What Happens to Your Brain When You're High?

What happens to a person when they are high? What is going on in your brain during this? It’s complicated what happens to us when we are high, but we’ll attempt to explain it, in this episode of The Infographics Show, What Happens to Your Brain When You’re High?

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The infographics show has taught me more than school ever will 💯💯

love these drugs

2:30 look at the eye board

I was so high I couldn't actually read the tital

Grab a joint dude

2:30 up on the right, i knew i was not trippin

Im high lmfakaaoa

Yea man

I must be high because it feels like forever since you got to the fuckn point

“Are you high”
Albert Hofmann: “no it’s science”

I actually enjoy being sober

Scientists: ''I think my brain is my consciousness.''

Smoking marjuania is amazing it feels like your in a dream and everything is slowed and your not in reality anymore 😄😄

I'm high rn

P W N 3 D

Quality eye chart

Message unclear: tried all these drugs and now I’m in rehab

am i the only one who did the eye test on the background at 3:00

Is the guy narrating Critical...?

Tobacco alcohol fried foods and all these toxic fumes that come off of vehicles heaters xcetera are way more dangerous than marijuana

2:50 lol. How's your vision test going?

The irony in all this is im intrigued cuz im high and tbh i still dont know whats going on

Who had done acid here

LSD is like I best the favorite and yes

Look at the board at 2:34

Am i the only one that noticed the eye test. Bet

4:10 great. Thanks for accidently convincing me to do LSD

I'm Already High While Viewing The Video

3:31 tesla ❤️

If you're not watching this while you're high... what are you doing here?

2:29 eye chart


Acid doesn’t make you hallucinate dmt makes you hallucinate lsd makes stuff more lively

“You want hit this juul”
“ehhh nah I’ll stick wit grass”

I’m high right now 💀

2:41 look at the vision chart😂😂

1:59 “THC” is spelled “TCH” in the second bubble

Acid is amazing🔮🌌🤯

True story:
Dropped a hit of acid one morning in science class.
The teacher turned into a fly. I called out for a bathroom break and walked right out the front door...🤯🤣

Oh I thought you meant in a tall building or something 😂

Who else high af rn?

2:46 read the letters on the wall🤣🤣

2:45 the board

When your high you feel like you seen what you seen before like in a dream or something and after you re see it you remember it again then as soon as your not high or think about something else you forget it it like day jar view or I think

wait so when ur high do u still remember stuff LMFAOAOA

Alcohol IS a drug

I really wanna try Shrooms or acid, I'm kinda a closet smoker still so I'm scared lol

Im lit af rn

The media:2:55

13yr old me:No

Who else looked this up while they were high?😂

Bruh i am high

Start doing LSD

“ I am highest in the room”

I don’t even do stuff! What am I doing here?

Acid, molly and shrooms, by my opinion, can really change you in better

Actually he had an assistant ride him home on his bicycle

Bruh that white thing for your eyes is cursing

Still high from a party yesterday 💀💀

Cross faded actually 😂

me high watching this

2:35 on the right eye chart

2:37 i love that chart

2:31 lol look at the board on the top right

Who else is watching this high😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

pretty sure alcohol consumption is drug taking

2:02 what is TCH?

Who else is high right now

anyone else also look this up while zoinked

Read the eye chart on the wall in the upper right corner at 2:45

when you're high you got to crouch to walk across the door

1:43, what bout drinkin or vapin?

Plot twist my brain sleeps when I’m high

Dude I need to stop smoking everyday

I'm high rn

my opinion as a colombian is that europeans and north americans think they are better than other people and they are ruinning their lives plus consuming everything and increasing market for illegal drugs that come from south america. Woe unto you evil doers. Justice will come upon all of you. You shall pay for those crimes and destroying many young lives with the drug deception. The time shall come. Repent now!

I think marijuana is worst bad drug ever

I know lots of people snurfing blounts and dropping spliefers. They are okay.

nice low beat on the background

I'm high right now

Anddddddd that's why you don't do coke and herion stick to the first 2 he said guys

If you smoke Hereon your addicted here-on (forever)

whos high right now?

Make a video on Ketamine

You’re on 999k views, I will become your 1 millionth view very soon.

Ok we gotta get something straight here. 25% of an LSD trip is visuals. You're not really hallucinating, you're more seeing things around you differently than you would sober. Not saying hallucinations don't exist, but the visuals are only a fraction of the trip. The other 75% is realizing time is a wet noodle and realizations about yourself and humanity.

Just discovered this video hey man I love the channel I get high every time before I watch your videos man love you guys 👍🏾👍🏾

2:43 the eye test board

i have really bad anxiety and paranoia and my first time getting high with my friends didn’t go well. i was super paranoid and almost called the cops on myself idk why but lol it was weird

Had some edibles a bit ago and I'm here

2:38 I love your eye chart

Who else high rn

All your senses get high aswell

"the term high was first used in 1620 "
Coincidence? I think not.

2:38 i see that eye testing poster


It's all fun and games till you get too high

Check out the eye chart at 2:38 lol

i felt like i was in a 3rd person video game

🤣🤣 the eye test board @2:31

everyone makes it seem like it’s bad but it’s not😂😂

Being high isent that much of a big deal as people make it you literally just feel relaxed and more aware 😂

Do a video about amphetamine please.