What Canadian Mounties Go Through At Boot Camp

We got an inside look at the intense 26-week training program that all future Mounties must endure before officially joining the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Senior video correspondent Graham Flanagan spent five days at the RCMP Academy, Depot Division in Regina, Saskatchewan where he observed different troops at various stages of training. The training is focused on mastering police procedure, but cadets are also put through intense physical challenges, such as entering a gas chamber and enduring a “uniform run” with a dog handler in sub-zero temperatures. Male and female cadets train together at Depot, and even square off against each other in Police Defensive Tactics training. The future Mounties also learn about RCMP customs and traditions dating back to the 19th century, culminating with the Regimental Dinner — a ceremony that, according to the RCMP, media had not been allowed to attend before this film shoot.

Editor's note: In the video, we incorrectly identify Yukon and Nunavut as Canadian provinces, when they are in fact classified as territories. We regret the error.

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What Canadian Mounties Go Through At Boot Camp

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Canadian Mounties : Hi, welcome to training, grab some not chocolate and make yourself comfortable.



Drop the knife! Sorry

Mounties have the best uniforms.

Fun fact..... The PM of Canada Justine Trudeau hand picked and appointed the head of the RCMP for all of Canada. So for those people that can't understand why Trudeau has not been and will not be investigated for all his crimes. There's the reason. The RCMP are essentially his foot soldiers to do his bidding.

Are they taught racism are do they go in racist?

1:25 the old canada flag

Too bad they won’t do their job in Nova Scotia.

Canadians can shout on someone without saying sorry afterward?

Still waiting for Canadian live PD

How to be corrupt and ignore our rights and freedoms!


I wanna be a police officer not a mountie but still gonna be hard!

keeping canada the true north strong good job

8:00 glad to see Harry Potter’s uncle getting his shit together

Hahahahaha I'm loving that your all looking so bad and showing your true colors .... Hahahahaha all my rcmp ass kissing friends are mad and shocked , hahaha and I'm loving it , yip you rcmp just keep showing your criminals colors .. hahahaha I'll never cooperate with you criminal turds ... The RCMP are so done in Canada ....

This is exactly how I want my country represented. Ethics, versitality, intelligence, fitness, tradition.

Happy 100th Canadian Mountie year!

4:43 an arrest procedure so polite it has to be Canadian.

“We are a kinder police force”
Indigenous people: 😐

Watching the first few seconds of this confirmed everything that is WRONG with civilian police these days. These are police, NOT the bloody military. This kind of 'military' mindset training is exactly why we have all the problems with police these days and why civilians no longer trust our police. They are being trained by instructors who are either former military or military wannabes and what comes out the other side are troublemakers and thugs in uniform. Our military are trained to fight and to kill and, as we all know, if you train civilian police in these very same tactics then they too become killers and troublemakers.
This kind of training should be stopped. Our police should be trained to de-escalate and show compassion. They should not be allowed de-commissioned military equipment of ANY kind and they should be restricted to wearing police uniform and not ANYTHING that looks or is military. I grew up believing that the police could always be trusted and they were the good guys. Sadly, I was severely mistaken. The police forces of the world have become the hiding place for some of the worst criminals around and it starts at the very top. Sure, there are always going to be a few good guys out there but I wouldn't trust the police to tell me the right time of days now.

"My country is full of trees", Ren and Stimpy.

Matthew is wounderful

Dudley Do Right.

Socialist pigs.

The Royal Canadian Mountin Yacksman.

Do they have to know French ?

I came into this video expecting a bunch of yelling and punishment. I was wrong and I love canada

im canadian

Those mess dinners are very formal trust me I have been too about 9 ones that were quite similar throughout Canadian Air Cadets.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke”
Cops protecting cops makes them all bad.

They can forget it ALL. All that matters is that thin blue line code of honour. “Protect and Serve” was once meant to be for the public but they only use it for themselves now. Dishonest, corrupt, lying, liberal bunch of brutes. Government bought and paid for cowards. Thin Blue Line Badges on any cop is a gang symbol and anyone who removes or adds to a government issue uniform without the government approval is no longer a cop but a gang member impersonating a cop. If a cop is wearing a thin blue line badge and arrests you, tickets you, pulls you over, charges you anything, make sure you note he was wearing a thin blue line badge. It will all be null and void in a court of law and should be thrown out of court. You can’t work for McDonalds and wear a Burger King uniform. Either they’re a cop or a thug.

Why does the end always wanna make me cry in joy?

When the Canadians meanest is the U.S nicest🤔

Do they get to hit them with the stick

Canada: 25% have experience shooting a firearm

USA: Hold my 1911....

I don't know how this got into my recommended list ... but I can't deny I am interested.

-25 degrees my ass I am cold at 45 degrees

Bretton is wearing his body armour while at Depot in Regina. That should explain everything you need to know about the grc. And 26 weeks...that's a whopping 6 months whereas it take hairstylists in training 2 full years to learn how to cut someones hair.

usa take a note fund ur police more and u get less problems with officers

if u live in canada u know there the cops (dont worrie about that her )lol

Why is it that Canadian boot camps have so much less yelling than American ones

They lowkey kinda look like grown boyscouts 😂

I thought Canadians were nice


Super Troopers remix

Watching this I’m thinking.. these strategies should be implemented to the United States police force

3:08. Don’t bring Fahrenheit into Canada we use Celsius and it’s not that bad there go close to Nunavut bud you will be freezing you jugs of milk and fake beer off


For some reason 5:45 makes me wanna be a mountie👀

they probably say sorry after yelling at them.

This is easy

I'm Canadian and I never thought I had a thought I had a accent until this

Everyone one who says Canadians are nice hasn't been to Winnipeg

Anyone else thinking bout that show fugget about it at 2:55

The rcmp needs to be reformed

They really need to update their service pistol

You see every flag they showed was not the Saskatchewan flag it was the Manitoba flag. Americans man smh

All these cadets are disrespectful. They don’t say Sir or Ma’am to their trainers and superiors when asked questions.

These guys have actual police training. Imagine if even one single cop in America had that. But unfortunately anyone can become a cop in the US with basically no training at all.

Hit like if you want want donald obama to dance on taylor swift song in nba final match

Imagine if American cops had to go through 26 weeks of training...

Seeing this after watching American Boot Camp documentaries is just wow

My cousin is a mountie

who commits crimes in freezing temperatures? I would hate it. Rather melt

Woah woah woah... I saw a chokehold. Can’t have that to control a criminal.

When do they get their baggage handlers crest for their uniform. Do they have to serve 30 days at an illegal border crossing?

Less than six months training. No wonder they are so fucked up. Just a bunch of mall cops but with guns.

Canada has a queen?

This is wayy different to the us

I'm impress, what are the initial requirements to be an RCMP

I bet they have a masonic recruiter right there to try to draw people into their occult...

What's with all the ads? I am thinking of asking for a refund.

Seems odd to me that you do not need to be a Canadian citizen to become a Mountie.

All this just to beat their wife.

Yeah im too emotional for this

canadian police academy should take over the united states academies

250 officers, wow, us Americans lost 22k

After watching marine boot camp this seems very easy

This is as soft as marshmallow fluff compared to the marine boot camp that's as hard as a solid block of iron I watched right before this.

Way Worse Than NYPD

The RCMP have become a total disgrace. The little potato's brown shirt squad.

I think that Canadians are mixed French, British, and American culture.

17:25 that's a filipino right there!! Lezzgooo!

Justin's mercenaries

The beginning though it’s funny because stop drop the knife just put the soft voice BYE BYE BYE

Im just here for all the Canadian-politeness jokes in the comments

Wished the Dutch police did this as start training. My police school education was much less physical. And this amazing uniform, i am impressed every time i see.


Lol this was a pretty good skit. I know it’s fake because there wasn’t any maple syrup

Yea I couldn't get past 30 seconds, old school boot camp techniques are disgusting

I am not at all interested in any service career but if I was I would wan to be a Mountie

Where did the stereotype that we are polite come from? We really aren't...

Its nice to see they are allowed to have face hai

This looks more like military training than Police training. Also they dress like their in the military

Rcmp is a joke

Eh ,ok ,eh

STill act like subjects of the Queen! Isn't that special!

Bruh they’re called mounties 💀💀💀💀💀

Imagine his first day on the job

man charges Mounties

Rookie: “1920!?! SHIT I MEAN DROP THE KNIFE!!”