What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

What is the coronavirus and what does it actually do in your body?
The New Coronavirus Cure?: https://youtu.be/p0Su-xQHffM
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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

Animations created by and for
the Vaccine Makers Project. http://www.VaccineMakers.org Copyright © 2016, Medical History
Pictures, Inc. All rights reserved.;

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I just bought washable mask from www.TheMaskUSA.com

I just bought washable mask from www.TheMaskUSA.com

Coronavirus does not kill - statement by the Polish minister - English subtitles https://youtu.be/eNEFxXRdWC4

Posted on my birthday.... good times

What actually happens if you get coronavirus??
No one wants to be with you Mate.!

Crazy what’s happening now

https://youtu.be/qzc400rJCFc Nice video about the COVID-19

I just ordered 3 masks last week from www.MaskOG.com I got the tracking order that day and got it 5 days later. It comes w 2 FREE Carbon Filters! You can pick a color and they ship from the U.S. stay safe YouTube family!

really nice vedeo !!!! congrats ;)

Hi Health Class!


1. strenghten your lungs with mantra Ming(will power up your lungs) and mantra Hua (will clean your lungs by melting phlegm)
you can do it, even if you dont have any symptoms to overall strenghten your lungs.

^^^ - relax yourself very well (this is very important)
- either watch video, or close eyes
- put your attention into your lungs
- listen to matras (1x/day)

2. drink antivirotical tea/soup (for any flue like disease).
!!! Of course if you feel it doesnt do good to you(you might be alergic or smt.) then dont drink it. Also if you dont have any symptoms you dont need to drink it, just watch mantras. More in video >>>

share with others and stay healthy everyone <3

Very informative video regarding coronavirus , excellent in producing educational video that help us all understand well what and how this virus affect our body

Awesome, thanks for the information.

They had no idea it would get this bad

We really had idea🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

THANK YOUU, this really help me deflect hoax from my family group chat 😂

My guy said bactriofaaaaaaaaahj

Help the world's poor win against Corona
Corona is a message from gad to us
world must change
Help the poor
Why are the poor more than the rich
we must do this quickly
This is a warning message
You will not get rid of this disease if you don't do that
Each rich must give up half of his wealth to the poor
If don't do this disease will never go away

At this world have #COVID 19

Damn. So much happened in 2 months. 6000 to over 100000...

How do you have cameras recording someone’s cells?

cause i’m a kid

dude i just faced the virus and got rid of it and it lasted for 3 days

I feel like u have an answer for death at this point . Smart guy

Anyone remember H1N1 ah memories

Saying 'Chinese" is not racist. Jeez grow some skin! You call it Wuhan, is that racist against people from Wuhan?

In the beginning, why draw a camel and a bird? Where's the bat?

Mom: What are you watching

Me: I don't even know

Going vegan does not reduce the risk of catching a flu virus. However, watching ASAP Science videos as part of a well-balanced breakfast may improve your ability to help fight the spread of it.

Knowledge is the ultimate vaccine.

How, are some youtubers not getting demonetized from talking about the Coronavirus?
Is it because some videos about COVID-19 are educational?

I totally agree.

7:50 Cow meats are domesticated and meant to be eaten safely, whilst bats are wild and known to carry novel viruses and are not supposed to be eaten.

If you are to argue political issues like racism, please carry out with logic. Don't just virtue signal.

Yoo I got corona it’s rough

Looking back at this video, it made me realize how quickly this escalated. In only a couple of months, this virus managed to reach every inhabited continent and put first world countries on lockdown.

Here with the 1617204 infected and 97039

i think i have it and im scared my throat hurts but thats about it idk maybe Im over thinking it

January... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

What actually happens if you get coronavirus?

For my opinion: OKAY YOU'RE DEAD

The human body is just such a cool thing.

Well now nearly 200k are dead 💀

I loved this video soooo much

🙏🏻🍃 And Allah leads them on (to destruction) by means of His intelligent hidden way to get to whom Allah pleases of their elite from where they do not know.


🙏🏻🍃 And Allah leads them on (to destruction) by means of His intelligent hidden way to get to whom Allah pleases of their elite from where they do not know.



As someone that got the COVID - 29yrs old and very healthy, prediabetic but no other major ailments, I got the cough, fever, shivers and have to take deep breathes, can’t take shorter breathes - it’s great to get a sense of what my body is doing

What is coronavirus

Not origin from China

It's pandemic time


Why does the white man sound like James Charles? He gey?????

Canadians, very polite. ✌️

⚰ 🙏 have a good afterlife infected ones..

Americans are overly sarcastic therefore over smart and hence looks much foolish to the world.

It will make a good coronavirus movie if it was animated from the view of the virus and immune system

Corona virus is of the lesser torment short of the greater torment, that perhaps they may repent
05 - 03 - 2020
Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni


I just got the coronavirus

Well, now we have over 1,000,000 cases.

https://youtu.be/wlL8HpSLpqo di buon auspicio italian Kids song

Not a single country could escape the coronavirus, it's really sad.

People who say one person can’t change the world...


Ima have to catch some hands with someone because all of sudden I have this stupid virus

Little did my old me know it will Increase to 1 million in a matter of one month

70,000 dead by now. I dont like 2020

Im scared of the corona virus 😨 anyone agree? Commet if you dont like if you do

Note to everyone: everyone please stay home, wash your hands, stay away 6 feet from other pepole cover your coughs and sneezes and don’t worry god will take care of this hole corona virus business and give all of your worries to god

Not really , you guys missed the severity of its transmission and its mutations despite of all the different factors that affect people world wide... very informational but for future reference ... 2% of several billion people is still a lot ... lol

What if you have asthma


I cant have my birthday

I had fever. Sinus problems head pressure. Slight change in breathing. And like tinittus a pulse in my ear like my heart beat inside my ear. Also cough. Did anyone have ear problems. Also I am a heavy smoker I lived so I will stop.

Lots of people probably died after watching this video.

I wish I was in quarterine
Imagine watching anime all day, eating all day and having an excuse to not socialize

At 2:35
The video segment of ribosomes was sort of scary...

This is how I quit smoking. 6 Months Smoke-Free NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOOiEQgQX2I&t=2s

Who's watching in April. 1,000,000+ cases world wide.

How many you are in April 2020?

I am not a conspiracy theorist. But this event 201 is incredibly frightening. From OCTOBER 2019. And comments are disabled by the uploader. Question Everything: https://youtu.be/AoLw-Q8X174

So this isn't dangerous for people under age 7? My cousin has a baby due June.

Remember when we all thought this wasn't serious because of those numbers??? Oh wait we just surpassed 1m and a large chunk of that is thanks to the Americans who believe they can scream USA at the virus and they will become immune

Dont get what the tramp is saying

While other countries are leading on finding a vaccine against the virus, the other countries should also develop something (like a medicine or vitamin) that can boost our immune system. This would also increase the chance of surviving for the immune system can have a longer time trying to develop the antibodies.

who is here after pandemic?

In three months the death toll has exceeded the influenza toll by nearly 50%
It's scary how quickly the numbers are rising.

I drank gasoline when I was 1 yr old and I’m still here and I’ve lived through many viruses, I’m not saying this one won’t kill you but think about it so does the regular flu, the news media is making it bigger that what it really is this vires has been around for a long time and all of a sudden now it kills people

April 3,2020 - 58,323 dead

2 months later this video isn’t HELPING!!!

Be safe and stay home we need to be healthy and more animations like this


is CoViD-19 a red flag covering 5G radiation? just asking

Why does it take two weeks for symptoms to show?

This flu kill people 10 times worse than common flu. The common flu itself kills 60 thousand people yearly only in US. Do not underestimate this

I live in a warzone country. I am almost quarantined for 5 years now!!😔
I envy people who hates been quarantined! Seems like they have a nice life out there. I wish humanity healthy life.

started today!