What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

How fast does the body recover?
"Dear Lazy People" video: https://youtu.be/ygVMyoOV-Vw
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This was the worst thing i have ever seen

I know the effects if my dad stops smoking now i need to learn how to make him quit


Someone is simply using your video and posting as his own. I think this is copyright infringement..

I was a smoker for 3 and a half years from the age of 19-22. I quit a couple of months ago properly and switched to vaping. I’m now trying to kick that habit, I’ve always been confused on if I’ll have irreversible damage even though I only did it for just over 3 years to the same degree as someone who smoked 10+ years. If anyone knows that’d be great info as I find it discouraging and get upset over the news.

Quit smoking 2 days ago, was smoking for a year only 17 years old, hopefully I can do it, I feel irritable and coughing up sometimes

I watched this when I was trying to stop smoking. Today it has been one and a half months of not smoking. I had a big desire to smoke a cigarette so i took one and it was disgusting. I inhaled once and started coughing like crazy. After the second inhale i felt sick to my stomach. It was nowhere near as "good" as i thought it would be, so i put it out. I wanted to quit just to see if my migraines would get any better (they didnt) and I never planned on quitting forever, but now after quitting and trying a cigarette I am pretty sure I will never smoke again.

I smoke tobacco 🤔

I started smoking regularly from 2010. It's been two days i have not smoked a single cigarette, i know it's gonna be quite hard for me to completely refrain myself from smoking as i smoke marijuana too. Anyways, i will all keep you posted. Wish me luck! 🖖

Smoking stops good or bad ?

I started when I was 20 and will quit in 30 now am 29 just one year to go

god will thank you

40 days ..going strong

In quarantine haven't smoked in a month

I'm sure this has been asked somewhere in the comments, but could the same be said about people who quit smoking marijuana?

I quit 4 days ago, but I haven't got any if these terms on this video, am I alien? Lol

I don't crave only for nicotine
I crave for finding a place to relax
I crave for buying something for myself (which is cigarette here)
I crave opening a new box (pack of cigarettes)
I crave the smell of tobacco
I crave playing with that lighter with one hand
I crave to lite that lighter
I crave to light that cigarette while I watching it and take a deep breath
I crave the moment after that which I forget about the cigarette completely and sink into thoughts.
I crave a moment for myself.

and it's been three days now that I am craving.

I saw an autopsy of a man who was a heavy smoker on YouTube and his lungs were completely black and full of blood. The guy couldnt have been older than 40

What about weed ? Should I roll up in a Swisher ? Or smoke out of a bong?

Thanks for the info, you giant talking cigarette

This is how I quit. 6 Months Smoke-Free NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOOiEQgQX2I&t=2s

People around you can breath normally.

Quarantine made me quit smoking

I thought you was talking about weed😅

I stop smoking 2 months ago

Smoked for 7 years, quit one year ago, never had crisis, or cravings. There's Just one thing:
i dreamed x times that i smoked a cigarete, and the feeling of smoking is always so real, and the guilt kicks in because i have failed myself by "smoking" it after such a long time.. (all while dreaming). After that, i'm always left amazed with the realty of the feel. I don't know if it happens to someone else too?

Smoked for 10 yrs quit in 10 secs.. trust me dnt find alternatives just QUIT.. addiction over an addiction is a nightmare. .

What happened when you quit smoking weed?

6 days without smoking

I quit 3 weeks ago because of coronavirus and because I have asthma. I will really try my best not to smoke even just a single cigarette ever again in my life.

How to smoke healthy.....I want to smoke....but I don't want any health problem cuz of it...plz recommend something

Today i am going to quit my favourite habbit " Smoking" after 18 years ...i really need this ...

i quit yesterday so this is how my journey will begin

I've been smoking for over 8 years, in that time I've stopped for highest 2-3 days mostly for outside pressure. Today marks the 13th day of me not smoking and it's completely my decision. Wish me luck so I can completely quit and best wishes for those who want to quit. It's all in your head and you deciding can only make you quit smoking 👍

I smoke 5/6 packs for a day and watch this video i only now smoking 3/4 packs for a day , and it's really hard to stop smoking and now im back into 5/6 for a day with smoke.... , god help me.... ( ˙-˙ )

I smoke one cigrate daily , i waana quit that please give me some tips

This is making me smile just watching it , knowing if I give up ( which will be really difficult) good things will come 😔

Here is my timeline- Day 1 was on 19 March- Left at 5 PM on 18th. By 5 PM 19 all I wanted is to jump from my bed and go to by cigarettes. I managed to sleep early that day.
Day 2: My bathroom was my trigger, my balcony, my tea mug... essentially I had lot of triggers. I went out to the shop to buy cigs. Gave a 2 min thought inside the shop. Shopkeepers was busy and I can back. I could feel shortness of breaths already lasting for 5-6 mins.
Day 3- went on road/balcony to find left over cig buds... it was raining. No luck. I could feel anxiety. Very light headache and dizzy was
Day 4: I got cravings
Like 4-5 time’s a day, but now I know - let them come and they’ll go always....
Day 6- I am eating like crazy and have developed love towards Coca Cola
Day 30 March- I can bloody smell everything and food tastes good
Day 31- yesterday I dream of smoking cigarettes... my mind coping itself with dreams of smoking

My teacher smoked once, and she said it tasted disgusting

8 days

how does smoking cause weight loss

This is all fake

Cheers for the Video! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you ever tried - Tarbbatigan Beyond Dreams Tip (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good one of a kind product for quitting smoking without the normal expense. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin at last got amazing success with it.

Thanks to Coronavirus lockdown, It's been 10 days

First 8 hours you get from the sleep, don’t light a cigarette during the day!!!!!

Whoever says you cannot quit you are wrong. It can be done. My grandfather used to smoke 2 packs a day and he quit years before I was born. He is still alive and does not have any major respiratory problems.

describe asexual?!!!!

I smoked over 6 years and I want to quit but I can't 😪

Almost 2 months smoke free and this time I won’t go back. I’ve quit smoking twice before that, second time I went without for over 1 year but one moment of weakness when drunk and I was fully back at it again. (In the past 2 years I have had alcohol maybe 5 times and I don’t plan to have any in the future!) I wanted to quit again and this time for real but kept making excuses for myself. My moment of clarity was when I was really short on money and it was either food or cigarettes. Made me realize a lot... First 3 days are the worst but honestly if you stop feeling so sorry for yourself and just push trough for once it’s really not that hard. Ate a little more than usual for the first month but got that under control by now and moodiness also stopped. Chewing gum (which I usually don’t do) really helped me and otherwise just keep yourself busy. I’ve also kept my full ashtray for like the first 1 1/2 weeks with the plan of smelling it should my cravings get so intense that I would go out and buy a pack. Not to satisfy the cravings but cigarette butts smell like shit! I don’t know if it really helps bc I didn’t need it but I’ve heard that tip somewhere before.

Haven't smoked in 6 days.

I smoked my last cig 6 days and 13 hours ago. I still get cravings, but I won't give up.


Can you please do a similar video but with weed? I mean, only weed, that is what I used to smoke for a long time. Now that I've quitted for like a week or so, I'm observing my body reactions... I feel that with the smoke my skin worsened, my lungs, cardiac responses, and of course the mind... And I'm concerned on how my body will recover from these damages! So a video like this but for weed smokers would be much appreciated. Thank you! If anyone knows about a video like this that can recommend, I'd be grateful too.

Day 5 here. Quit cold turkey after 19 years. Was smoking a pack per day. I m 37. Already feeling better

Smoking is a lazy weak and costly habit that not only affects the person smoking but the people around them too. Anyone can quit but it's about truly wanting to and simply putting in the effort and not taking the easy way out! Smoking has been the cause of deaths in my family and still that's not enough for people to quit that's just beyond me and put it down to selfish basterds simple. Well done to anyone who has quit anything addictive especially cigarettes 🦸‍♂️🤗☠👊🙏

I dont find cigarettes that addicting I was smoking 1 and a half to 2 a day... but i quit in 1 day buuuut I might not have been smoking that many to really be addicted

in smoking while watching this

I have been smoking for 2 years continuosly with almost 5-10 cigs a day ..
I have decided to stop smoking .. nownits Day 3 .. im getting irritated .. but trying my level best ... I eat food when i feel like lighting up ..

Step 1: Start Smoking
Please don’t stop it’s really bad for your health

I hv been smoking since 20 years and for the past 5 years I am a chain smoker with 30-35 cigarettes a day...now there is total lockout here for 21 days and since last 48 hours there are no shops and able not to get a cigarette...first few hours or perhaps a day I managed with cigarette buds...I am shivering...not able to sleep...I am getting gouts...my tongue goes stiff...don't know...hope I will be able to become slightly normal by killing another 50 odd hours...wish I had at least a few more sleeping tablets...had 3 tablets of Alfrax ..but yet not able to catch some sleep...Probably I might be able to quit smoking if I am able to survive next 18 odd days...

Fuckin stupid people

This is so wired i was just thinking about having a smoke

When i asked my grandma to stop smoking she told me, that since she's been smoking for so long it would be worse for her health for her to stop. She said it could even kill her!? Is that even possible? How would quitting a bad habit be bad for her??

21 days lockdown

I have stopped smoking for 10 days.. Nothing that you mentioned matched my experience until 10 days..

I've Started smoking in my college and hostel life (2014) I haven't smoked from Feb 24 2020 pray for me so that I will stop it once for all ❤️

And for those slwho don't smoke ....PLz don't smoke....it's not good at all

Smoking doesn't make you look cool.....And yeah who are still smoking ....stop smoking .....if not today then when? When vl never come till ur end

Almighty Allah bless us all ❤️ Aameen

Pray for Kashmir too ✌️❤️

I'm 23, been smoking very activity 6 years.
I haven't smoked for 10 days and my hands are literally shaking, I'm sweating, have difficulty breathing and sleeping. Slowly but steadily I'm achieving my goal.
Anyway i want to say that if you respect yourself, do not start smoking, take a healthier path.

I've been smoke free for over 8 months & I still get better with every passing day.

smoking is the most common suicide method

smoking 🚬 is a form of suicide

Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "equate nicotine patch coupons" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Itanllie Straightforward Idea - (do a search on google )?

It is a good one off guide for discovering how to learn how to quite smoking minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

With the threat of Corona virus everywhere, this is the best time to quit smoking.

Damn they should ban drugs especially cigarettes and weed

Is the same if you quit smoking marijuana?

Is it the Same thing for marijuana

Everyone that is trying to quit smoking try using tea cigarettes as they stimulate you the same way but are healthier and non addictive

Wish me luck I am quitting for good

Everybody knows that smoking causes cancer and heart disease-- But this isn't what killed my Mom.

COPD has been talked about more in the past few years. This is a
disease that makes it hard to get all of the air out of your lungs, thus
making it hard to get air in... Making it difficult to breath -- This
was only an accomplice in the murder of my mother.

Something nobody really talks about, and the thing that actually took my mother is called PAD, Peripheral artery disease.

The chemicals in Cigarettes cause your veins and arteries to constrict.
Eventually this causes them to begin to collapse and you begin to
loose circulation-- especially to your arms and legs.

In the
past 9 months, it began to happen to Mom. All of a sudden moms legs
began to swell and get ugly, painful blisters. This is because fluids
that go into the legs couldn't get out (the veins had deteriorated too

These blisters, not able to get enough oxygen (because the
COPD, and poor circulation) ulcerated... Even though we were seeing a
doctor and using very expensive medicine, the wounds just weren't
getting better.

The thing about wounds that don't heal, and that
aren't getting the nutrients they need, is that the tissue begins to
die... they also don't get the healing factors that fight everyday

In a shorter time that you could possibly imagine,
Mom's wounds got infected, and she had to go to the hospital. They were
able to surgically remove the dead tissue from her legs (without having
to amputate), but unfortunately for everybody who knew Mom, the
bacteria that had invaded was mostly resistant to drugs.

resistant Bacteria, COPD not allowing enough healing Oxygen, and a
circulatory system that didn't allow for delivery of healing factors
created a perfect storm.

Cigarettes killed my Mom at 1pm on March
16th, 2020. It wasn't Cancer. It wasn't Heart Disease. It wasn't a
stroke or heart attack (Although, cigarettes are responsible for these
in others.) My mom was killed the PAD with COPD as a secondary factor.

Cigarettes are bad. Everybody kinda knows this. It's your own personal choice, if you smoke, please consider stopping.

I don't know if stopping would have saved my moms life 9 months ago...
the damage had begun. But a year ago... She knew they were bad...
Three years ago... Maybe the COPD wouldn't have been so bad that her
lips sometime turned blue...

All I know, if my Mother had never smoked cigarettes she wouldn't have died yesterday.

I won’t smoke

Anyone 2020 you start to cough CoRoNaViRuS anyone like if u are watching this in 2020

What people don’t realize is that the cigarette is smoking you instead.

In 2 months I will be 1 year cigarette free. Im 19 years old and im lucky i quit this early and i was smart about it since i quit that my life changed so much because now health is so important for me . I eat healthy I work out daily and I stretch daily. I stoped alcohol im getting good grades . Really from one thing it turned into a lot other good things. Please quit smoking it will change your life

I smoke 1 cigarate a month. And im not addicted i just fell like it sometimes

Watching this whilst smoking my 5th smoke of the morning. Need to beat this! 👊

I quit smoking and Whenever I have a craving to smoke I remind myself of this: Don't let a little cancer stick control your life! Trust me it helps.

I never developed a cough when I quit...is that bad?

I've stopped smoking and only smoked for 5 years so yeah

I just quit 6days ago and im not feeling well is it normal?

I quit smoking 24 hours ago and trust me it sucks. Wish me luck please.

Smoked for 3 years its been 2days since i smoked wish me luck

Anyone who thinks this is easy, you are sadly wrong, once you start a habit, it’s hard to stop...(If anyone thinks I’m a person who stopped smoking, then no, I’m only 11 years old)

Now I want a cigarette

Ugh my boyfriend is smoking and it increased since we met.. its so hard to witness that and not be able to do anything about it.

so if i smoke and quit smoking, my risk of heart disease decrease

wish me luck to start quit smoking🤞👍

if your a smoker of cigarettes smoke twice the amount of weed and you'll be safe and you'd live a lot longer diminishing the long terms affect of smoking tobacco trust me from personal experience

Is somkeing an sin?

I stop smoking
And i didnt regret it at all

So i need 9 months for my cilia to clear up? How can i speed this shit up im sick of coughing mucus!

48 hours without a cigarette. The cravings were intense the first day, but the 2nd day not so much. It's still hard though, my body is constantly fighting with my mind about smoking and not smoking. My body wants nicotine so badly, while my mind knows I don't need it. It's a constant war mentally. And it's definitely not an easy task. I started smoking when I was 15, and I'm now turning 26 this month, so 11 years of smoking. I feel like the 2nd day wasn't as bad as the first, but I really feel like the 3rd day is going to be the most intense. Thats when all the nicotine in your body is gone, so the real withdrawal will begin. But between sucking on mints, and taking several naps. I feel like I'll push through. Anyways rant is done ---- NEVER START SMOKING IF YOU HAVEN'T SMOKED.

I quit smoking thousand of times