What is CBD Hemp Flower?

What is it?

CBD Hemp Flower is the usual term given to describe strains of the Cannabis Sativa plant that have high levels of CBD and low trace amounts of THC.

What is the difference between hemp and weed?

The word hemp is a legal, not a scientific distinction between cannabis/marijuana and hemp. The strains that meet these US federal requirements for hemp, are within the US, federally legal while other versions of the plant are still a schedule 1 felony.

Can CBD flower get you high?

CBD Hemp Flower is not intended to "get high" but it is simply another common way to ingest CBD. The flower is the most natural version of any CBD product, containing no processing except a carefully controlled cure and trimming.

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Can you fail a drug test smoking this??!

Hi do you sell cbd flowers 🌱

Everything you said is so true. CBD plants would be so helpful to so many people but the stigma around smoking cannabis is terrible.

great video Plain Jane, Love your products

Fucking jackass

So no paranoid, just relax , in a hastal world, ???,im trying it to go to sleep.and I don't want to listen to the same song 55 times.ok,weed smell is still weed,don't drive,but it s all good for sleep.

I just need to know all the ingredients in making an Arizona weed

Ok for me it get me where I want to be ... Now let's talk about price 😂 I ordered a 1/2 O for 18$ just to try it out definitely amazed.

I had to explain a million times to people. I've been smoking on hemp n get called a lier because of the smell of It lit burning

It’s drug dealing at its best but if my cusin do it at home oh it’s a problem smh this world

Cbd is pure boof

Way back in 1980 I bought a lid and it looked awesome just like the bud in this video. But it was a huge disappointment. Because it would not get me stoned. Because the THC was extremely low. It tasted awful as well. Thirty five dollars wasted on shit that would not get a fly high.

Im planning to order the sour space candy but my job does randoms and i know its .3 thc but unsure if that shows up in a drug test. I have anxiety often and smoking is the only thing that calms me down 😩

Its 2020 who gives a fuck if you use cannibas or hemp

Potty mouth!

But no thc in it so waste of time and money!

Well I cant speak for other brands of "CBD" flower but the one I use gets me very high and supposeably has little THC 😏

I was on your website and wanted more information so I typed cbd hemp flower into google and your own video popped up.

Just ordered some Suver Haze to review from you guys 🔥

CBD on it's on is straight up garbage. If CBD isn't psychoactive then how on earth does it reduse anxiety? I know as a fact CBD only works well if it is combined with other cannabinoids. I'm so confused how all these people take over the counter CBD and say it works. I've been in the legal industry a few years and have tried all types of CBD and it does not help my insomnia or anxiety even a little. You really need that THC to work together with the CBD.

Just what i was looking for , thanks for the lesson.
Any idea what strain Neurogan uses , or any insight?

What’s your best seller this month?

If you don't get high what's the point?

I had too much CBD once and my heart was racing and i felt extremely body high to where i felt extremely paranoid. So I am not a fan of thc or the paranoia and that cbd scared me. I bought CBD buds but plan on just taking it really slow and easy. Not going to overdo it.

Lu-C CBD flower is the shizznit. I used to like TKO but Lu-C is the best hands down.

I thank you for doing this, from the bottom of my heart. I'm a 35 year old construction worker who has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for several years. Marijuana is illegal where I live and I can't stand the crap they give me from the doctors office, hydroxychloroquine makes me so sick to my stomach, and I get weird head aches. After my friend talked me into trying this , I smoked 1 small cigarette, and I haven't had joint pain in 3 days. IN 3 WHOLE DAYS!!! This is the longest I've gone without joint pain in years. I just ordered 2 oz off your website too. I recommend this to anyone suffering from chronic pain. Try it out guys, seriously this stuff doesn't affect you like marijuana does, but you get all the benefits. It's a miracle drug.

The strains honestly are all my favorite. Definitely helps and definitely is affordable.

CBD flower keeps getting better and better. Check out our line of CBD flower with the rosin yield results.


I tell you what. There is an appreciated high out of CBD. It lifts you up while smoking a cigarillo, but when you are done with it, the high short lived, but long enough for you to enjoy the ride with out the red eyes and mind altering effects. CBD flower. I actually prefer it over marijuana flower. Of all things to legalize, CBD Hemp should of been legalized first. I use to like getting high when I was younger, but I want to say about 2 years ago, I got so high off of the "real stuff", I threw the rest away. The problem with CBD flower is that the chemical make up still structures into a modified THC which drug test don't know the difference. CBD Flower should be the focus when it comes to laws and regulations when it comes to drug test so that people won't lose their jobs because of THC in your system and I am here to tell you- There is no such thing as 0% THC CBD. If a product claims that, its one of the two; They don't know whats really in it or they are flat out lying, moreover, CBD can not be called CBD without any trace of THC. You can test positive from .03% THC, but only if you smoke a heavy bluount worth more than once a day for an extended amount of time. With that being said, if you are concerned about drug test, be moderate. Don't smoke a heavy one every day. Limit yourself to one cigarillo or joint once in a day and spread your intake with at least 2 days in between. And drink some detox tea like Yogi Detox from Wal-Mart to help boost your natural cleaning. And it is important to stay hydrated. This dramatically lowers what little metabolites in your urine you intake from the low dosage of THC, otherwise, bodily dehydration urine can contain a concentrate that can fail you, especially if you are a heavy smoker. Sorry for the novel, but I just wanted to pass on my experiences for a somewhat worry free experience that should be done with moderation.

I have this question, so I may be starting a job with CBD. Like planting it and etc, could working with CBD however make me fail a drug test for probation. I asked my probation officer and she wasn't to sure .

The CBD sucks put the rail stuff out

Add me on instagram boydshemp

🤔So I'm smoking diet weed 😑😐😂🤣⚰😇💯

Great video ! Thank you ..you answered everything I had questions about. I just need clarification on one more thing. Do I have to have a license from the Department of Agriculture to just sell it

Uhhh ruderalis is low thc 2.5% and has some cbd. Himalayan wild was so green tasting it gives the effect of smoking sweet hay to taste and smells like skunk when burned. Would you know if it is possible that ruderalis was a natural sativa / indica hybrid cross and became a parent plant to make cbd hemp?

If anyone wants to try this stuff go to ARETE CBD

OH MY! love cbd bud and cbd wax dabs. I do think no jail at all but def thc for cancer aids tourettes spasm, MS, etc. Otherwise, just smoke cbd bud. I get more pleasure out of it.

I just got some of this exact stuff. Looked good and was highly disappointed. Good thing it was fronted 😎 (he will not get paid)

correct me if i'm wrong but smoking it is more effective also in getting the full effect or rather benefits from this beautiful plant

This man right here is speaking straight facts

smoke goes in the lungs I got asthma. can not get breath flower with pipe helps better. with CBD

I get parrniod when smoking thc, what strains would you recommend for a relax mediation thanks.

Hemp in any form for medical purpose doesn’t even have a 25% effective help for pain or anxiety. It’s marketing and hype right now. Sure there are a few people who benefit from it. Most people don’t. By all means I’m not hating or bringing down CBD about 1 outa nearly 10 people I talk actually truly benefits from it. The rest are still searching for relief. I mean I’m just living in reality seeing more hype than benefits.

Man... this shit has Crystal's too?? Just by look, how are you supposed to differentiate between weed and cbd?

I want to try CBD flower but im concerned about the Piglets taking my package because their field tests cant tell the difference between thc flower and cbd flower.

Bro do you guys ship to ohio ? Also whats your favorite i smoke pretty heavy is it one that taste great thank you

Is the flower legal in NJ?

It won't be long before it's a "Norm" gotta see it in the Eye's of a Younger Person or this case the 30-40 yr Olds because We Sure as Fuck Know the 50+ yr Olds see it as "OMG YOU FUCKERS ARE SMOKING 'WEED' IT'S ALL 'WEED'" so it's Time and Patient's that will get the CBD/Hemp Flower to be a "Norm"

It gave me a nice buzz not that slow clumsy paranoid feeling

So basically It’s weed without the high potency of thc. It smells like weed look like weed but it’s CBD flowers

I sold hemp to someone before for a zip lol. $200

Nice relaxing strains with a pleasant warm buzz. I personally recommend the Charlotte's web strain.

Hey please tell me you ship to Canada it’s legal here but no one sells cbd flower and I can’t smoke thc it gives me anxiety for weeks please let me know

I like the tired feeling & high feeling from weed. I'm manic as hell. It sucks because, I need something to help me sleep. Weed helps with my Bipolar & sleep.

What would you consider a good strain for severe anxiety.? I've tried Elektra and cherry wine and both worked great but just figured I'd ask your opinion on a new strain. I'm looking for a relaxing smoke maybe something more indica dominate.

By the American people

There's just so much money to be made for the American people

Trump train 2020 the legalization of cannabis for medical research purposes as well I feel like CBD hemp flower can the show people it's not so bad


Can you help me get it in Israel? I have a medical license but can't get high cbd content strains

Such an awesome video!

I only want the low thc so how do I achieve this? When do I know the strain is right?

Who wrote this article?!! Its like a 1950s anti weed propaganda column. How can you sell something as being positive for ones well being but have this outrageous blog claim the total opposite. Wow!


I want a refund! I'll find my cbd elsewhere from now on.

So there’s thc in it but it doesn’t give you high affects? How?

Can you dry sift hemp flower and get anything good from it I have 7 lbs of it and I don't know what to do with it and no one wants to buy it

I actually get more pronounced and more potent effects from smoking flower then I have from any CBD Vape Juice I've ever tried. I'm also a nicotine vaping hobbyist as well I'd actually prefer to vape rather then smoke but decent equipment to vape flower costs a hell of a lot more than a mod or tank for Nicotine eliquid does.

I'm a huge fan of Mako and their strains however I'd definitely be willing to try your products. The issue is that it isn't available in m area.

Hey Evan, is CBD beneficial for someone with Diabetes? I heard it was and I’m looking to collect more info.

Any that taste fruity like Starbursts or fruity pebbles???

Really wanna try this when I get some extra cash.

Can you explain the low price? It seems too good to be true. I'm used to spending $40 for an 8th here in LA but on your site it's $11 for an 8th?

When I smoke Thc strains , there are super strong sativas that get me energetic and jittery. Are there any CBD strains that will do the same thing without the high??

Can anyone send me some hemp flower I'm in need of medicine

what ever happened to just smoking REAL weed.. wtf

There are so many kind of CBD flowers that I don’t know which one is the best. Can you help me please?

Just put an order in 1 min ago!

I'm watching this and smoking CBD...

Lmao y'all have are selling this good shit for cheap af tbh I'm surprised you haven't gone out of business due to underpricing but I assume you have enough customers to where that won't happen

It looks like that devils lettuce. I'm afraid because I was told to be scared. You are doing the devils work!!! I'll stick with my opiates that will kill me and line the pockets of billionaire pharma companies /s

lifter my 1st strain i've tried but heard different strains do make you feel different from another like in weed

I ordered from y'all and its supposed to be here Tuesday.... I can't wait.

I did try PlaineJane & I’m sure I’ll be back again ,that Kush & CBG been keeping me real mellow 😉

🎄 Great Info ... I want 2 try this ‼️