What It's Like To Get Laser Eye Surgery

Business Insider's Michelle Yan has been nearsighted since she was 9 years old. After laser eye surgery, she has 20/20. She walks us through the pre-surgery steps, the actual surgery, as well as the recovery process.

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What It's Like To Get Laser Eye Surgery

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DON'T SEE 2020!!


2:45 reminds me of Dead Space

“It felt like someone shaved my eyes and I couldn’t do anything about it” iiii boy 😬

That’s what you guys us gave my grandma

not having to wear glasses seems like a dream come true to me but i aint takin' risks

$3,000 in 15m.....

ah yes last night true grammer https://youtu.be/2wcAI9A_CEE?t=274

My brother got this surgery in both eyes. My uncle got a surgery and now he doesn’t need glasses. My brother asked my mom this: (it’s a tear jerker to me) “Mommy? Why didn’t my surgery fix my eyes?” 😭😭😭😭

Is any one else feeling squirmy with all this eyeball touching. Like I’m getting the erg to just close my eyes really tightly cuz just watching this is making me hella uncomfortable.

The bed looks like an adult crib in a good way

I had lasik and it was absolutely extremely painful. It worked but wasn’t expecting the pain involved.


Any astigmatism before hand?

Aaaaahhhhh u kinda terrified me i am gonna do taht next year 😭

I dont wear glasses but eh

"10" on the pain scale is literally pain to the point where you cannot function, i.e. third degree burns over your entire body.

i look good in glasses so i think im fine plus im wayy to scared to do this

This reminds me of one of the scenes in Final destination 😂

Trust me you don’t want to see 2020 vision the corona is ugly af

Ahhh, my eyes are kinda hurting after watching this🤧

I felt everything


I had LASIX when I was 32 and I am 48 now. I am just starting to have some trouble seeing far objects, with my left eye being weaker than my right. I started wearing glasses again for driving. I can see up close just fine still and do not need reading glasses (or bifocals), but most people end up needing readers by around age 50-55.

For me, there was a really bad burst of pain in the recovery room. One of the drops they give numbs the cornea topically. Then there are the other drops they use as you showed. But one of those intraoperative drops is pretty painful until your body destroys it. Normally the drop that causes pain wears off before the one that numbs the eye, but I metabolized the numbing agent faster and my eyes just started to burn like crazy. So he came in and put more numbing drops in, and then when the second round of numbing wore off, the other drop that caused the pain was also out of my system, and I was good to go. After that, it really only ever felt gritty. Kind of like having your contacts in when you go to the beach and its sandy and windy and sunny and your eyes just feel gritty. That was for about a month, and it responded to taking tylenol or ibuprofen and using eye drops. I also had some halo's around traffic and head lights at night that lasted for 6 months and eventually resolved.

I am going to make an appointment sometime in the near future to see if a touch up would help fix the nearsightedness I have developed, but if not, I am fine wearing the glasses to drive. I wont ever wear contacts again. I wore them for 20 years and it actually damaged my corneas a little. I developed blood vessels that grew up into the cornea. If I had kept wearing the contacts those vessels could have eventually creeped their way into the spot over the pupil opening and they would have been visible. So no more contacts for me.

My mum had this done 20 years ago with older technology, and said that during her healing she woke up one night and opened her eye too quickly and it ripped open because her top layer had dried to her eyelid 🤮

So unfair that some people can see for free, and I had to wear glasses/contacts for 20 years. A year ago I had my FEMTO done, so it's all good, but bruh it was expensive. At least it did not hurt, just when the numbing drops wore away and I could see well as soon as they were done.

I don’t want glasses but without them i look disgusting.

I had contoura vision in June and I'm happy i don't need to wear glasses anymore, but it bothers me that I'll have to use eye drops for the rest of my life

I am going to get laser surgery in a few years pray for me

Is there a surgery for lazy eye- I'm not aloud lol because my dad thinks il question when I'm older: why am I blind? If it goes wrong

I did lasik 6 years ago in NYC. My eyes dry too. . I hug the teddy bear tighly. Lol 😂. I ve anxiety problem.

so this is what my mom went through- o_o

I'm jealous of her

I feel bad for people who have bad eyesight, because I have perfect eyesight so I don’t know what it looks like to be near sighted for a long time

LMFAOOAOA this can make you blind so if y’all get blind from this blame yourself cus this isn’t good for your eyes .

My older sister and my little brother both have glasses and I have 20/20 vision!

how much the cost?

This is painful to watch

why am I like "im going to have to experience this"
when my eyesight is perfectly normal

I blink for everything. My eyelids would break those metal tongs ᴶᵘˢᵗ ˢᵃʸᶦⁿᵍ

so they don’t put you to sleep? even tho I’m tired of having glasses , I’m never doin dat .

I'm afraid of eye surgery

Yu shld hv taken those pain killers 😅...i know the pain... Had laser surgery few years ago...during the operation they made a cut in my eyes with laser and took the lens out and it was complete darkness for few seconds then they inserted a new lens back and i could see the light... Did not feel anything during the operation... Was not able to open my eyes after the operation...they were stuck... And tears were coming out like a stream of water... Pain started after an hour of operation... It was a new kind of extreme pain😅...took the painkillers and then slept and when i woke up it was night and i could see the stars clearly without glasses... It felt so good🌌

Bruh I can barely put eye drops in my eyes without blinking 8 millions times. It’s a no for me

How she not screaming

Thank god I hav good eyesight

I have terrible eye sight. I’ve worn contacts (-3.75 on both eyes) for 2 years And I’m over it 🥺 I want this SOOOO bad.

Not yet : never mind it hurts lol

This sounds graphics this is going to be the worst video I’ve ever seen later I already know what is Gonna go on

Gorgeous women, with or without specs.🌸🌸🌸

Seeing an eye getting touched puts me in defense mode!

youtube's telling me i should stop watching youtube

my mom's eyesight was -20 and she finally got her lasik surgery last year. we were so fortunate to meet a good doctor that helped us get it covered by insurance. paid 0 and couldnt be more grateful

Sanaol 12 palang ako Malabo na mata ko sana pwede din ako mag surgery katulad nyan

Anybody think this year 2020 is hsart :)

This exists?

My mom got it to

How i wish someone sponsored me for eye surgery😕


I don’t have perfect eyesight so i use glasses not eye contacts cuz they scare me but I’ll rather just keep glasses instead of getting permanent damage by eye contacts

انا اذا ذاذاذاذاذاذاذاذاذا

Holy shit... Guess imma stay blind for the rest of my life

My eyes: omg my surgery
Me watching this video: 😣😣😶😶

Tommrow my sun have this surgary

I would set alarms for my eyedrops but I would have to stay awake the entire day until I actually go to sleep because I will probably need multiple alarms to wake me up.

Great video, I had PRK in 2002 and still see great. I need reading glasses, but I can see a gnat land on a fly at 20 feet.

Guys the pain was 11 because she didn’t taske the dang Tylenol

Hope I do not have to do that

Can kids get LASIK?😞

Doesn't make me feel any better. I'm not getting this surgery 😫😫😫

Good on her for doing that, I personally wouldn't because I actually enjoy wearing glasses, it's a bit of a fashion thing.

Me when i was a child:keep rubbing my eyes,so i can have eyeglasses
Me now:i want to get lasik surgery
I regret my life's decision

I really want to get it but I'm really scared 😨. I cant keep my eye open without having a panic attack and I cant even put Contacts on so I might need to work on that First. Any Tips ?

Laughs in perfect eyesight

Almost everything she says sounds like a question

my mom told me if I was older I would get the lazer thing. I started wearing glasses sine grade 1

I'm getting sleepy just by watching this

Boys imma have to prepare for the biggest starring contest of my life

Can i know cost of surgery plz

i got my lasik more thn 1 yr now and i can say it is one of the best decision i’ve made i have 20/10 vision now. it is true that the procedure is painless but I can also say that it is super scary.. and painful after anesthesia is gone. there are some side effects like dry eyes and glare for more than 2 months but after that it went back to normal with super clear vision.. super happy now that i’m not going to wear my glasses anymore.. no more migraine now and astigmatism.. :)

Ow it just hurts my eye thinking about it eeeeee

Izawa needs laser eye surgery pronto

When she said they touched her eyes, i flinched.


what kind of surgery is that Holy moly

(i dont need/have glasses) If i needed glasses i 2ould do this surgery when im older

omg touching my eye with anything is my worst fear.

If only you knew what 20/20 was gonna bring you, you would have preferred to be blind lol. By the way why does doctor not wear gloves?

Someone who can be my sponsor for this surgery? Thank You in advance :)

i watched final destination im never doing that but im not scared of all the other deaths tho

Hate that this was in my recommended because that thumbnail is horrifying 😢

Hi! I have some problem with my eyes (lazy eyes), I used to get surgery when I was a baby, but now I still can’t see clear without glasses, my question is, Any solution for my eyes???

she looked better with glasses

Very awesome! When and if I do get enough cash I'm doing this! I just got glasses last year and ugh I hate having to clean them with micro fiber cloths. ;(

I had went to a sexdate after surgery. Nothing happened.

NO pain NO gain..........

2:25 that scene where woody was getting his eye polished