounds unhinged asf bruh😅

Stay Single

I almost thought the guy on the far left was a girl lol

🤣 Boy that 1st statement about dont have a plug an cant afford a psychiatrist is so true!

Just pure ignorance from the first girl who spoke

funny af

Is that a man on the left tho

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Cbd is just one step behind THC
(In states that haven’t legalized marijuana yet)

This is cringy

cbd didn’t go into effect until 60-90 minutes since it has to digest so asking them 10 minutes after taking it,,,,,,,probably should’ve left that out 😂

There is just so much wrong with this video

This that a dude

4:24 is red. The woman in the video is wearing orange. Wtf is wrong with yall.

The FDA has not approved any of this SHIT - this is the video disclaimer. LMAO!

Was that one on the far left a transvestite?

CBD doesn’t work like taking a Motrin for pain. It’s not situational. You have to take it regularly to notice any effects.

One in the red needs an exorcism or something - all psycho and shit- she seems to embrace her evil spirit - angry and shit for no apparent reason other than just being herself- “my rage can be used as a weapon she says” nut job, complete nutter


That was so dark made me wana just keep smoking weed

What is that thing at the end to the left?

Yo wtf is that thing on the left.

Greasy faced

Oh crap that gummy turned her into a guy!

Ok we get it woman in orange, you do drugs all the time 🙄

That dude has some nice tits

I thought the first mf sitting down was an ugly ass bitch until it opened its mouth & knew it was a transsexual😢😂😂😂😂😂😂wtf wrong with these weirdos bunch of fucking demons around the world shit is gross this world fucked up the devil & all hes demons are fucking up gods creation & everything in it thats hes plan & its fucking working what a shame gods coming soon people i hope u all repent from your sins & give god atleast 1 day a week before its to late we all still have time to make it into the kingdom of god or perish in burning hell for eternity i dont want to go there u shouldnt want to either💯😒

CBD has helped me so much. I haven't had an edible yet (apart from a slushie that chilled me out), but it does help keep me calm and reduces my pain. I mostly use vape liquid in order to get the most benefits.

I think you’re a bunch of whiney whores!

I really enjoyed this video. This is an essential program. Very interesting and informative video. Thank you.

I think the SSRI woman is delusional, she thinks it gives a result daily after taking it? She's living on placebo island

"pain of be being alive"
You need more than a fukn gummy bear, Jesus

Damn she he is hot 😯

They were definitely all bullied in high school

I'm sorry but these chicks sound so stupid by saying it's like slime have they never tried an actual gummy a regular one gummies are gummies.

What brand did they use?

Everyone looks to sticky...

The one on the left gotta be trans 🤔

The person on the left is a dude dressed as a girl

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30 minutes? Doesn't this stuff take 1-2 hours to take affect?


This is dumb. Edibles take longer than 10 minutes to kick in and these certainly won't make you high. These chicks are all so dramatic and filled with hate and rage, yet are the first to tell us that "love wins," and "love trumps hate." Or nah....

Cbd is highly unregulated and anyone can slap CBD on anything. Its scary

I must be color blind because everyone keeps saying girl in red dress but it's orange too me.

That voice got me like oh shit cbd changes your voice !

That disclaimer: "The FDA has not approved any of this shit and this video is not for kids." 😂😂😂

yes let’s test people eating something that doesn’t get you high . cbd is beneficial not recreational


Thered a dude dressed like a woman on the far left

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That is some ugly bitches though

Is that a dude on the end wtf!

Wont make them good looking

What is with the freaky guy on the left?

they look high af lol

What brand they took

What the fuck is this audience? I’ve never heard of this channel but a lot of y’all are rude as fuck.
STILL. Maybe they should stop comparing it to drugs??? Like, that’s not why people take it. This video wasn’t helpful tbh.

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Sounds/looks like girl in red just has high blood pressure tbh

well, how many mg did they take...this is almost useless without knowing what dosage they took

omg...that person on the left is a dude (I use that word really loosely). I thought it was a chick.

Harron is a QT <3

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Harron....was that a dude

Who's the dude with the tits? ☕

I smoke cbd weed is just a light head effect and very calm feeling
I have a weed plug and I still buy cbd yes

The girl in the red dress literally mentions her SSRI like a thousand times

That girl in red needs some THC, let’s see how she feels then😳

Katie, I find you immensely attractive. How would one slide into your DM’s?

is that Lord Jones?


2:07 wtf is that😱

CBD definitely needs to go down in price. I think they have it so pricey because idiots think it's going to make them high and they want to capitalize on that. But seriously at the vape shop they sell little CBD caramels and they're 3 dollars for ONE piece.

oh my pills.

Shorty on the far left looks lil anxious

Dresss like a damn man for gods sake

that girl in red, wow so edgy...

What type of audience. Why is everyone so rude. I’m so confused... tf

The girl on the far left with great hair and a grey T-shirt , seems like such a sweetheart.

Take the fake tits off, sir.

The misconception of mood enhancing drugs is that they make you feel euphoric. CBD is not meant to make you feel that way, nor are any other mood enhancing drugs. The real test is when you are put in real life stressful situations. If you react differently towards them than you would normally, the medication is working. This is why this kind of medication seemingly fails for a lot of people, because when what are considered 'side effects' wear off, we automatically assume the medication isn't working and request to up the dosage. Because side effects can give you that euphoric feeling, but it's only temporary until the brain adjusts. So we up and up and up the dosage to the point where our brains cannot handle it, and then the real side effects begin, and those can be dangerous. As a result, we give up and go onto the next medication, with the same misconception and the same pattern, and we never truly experience its benefits. Or, people will avoid them altogether, because they don't want to feel euphoric and in a haze all day.

Feeling no changes is actually normal with mood enhancers. Feeling no changes but reacting less to stress, THAT is the medication working.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where feeling intoxicated is normal, so it's hard for us to understand how something that is supposed to alter our mind and behavior doesn't have the same feeling we get when we're stoned, high, or drunk.